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Chapter 3 –

A girl is walking barefoot through the woods. She is wearing a long white night gown. It is night and she is scared. The trees are large and dark, their crooked branches waving in the dark moonlight. It is silent, eerily silent. Not an animal or insect is making a sound. The only sound the girl can hear is her deep breaths and the beating of her heart. She continues to walk, stepping over twigs and leaves on the ground.

BANG! She jumps terrified and turns around towards the sound. It is so dark she can't see anything but out of the darkness comes the baby-faced roman vampire. His kindness and humanity are gone from his face. He steps towards the girl.

"You have done well Liana" He tells her

"What have I done?" She asks confused, he disappears.

"You have completed your task" He appears behind her back and whispers in her ear. Suddenly she is not in a forest anymore but on a long isolated road. She sees a car driving towards her. She knows what will happen. She runs towards the car screaming in desperation trying to get them to stop. The car drives right through her body as if she is ghost. Suddenly the car crashes, flying into the air it lands upside down and the girl screams.

She runs towards the wreckage and suddenly the scene changes. She is back in the woods and before her lay on the ground is her little brother's body. She kneels down slowly, painfully and pulls the young boys body towards herself. She sits holding the body sobbing desperately. Pitiful, ragged sobs that come from her heart. She has killed her own brother. She looks at her hands, they are covered in blood.

"You have completed your task" The vampire reappears in front of the girl who is still sobbing uncontrollably, clutching her brothers body "You have brought me dinner" He smiles an evil, cold smile at the dead boy and his fangs come out "Well done, my child you have killed him"


I am dragged out of my nightmare once again by the alarm. I don't bother turning it off, I just lay there gasping in horror, breathing heavily and trying to control the sobs that are coming out of my body. I'm lying down shaking and its 20 minutes before I feel ready to move.

I stagger out of the bed and glimpse myself in the mirror, I am a mess. I've had the same nightmare every night since the accident and therefore haven't had a good night's sleep since then so I have bags underneath my eyes which are puffy and red from my crying. My hair is knotted and scruffy because of all the tossing and turning I did. Without fully paying attention, I go through the motions of my morning ritual. I shower, I brush my hair and teeth, I eat my breakfast and climb in my car and set off to school. It's been a month and it's the first time I'm returning since Michael died.

Half an hour after arriving, I'm still sat in my car breathing deeply looking up at the old faded building. Bon Temps High School was a small building compared to most other high schools. It was an old, musty building that used to be red but had gradually over the years faded into an ugly brown colour. It had been around for over 100 years and there were rumours that it used to be an old Asylum and it was haunted. It was a story that had spread around town and told through the generations by cruel teenagers taunting their younger siblings. I looked around at everyone buzzing around, gossiping, playing and laughing. It seemed like a foreign world to me, so stupid and insignificant. I sighed not for the first time that morning. It was my first day back at school since the accident and I had sat in the vehicle glued to my seat for the past 15 minutes, not able to face the stares, the mutters.

"Get a grip" I muttered. I couldn't believe how much I had changed. I was a strong young woman who wasn't scared of school! What the hell was wrong with me? "Stick to the plan" I told myself. I would not draw any attention to myself. I would keep my head down, do my work and if anyone asked me how I was doing I would nod my head and say "Fine" even though I was anything but. I sighed and braced myself as I finally stepped out of the vehicle.

"LIA!" I turned to see my two eager best friends waving at me from across the parking lot. I couldn't help but smile as Annie rushed towards me laughing, her eyes beaming. She reached me as Luke was still halfway behind her and engulfed me a hug.

"You've missed soooooo much!" She chattered away "You need to catch up what we've been doing in Gymnastics club! We've learnt so much new stuff but we can spend a few afternoons together and I'll teach you the new moves. Also Lexi left the team because she thought Sophie stole her boyfriend but it turns out he was seeing Janis and Sophie was just taking the blame so Lisa and Sophie are gone and Hannah Waterman has now joined, she's a bit quiet and doesn't really talk to anyone so Amy wants her gone but coach says she too valuable to lose…"

"Do you ever stop for breath?" I joked interrupting her "You only saw me the other day! And I've only missed a few weeks!"

"Well actually 4 weeks and 3 days but hey who counting?" Luke joked finally joining us "Hey Li" He said using his old nickname for me before hugging me tightly

"Oh before I forget" Annie gasped diving into her humongous backpack

"You know one day, that bag is going to get so big you're just going to topple over." Luke said jokingly

"Be quiet worm" A scowling Annie popped her head out of the bag and stuck her tongue at him before continuing to search. I rolled my eyes, to any outsiders, it would seem that Annie and Luke hated each other but trading insults was just their thing.

"I've got it!" She said triumphantly holding up a cupcake in a hand. Tears filled my eyes; it was tradition in our little group that when on special occasions or when one of us was sad or upset the other two bring in a cupcake to school. It started off when we were 11 year olds and it was Annie's birthday because it was the only thing we could afford but then it just developed and grew and now on special occasions the cupcake is still bought. It sounds silly but it was just a small little way of telling somebody you cared.

In the past few weeks Annie and Luke had been rocks to me. At first I had pushed them away. There was no point in causing unnecessary anguish for them when they didn't need to suffer. I was determined to go through it alone but they persisted and eventually I gave in. They supported me all the way through the funeral, helping me plan it and stayed with me for the many nights when I was crying myself to sleep. They comforted me and tried to convince me that it wasn't my fault. I didn't care what the inquest said. I disagreed that it was just an accident. I caused the crash and Michaels death. It was just something that I was going to have to live with for the rest of my life. I deserved the guilt, the pain the nightmares. I hurriedly wiped the tears from my eyes feeling stupid and hoping no-one could see.

"You guys are the best" I cried, they laughed and I hugged them both. Suddenly the bell rang, and I gasped

"Oh crap!" I panicked grabbing my bags and hurrying towards the school.

Later that day….

"So…." Annie said as she sat down next to me at the cafeteria table as I was trying to get the lid of my lemonade. It had been a hard morning and I was starving.

"So what?" I distractedly asked not looking at her.

"So, what happened between you and that sexy young vampire?" She asked me eagerly. I rolled my eyes; she was not going to let this go.

"Nothing" I insisted truthfully. "We texted each other a couple of times, exchanged a few emails but he had to go back to Texas"


I was lying in bed thinking about Michael. I didn't know what time it was and frankly didn't care. It had been two weeks since he died and I had barely moved. I had lain on my bed undisturbed for a few hours when I vaguely heard the doorbell ring. I didn't move Rowan would get it. I heard people talking but I couldn't make out what they were saying. I pulled my pillow over my head trying to block out the sound. I didn't respond as I heard footsteps come and stop outside my room.

"Lia?" Rowan knocked. I ignored her hoping she'd go away. She opened the door and came inside

"Lia, you awake?" She shook me

"No" I mumbled. I wanted to wallow. Why could she leave me in peace?

"There's a guy at the door for you. He insists he needs to see you"

"Tell him I'm sleeping" I grumbled turning away from her.

"No Lia he insists it's important. LIA!" She continued shaking me and trying to pull the cover from over my body.

I sighed realising she wasn't going to give up. I stood up and walked downstairs with exaggerated slowness feeling more and more annoyed. I gasped as I clapped eyes on the vampire that had saved my life just a few weeks before stood in my doorway.

"Hello" Godric smiled

"Err…What are you doing here?" I asked rather rudely.

"I'll just be in the kitchen" Rowan said before scurrying off

"Well, I wanted to see if you were okay" He said bowing his head as if shy "I'm truly sorry about your loss"

"In the past two weeks we've had hundreds of sorries from people who really don't give a crap" I shrugged trying not to let my emotions or my grief show.

"I do though" Godric stepped forward "Give a crap. I tried to save him, I really did" He stared at my sincerely, His eyes blazing with sorrow.

"Did you?" I spat scathingly "I mean did you really try to save my brother or did you just go to the girl in the front seat first and think of him later?"

"No…" He began but I didn't let him finish as I continued my rant

"Why did you even bother saving me?" I asked bitterly "If you lose the ones you love then what is the point of living? You should have just left me to die!" I stopped breathing heavily a single tear rolling down my cheek.

"Lia, you've been through so much" Godric stepped forward and took my face in his hands, I suddenly became very aware of his touch on my skin as my heart began bouncing around in my chest beating wildly. I stared into his deep eyes and as he stared back at me I felt like he was looking into my soul "I wish I could take this pain away, I really do or even better turn back the clock and stop the crash happening in the first place. But I promise you it will get better. However cheesy it sounds, time is a great healer" I rolled my eyes scoffing and he let go of me stepping away. "You still have people who love you Lia, you have everything to live for. That's why I saved you" He smiled at me and my heart skipped a beat.

"I'm here if you need me" He said pulling out a piece of paper and putting it on the cabinet next to the coat rack. He looked at me for a few seconds as if deciding something before flashing me another heart-stopping smile and walking out of the door.

I had later read the piece of paper and discovered it had Godric's address, phone and email details on there. As soon as he had left I was mortified at my behaviour towards him. He had saved my life and tried his best to save my brothers, I owed him everything but instead I shouted at him almost blaming him for my brother's death. I phoned him up nervously the next day and apologised profusely begging him for forgiveness. He said that he understood and we stayed on the phone talking for hours. I told him all about my family, my childhood, my school and my friends and he tried to swerve any questions I had about him and his life by asking me more about mine.

"Why Texas?" she asked frowning bringing me out of my reverie

"Because he lives and works there" I shrugged

"What does he do?" She eagerly persisted

"He's a sheriff, not like a cop but a vampire sheriff; he is the leader of all the vampires in a certain area of Texas" I explained from the little Godric had reluctantly explained to me in one of his rare few phone calls.

"Wow so he's powerful and hot!" She grinned

"How do you know he is hot? You've never even seen the guy" I exclaimed

"Just a hunch" she shrugged

"Well I'm sorry but I don't really know that much about him, He's very secretive! I seriously doubt anything is going to happen between us" I was surprised by how sad I felt as I said that but after he deflected all of my questions all I knew about Godric was that he was your stereotypical brooding, tortured secretive vampire. I had enough to deal with without having to deal with that as well.

"But it's like fate!" She insisted "he saved you, it's so romantic! If he went to all that trouble of saving you, he must like you" She nodded determinedly

"Trust me, he doesn't Annie!" I was 100% sure that this dark, handsome baby faced stranger didn't care

"How do you know?" Annie asked stubbornly "It's not exactly like either of us have much luck or experience with boys! The most you've done is a quick fumble with Hoyt Fortenberry and I'm the president of the church's celibacy club!" She explained animatedly waving her fork around. I sighed, I suppose she was right. I had not much experience in the boys department, Maybe Godric was giving off serious vibes and I had not registered them.

"It doesn't matter" I shook my head, as if they would get rid of my thoughts "He's a vampire and I'm a human, it would never work!"

"Never say never" Annie grinned, I laughed. That was Annie, she was so optimistic, so determined to look for the good in every situation that sometimes she made me believe that anything could happen. It was good most of the time but it could also be dangerous. It made you believe in anything.

"What are we talking about?" Luke asked sitting down beside us setting his tray of lunch on the table

"Lia's new boyfriend!" Annie said slyly

"He is NOT my boyfriend!" I said blushing furiously

"Ohhhhhhhh Lia's gone red" Lucas teased "C'mon who's the lucky guy? I'll give him a firm warning, make sure he treats you right"

"He's nobody!" I insisted "You don't even know him! He's just a friend!" I tried to say it with conviction and certainty but it just came out stilted and shy

"Well, who is he?" Lucas said looking from me to Annie and back again

"He's called Godric" Annie burst out wriggling in his seat "and he's powerful!"

"Annie!" I hissed. I didn't want Lucas knowing because I knew how he felt about vampires. Annie clearly had forgotten

"Godric? What kind of a name is that?" Lucas frowned taking a bite of his sandwich

"Well…." I paused "er well….he's kind of…erm…a….er…vampire" I muttered before sliding down in my seat. I waited for the explosion. The silence was deafening

"A vampire?" He turned around surprisingly calm "A fuckin' vampire? Jeez Lia! I thought you were smart!" He looked at me, the shock, fury and confusion in his eyes

"I am smart!" I hit back stung "I told you, he's just a friend! I barely know the guy!" I argued "Besides, it's none of your business!" I pointed out. I was pissed that Lucas thought I was stupid enough to get myself involved with someone as dangerous as a vampire!

"I'm trying to look out for you Lia!" Lucas hissed "Vampires are nothing but cruel, bloodthirsty killers! They're monsters with no humanity whatsoever! They cannot be around humans without killing them!" Lucas ranted getting angrier and angrier

"Lucas Lucas!" I stopped him "It's all a moot point anyway because he lives miles away! I barely know him and that's what I was trying to tell Annie!" I glared at her and turned back to him "I'm not seeing any vampires so can we just drop it please?" I asked stabbing my lasagne with my fork angrily

"Okay, fine I'm sorry!" He held his hands up "I was just trying to protect you"

"I know" I told him and I did. I understand why he hated vampires so much. His own parents had been murdered by vampires when he was just a baby so he and his brother had grown up hating vampires. I felt sorry for him but I understood that I couldn't blame all vampires for Lucas's parent's death.

Later that day I tiredly trudged in the house the tears, tantrums, laughter and arguments finally catching up with me. I sat on the couch and looked at the clock. I was not due in work for another two hours. I yawned and lay down on the couch.

'Just for a few minutes' I told myself. Within seconds I was asleep. I woke up screaming and shaking. I had the nightmare again. I looked outside, it was getting dark. I looked over at the clock and groaned, I was supposed to be due in work 15 minutes ago.

I heard the door banging and jumped up. I glanced at my appearance in the mirror and quickly patted down my hair, straightened out my rumpled t-shirt and hurriedly wiped the tears from my face. The door continued banging

"Alright I'm coming" I grumbled, whoever it was needed some lessons in patience. I flung open the door fully prepared to give them a piece of my mind but I stood in shocked silence looking at the vampire before me.

"Hello" Godric stepped forward clearly unsure of how to react at the teenage girl in shock. I mean the last time I saw him face to face I had shouted at him.

"er….oh….Hi" I stuttered smiling and going bright red. I could have kicked myself. Get a grip!

"I was just in the neighbourhood and thought I'd come and check in. We've not spoken in quite some time" He gestured towards the house "May I come in" He asked

"Errr sure" I stepped aside to let him in

"So how are you?" He asked me. I turned to him and sighed

"Do you want the 'I'll be fine' version or the truth?" I asked

"The truth"

"Not so good" I admitted "I…I can't sleep. The crash, it haunts me. Now and then I have these moments where I forget what happened and then it hits me again he's dead. He's never coming back. I'm never going hear him laugh, hear him tell him me about his day" I stopped shocked at my outburst. All he had done was ask if I was okay and I had blurted out everything. Stuff I hadn't even told my sister. He didn't seem shocked at my outburst he just stood there staring at me.

"I'm sorry" He said eventually

"Why do you do that?" I blurted out.

"Do what?" He frowned, his beautiful eyes crinkling in confusion

"Stare, it's like you're trying to read my mind or something" I shrugged blushing. It didn't make me uncomfortable, just more aware of myself, more nervous. I was a small weak teenage girl and to have this guy staring at me in that way made me feel…vulnerable.

"I'm sorry" He apologised "Is it too weird?" He asked me raising an eyebrow

"No…" I hesitated "Just…I dunno why you'd wanna stare at me" I looked down feeling my face go red again. I heard him step towards me and lift my head up

"Why would I not?" He shook his head and I openly gaped at his face. This was this closest I had been to his face and I could see clearly the smooth pale skin that looked as soft as a baby's, His eyes sparkling, his lips perfectly sculpted. He leant even closer, his fingers brushing my hair away from my face and staying on my cheek. I could now feel him breathing closer and closer as his leant further in. His eyes closed and I closed mine too wanting to savour the moment forever as I leant forward to kiss him.

"Well what's going on here then?" I inwardly groaned as my sister stepped up onto the porch. My eyes fluttered open and I quickly stepped away from Godric.

"It looks like I've just caught you nearly kissing my sister" Rowan turned to Godric fake-sternly. I rolled my eyes

"Go in the house" I rolled my eyes getting over my disappointment and embarrassment quickly. I pushed her towards the front door.

"Don't forget to use protection!" She yelled cackling as I shut the door. I stood silently cursing my sister for both interrupting us and openly voicing the fact that we had just been about to kiss. I turned around and Godric was looking as nervous as me.

"I'd better go" He smiled nervously and gestured to his car parked in the driveway

"Yes, I'm already really late for work" I said quickly

"Well….I'll see you around?" He said it like a question

"We've got a party here tomorrow" I told him gripping my hands tightly. "Err…It'll probably be lame, I mean especially for a vampire" I laughed nervously. I was rambling and it was making me nervous JUST ASK HIM! "But you're welcome to come along. It's my Dad's coming home party" I explained

My dad was finally being released after weeks of intense physiotherapy. He was temporarily in a wheelchair but the doctors were confident that with some hard work he would be walking again within a couple of months.

"I'd like that" He nodded "Goodnight Lia" He headed off to his car and it wasn't until he was safely down the road that I growled and turned towards the house.


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