This is another sad Hermione one... sorry but when I heard the truth it was all I could think about, and I didn't want to write any of my happier ideas when this one inspired me so much!

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Hermione wriggled uncomfortably, the little pink cards felt very heavy on her lap. She peered out the window, shifting in her seat even more. Mrs Granger looked down at her with a sad smile.

"It'll be okay Hermione." She said kindly. Hermione looked back up at her and attempted a smile.

"I know Mummy." She said, but her voice was small and sad.

Hermione lifted a pink card off her lap and looked down at the cute ginger kitten on the front. Swirly blue words were printed across the top.

You are invited to Hermione's Birthday Party.

She opened it and looked at the words inside, tiny brow furrowed as she read them. She was quite advanced at reading for her age and read it very quickly. Then she put the card back on her lap and sighed. She had invited everyone in her class. She and Mrs Granger were going to make a cake and there'd be fairy bread and Hermione's other favourite party food. Mr Granger was going to make a big board for a game of Pin The Tail On The Donkey, and Hermione was going to wrap up a game of pass the parcel. They had a whole huge plan. And maybe, Hermione thought, they'll like me if I have a really good party.

She wanted them to come to her party more then anything in the world, her little girls heart felt like it would burst with longing whenever her classmates went past arm in arm, laughing together.

She realised they were on the School's street. Hermione shuffled nervously again and Mrs Granger parked the car in the drop off zone in front of the school and leaned in the plant a kiss on Hermione's forehead.

"You remember not to leave anyone out, give an invitation to everyone." She encouraged. "They'd hate to be left out. You're going to have a great party."

Hermione flung her arms around her mother and squeezed her super tight, eyelids sqeezed shut as well. She hoped with all her might that her Mother was right.

"I love you Mummy. Goodbye." She whispered. Mrs Granger gave her another encouraging smile as Hermione opened her door and climbed out, pulling her school bag after her and cradling her invitations.

"Bye darling." Mrs Granger called. She watched Hermione, in her pretty pink birthday dress, walking swiftly through the gates.

Hermione stopped in the cloakroom where she hung her bag on it's hook and squared her shoulders before walking into the classroom. She'd made sure she was early so she'd have time to give out all her invitations as people came in. Only Mrs Collins was there. She was sticking some of their work from yesterday on the wall.

"Good morning Hermione." She said cheerfully. She'd always felt sorry for the bright little girl who'd been excluded by her classmates.

"Good morning Mrs Collins." Hermione said politly.

"How was your weekend?" Mrs Collins asked kindly as Hermione shut the door behind her.

"It was great. I had my birthday yesterday. I'm seven now." She said with hopeful pride.

"That's great Hermione! Gosh, you're a big girl aren't you?"

Hermione smiled, but before she could answer the door swung open and Jennifer and Alexandra came walking in together.

"Good Morning Mrs Collins." They chorused. Hermione gulped and looked down at the invitations in her lap. Jennifer and Alexandra weren't the first two she'd have chosen to invite. They were the meanest of anyone in the class. But Hermione was detirmined to be brave. She flicked through for their two invitations and stood awkwardly while Jennifer and Alexandra chattered to Mrs Collins. After a little while Mrs Collins glanced over at the door.

"Now girls, you'll be fine if I pop out for a moment, won't you? I just need to go next door and ask Mrs Little if I can borrow some coloured paper from her. Hermione, why don't you tell Jenny and Alex about your birthday?" Jennifer and Alexandra nodded and smiled at Mrs Collins, so she left them.

Hermione blinked her big brown eyes and said tentatively "So- I- I'm the same age as you now, Alex."

Jennifer turned to face Hermione in a swing of blone hair, and Alexadra's black sweep turned after her.

"We don't care. And don't call me Alex, that's what my friends call me." Said Alexandra haughtily.

"Freaks are just freaks, they don't need birthdays." Jennifer added with a snigger.

"I'm having a birthday party." Hermione ploughed on, trying not to let them hurt her feelings. "You're invited. It'll be really fun."

She held out the two invitations and the girls exchanged a look before taking them. With barely a glance Alexandra said "Nah, don't think so."

"Yeah, me neither." Jennifer said, flicking the invitation over with a bored glance. "I don't really like parties for freaks."

"Let's chuck them out, Jenny." Alex said, looking very smug. The girls turned and flung the carefully selected and folded invitation into the bin.

"No!" Hermione cried, she dived for the bin, but she saw they'd fallen in something gooey, and she didn't want to fish them back out anymore. Instead she blinked back tears and and turned back to the girls.

"Oh, and nice dress by the way... if you're still five!" Jennifer scoffed. The two girls fell into giggles. As they laughed the door opened and Hermione looked up hopefully. But it wasn't Mrs Collins. Instead Jessica pranced in and beamed at Jennifer and Alexandra.

"Oh, hey Jess! Don't let Hermione invite you to her party. She's having a freak party and she's trying to invite the class." Alexandra said, rolling her eyes mockingly. Jessica had always been nice to Hermione when they were starting school. But now she was as mean as everyone else.

"Ew. Hermione no one wants to go to your freak house." Jessica said sharply. And as the door swung open and more students came in Hermione was rejected again and again. Even the nice shy boy, Liam refused her, glancing nervously at Jennifer and Alexandra before saying he was too busy.

When school ended Hermione grabbed all her rejected invitations and ran to her car. She only just held in the tears until her door had slammed shut behind her.

"Quick Mummy, go!" She sniffled, mortified to think anyone might see her cry. Mrs Granger pulled out of her park as quickly as she could while Hermione buckled up her seat belt.

"What happened baby girl? She asked softly, heart breaking at the sight of her little girl. Hermione was sobbing fully.

"I- I- should n-n-neeever have ta-aken those invitations-" Hermione choked out, breathing in gasps between words. "They all ha-ha- hate meee!"

"No one hates you darling. They don't understand how special you are, but no one hates you." It was very hard for Mrs Granger to focus on the road with her little girl in such distress. She clenched her jaw against the onslaught of anger that surged up. How dare those kids do this to he dear sweet girl?

"Ye-yes they doooooooooo." Hermione wailed, her bushy hair crackling with emotion. "They- they all said they hated me-meee. Je-Jennifer and Alexandr-ra said they sh-shouldn't go. And they all kn-now you never go to a party if you don't like the birthday girl."

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