Chapter 1

Nikola stood in the rusty old elevator, he was going somewhere; he didn't know where or why, he just had the sudden urge to be somewhere else.

Maybe he was bored.

He felt a little woozy, unfocused, has been since he entered the elevator. He looked at the fading bite mark in his hand.

Was it because of this?

Maybe this was why he was going somewhere else.

He looked back to about fifteen minutes ago. He was working with a Nubbin referred to as Damian for an experiment. With the arrival of new Abnormals, as well as the re-emergence of his stuck-up race, he wanted to be ready for anything.

He was creating a weapon, just in case any more vampires woke up with world domination in mind. Same idea as his De-Vamper, but this time he was calculating for one small failsafe. He didn't want it to be used against him like before. So, using Damian who was already injected with his own blood from previous experiments, he tested ways to make himself immune to the De-Vamp Gun…name in progress.

It was going fine until the nasty little creature decided to bite him on the hand. After that it was all a bit of a blur, until he found himself in the elevator, apparently going somewhere. Maybe to the infirmary to see Helen…it must be for the bite.

That's what it had to be.

The elevator stopped and the doors slid open and there she was. She was wearing a tight pencil skirt that showed off her beautiful legs from the knee down and a loose blouse that caressed her in all the right places, with a deep v-neck that lengthened her neck in a long line of delicious ivory skin. He licked his lips, momentarily thinking about sinking his fangs into one of her calves.

Her scent soon filled his nostrils, almost immediately; it was intoxicating.

She stepped forward into the cabin and smiled at him.

"Nikola, I was just coming to see you," she stood beside him, very close, too close.

He shifted uneasily, his head swarming in an endless fog.

"Uhh…were you?" he answered lamely.

"I was just heading down to check on your progress, and to see if I could pull you away from your work to help me with something," the doors closed and she turned to him, smiling kindly. "Where were you headed?" she asked, making small conversation. She smelt really, really good.

"Uhhh, to see you…" he mumbled, he really didn't feel well. He felt randy and sick at the same time. He shouldn't be around her, he decided, trying to subtly move away from her.

The elevator started to move again. Crap, he was trapped.

"Really? What for?" she asked, looking at him with bright blue eyes.

"N-nothing…is it hot in here, I think it's hot in here," he was feeling mighty woozy at this point.

"It is a tad warm, I'll have Henry check on the air conditioning," agreed Helen.

"Oh good, that's great…just great. Fantastic! Love it! Goody," Helen gave him a quizzical expression.

"Did you just say goody?" she asked, an raising an eyebrow.

"Did I? I don't know…I'm feeling a bit under the weather. Maybe I should lie down," his mind suddenly filled with images involving the woman before him in that particular turn of phrase and he shook his head. "No! Not lie down! I think I'll stand, or crouch! Crouching is good, I'll crouch in a completely non-sexy position, and I'm going to stay there until I feel better…yep, sounds good."

He lowered himself to a crouch on the elevator floor.

Helen watched him looking even more confused.

"Nikola, are you all right?" she asked cautiously.

"F-fine, why do you ask?" his voice came out way too high, it sounded like someone had grabbed him by the dingleberries, at least to him.

"Oh no reason, it's just that you're crouching on the floor and babbling about being non-sexy, do I have cause to be concerned?" she kneeled down in front of him and he immediately shot up to full height and moved away.

"I'm fine, just fine! I think I may be a bit claustrophobic though," he moved to the wall, pressing his back firmly against it.

"Nikola, you're not claustrophobic, you've been stuck in smaller spaces than this many times before and you've never acted this way," she laughed slightly at how weird he was being.

"Oh, I'm feeling mighty claustrophobic now," he felt his hands tremble slightly and he averted his gaze away from her.

"Nikola, you are acting very strange," Helen looked at him worriedly.

"Am I?" he gasped. Damn, why did he feel so hot, and feverish…and really, really randy. The song Hot-Blooded ran through his mind as he panted slightly from the heat, damn Tiny Tim and his freaking iPod.

Helen stepped closer to him out of concern.

"Nikola, are you sure you're feeling alright?"

"Hot-blooded, check it and see, I've got a fever of a hundred and three," he sang the lyrics in his head, trying desperately not to pay any attention to how close she was getting to him.

Suddenly he felt her cool hands on his face.

"My god, Nikola, you're burning up," she rested the back of her hand on his forehead.

Oh not good.

He caught a whiff of her vanilla-lilac scented perfume and dove in, capturing her mouth with his in a fierce, desperate kiss.

She squeaked in surprise but didn't pull away, in fact, she pushed closer, biting on his lower lip to make him growl instinctually.

Suddenly, she was the one with her back against the wall, her skirt pushed up to her hips with clawed hands. She lifted one leg into his expert fingers, moving up his own to sensually circle around his hip and hook around his thigh, right below his buttocks.

She pushed him closer to her, allowing his hands to wrap around her waist as he sucked on her neck.

The elevator dinged and the doors slid open on to the residential corridor.

Helen grabbed a hold of his cravat and pulled him out of the carriage and roughly against the wall, breaking a vase in the process, They didn't stay there long because he soon slammed her into the adjacent wall, dislodging a painting from it's hook. With this leverage he managed to hoist her off the ground.

Their lips stayed connected the entire time, until he built up enough force to ram the two of them through her bedroom door, not even bothering with the handle.

She landed on the floor with a hard thud, him on top of her, still touching and kissing with a renewed fervor. His long leg reached behind him, and with the heel slammed the door shut.

One last thought buzzed through his brain. He was going to probably get killed for this later, somehow he'd be blamed for this mess, but at the moment, he had Helen, he had himself, and both had very few inhibitions.

At least he'd die happy.

~~~~Author's Notes~~~~

I'm taking on the nubbins! Woohoo! It's a bit of a crackfic! But already so much fun and it's only the beginning. :P I hope you like's just going to go downhill and a little sideways from here.