Title: Under A Southern Sky

Pairing: Santana/Brittany

Rating: PG-13/R

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the thoughts in my head.

Summary: Santana's family moves across the country, a move Santana is non to pleased with, at least not at first.


Under A Southern Sky

Chapter 1 - Seeing Things (Aaron Lines)

This wasn't supposed to be the plan. The plan was to graduate, go to prom with her best friends and get into a great college. Moving the summer before senior year was definitely not the plan, it was way off course from the plan. It wasn't as though they were moving a few streets down, or into the next suburb, her parents had decided to pick up and move them to the other side of the country where tumbleweeds blew across the street and people talked in weird southern accents.

One Month Later - Wilmington, North Carolina

The first month had already gone by and it had been just as Santana figured it would. It was filled with cowboy boots and plaid shirts, country music and of course the weird southern accents. She had to admit the boys weren't too bad to look at but overall it was like prison to her. Everyone seemed to know everyone else, and her parents seemed to be loving it. Still she hadn't attempted to go out and make friends, she was hoping that if she moped around enough her parents would have to move her back to California.

"Santana can you come down here please." Her mother called up the large staircase. That was one thing that had surprised the Latina, the houses around here were huge, and not the farm houses she expected. Although there were some of those they were far and few between.

"Yes mother." She said as she walked down the stairs and forced herself to smile as she saw that they had company. She got to the bottom of the stairs before she spoke again. "Hi."

"Sweetie this is Karen and Gary Pierce, Gary works with your father."

"It's nice to meet you Santana your father speaks very highly of you." Gary said in his thick southern accent.

Santana smiled. "It's nice to meet you both as well." If there was one thing she was good at it was schmoozing.

"How come you aren't down at the party?" Karen asked, her blonde hair pulled back in a clip but still managing to look like she could be in a magazine somewhere.

"I didn't know there was a party to be honest."

Her mother frowned slightly. "She hasn't really been up to going out, she's not entirely impressed with the move."

Karen smiled at her. "That's understandable, but you should go down there, our daughter is down there, we all just got back into town but I'm you two will see a lot of each other."

"That sounds like a great idea Santana, Karen and Gary live across the street and you two are the same age."

"Oh, I don't know." Just as the words left her lips the door bell rang and her mother went to answer it.

"Did someone say party? I hear the guys here are quite cute." Santana whirled around at the sound of the voice and smiled when she saw blonde hair.

Running up to the girl she nearly knocked her to the ground as she hugged her. "Quinn! What are you doing here?" She asked her best friend.

"You're parents thought it would be a good idea to help transition you into the move. Now what's this I heard about a party?" She looked around at the faces she didn't know. "Sorry, I'm Quinn." She extended her hand as she introduced herself.

Karen Pierce nodded. "It's a lot of fun, or so I hear anyways, we haven't been allowed to go in a long time. The kids don't let us, we can't be embarrassing them." Santana's mother nodded as the adults all sat down with glasses of white wine.

"Let's go get changed." Quinn beams as she pulls Santana upstairs. "Plus I need to see your room!"

"Why do you always choose to dress like you're a grandma?" Santana asked as she pulled out of the driveway.

"Why are you always such a bitch?" Quinn spat back at her. "Sorry I have better taste than blue jeans and a white tank top."

Santana laughed. "I'm just trying to fit in with the people."

"Exactly so am I." The blonde said of her floral summer dress that cut off at the knees and cowboy boots.

The two girls sat in quiet as they let the sound of the radio tune out their thoughts. They followed the directions Gary Pierce had given them on how to get to this so called amazing party. All the while they were both wondering what the Pierce's daughter was going to look like.

"I've decided she's going to be ugly. I mean look at her parents, 9 times out of 10 good looking people don't have good looking offspring. It's the one time where two wrongs normally make a right."

Quinn shook her head at her best friend. "True, but you never know. From what I saw at the airport the boys around here a quite good looking."

"I hadn't really noticed." She gripped the steering wheel a little tighter knowing where this conversation was suddenly going.

"Speaking of, what's the deal with you and Puckerman?"

Santana shrugged. "We sort of broke up, sort of didn't. It was one of those if we're still single when I move back in a year then we'll see."

"So you're free to see other people?" The blonde watched as her best friend nodded. "This party is more like a fair." Quinn said as she looked out the window when the car came to a stop. "You really do live in the middle of nowhere and that's coming from me, I don't like the city."

It took her a minute but Santana finally pulled the keys out of the ignition and took a deep breathe. "Let's go mingle shall we."

She watched as her best friend smiled and got out of the car. This was definitely not what they were used to and she knew unlike herself her best friend was loving it.

They walked around for awhile, looking at the games and rides that were scattered amongst the open field. Quinn seemed to be enjoying it but Santana kept looking like she wanted to run back to her car and hide.

"Relax a little, you're trying so hard not to enjoy it, and we both know that if you relax you will."

"Excuse me ladies." Both girls turned around and came face to face with a blonde haired, blue eyed hunk.

Quinn grinned from ear to ear. "Hi there, I'm Quinn that's Santana." He took his cowboy hat off and shook both their hands. "Glad to see you're cute with the hat off too." Santana rolled her eyes, while she may be a flirt her best friend was on a whole different level.

"The new girl right?"

Santana nodded. "Yeah, that's me." She said somewhat sarcastically.

"It's nice to finally meet you. In all honesty I had a feeling ya might be which is why I came over here. This isn't really the party, this is more of the get together before the party."

Santana's ears perked up. "You're starting to talk my language cowboy, wait what's you name?"

"Sorry, Sam, Sam Evans." He smiled and Santana watched as Quinn's face beamed. "And I don't always wear the hat by the way but we take the real party to the beach house, that's where we're off to now if you want to come with us."

Before Quinn could say yes the Latina spoke up. "I drove, we'll follow you though anything to get away from this."

The boy laughed. "Not liking the small town life?"

"About as much as a someone with a peanut allergy likes peanuts."

Twenty minutes later Santana parked her car behind Sam's truck. "Come on in." He said as the two girls followed him up the porch steps. The house was nice, two stories with light blue paint that fit it perfectly without being too cheesy.

"You ladies want a beer or anything?"

The two best friends shared a look. "One wouldn't hurt." Quinn said as they followed him into the kitchen where there was a large crowd of people standing. This was definitely where the party was, Santana concluded as they squeezed through everyone. Opening the fridge Sam pulled out two Bud Light Limes.

"Hope you ladies don't mind this stuff, all that's left."

"I'm fine, driving remember."

Quinn gave her a look. "If anything we can take a cab home, and tell your mom that the car got blocked in or something."

"You just want to play beer pong. You guys do play beer pong here right?" Her question caused Sam to laugh and nod his head.

"Come on, we'll get you in on the next game." He said as he handed her the beer.

"Guess you weren't kidding when you said you were the beer pong champ back home." Sam said as he finished the last of the beer in his cup.

Quinn smiled. "She rarely loses." Santana smirked and something caught her in the back window.

Sam turned around in order to look and see what Santana's gaze was fixated on. "Want to go make smores?"

Quinn nodded and wrapped her arm Sam's. "Come on Santana you know you love them."

They made their way out the back door as a few of the guys gave Santana a high five for beating Sam. She didn't really care to look at any of them, her plan was simple, finish the year then move back to California.

That's when she saw her, standing on the other side of the fire, dancing slightly to the music, laughing. She wore a simple plaid dress with a brown leather belt loosely around her waist, hair pulled back messily into a clip. She wasn't sure how long she had been standing there staring at the girl before she finally felt Quinn nudge her. The girl was making her way towards them.

"Hi, I'm Brittany." She smiled.

"Quinn, nice to meet you." All eyes were on Santana but the girl was too tongue tied to speak. "And this is Santana." Quinn nudged her again.

"Oh sorry, hi." She couldn't help but stare at the girl, he skin glistening in the evening sun, it was the perfect look and those eyes, she wasn't sure she'd ever be able to look away.

"This is Brittany's place." Sam said to fill the silence.

Santana felt herself start to smile like a fool. "You have really nice eyes, I mean house, you have a really lovely house."

Quinn rolled her eyes and Brittany let out a soft chuckle. "You're cute, glad I'm going to have a cute neighbour."

"Excuse me, neighbour?" Santana asked making sure she heard right.

Brittany nodded. "Yeah I live across the street, my mom texted and said you might be stopping by."

"Guess you were wrong." Quinn stated as she looked back and forth between Santana and Brittany.


Before Quinn could speak again Brittany looked into the house. "Ugh! I'm sorry I'll be right back." They all looked into the house and saw a few of the guys throwing around a flower pot.

"Why is it always the flower pot?" Quinn asked, causing Sam to shrug.

"I should go help her, I'll be right back."

Santana felt Quinn nudge her once again. "What is with the nudging?"

"What's with the staring." The two girls walked towards a railing that led down to a dock.

"Tell me I'm seeing things and that my neighbour is not that attractive."

The blonde shook her head. "No she definitely is. Should I get you a cold bottle of water to help you cool down?"

Santana went to say no when she saw the blonde thru the window start to dance. "Maybe a strong cup of coffee too."

Shaking her head at her best friend Quinn took Santana by the hand and dragged her back inside. "Come on let's get our dance on, show these country kids how it's done."

The music was definitely louder than when they had walked outside five minutes earlier. The living room was filled with people dance but that didn't stop the two city girls from going right up to Brittany and Sam. Without thinking twice Brittany took Santana's hands in hers and spun her around and for the first time in over a month the girl felt a genuine smile appear on her lips.

Three hours later Santana was sitting next to Quinn on the couch when she spoke. "I definitely can not drive home."

"Me either. You guys really do know how to party."

Sam smiled and took another sip of his beer when Brittany walked back into the room. By now most of the guests had either left or were passed out in various places around the house. "Don't worry I called your mom, well my mom but they were still at your place and told her you were staying here."

Santana looked up and smiled at Brittany, the girl was drop dead gorgeous and she couldn't help but admire her beauty. "Thanks that was really nice of you."

"No problem." Santana followed the girls gaze and saw Quinn making out with Sam. "I'm going to go for a walk, want to come?"

Taking one more look at her best friend Santana nodded before getting up. She followed her new neighbour out the back door and down the dock at the back of the house. The blonde took a seat at the end of the dock and let her long legs dangle off the edge, just barely missing the water.

"You can sit, I won't bite, at least not hard." The brunette smiled and sat down. "Everything okay?"

"Mhmm, just a little dizzy from all the drinks." She smiled, the alcohol definitely taking its toll on her.

Brittany let out a small laugh before wrapping her arm lightly around her shoulder. "You'll get used to it, we tend to party pretty hard."

"I'd say but I'm glad I came out tonight."

"Yeah, me too. So tell me something about you."

Santana could feel the girls eyes on her, so she said the first thing that came to her mind. "I'm a cheerleader."

"Really?" She looked over at the blonde who was smiling really big now, she nodded in response. "Cool, me too."

They spent the next hour talking about cheerleading and the competitions they had been too before the figured they should head in and get some rest. As they passed the couch they had left their respective best friends on they realised the two were fast asleep.

"Come on, you can have my bed." Brittany said as she led her up the stairs.

"No, I couldn't I'm fine with the floor."

The blonde laughed again as she opened her bedroom door. "I'll get you something to sleep in, and you're not sleeping on the floor. I can pass out anywhere and the floor is actually pretty comfy for me. You're the guest, you get the bed."

"We can share it? I mean I know we just met and all but I can't take your bed from you completely."

"Are you sure?" Santana nodded as Brittany handed her a pair of shorts and over sized t-shirt.

"These okay?" The Latina nodded again. "The bathroom is right over there." She pointed to a door on the other side of the room.

A few minutes later when she came out of the bathroom she noticed that Brittany had already changed and gotten into her bed. Santana couldn't help but smile as she look at the blonde curled up under the covers, a small teddy bear under her arm. Maybe, and it was a big maybe, this place wouldn't be so bad after all. Climbing into the other side of the bed Santana reached over and turned off the light before sleep took over.

A/N: I'm real big on using music when I write to keep me focused and what I want to do with this story is use a bunch of different songs, they won't all be country songs but I do love country music so a lot of them probably will be. Its not going to be exactly like a big long song fic but more the event in every chapter or some of the inspiration behind it. So if any of you have a favourite song that reminds you of Brittana please let me know and I'll try and use it for one of the chapters. And any time you think of one just let me know. I wrote a fic like this for Malex awhile ago but I couldn't stop myself from writing it for Brittana because of my current obsession so I hope you all enjoyed the first chapter and that it wasn't too long. Cheers.