Title: Something Magical
Rating: PG, this part (overall NC-17).
Word Count: 1,620 this part.
Summary: An unwelcome visitor to Harry's home over the summer leads to something much more.
warnings: None for this chapter, for the story male/male sex (and highlight to read) *mpreg*
Notes: Written with allthingsmagical, it's her idea and she asked me to write it so I am. It's a collaboration of ideas. And Sirius' partner choice is dedicated to silenceberry.
AU Sirius is alive and Harry's been raised by him. Cannon things have happened and this is set the summer before sixth year.

Chapter One:

Harry wiped a hand over his mouth and stared up at the ceiling of his room, it was his fault. He knew it was, Sirius could have died and then where would be? If Sirius had have died in the Ministry because of Harry's stupidity then Harry would have been left to fend for himself or possibly he would have been put into someone else's care.

Forcibly shaking his head Harry did his best to chase the thoughts out of his brain, that didn't bare thinking about. The important thing was, that even though his parents had been murdered when he was a baby Harry was loved by Sirius who had raised him since the deaths.

It almost didn't happen though, Harry was minutes away from being taken in by his muggle aunt and uncle, Dumbledore had written the letter and left him on the doorstep and everything but Sirius had hunted out Peter Pettigrew, that night, and overpowered the rat-man. Harry had been told this story even Halloween since he was a child; Sirius had taken Pettigrew in his animagus form to Dumbledore, who took him Fudge and Pettigrew was found guilty of consorting with He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and sentenced to Azkaban. He was placed in a special cell so he couldn't escape in his rat form and Sirius was able to bring Harry home and raise his best friend's son.

"Harry? Can you come down a moment?" Sirius' voice drifted up through the ceiling jolting Harry from his thoughts.

Once Harry had exited his room and made his way to where Sirius was standing in the hallway of their comfy one-storey home, he pushed his glasses up his nose "what is it?"

"I need to go to the Ministry to sort out some business. Will you be alright on your own?"

"Dad, I'm sixteen not six! I'll be fine" Harry pasted on a smile even though his mind was whirling, Sirius had little to do with the Ministry and if he was going down there it must be serious. Especially after what happened at the end of last year, Sirius was still recovering from the curse he took straight to the chest from Bellatrix.

"You're not sixteen yet. It's only June, now, I won't be long. Don't burn the house down," grinning Sirius engulfed Harry in a tight, brief one armed hug.

"I'll see you later, dad."

"Bye." Once Sirius had left Harry wandered into the living room and sat on the sofa pondering and waiting for his dad to return.

At the end of his fifth year Harry had had a vision that Voldemort was torturing Sirius in the Department of Mysteries. With Ron, Hermione, Neville, Luna and Ginny, Harry set off to save him after running into trouble with Umbridge and the Slytherins they eventually got away, only to find that no one was there.

Harry had felt foolish and frustrated and angry, he'd picked up one of the strange glass balls that had his name on it, wanting to smash it in his frustration but Death Eaters came. Soon after the fighting had started the Order had come and Sirius had been injured near the veil and had fallen off the stage that it was on. A different angle and he would have fallen though the veil and been lost forever, Harry'd had nightmares for weeks about that.

The sound of the opening made him rush into the hall as soon as he'd skipped to a stop his wand was out and pointed at the blond who'd just walked in, now frozen on the threshold staring at Harry's wand.

"How did you get in here?"

"Black just added me to the wards, he's right behind me Potter" Draco Malfoy drawled but didn't move.

Sirius came into the house and paused at the sight before him, he edged around Draco's body "Harry" he warned but stopped when the wand swung to him.

"Who are you?"

"Sirius Black."

Green eyes narrowed "the fuck you are."

"My name is Sirius Black, I left home at the age of sixteen and moved in with my best friend James Potter, you are his son and I've been raising since his death. You're Patronus is a stag like his animagus form."

Harry nodded, satisfied, and lowered his wand though he didn't put it away.

"Paranoid sod, aren't you Potter?"

His head jerked towards Malfoy "what's the ferret doing here, then?"

"Can we at least go into the living room and talk about this?" Sirius didn't wait for an answer before he put a hand on Draco's elbow and guided him passed Harry, who followed slowly.

"Now, Harry, you know that Lucius was arrested at the Ministry after his involvement at the incident and as a, now, convicted Death Eater."

"I remember, I was there."

"Well Narcissa, has gone living and as his oldest living relative I'm too look after him, until Narcissa returns or he comes of age, whichever happens first."

Harry eyed Malfoy who was sitting on the sofa, head bowed, "what about Andromeda?"

Sirius pursed his lips but said nothing, Malfoy flinched and Harry understood that she'd refused to have him.

"I don't like this, Sirius and I'm not happy about it."

"Deal with it, Potter."

"Fuck you Malfoy, at least I'm wanted."

"Harry! Go to your room!"

Glaring at Malfoy then Sirius Harry stomped down the hallway and slammed the door behind him, before he climbed out his window Firebolt in hand.


Sirius turned to Draco "I'm sorry about that, Harry's having a hard time of things right now."

"Oh yes, Saint Potter's having a worse off time than anyone, it's not as if I care that my father's in prison. It's not as if I care that my mother is missing!-"

"Draco, calm down, I didn't mean to take away from what you're feeling. Harry was wrong and punished for it, but I need you to not antagonise him" he held up a hand as Draco's mouth opened to protest. "And I'll ask him to do the same. You don't need to become friends, just not enemies. I couldn't take the two of you fighting all the time, okay?"

"Okay. I'll do my best, and I apologise for being antagonistic."

Sirius smiled and placed a hand on Draco's shoulder, "come on I'll show you to your room." Sirius led Draco down the hallway to the door just down from Harry. "Here you are, I'll let you get settled whilst I go put the kettle on. Come out when you're ready, Draco."

When Sirius was at the door Draco called out, softly "Mr Black-"

"Call me Sirius."

Nodding Draco didn't say anything until Sirius had turned and was part way out the room "thank you Sirius."

Sirius turned smiled and nodded once before closing Draco's door and giving him some privacy.

Instead of going to the kitchen Sirius went to Harry's room, knocked and opened the door. Finding the room empty Sirius went to the window and saw Harry's feet sticking out of the tree house, letting him think Sirius cast a charm on the window that wouldn't let Harry back in. He'd have to go to the front or back door to enter the house and Sirius could punish him for not being in his room then, Harry needed to process the new development.

It was a lot for the boy to take in, so soon after Draco's father attacked him and his friends, since Voldemort possessed him, since the nightmares had started up again. Harry was going through a lot and he needed to understand that Draco was as well.


When a knock sounded on the front door near to dinner time Sirius winked at Draco, who was helping him cook dinner, and went to open the door.

"Harry? You're supposed to be in your room."

"Yeah, yeah, like you didn't already know" Harry huffed and tried to get by Sirius and into the house but was gently rebuffed.

"We need to talk, do you want to do this now, or after dinner?"


"Okay," the older man nodded and let Harry in before going back to the kitchen to help with tea. When the three of them sat down to eat it was a strained affair, Harry kept glaring at Draco who was doing his best to eat despite Harry making him uncomfortable. Sirius chatted away to no one trying to break the tension however he couldn't help but notice that Harry's glaring was preventing both boys from eating even though Draco shied away from the gaze barely lifting his eyes from his plate.

"May I be excused, Mr Black? I'm tired and I'd like to sleep."

"It's Sirius, Draco, remember that. And yes you can go, sleep well."

"Thank you, goodnight Sirius." He paused after he had stood, meeting Harry's eyes "goodnight Potter."

Harry said nothing just continued staring at Draco until the blond had left the room. When the door clicked closed Sirius looked seriously at Harry "you need to be nicer to him Harry. I don't want you playing pranks or hurting him or trying to humiliate him, he's been through a lot losing both his parents in one go at such an age is difficult."

"I don't want to be his friend, Sirius."

"I know you don't, son and I'm not asking you to. I'm asking you to not antagonise him."

Nodding Harry crossed the fingers of his left hand in his lap "I won't antagonise him, dad."

"Good man, now you can help me wash up!" They grinned at each other and finished eating and clearing away the dishes like they did every night before settling into their rooms.