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The Something Under The Bed.

By Dr Megalomania . . . You can't prove anything by that!!

~Once Upon A Winter . . . ~

He smiled as he watched his young son play in the snow with his mother. He stepped out and walked towards them, his dark brown hair fluttering into his deep blue eyes, and the small snow flakes sticking to the unruly mop of curls. His son suddenly sat up and ran over to him, dragging him closer to look at the shape he had made in the snow.

"It's an angel, Papa!" The five-year-old boy giggled, his love of angels made him repeat this snow angel thing every year.

Papa smiled, "It's very pretty, son . . . now come on . . . It's getting late . . ."

Bright blue eyes watered, "One more Papa! Please!!"

Papa sighed, "Okay, one more . . . then . . ." He shook a remonstrating finger, "Then Clow Reed . . . bed."

~Later that night . . . ~

Clow smiled as he swung back and forth, he looked beside him, a tall girl swinging back and forward with him, "Hello Clow . . . do you like angels?"

He nodded shyly, thinking the girl was almost as pretty as his Mamma. She smiled and tipped back her head, her small pink hat not falling off. She pushed her legs out as far as they could go, the small pink boots glinting dully as her uniform's pink tails trailed out from behind her. She smiled, and looked at him.

"Shall I tell you how to make one?"

His swinging slowed, as he stared at her in shock.

She smiled at him, "It's really easy, Clow . . . just say what I do . . ." She winked at him, "Like a game, okay?"

Clow smiled and nodded, aware on some level that this was all a dream . . .

~Really Early In The Morning . . .~

//I am *not* scared . . .//

Clow Reed closed his eyes shut tight; he clenched his hands into tiny, tight balls and bit his lip. //I am not scared at all, I am a big boy and I am not scared of anything . . .// Taking a deep breath, Clow hung on tightly to the edge of his bed and swung himself upside down to see what ever it was under his bed.

His deep blue eyes widen as they met with glowing purple eyes.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Clow's mouth stretched really wide as he proceeded to scream his head off. The glowing purple eyes widened and the what-ever-it-was-under-his-bed scrambled back in fear. The door opened as Clow's mother and father ran in. "Clow? Clow!" Papa said worriedly, "What's wrong, son?"

Mamma picked up her little five-year-old boy as he wailed, "There'ssomethingundermybedandIsawitandit'sundermybeeeeeeeedd!!!"

Mamma and Papa looked at each other, as Papa lifted his key from his necklace. His magic staff quickly appeared, and he crouched down on the floor. Papa moved the large wooden staff under Clow's bed, touching nothing. "Clow . . . there's nothing there . . ." Papa sighed and sat beside Mamma. "It was a nightmare son . . ."

Mamma smiled, "Clow-chan . . . Don't scare us like that . . . now . . . It's late . . ." She pushed him back into his bed, "Try to sleep a little . . ."

As Mamma and Papa wished him good night and stepped out, Clow stared at his ceiling. "Whatever you are . . ." He said with determination, "I must warn you, I'm a very powerful magician . . . and I . . . I can . . ." Clow closed his eyes as he felt a movement under his bed, "I can make you disappear!"

There was a quiet whimper from his side. Clow opened his eyes to see a small pale face stare back at him. The what-ever-it-was-under-his-bed wasn't under his bed any more. Clow bit his lip, and got up. The thingy tilted it's head and looked at him. Clow reached out with his finger and touched the being in the middle of it's forehead. The creature's catlike eyes crossed as it tried to look at Clow's finger.

"You're real!" Clow observed quietly as he pressed against the pale forehead. He started to push the thingy back, and it frowned and started to push forward. Clow frowned and pushed harder. The thingy started to whine slightly and there was a glow of blue. Clow's mouth fell open as the thingy fluttered fluffy white wings. It waved them in an attempt to stop him pushing it over.

Clow giggled, "You're an angel!"

The thingy's eyes opened wide, it blinked and moved away slightly. It looked at him, before climbing on his bed. Clow shuffled away from it as it stared at it's finger. It blinked and looked at him. Clow's eyes crossed as he tried to look at the small pale finger pressing against his forehead. Clow giggled again, "Stop it!"

The pressure stopped immediately, and the thingy cowered away. Clow smiled at it and patted it on the head . . . only to be patted on the head a few moments later. Clow smiled, "What's your name?"

The thingy tilted it's head.

Clow bit his lip and giggled as the thingy did it a few seconds later. "My name's Clow Reed . . ." He patted his chest, "Clow!"

The thingy blinked, and made a sound like a sneeze. "Klo!"

"No," Clow smiled, "Kl---ooooooooooh!"

The thingy made the noise again, "Klo!"

He sighed, and picked up it's hand, he jabbed it gently into his chest, "Clow. . ." He moved the hand back to the thingy's chest and prodded it gently. The thingy smiled, "klo!"

Clow sighed and shook his head, "My name is Clow Reed. . ." He smiled brightly, "And you are called?"


The little black haired boy giggled as the thingy repeated the strange variation on his name again and again.

~The next morning . . .~

Papa stared blankly at the . . . the . . . angel like child his son pulled into the breakfast room. The angel like child whimpered and cowered behind his son. "Clow . . . where did you . . .?"

"I dunno!" Clow chirped as he dragged the angel-child to the breakfast table, "This is my Mamma!" Mamma blinked as the strange little angel-child bowed quickly, Clow dragged it back towards his father, "And this is my Papa!"

"Please to meet you . . . uh . . ." Papa blinked, "um . . . I don't know what to call you . . ."


Clow giggled, "That's all it can say . . . but I'm gonna teach it to talk . . . aren't I, angel?" Clow climbed on to the bench and helped the angel climb on after him, "Now this is breakfast, it's very important but not as nice as lunch, dinner's the best, but you have to wait a really long time for. . ."

Clow's parents exchanged a worried look as the Clow chatted animatedly to the strange angel child.

Clow yawned as his mother helped him out of the bath. Mamma smiled gently as she wrapped her son up in warm towels, "All that running around has made you tired now . . . you won't be able to play . . ." Mamma kissed him gently, "This is why you must never run away when I tell you to have a bath . . ."

Clow whined pathetically, "I can . . ." he yawned widely, and continued sleepily, ". . . too play . . ."

Mamma shook her head quietly, and turned her attention on to the small angel child. "C'mere Yue . . ."

The angel's wide purple eyes blinked, he looked shocked still . . . she smiled, // And he looked like a drowned kitten . . .// Yue watched in worry as Clow ran around the house refusing to be bathed, and was even more worried when Clow had stubbornly refused to be bathed without his angel. The cute fluffy winged angel had actually screamed when Clow grabbed his long hair and pulled him in, the naughty child! The poor angel had whimpered as Mamma removed the strange wet robes, Mamma smiled, "Don't worry, Yue . . . I'll dry them and then you can have them back . . ."

Yue was so called because one night Clow had woken up and found the angel staring up at the moon, "That's called Yue . . ." The angel blinked and looked at him, Clow smiled, "Yu-eh . . . it means moon . . ."

"Yue . . ." the angel breathed, he tapped his chest gently, "Yue . . ."

"No, silly . . ." Clow pointed out the window, "That's Yue . . . you're . . ." The angel looked at him balefully, Clow sighed and smiled, "I guess we could call you Yue . . ."

The angel smiled excitedly and leant forward, pushing his pale lips against Clow's. Clow blinked at this unexpected touch, and shivered slightly as he felt the enormous power of this creature. As the angel stared at him quietly as he pulled back, Clow smiled, "Yue it is then . . ."

Clow's Mamma smiled as she quickly washed the small angel's long white hair, it was all the way to his feet, and was always neatly tied back in a long ponytail. The angel was always incredibly neat, while Clow, naughty as he was, often refused to even get dressed for his training. Yue smiled slightly as she ran the warm water through his feathers, she was so gentle as she spread each wing, and slowly washed the soapy water out of his respected feathers.

The elders of her and her husband's family had been amazed when they had seen him; the realisation had been quick in coming. Clow had somehow created this angel, how was unknown, why wasn't clear, and would he create another just as easily . . . was a question everyone pondered deeply. Clow was a very powerful child; this was evident and well known. Thankfully Clow was also an incredibly calm child, or else his tantrums were something to be greatly fear.

Mamma smiled as she heard Clow let his teeth chatter, "Clow-chan get to your room if you are cold . . . Yue needs a little more attention . . ."

There was a loud splash as Clow climbed back into the bath, Yue screeched again in surprise. Mamma cooed softly to sooth him, and reproached her son quietly, "Clow Reed . . . Yue is still a little jumpy, do not scare him like that . . ."

Clow blinked and sloshed all the way closer to his angel, the angel's wings were trembling with his fear. "Yue . . . Why are you so jumpy . . .?"

Yue peered over his shoulder mutely, as Mamma tapped Clow on the head, "Because you are so loud . . . Yue, yin that he is . . . must make up for your yang."

"Oh . . ." Clow frowned, he winced, as his young mind understood what she meant, "Gomen nasai Yue-san . . ."

Yue blinked, his small angel features still framed by his wet hair, he picked up his hand and patted Clow on head, "Klo."

The young boy smiled as he leant forward, he curled his tiny hand around a tiny cheek, "You must never be scared of me Yue . . . because I'll never hurt you . . ."

- - - - - - - -


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