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The Something Under The Bed.

By Dr Megalomania . . . You can't prove anything by that!!

. . . They Lived Happily Ever After.

Once upon a winter . . .


Antoinette squealed loudly as her mother ducked her snow ball, the little girl growled and rolled up another, and ran over to her mother determined to splat it in her hair as soon as she got to her. Mamma, a beautiful Japanese woman with the same bright green eyes giggled happily, "Eriol! Save me!!"

Antoinette yelped with surprise as Papa's strong arms suddenly scooped her up, Antoinette sighed and glared at Papa, a handsome English man, with dark blue hair. "Papa, no fair!"

He chuckled, his laugh just as warm as Mamma's, "But you've got to go to bed!"

Antoinette panicked, and pointed at the Snow card as it dusted their huge garden, "But she's going to sleep for the rest of winter!!" She struggled to get loose, "Just let me make one more angel!!"

Papa looked at Mamma as she got up and dusted herself down. Snow stuck to Mamma's hair as she smiled warmly, Papa reached over and stroked Mamma's hair. Antoinette sighed, as she looked at Papa, he loved Mamma a lot, maybe as much as Antoinette did. She blinked, and started to struggle again. "I want to make a snow angel!"

Mamma pulled her little girl out of Papa's arms, and set her down. "All right. . . but then . . ." Mamma crouched down, and wagged a knowing finger at her, "Then Antoinette Tomoyo Li-Reed . . . bed."

~Later that night . . . ~

Antoinette giggled slightly as the tall man pushed her. He chuckled slightly, his huge robes shuffling as he moved to sit in the swing beside him. "So . . ." He chuckled gently, "Do you like angels, Antoinette?"

She nodded enthusiastically; "I wanna make one, just like Yue!" She beamed, "Because Spinel told me all about him!"

The blue-eyed man smiled, making Antoinette think of the smile that her Papa always had. He was very tall, and had black hair, and had glasses just like Papa's. He chuckled quietly, "Shall I tell you how to make one?"

"Please?" Antoinette jumped off her swing and ran over to his, "Can you? Can you?!"

"I can tell you how to make lots of things . . ." He winked, "Do you want to?"


"It's actually really easy, Antoinette . . . just say what I do . . ." He winked at her again, "Like a game, okay?"

Antoinette smiled and nodded, aware on some level that this was all a dream . . .

~Really Early In The Morning . . .~

//I am *not* scared . . .//

Antoinette Tomoyo Li-Reed closed her eyes shut tight; she clenched her hands into tiny, tight balls and bit his lip. //I am not scared at all, I am a big girl and I am not scared of anything . . .// Taking a deep breath, Antoinette hung on tightly to the edge of her bed and swung herself upside down to see what ever it was under her bed.

Her emerald green eyes widen as they met with glowing purple eyes.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Antoinette screamed as loud as she could, and that was really loud because Papa always said she had a pretty impressive set of lungs. The glowing purple eyes widened and the what-ever-it-was-under-her-bed scrambled back in fear. The door opened as Antoinette's mother and father ran in. "Antoine?!" Papa said worriedly, "What's wrong, my little girl?"

Mamma picked up her little five-year-old girl as she wailed, "There'ssomethingundermybedandIsawitandit'sundermybeeeeeeeedd!!!"

Mamma and Papa looked at each other, as Papa lifted his key from his necklace. His magic staff quickly appeared, and he crouched down on the floor. Papa moved the large golden staff under her bed, touching nothing. "Antoine . . . there's nothing there . . ." Papa sighed and sat beside Mamma. "It was a nightmare, sweetie . . ."

Mamma smiled, "Tomoyo-chan . . . Don't scare us like that . . . now . . . It's late . . ." She lay her baby girl in her bed gently, "Try to sleep a little . . ."

As Mamma and Papa wished her good night and stepped out, Antoinette stared at her ceiling, dotted with pretty moons and suns that were so special they glowed. "Whatever you are . . ." She said with determination, "I must warn you, I'm a very powerful magician . . . and I . . . I can . . ." Antoinette closed her eyes as she heard a scuffle and a quiet mewl under her bed, "I can make you disappear!"

There was a quiet whimper from her side. Antoinette opened her eyes to see a small pale face stare back at her. The what-ever-it-was-under-her-bed wasn't under her bed any more. Antoinette chewed the inside of her cheek, and got up. The thingy tilted it's head and looked at her. Antoinette reached out with her finger and touched the being in the nose. The creature's catlike eyes crossed as it tried to look at Antoinette's finger.

"You're real!" she observed quietly as she pressed against the pale nose. The thingy squeaked and fell back. Making her giggle slightly, the thingy stared at her glowing ceiling. Antoinette smiled and slid down from her bed, sitting by him crossed leg, "Mamma and Papa made the sky for me . . . it's only painted, but I like it . . ." She pointed up, at two moons, one blue and the other a deep rich pink, "That's for Mamma's favourite angel . . . and for Papa's favourite butterly . . ." The thingy sat up as well and tilted it's head, she continued quietly, "Before I was borned, Mamma had an angel . . . He was very, very handsome, and my uncle loved him a lot . . ." She pointed at the blue moon, "His name was Yue . . ."

"Yue . . ." The angel thingy repeated, he pulled at her hand, and tapped his chest with it, "Yue . . ."

She blinked, and smiled, "'kay . . . we'll call you Yue too!"

A quiet meow drew her attention to her bed, two cats crawled out from under it, and a little pink haired girl followed them. She giggled and crawled over excitedly, throwing her arms around Antoinette's neck. Antoinette blinked, "And we can call you Ruby . . ."

The two cats stumbled over, and the golden kitten mewled loudly, making the white haired angel clamp his hands over it's mouth. "Ssshhhh!" The angel lisped quietly, as the kitten started to paw at his hand, it's gold eyes widening. Antoinette cried out with surprise as she recognised the golden kitten, "You must be Keroberos!" The kitten bit Yue, and glared at him, before puffing out his chest proudly. Antoinette clapped as she picked up the last kitten, a dark blue cat with long ears, "And you're Spinel!"


Antoinette blinked and looked at Ruby as she raised her hand and petted Spinel's little head, the butterfly girl giggled again, "Not Spidel. Suppi!"

"That's a point!" Antoinette jumped to her feet and hugged Spinel tightly, "I forgot to tell you my name!" She giggled sweetly and put Spinel down, so he and his little brothers and sister could hear, "My name's Antoinette Tomoyo Li-Reed . . . but that's far too long so—"

"Antoine?" Yue murmured, "Antoin . . . nette?"

"Un!" She grinned, "You may call me that!" Antoinette sank to the ground, and stayed up all night with the four new guardians.

~The next morning . . .~


Papa called as he knocked lightly on his daughter's door, he leant in as his wife came up behind him. "Is she awake?" She blinked at his stunned expression, "Eriol? What is it?"

He stepped back, and motioned the room, Mamma stepped forward, and saw her daughter curled up on top of the covers of her bed, with a small gold lion with fluffy white wings lying by her head, a deep midnight blue panther curled at her feet, behind her a little girl, shorter than their daughter, lay on her front, sucking her thumb, her big black butterfly wings fluttering gently. Their daughter was lying in the middle of all of this, and was facing the last person. The small white haired angel lay on the bed, his arms wrapped around their little girl's waist protectively, his huge fluffy white wings and long hair draping off the bed.

"Like a fairytale . . ."

Mamma smiled as Papa wrapped his arms around her, "Eriol . . ." She murmured, patting her husband's hand. He chuckled in her ear, kissed her neck and let her go. He leant into his daughter's bedroom, and grasped the door handle, he smiled gently as his daughter yawned loudly, and snuggled closer to her new guardian angel. A smile graced his pale lips, as he shuffled closer to her as well. The butterfly girl giggled deep within her sleep, the little lion curled himself around Antoinette's head, making her giggle too, and the small blue cat got up sleepily, and walked onto his daughter's leg, settling himself there.

He smiled as he watched his young daughter smile happily in her sleep. He closed the door shut on them slowly, closing it quietly. His lavender grey eyes twinkled happily, and he shook his head, making the sleek almost black blue locks fall into his eyes as he murmured quietly.

". . . And they all lived . . . happily ever after . . ."

Thus cute and fluffy, ends the fanfic.

~ Doctor Megalomania . . . and you still can't prove anything by that!!