Chapter 14

Nikola cracked his eyes open, and groaned as the intense, white lights of the infirmary bay blinded him. His brain felt foggy, and he wanted to roll over and return to whatever dream he had been having, but a sigh to his right distracted him from that course of action.

He lifted his head gently and peered over to the mass of brown curls spread out over his middle. He felt the weight, and a slight pressure from a hand entwined with his.

Nikola smirked; he was happy to see her.

With his free hand, he reached over and tucked away the long brown strands of hair to reveal the perfect sleeping face hidden beneath them.

He heard her moan and she shifted slightly before opening her eyes slowly.

"Morning, Helen," he said with a big playful grin.

"Mmm, oh yes," she brought a hand to her own face and rubbed her tired eyes.

Nikola grinned; she looked marvelously sexy in her disheveled and tousled state. He wished to see that look again, except maybe with a bit more exposed skin.

Helen blinked back into the waking world.

"How are you feeling?" she asked.

"Well, I don't think I can run a marathon any time soon, and my head feels a bit like the inside of a drum, but other than that I'm fine," he said smiling at her with a cheeky grin. "Especially since you're here. I didn't think you cared."

Helen rolled her eyes.

"I was waiting for you to wake up, someone had to babysit you, I guess I must've fallen asleep, is all," she shrugged.

"Deny it all you want, I know you were worried about me," he lifted up their still entwined hands. "The evidence says it all."

Helen yanked her hand out of his.

"You must've grabbed it while you were sleeping," she said lamely and Nikola scoffed.

"Just admit it, Helen, I did the same for you, you wanted to repay the favor, our hearts long for each other," he teased.

"I think you've been watching too many of those soaps, you're beginning to grow unbearably cheesy," she rolled her eyes again.

Nikola snickered.

"How are my little ones?" he asked with a grin.

"Fine, watching the soap opera channel as we speak," Helen joked lightly.

"We are changing their names," he said seriously.

"Oh, I think Mary and Shelley are sweet names," said Helen.

"I will not have one of my Nubbin litter be called Edison! I'd rather name it Snookums," he growled.

"That can be arranged," Helen teased.

"We will not be naming it snookums!" he cried.

Helen laughed.

"You can't change little Junior's name, it's suits him so well," she continued to tease.

"Fine, Jr. can stay, but the others, no, they are my children not one of wolf boy's little friends…and they say I am bad at naming things," he scoffed and mumbled.

"Well, what to you want to call them?" Helen stood up from her chair and scooted onto the edge of the bed.

"Well, uh, instead of Edison, we call him Samuel…"

"Why Samuel?"

"I promised myself my first born would be named that…if I ever had a first born, close enough," shrugged Nikola.

"He's always been one of the few men you ever had respect for," Helen sighed.

"You just don't like him because he believed Shakespeare was a fraud, let it go, Helen," Nikola rolled his eyes.

Helen let out a huff.

"Fine, Samuel, what about the others?"

"The girls…hmmm…Matilda and Louisa…"

Helen laughed and shook her head.

"No, those are old lady names."

"I thought you didn't care, it's not like they're yours," Nikola grinned knowingly.

"They may have grown on me a bit, but I still get a say, as I am head of the Sanctuary, I like Mary and Shelley, it stays," she crossed her arms.

"I love it when you jut your jaw out with authority," he teased, sitting up.

His face was not far from hers but she made no motion to move off the edge of the bed.

"Ok, if you won't compromise on the girl's names, I get to name the other boy, he shall be named…Juan!" Nikola exclaimed.

"After the soap?" Helen cried incredulously.

"Yes, Juan is the misunderstood, but passionate lover of Marjorie St. Valentine, a woman who should follow her heart and kiss the man she loves," Nikola said with a mischievous look in his eye.

He leaned ever so slowly towards her, his hand gently resting against the small of her back.

"I don't think she does, I think she is in love with someone else," she said with a smirk.

"Who?" Nikola's eyes momentarily darted to her lips then back to her eyes.

"Hulio, Juan's twin brother; he's dangerous, mysterious, and offers her a life with boundless excitement," Helen brought her hand up to Nikola's cheek, gently caressing it. "She'd steal away with him in a heartbeat."

Nikola grinned.

"And who am I in this sweet metaphor?" he teased.

"Who do you think?" Helen leaned down and just lightly pressed her lips to his. "Kenneth."

Nikola deflated.

"Kenneth!" he cried.

Helen laughed.

"I'm kidding," she put her hands to his chest to still him. "You fluster so easily, it's really quite cute."

"Uggh, woman, you are such an evil temptress," he glared at her.

Helen batted her eyelashes, issuing a silent challenge to him. He accepted, crushing his lips to hers in a passionate kiss, even more so than the one they had shared in his isolation cell earlier. But then tender moment was broken by the sound of the door opening. The two pulled away sharply, Helen quickly moving off the bed, but an evident smile plastered on her face.

"Oh, Sleeping Beauty's finally up," smirked Big Guy, he brought the standard infirmary meal tray for the patient. "Thought he might be hungry when he awoke."

Helen smiled.

"He'll eat the jello, I am starved so I will gladly take his vegetables," Helen teased.

"As long as I'm in you're company you can eat whatever you want…except the jello, the jello is mine," Nikola joked as Big Guy set the tray down in front of him.

He handed Nikola a flower and snickered.

"From the children, they wanted you to get well soon," said Big Guy.

Nikola took the flower.

"Aww, I didn't think they cared," Nikola snickered.

"I think he means your children, not my team," Helen teased.

"Right…that's who I meant," Nikola visibly deflated a bit. "It's nice to know that someone cares."

Helen laughed at his fake hurt.

"Thank you, old friend," she smiled at the Big Guy.

Immediately she stole a carrot off of Nikola's plate.

"Hey!" Nikola cried, glaring at her.

"Are you going to eat them?" she teased.

"Well, no, but you could've asked!" Nikola pouted and snatched his jello before she could get her paws on it.

Big Guy snickered.

"I'll leave you two love birds two your date," he smirked and left the room.

Helen's smile instantly faltered.

"Wait, we're not-"

"See, even to him it's obvious," Nikola teased, a big grin splaying over his face. "Admit it, you kissed me back there because your basic primal urges yearn for me."

Helen rolled her eyes and she stole another carrot.

"Even now your mind races with the possibilities," Nikola continued to tease.

"Really? And what is the possibility of me shooting you again?" she looked at him.

"In the isolation room, when you told me of our impending bundles of joy, and we were yelling at each other, you wanted me to kiss you, and I obliged, at the time I thought it was pheromones, but then there was that instead with my ears…if we were right, that little experiment should've had us going at it like rabbits," he said, a certain leer in her eyes.

"What is your point?" she sighed.

"My point is, the whole sanctuary went banana's and we didn't, and I can only naturally assume it was because of your pregnancy, otherwise female Nubbins would be shooting out a new litter every five seconds…you genuinely wanted me to kiss you in that cell, and it had nothing to do with the furry balls of pheromones growing inside you," his smile twisted into a devious grin.

Helen looked at him, a little speechless.

"That…that is ridiculous," she huffed.

He let out a loud laugh.

"Ha! I was right!" he howled with laughter. "The great Helen Magnus wanted to kiss me!"

Helen crossed her arms.

"I still say it was hormones," she mumbled.

"Say what you want! You eyes tell the truth, you wanted to kiss me then and you still want to kiss me now!" he clapped his hands with joy.

"Not anymore," she teased, flashing him a glare.

He sat up, closer to her.

"We're alone now, you can do anything to me that your heart desires," he grinned, his eyes sparkling.

"Really? Hmm, where's my gun?" Helen joked.

"Oh come on, Helen, we've already conceived together, why not do it again for old times sakes," Nikola patted the mattress and gave her a come hither look. "I know the lack of memory from our first encounter is driving you crazy, lets make some new, permanent memories, shall we?"

Helen let out a long sigh and stood up, stepping closer to him.

"I would like to find out what I've missed," she said carefully.

Nikola opened his arms to her.

"I am willing to recreate the experience," he said, his eyes shining mischievously.

"But, after we've done that, what do we have to look forward to?" she teased, gently pushing the tray out of her way as she sat on the edge of the bed.

"We could always go through the motions, you know, dinner and a movie, holding hands; really exploring our compatibility as a couple…for the sake of the children of course, wouldn't want them to be raised in a broken home," Nikola smirked, gently grazing two fingers down her arm.

Helen shook her head and laughed.

"Of course not, that'd be downright indecent of us," she flitted her eye up to his.

"We could take a weekend trip up to your villa in France, just you, me, a bottle of wine, and some bedsheets," he sat up even more, leaning closer to her. "Or better yet, the villa in Rome, all that with a nostalgic sense of irony."

Helen laughed and ghosted a hand up his torso.

"Who'll babysit the children?" she asked innocently.

"The big hairy one that plays Doctor, he's perfectly capable of filling in for you here," he shuddered slightly as her nails dragged down his chest.

"What about family vacations?" Helen continued with the joke.

"We can take them all to Disneyland some other time," Nikola resisted the urge to lean over and kiss the peak of her shoulder.

"I don't know, I don't think my team will approve, they kind of see you as a bad influence," Helen giggled slightly.

"Then we'll just have to prove them wrong," he finally couldn't resist her tempting lips any longer and he leaned down. She turned her head at the perfect moment and his lips met hair.

"No, I think carrying your love litter was enough, guess you're on your own," she laughed moving a way and back to her chair.

"You are a cruel tease, you know that," he glared at her.

"What can I say? I just love the way you get all flustered when I lead you on," she leaned back in her chair in triumph.

"Well then," he swung his legs over the bed. "If I'm not going to get anything out of you I'm going to go find company elsewhere."

"Who?" Helen scoffed, watching him stand up and move around her.

"I know of a group of five that will be happy to see my presence," he started for the door.

"I'll come with you, I haven't gotten a good look at them myself," she stood up and followed him.

Nikola didn't say anything, just snickered and grinned at her.

"What?" she stopped and glared at him.

"Nothing, I just noticed that when you lie to me your cheeks turn slightly pink and you look to the right ever so slightly, it's kind of cute," he grinned even wider.

"That is ridiculous," Helen sighed.

"Hehe, you did it again," he pointed, giggling in delight.

Helen smacked him in the chest.

"Shut up," she growled. "You are such a child."

She pushed past him and into the hallway, he followed after her, the same cheeky grin plastered over his face.

They traveled in the same manner to the elevator and down to where the Vampire Nubbins were being held.

As soon as they reached the enclosure Nikola became instantly distracted by the sight of his litter peeking their big blue eyes through the glass. They squeaked happily when they saw him.

"Aww look at them!" Nikola ran up to the glass. "Do we make handsome Nubbins or what? They're so cute!"

Helen laughed at him.

"How do we know which one's what?" he turned to her and she handed him what looked like a high-powered grocery scanner.

"Just point and shoot," she said.

Nikola smirked and aimed it at the first one.

The name Edison popped up on the screen.

"Ooh, we're going to have to change that," Nikola frowned. "How could you let them name him that? That's like naming your child Satan!"

"They thought it was funny," she sighed.

"Well, it isn't, don't you worry Sammy, we'll change that," he cooed to the furry fluffball. He scanned the next one. "Oh, Mary, you know, I hate to admit it but it suits her. This one must be Shelley…yep…hmm, I guess those names can stay, they are kind of clever."

"They thought so," chuckled Helen.

Nikola scanned the next one.

"Einstein…I like it," Nikola shrugged.

"No, it's unacceptable, Albert was a friend of mine, I will not have his name be part of a cruel joke," huffed Helen, she crossed her arms.

"It's not a joke on him, if anything it's a joke on him, he seems to be the slow one…but cute all the same," Nikola smiled widely.

"I don't like it, if you can change Edison to Sammy, I get to change Einstein, fair's fair," she said adamantly.

"Fine, as long as you don't call him Thomas, Marconi, or Druitt I will be fine," Nikola looked at the smallest of the pack. "And this must be Junior! Aww look at him…he is definitely the most charming of the pack."

Nikola smirked, his eyes flitting over to Helen.

"What do you say mom?" he teased and she rolled her eyes.

"I say you're all a pack of trouble," she stepped up to him, her hands on her hips.

"That means she likes us," Nikola whispered over to the Nubbins and they made giggling sounds as they bounced lightly.

Helen watched them curiously.

"Do they understand us?" asked Helen, looking over at Nikola.

"Most definitely," he nodded.

"Wait, do you understand them?" her eyes widened.

"Somewhat, my Nubbin is so rusty, by the way Einstein would prefer to be called something that is more intelligent than he looks, he is actually the strategist, it's just the damn ear makes him look simple."

"You're kidding aren't you?" Helen looked at him incredulously.

"No, because Sammy over there preferred being called Eddie, and he is so grounded!" Nikola pointed at the Nubbin and the Nubbin huffed like a stubborn teenager.

"You have to be joking me," Helen rolled her eyes.

"We're a family now, Helen, families listen to each other," he smirked, the rest of the Nubbins nodded in agreement.

Helen laughed.

"Well aren't you just full of surprises," she smiled at him.

"As well as they would all like to apologize for making you sick, all of you, apologize to your mother, say 'Sorry Mom."

Simultaneously the whole pack let out a few squeak, Helen could swear she heard the words in them.

"Thank you, uh, my children," Helen looked over to Nikola, wide-eyed, and more than slightly amused.

"Don't we make just the cutest little rag-tag family ever?" Nikola smirked at her. Helen wanted to laugh at him right now; he was being unnecessarily cheesy yet oh so adorable with his new found kids and the fact that he could communicate so easily with all of them made it all the more perfect.

Despite her earlier feelings she couldn't help but be drawn to those big blues eyes that yearned for her acceptance of this group.

She reached out and grabbed his hand and squeezed it lightly.

"Yes, we do," she smiled at him.

The Nubbins made a cheering sound and bounced happily.

"I'm going to have to start buying season of that soap Valentine's Hearts now, aren't I?" she looked at all of them and they nodded.

"Most definitely," said Nikola.

"And I'm going to have to watch them with all of you aren't I?" again they nodded in agreement.

"We have to do things as a family," Nikola smirked.

"Alright, but only if their good and don't drive my staff crazy," she warned them and they nodded.

"They'll be little angels, won't you?" Nikola smiled at his progeny.

Helen laughed and nodded.

"Fine, I'll have Henry order us the first season," she sighed.

The Nubbins cheered.

Helen smiled at them.

"We should get on that," Helen looked over at Nikola.

"We?" he pointed at himself then at her. "Like in the both of us?"

"Yes," she said, not breaking eye contact.

"Aww, but we were having so much fun," he whined.

"We can come back later, but there is work to be done, so," she pointed to the door.

"Bye bye, Team Teslus," he waved goodbye to the Nubbins.

"Teslus?" she quirked an eyebrow at him.

"Yah, it's a witty combination of our names, they do it for celebrity couples, Tesla, Magnus, Teslus, cute no?" he smirked at her.

Helen shook her head.

"No," she headed towards the door.

"Well if you don't like that one I have others, Magla, Teslen, Hella, or my personal favorite, Magnola!" he smirked at her and she shook her head again.


"Aww you're no fun," he pouted.

They were outside in the hall and Helen turned to him.

"There's something I've been meaning to ask you," she stopped him.

"What is it?" Nikola said, looking at her.

"Earlier, in my office, when you were still…you know…and you healed me somehow…"

"Yah," Nikola said warily, unsure of where she was going with this.

"How did you do that?" she asked.

"A little magic and a strong desire for a good wine," he smirked.

"I'm serious, is it a Nubbin ability that we just don't know about, or was it just you?" she asked, looking at him sternly.

"It was me, I realized I could effect certain signals in the brain using a combination of the Nubbin pheromones and my electro-magnetic ability, and I focused it on the specific region of your abdomen, really all that happened was I sent I signal to your brain for a rapid release of white blood cells to the certain area, and then using my electric powers stimulated them into working faster…I just didn't want to see you in pain," he shrugged.

Helen smiled, not knowing if that was true or just a load of BS but she decided she didn't care. She grabbed a fistful of his shirt and pulled his lips to hers in a strong kiss, one hand sliding around to the back of his head to clutch the hair there. He grunted in surprise but kissed back willingly, his hands coming to her waist.

He reluctantly pulled back and sucked in a breath before grinning widely.

"Does this mean I can start planning that trip to Rome?" he asked teasingly.

"We'll see, first we might need to plan a short trip somewhere else," she dragged him to follow her, still clutching on his shirt. She pressed him against the wall forcibly and kissed him again. This time he wasted no time in kissing her back, wrapping his arms around her waist and letting them slide up her back. He soon became restless being pinned and pushed against her and the two moved against the opposite wall, her back making a thud as it bumped against it. Helen grunted and slid her hands into his hair, grazing one of the spots where his ears had been, how useful they would be right now.

She slid her nails across his scalp and he jerked slightly, becoming tense in his arms and letting out a particularly feral groan.

"Ooh, whoa…" he pulled back, sucking in a breath. "That spot's still a little sensitive."

Helen smirked, repeating the action and secretly loving the way he groaned and involuntarily pressed against her.

"Not as fun as the ears, but I can make do," she smirked and lightly pressed a kiss to his lips.

"You are evil Ms. Magnus," he hissed as she continued to massage the spot on his head with this hypersensitivity.

"That's Dr. Magnus to you," she smirked a devilish smirk of her own and released him from the erotic torture she was inflicting upon him and he rebounded and captured her lips with his own. The passion and heat had already risen to high levels and they hadn't even reached the elevator yet.

He pulled her further down the hallway, until they reached the elevator doors. She slammed him up against them and he let out a ragged chuckled as one of his hands lowered down to her buttocks and rested there lightly as they continued to kiss.

His other hand reached towards the wall and felt around for the button to activate the elevator.

Helen, growing impatient jumped into him, her legs coming up to around his waist and pressing against the doors. Nikola struggled with the added weight but soon managed to push himself to full height and wrap her legs around him, their lips never breaking through the process.

Helen snaked her hands back into his hair, back to those sensitive spots where his ears had been and had him grinding out moans against her lips in short time.

The support of the elevator doors gave way and Nikola lost his balance swinging the two of them into the carriage of the elevator. Helen landed on her back and Nikola landed on her, her legs still securely wrapped around his waist.

Nikola gasped and sucked in a breath, then exhaling it with a laugh.

"You're going to have to release me if you want this to go anywhere," he smirked, leaning down and kissing her chin.

"Do you say that to all the girls?" she teased.

"There's only you," he chuckled kissing her again.

She laughed and released his body from her tight grip.

He immediately stood up and headed to the control panel.

"Where to ma'am?" he pointed at all the bottoms. "Some place exotic, a little kinky, or old faithful?"

Helen laughed.

"Why don't you hit them all and see how patient you can be?" she teased.

"Old faithful it is," Nikola smirked, pressing the button to the residential level.

Helen stood up and sauntered over to him, pressing their hips together as he leaned against the wall.

He smirked.

"I should've gotten bitten years ago," he chuckled.

Helen laughed haughtily.

"If only you knew then what you know now," she teased, her fingers playing with the hem of his hospital scrubs.

"I know, I could've saved myself loads of trouble, all I had to do was impregnate you with a litter of Nubbins and then we could've been in Rome by now…making love under the stars, the best wine poured all over your body, and nothing but you and me and the night sky," Nikola teased.

Helen smirked resting her head against his shoulder.

"Sounds lovely," she smiled.

"Though I think we'll have to take the kids to Disneyland first," he chuckled. "Oh our life as selfless parents, no time for what we want to do."

"I think they can make an exception for one small weekend away," she kissed his neck softly.

"I can see it now, make love all day then we dress up in our evening best, five-star restaurant, tickets to the opera, a gondola ride, I'll be your gondolier, we'll float out to the middle of the Riviera and eat wine and cheese while I sing O' Solo Mio to you in the twilight."

Helen laughed.

"Will you wear the hat?"


"Awww," she pouted.

"Though, I met wear the tight pants and striped shirt if you'll wear the corset and the little umbrella," he teased.

"Fine, you don't have to wear the hat," she giggled and kissed him again.

Whatever retort he had on the tip of his tongue it was gone the moment she kissed him.

"Why don't we see how this night goes before we make plans for Italy," she whispered into his ear and he let out a breathy chuckle.

"I can live with that," he grinned.

The elevator doors dinged as they arrived to their destination.

"Good," she said, rather seductively, clutching his shirt and pulling him out of the elevator and to the hall, crushing their lips together again.

They missed all the breakable stuff this time and managed to seamlessly make it to her bedroom door without leaving a trail of evidence in their wake.

Nikola opened the door this time instead of ramming them through it, though he smirked when he saw the splinters on the doorframe.

"You owe me a new door, by the way," mumbled Helen against his skin.

"We'll see about that," he smirked cockily as he swung the door open and pulled her inside.


Kate fiddled with her tablet as she rode the elevator.

She was going through her checklist of daily duties, making sure she had done all the important stuff before she resumed her duty of slacking off.

It had been the oddest last few days the Sanctuary has probably ever seen and everyone was eager for things to return to some sort of semblance of normal. Kate herself was looking forward to a few days of rest and relaxation, starting now.

She was headed off to her room to crank up the tunes, throw on her best outfit and drag both Will and Henry to go clubbing, Big Guy had given them a well-earned night off as long as they kept their phone on vibrate.

The elevator doors opened and Big Guy stepped inside.

"Hey Biggie," Kate waved. "How's the dynamic duo?"

She was of course referring to Helen and Nikola. The two of them together always caused a certain amount of trouble. Usually borderline cataclysmic, this time was no exception.

"Guh, I think they'll be fine," he shrugged.

"We just checked in on the Teslen Five," smirked Kate.

Big Guy snickered at the nickname.

"And how are they doing?" he asked,

"Surprisingly well, though they seem very cheerful," Kate shrugged.

"Hmmm, wonder why?" Big Guy mumbled.

"Maybe Marjorie St. Valentine finally ran away with Juan Carlos," Kate rolled her eyes.

Big Guy snickered again.

"Possibly," he sighed.

"Where are you headed?" asked Kate.

"Residential corridor," he held up his rag and squeegee.

"Ah, well, me too, the boys and I are going to take the opportunity of this calm in the storm to knock back a couple of drinks, dance with a few strangers, and cause a bar fight or two, I plan on looking hotter than those two combined," Kate grinned smugly.

"A very difficult endeavor," joked Biggie.

"Not until you see the outfit I've got lined up, it's going to kill them!" she said triumphantly.

Big Guy snickered.

The doors opened again and they continued the conversation out into the hall.

"So what do you think about the Doc and Tesla?" asked Kate.

"I like her, I don't like him," said Biggie flatly.

"No, I meant…nevermind," Kate rolled her eyes.


"I just mean, you don't do the vertical tango with someone, Nubbin mind murk or not, without having an underlying attraction to them," she said.

"So you and Will…"

"That was different, I had a Nubbin pheromone overload, that is completely different can of explosives," she defended.

Big Guy, chuckled but was stopped short by an all to familiar sound emanating from Magnus's room.

"Guh," he muttered.

Kate stopped too, hearing the familiar cries herself.

"Oh no, not again," she groaned. "This is seriously like déjà vu."

She put a hand to her head. Goodbye night of clubbing.

"I'll go get Will, Henry, and the stunners," she turned to head back to the elevator.

Big Guy stopped her.

"Uhh no, I don't think we have to disrupt them this time," Biggie shook his head, giving her a knowing glance.

"Ohh," Kate snickered. "Tesla, you dawg."

Big Guy laughed and pushed her farther down the hall.

They had better things to do.

The End.

~~~~Author's Notes~~~~

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