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Our Hetalia Days

Chapter 4- THAT IS NOT A DOG!

A few hours after Elizabeth agreed that Feliciano could be her pet, Alfred showed up at the jail. On the door outside was a note. It read:

Dear Alfred,

I found a new way to make sure that Feliciano is taken care of. There will be no more guard duty. You, Matt, and Kelly are free to do whatever you want. Make sure that you're back at the house before dark.

Love You,


Alfred was confused at first and then a huge grin came across his face. "Sweet dude! Me and Kel can go out to that kickin' restaurant that we walked pass yesterday," he said as he walked back towards the house. "I wonder if Matt'd want to come with. No idea where he is though…"

"Are you sure that he won't kick me?"

"If he tries anything, I will hit him myself."

Elizabeth was sitting the kitchen with Feliciano. They were going over the rules for Feli to be able to stay in the house and coming up with a menu of food that he would eat.

"Do you like chicken parmesan?" the cook asked. He was about the same height as Feli, but was a little fuller in size. He was a French-Italian man who had been raised all over the world. The man knew food.

"What's that?" Feli asked. "I may have had it before. I don't know. I remember food names very well."

"I'll add it to the try list for later on today," the cook said.

"Now Feli," Elizabeth said. "Let's go over these rules again."

"Okay!" he turned back towards her, his tag on his dog collar clinking against the metal ring.

"While you are in this house, you are my pet."

"Ruff!" Feli said, adding dog panting in at the end.

"You are not to speak unless asked to or being spoken to first. You must listen to what I say, and no one else. If I say to listen to someone because I will be out of the room, you must listen to them." The Italian continuously nods every time she gives a rule.

"You may use the servant bathrooms and bathe in the shower room downstairs; but you will have a bathroom attached to your room. You must eat here in the kitchen. You do not need to eat out of a bowl with your face."

"Bark bark!"

"I want you to avoid Matthew and Arthur at all costs. Matthew is a bit scared of you and Arthur doesn't like you. You do not need to crawl on the floor like a dog, but you can if you wish. I will use a leash on you until I feel I can trust you to go without it."


"Alright. One more thing," Elizabeth said, raising a finger and pointing at Feli's nose. "That collar on you has shock capabilities. If you go anywhere you aren't supposed to, it will shock you, got it? Do you remember all the places you can't go?"

"Ruff ruff!"

"Good, now let's enjoy some lunch and I think I'll take the afternoon tea in my study."

"Isn't it strange that your mom just came up with a new way to take care of the Italian?" Kelly asked. "I mean, was he even in his cell?"

"I wouldn't think too much on it," Alfred said, leading Kelly down the street by her arm. "Mom's ideas are never bad and they always get the job done."

Kelly stifled a giggle. "I know, but he's a criminal. What could she have done with him?"

Alfred laughed obnoxiously. "I bet she's got him begging like a dog somewhere," he said. "Like lying at someone's feet and barking like a dog."

"That's dumb," Kelly said. "I can't- oh wait; no I can see your mom doing that."

The two of them laughed as they entered the restaurant for lunch.

Elizabeth was curled up in her lounge chair a few hours later with a book on her lap, and her afternoon tea and scones on the end table next to her. At her feet was Feliciano, curled up into a little ball on an old blanket, his leash tucked in to the chair cushion. He was sleeping quietly after eating the sample platter of foods the cook made for him to try. He liked most of them, and had downed them all quickly. Now he was sleeping it all off on the plush rug in Elizabeth's private study.


Elizabeth looked up from her book to see William in the doorway.

"Yes William?" she asked as she marked her page and closed the book.

"I've set up the room for your new…" he looked down at Feli and then back at her. "…uhm pet."

She smiled. "Great, thank you William," she said. "I hope the room is secured."

"Yes m'am," he answered with a small bow. "The windows are barred and the door has three reinforced locks."

"Good, good, good," she answered. "Please make sure that there are a change of clothes for him in the morning. And I want him to take a bath before bed."

"Understood m'am." And with one more bow, William took his leave.

Feli stirred on the blanket and turned over onto his back. Elizabeth leaned over and poked him in the stomach. He twitched and she giggled. His eyes opened slowly.

"Woof?" he asked lazily.

She giggled. "You can talk if you want to Feli. You do not need to act completely like a dog."

He rubbed his eyes. "Yes m'am," he said groggily.

"I'm going to have William draw you a bath tonight and lay out some clothes for you. When you are done in the bath, just drain the water and you can go to bed. If you need me, there is a pager on the side table. You'll be locked in all night."

"All…night?" Feli looked a little scared. "But..but.."

"It is alright Feliciano," Elizabeth said. "You don't need to worry. You will be let back out in the morning."


Al and Kelly returned later to a seemingly empty house. The estate was quiet, like no one was home. They walked to the den to see Arthur reading the paper in his chair.

"Hey Dad," Al said as he walked in and plopped on the antique sofa. "Why's it so quiet in here?"

Arthur put down the paper, obviously annoyed. "I would appreciate it, Alfred, if you didn't do that to my couch. And your mother has been in her study all day, so everyone has finished their work and has nothing to do. Most of the servants are downstairs, but some are in the big kitchen making dinner."

"All day?" Kelly asked. "That doesn't sound like her. I'd think she'd be running around the house-" She stopped.

Alfred and Arthur looked at her, confused on why she stopped talking. Al got up and starting walking towards her.

"Kelly? What is it?" he asked.

She shook her head. "No, it's nothing. I'm gonna go call some of the kids. I've got voice mails like crazy." She turned on her heels and left.

Al sat back down like he had the first time. "Well that was weird," he said, slouching and propping his head on his hand. "But she does have a lot of calls from our kids. They all want to check it at the same time."

Arthur sighed. "At least I hope your kids are more well behaved than you," he commented. "Or at least listen better."

"Huh? What?" Al asked as he looked up at his dad.


Kelly acted like she was going back to her and Al's room, but then she maneuvered her way through the large house to Elizabeth's private study. She saw the sign that said "Do Not Disturb", but she knocked anyways. When Elizabeth said nothing, Kelly knocked again.

"William? It isn't time for dinner yet. Please do not knock unless dinner is ready."

"It's me," Kelly said from the other side of the door.

Elizabeth was slightly alarmed. She quickly woke up Feliciano.

"Feli," she whispered. "Feli boy. I need you to hide behind my desk, okay?" He nodded groggily and crawled with his blanket, leash trailing, to the other side of the desk. His leash was still laying out on the floor. "Leash." She hissed. He quickly tugged it so it couldn't be seen.

"Elizabeth?" Kelly asked from outside the door. "We can talk later if you don't want to talk right now."

"No no no," the British woman answered. "Come in, come in."

Kelly slowly opened the door and closed it behind her. She saw Elizabeth curled up in her chair, he favorite purple throw blanket covering her legs.

"What is it Kelly?" she asked as she put her book on the coffee table. "Sit down." She ushered to a chair across from hers.

Kelly came in and sat down, trying hard to not meet the eyes of her mother-in-law.

"What is it?" Elizabeth asked again.

"Well," the Canadian-American began. "Arthur said that you've been in here all day and I didn't think that sounded right. I mean, Al told me about the note you wrote and between that and what Arthur said that didn't make sense."

Elizabeth looked at her with a mildly evil grin. "And what do you think?"

The other girl raised an eyebrow. "I think you have an Italian in your study?" she said with a quizzical tone.

"You sure about that?" Her grin grew bigger.

Her daughter-in-law smiled. "Positive now."

Elizabeth turned towards her desk. "Feli, come out here."

After dinner, Kelly and Elizabeth retreated to Elizabeth's study. Matt was home, but he just ate and went straight to bed. Al and Arthur were sitting in the den, trying to find something to talk about.

"Wonder where Mom and Kelly ran off to?" Al asked to break the silence.

"No idea," Arthur responded, putting his hand on his chin to ponder. "Probably your mother's study, but I have no idea why."

William appeared in the doorway and bowed. "Madame Elizabeth sent me to tell you that you may go to bed when you wish. She'll be to bed when she is done in her study."

"Thank you William," Arthur said. "You are dismissed for the night from me."

"Thank you sir," the butler said. "I shall prepare the pet's bath and turn in for the evening. Good night sir." And he turned and took his leave.

"That's odd," Arthur said. "She usually doesn't spend long periods of time in her study this late. And she's never spent this long in her study. Not since her favorite book series ended anyway."

Al was confused. "Did he say "pet"?" the American asked. "I swore I heard him say "pet"."

Arthur thought it over again. "Yes, yes he did." He paused. "No she didn't!" He got up and began his way to his wife's study.

"Dad!" Al yelled as he took off after him.

The two were walking up the stairs to get to Elizabeth's third floor study.

"She wouldn't go out and get a pet without telling me," the Brit said matter-of-factly. "And she wouldn't keep in in her study all day!"

"Maybe she just didn't want to tell you," Al said. Then he chuckled loudly, causing his father to stop in his tracks and stare at him.

"What in blue blazes are you laughing about?"

"Hahahaaa, I was just thinking: maybe it's the Italian," his son answered through his laughter. "She did say she had found a way to "take care of him"."

"SHE WHAT!?" Arthur bellowed. He quickly made his way up to the study and knocked hard on the door. "ELIZABETH!?" he called before he opened the door without permission.

"Arthur!" Elizabeth yelled at him when he opened the door. "We have RESPECT in this household. We wait for permission to enter each others private rooms, thank you very much!"

Arthur just looked at her, panting. "Where…is…the…" He didn't even have to finish.

He looked down at his wife's feet to see his prisoner asleep on one of his old blankets.


"A dog," his wife responded plainly as Feliciano stirred and rubbed his eyes. "My dog."


Author's Note: Okay, so this took me forever to write. XD But I hope it's worth it. I've realized that this story is going to get a lot deeper as the storyline progresses. So instead of all these scene changes, the scenes will become longer and more detailed as the story goes on. =]