Here is a new story I just thought up because of my "wise truths from small children" list. everthing I something an actual little kid had said before :) I hope you enjoy :)

Oh, and by the way, the actual "wise truth" is the last line, the one underlined...

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"Mum!" squealed Ginny from the doorway. "I need your heeelp!"

Molly sighed. She was really busy right now, and Ginny's whiney tone didn't make her any more enthusiastic.

"Yes Ginny, I'll be there soon." She yelled back.

"But I need it now!" she called, still sounding sulky. Molly groaned.

"Look Ginny, I'll be there soon, just be patient." She was shocked, but pleased when her daughter was silent.

After a long time Molly was finally done the laundry. She headed back into the kitchen and gasped.

Ginny was standing in a huge puddle, drenched it water and soapy bubbles. She had dirty paw prints all down her front and was looking very disgruntled.

Mouth wide open Molly looked around the rest of the room, from the overflowing sink, to the paws that covered every surface. Then she turned back to Ginny, still too shocked to be mad, and saw her frowning, eyes trained on one spot.

Cowering on top of the cupboard was a mangy, very frightened, and very muddy stray cat.

"Mum," Ginny said, sounding rather put-out "No matter how hard you try, you can't give cats a bath."

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