Chapter 22 - Mine (Taylor Swift)

Santana woke up and stretched her arms as she let out a yawn. She stretched her arm across a tanned waist line and a smile crept across her sleepy features. She felt a hand come up and start to lightly rub her back. "Morning sleepy head."

"Mmm, hi." Santana lifted her head up and rested her chin on Brittany's chest. "You sleep okay?"

Brittany smiled. "Yes I did and now the sun is shinin'." Neither girl spoke as they both looked out the window and saw the sun beaming in through the shades. "Will you go on a date with me?"

Santana's eyes widened a little. "Seriously?" Brittany nodded and looked at the other girl as if to ask 'who else would I be asking'. "I would love too."

"How about I make breakfast and you call our parents and let them know that we are alive and well?"

"Sounds good to me as long as you're making me bacon and eggs."

One Week Later

They walked down the boardwalk like they had when Brittany was first showing Santana around. It was a beautiful night, there were small lights in the trees, the water was calm, the sky was clear except for the stars and they were together.

"I have to confess something." Santana looked over at Brittany before looking back in front of her.

"Okay, what is it? Do I smell bad or something? I swear I showered this week."

Santana laughed and took a deep breath. "I saw you in Tennessee awhile ago, we got gone down for the family game like we always do and I saw you."

"Why didn't you come over and say hi then?" Brittany asked as she both girls stopped and looked out over the water as a tugboat drove by.

Santana turned around and leaned against the railing as she looked up at the sky. "You were with someone and I was jealous." She paused and closed her eyes for a second. "Then I saw you again later that night, you were the waitress at the restaurant we decided to stop at and all I could do was stare but I couldn't bring myself to say anything. You seemed so happy and I didn't want to upset you, and you were working and I was leaving." Brittany started to laugh causing Santana to look over at her. "How is that funny?"

"I thought I saw you, at the restaurant that night but I thought I was seeing things. When I turned back around you were gone and I realised then that the relationship I was in was never going to be like you and I. He and I broke up, well I broke up with him, he wasn't you and it wasn't what I really wanted. It was fun while it lasted but he wasn't my best friend. I'm not trying to jump to any conclusions but if nothing else I miss my best friend and I'm not talking about Rachel because even I can only be with her in small doses."

Santana laughed as they started to walk again. She smiled when Brittany ran ahead a little and came back with two ice cream cones. "Chocolate, you're my hero, I was totally craving ice cream." Brittany winked as they kept walking passed all the patio's. "Yeah living with Rachel was something else, definitely learned to work on my patience but she's cool." She ran her finger across the ice cream before licking it off her finger. "How did you know it was me, when you came to visit?"

"At first I had no idea, her and I never talked about you, at least she didn't bring you up. We don't really talk to often and if we do is typically over emails so no details were ever discussed. I walked in and I can't explain it, it just smelled like you, it felt like you. I had been thinking a lot about you recently and I figured that that was all it was. Your mom told me that you ended up in New York and I guess that had something to do with it too. Then one night I was looking for the tv remote, saw it on the mantle and there it was, a picture of you. It seriously felt like I couldn't breathe and so when Rachel went to shower I may have snuck into your room. Once I did that it was pretty clear it was you, Cheerio's pictures, and you're favourite Bob Marley painting, dead giveaways.

"Small world after all." Santana looked over at Brittany and chuckled.

"What? Did I miss something?"

Santana shook her head. "You have ice cream on your lip."

Finding it amusing Brittany wiped it away and noticed that Santana had finished her ice cream alright. Taking a final bite she too finished her ice cream as they passed a small Italian restaurant. Without warning Santana grabbed Brittany's hand and pulled her in as she placed one arm around the taller girls neck. They started to sway and soon Brittany had taken the lead and was twirling Santana around. Leaning her head back the girl laughed and Brittany got that feeling of not being able to breathe again.

"When you walk in a dream, but you know you're not dreaming signore…" Santana trailed off as she sang the song finally making Brittany pay attention to the music. They kept dancing until the Santana leaned up and kissed the blonde. It lasted for about a minute as the music started to fade out but neither girl noticed because it was as if time had stopped. When Brittany opened her eyes she was certain that she was going to wake up in bed alone but to her delight she was still standing with Santana in her arms.

"You remembered?"

Santana took a hold of Brittany's hand and tangled their fingers together as they started to walk once again. "Hmm?"

"My dream kiss, you remembered, didn't you?" Santana looked up at her with a look of confusion as Brittany's heart sank a little. The brunette rubbed her thumb over Brittany's as she started to smile.

"You aren't the only one that can be princess charming you know. I am a hopeless romantic after all or did you forget?"

Brittany shook her head no. "No I didn't forget, I never forgot anything about you, and I never will. You're the best thing that's ever been mine and I'm thankful that by some chance of fate or destiny you ended up in my life again." Brittany watched Santana's face as the girl began to look up at her, the light hitting her features in a way Brittany had never noticed before. "You're beautiful," was all she said as sat down on a bench. They stayed like that for awhile, with nothing more than small talk and talking about people as they walked by. Making up little stories of where there were going and why, mostly as they sat they started to find themselves again, and it felt like they had never been apart.

One Month Later

They were sprawled out on the couch, Brittany's head on Santana's lap as they watched the sunset out the back window of Brittany's beach house. Turning her head upwards Brittany smiled which in turn made Santana do the same. "Can I ask you something?"

"Ask and maybe I'll answer."

Brittany bite her lower lip in nervousness. "Are we," she paused and took a breath, "are we seeing each other, exclusively?"

Santana giggled, she loved when she could hear Brittany's southern accent a little more clearly and when the girl got nervous. "I don't know about you but I'm certainly not seeing anyone else and I don't want to see anyone else."

"I'll take that as a yes we're exclusive then." Brittany leaned up and placed a soft kiss on Santana's lips before laying her head back down. "You want to have a fire tonight? We haven't had one in a really, really long time."

"How about you make the fire and I'll make us dinner?"

Later that night after they finished dinner Santana stood by the back window, a glass of wine in hand as she watched Brittany start to make a fire. She was brought back to the first time she had ever seen the girl and how beautiful she thought she was in that moment. She was so deep in thought that she hadn't realised Brittany had come back inside.

"Hey, you in there?"

Finally Santana snapped out of her daze and smiled. "Yeah I was just thinking."

"About?" Brittany smiled as she took a sip of her girlfriends wine.

"Remembering the first time I saw you, at your beach party when Sam brought Quinn and I over. I was standing right about here and you were standing by the fire talking to a few people and you were so beautiful that I couldn't help but stare. Then Sam brought us outside to meet you and you said we were neighbours. Instantly Quinn realised that I was checking you and you made me so tongue tied, I never expected you."

Closing her eyes for a second Brittany smiled remembering the events of that night and how they played out. "Let's go sit by the fire." Brittany took Santana's hand and let her outside where they sat down on a blanket next to the fire.

Santana curled up into Brittany's arm, leaning her head back on Brittany's shoulder. "Every time I see you I see you standing by the fire and I remember exactly how it felt, like everything was still and all I could see was you. Love scares me, it always has, I look at my parents and I see how much they love each other but I'm a realist and I know that a love like their's doesn't come around very often. My parents got married when they were relatively young, my dad is kinda careless, he does everything on impulse and I guess I inherited some of that its makes me a little irrational sometimes but I just think he got so lucky. I wish I could be like my parents, jump into things and not look back but that's not me and so love scares me because I'm always scared it's not going to last."

"It's okay to be scared, love is scary but I want you to know that I'm not going anywhere. We've had some bad fights and we've spent far too much time apart and we still managed to end up right back here where it all started. Our parents and us are all examples of the fact that love does last, it's not always easy but when love is real it can't be broken."

Two weeks later they found themselves by the water as the sun was starting to descend for the day. Brittany had her arms around Santana's waist and Santana had her arms back around Brittany's neck. "Let's move in together."

Santana turned around in her girlfriends arms. "Come again?"

"You heard me, I said let's move in together. No more of this me having a drawer of stuff at your place and you having a drawer of stuff at my place. Let's find a house and move in together."

"What about work and bills and all the other responsibilities being an adult has."

Brittany smiled a toothy grin. "We'll figure it out together, you can write from anywhere, and for now I'll keep working at the studio, we have each other and that's what matters."

A week later both girls were back at their respective parents homes as the weather was starting to change and becoming to cold to spend every day at the beach house. Brittany walked into the Lopez's home and went straight for the kitchen where she found Santana's mother. "Hi honey, how are you?"

Brittany smiled as she wrapped her arms around the woman giving her a good hug. "I'm good, dinner smells wonderful."

"I am so glad you learned to not ring the doorbell, otherwise my croissants might have burned." Brittany laughed at the woman's joke and how it had taken Brittany a long time to feel comfortable enough to simply walk into the Lopez home.

"I'm learning, but I'm glad they didn't burn." Brittany winked.

"I think Santana is down in the basement but I can't hear over her fathers television." The woman spoke a little louder so that her husband could hear.

"Oh I didn't know she was home, I thought she was busy with an assignment this weekend, I came by on behalf of my mother to invite you for brunch tomorrow, she's out on the boat with dad so her phone is turned off, she forgot to ask you last night."

"Tell her I would love too, feel free to go spy on my daughter, who knows what's she working on down there."

Brittany smiled and headed down towards Santana's 'office'. Sure enough as she got closer she heard Santana singing softly. Peeking into the room she saw Santana sitting at the piano with a pad of paper on top of it as she played a few notes. She hummed to herself and Brittany realised that Santana was trying to write lyrics. Smiling she backed away from the door and back upstairs, she said goodbye to the older Lopez woman and headed home. The soft melody of whatever Santana was writing played over in her head. Catchy. She thought to herself as she walked into her house and out the back door to lay on her hammock for awhile.

Four Months Later

Both girls laughed as they carried boxes from Santana's car to the house. Brittany was almost falling over with the three boxes in her arms. Santana had two small boxes in her hands as she struggled to open the door. Once it was open she set the boxes down and took the top box that Brittany had been carrying. "You do have a head." She smiled as she leaned over and kissed her girlfriend.

They had found an average size house with decent rent that had an amazing view of the marina. It was perfect for them, it had a big yard and was close to their parents without being too close. Most importantly, it was theirs.

"This place is such a mess." Santana said as she started to the boxes that were laid out in what would be their living room.

"It's called moving, it doesn't have to be perfect right now." Brittany smiled as she grabbed Santana's hand and pulled her up. She wrapped one arm around her waist, still holding Santana's hand. She started to sway from side to side and spun the shorter girl around.

"What are you doing." She laughed as she wrapped her arm around Brittany's neck.

"It's called dancing and I happen to be very good at it." The blonde smiled. "But I'm better at this." She leaned her forehead against Santana's, theirs noses brushed as she leaned her head down just a little so that she could place a soft kiss on the girls lips.

"Let's face it you might be the better dancer but I'm definitely the better kisser." Brittany shook her head and started to tickle the girl.

Later that night Brittany looked over at the girl in her arms and smiled, they had made finally made it to exact place Brittany had pictured the first night they had met. All the ups and downs didn't matter because they were together.

Brittany had been in California for a couple days and things with Santana had been good. Sam and Quinn had decided to go on a picnic somewhere while the two girls had decided to spend the day at the beach surfing. Later that afternoon after dinner they found themselves walking the beach once again, hand in hand.

They sat down on the sand and talked awhile, nothing to in depth. From prom to college and a few things in between like what they had been doing in their time apart. It was then that Brittany leapt up to her feet and started dancing around causing Santana to get up and chase after her. The blonde started to kick water at Santana, making the girl scream slightly before splashing some water back at her.

One Year Later

Brittany and Santana had had their home for a little over a year. They had their fights and their moments where Santana would get so mad she would leave and every time that happened the same thing followed. Brittany chased after her.

"Why are we at the beach house?"

"Felt like doing something different today."

Santana laughed. "You realise we leave ten minutes from a marina and a beach right?"

The blonde nodded as she parked her truck. "Shat up." She shook her head with a laugh as she watched Santana get out of the vehicle.

They walked down to the dock where the Pierce's canoe sat resting on the calm water. Brittany had taken Santana out on it once to go fishing but for whatever reason it was never something they had made a habit of.

Brittany held out her hand to help Santana in. "We're going out in that?" Brittany nodded and smiled so Santana went along with it, not wanting to argue and seeing no need to. It was quiet as Brittany rowed and rowed until they were out in the middle of the lake. Finally she stopped rowing and pointed off in the distance.

"Look at the lights on the water, its so pretty. When I was little I always used to beg dad to row out here so I could see it." Santana turned around and looked at the lights and all she could think about how right Brittany was because the sight was beautiful. The way the light glistened on the water and how perfect everything seemed to be, like there was nothing wrong in the world. When she turned back her hand instantly covered her agape mouth. In front of her sat something far more beautiful than any vision of scenery. In front of her was everything she had ever hoped for and then some. There it was in a small black case, open for her too see, a simple but gorgeous diamond ring with diamond shavings on either side. "I remember how we felt sitting by the water and every time I look at you it's like the first. I fell in love with a careless man's careful daughter and you are the best thing that has ever been mine. Will you marry me?"

Santana could see that Brittany's had was visibly shaking as she nodded her head and lunged forward, wrapping her arms around the blonde. "Yes!"

Later that night Brittany found her now fiancé sitting on their porch. A guitar in her lap, and notebook right next to her. She quietly sat down next to the girl, placing the cup of tea she made her on the table next to her notebook. The pen she was using to write was in her mouth as she played a few chords. The same few chords she remembered hearing awhile ago, she had always wondered what Santana had ever done with them.

"Can you do me a favour?" Santana asked after she took the pen out of her mouth and set it down.

"Of course, what's up."

"Do you think you could play this for me?" She once again played the chords. Brittany nodded so Santana handed her the guitar and picked up her notebook. "Just keep playing that." Brittany kept playing as she watched Santana scribble notes down in her book, the ring she had given her a little while earlier securely on her ring finger.

Fifteen minutes later Santana leaned over and grabbed her cup of tea. She held it between her hands and she leaned into Brittany's chest as they sat on the porch swing. "Do I get to hear it at least?"

Santana shook her head no. "Maybe someday."

One Year Later

They went on a drive, they weren't going anywhere in particular they were just driving and enjoying each others company. The radio was playing as Brittany's blonde hair blew in the wind as Santana drove her mustang down the gravel road. Brittany's held was tilted back on the chair, her eyes closed, she had one hand held outside of the car feeling the breeze as they drove.

"Up next, Taylor Swift's new single, Mine. It's a good one, stay tuned." Brittany sat up an turned up the radio in anticipation. "I can't wait to hear this song, I love her."

Santana laughed, knowing how much Brittany loved Taylor. A moment later Brittany opened her eyes once again as she heard the familiar chords. She stared at the radio as if it was going to explain something to her. She turned to Santana wondering if she had put a cd in before she looked back at the radio and saw that there was no cd. What she was hearing really was being played over the radio. She listened to the lyrics as her second favourite singer sang. "Do you remember we were sitting there by the water, you saw me start to believe for the first time." Brittany's mouth hung open as she kept looking back and forth from the radio to Santana who kept driving with a big toothy grin.

"You made a rebel of a careless man's careful daughter, you are the best thing that's ever been mine. Do you believe, we're gonna make it now, and I can see it. I can see it now." Santana finished singing as she pulled the car over.

"That's your… but how did…" Brittany trailed off as Santana continued to smile. Without thinking anymore she hoped out of the car, opened the drivers side door and picked up her fiancé, spinning her around.

"You inspire me, and I meant every word in that song. I wasn't trying to sell it to anyone I just put it out there and she loved it."

Brittany finally put Santana down. "Your song was just on the radio. The RADIO!" Santana laughed as she wrapped her arms back around Brittany's neck.

"I know!"

"Taylor swift is singing your song."

Rolling her eyes with a smile still on her face Santana nodded. "I know." They stayed like that for another minute before getting back in the car. As they continued to drive Santana filled Brittany in on how everything happened. How she had been having a hard time getting it just right and then Brittany proposed and said all the right things and it just clicked.

"I fell in love with you under a southern sky and I wouldn't change any of it because you really are the best thing to ever be mine."

Six Months Later

Brittany S. Pierce - Lopez

"Relationship status went from engaged to married."

A few seconds ago.

The End

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