"San, breakfast!" Brittany's voice broke through like a drill to the skull. Santana's head was buried between two pillows, hiding from the light and the noise that was filling the room that morning.

The group had all been up and gotten ready and now they were heading to breakfast before their trip back home. But the pounding in Santa's skull left her with no desire to eat. She must have consumed more alcohol than she thought the night before because right now it felt like she had been hit by a truck.

"Not hungry" Santana whispered with a slight groan in her voice before turning her head and pulling the pillow more tightly around her eyes and ears. Make it go away, she thought. Everyone needs to shut the Hell up and go the Hell away. She would forego eating if that meant she got another hour to sleep off the hangover she had tried to avoid without much success.

Deciding not to push the subject Brittany just told the group to go on ahead. She had seen Santana hung over more times than anyone and she knew just leaving her alone was the safest bet for anyone.

The group slowly left the room and as the sounds faded away Santana sighed. The pounding in her head was subsiding the further and further she drifted back to sleep in silence.


The next time Santana's eyes came open she was greeted with a still empty room. She blinked a few times to try and focus. Her entire body was sore and she felt like a bomb had gone off on every nerve ending in her head. She groaned out softly as she rolled to her back now. She should start to try to get ready for the trip back right?

When she rolled over she felt an arm under her back and immediately she jumped in surprise. She thought she was alone. Blinking quickly, she turned her head and came face to face with Rachel who was still sleeping beside her on the bed. Her brows creased in confusion. She was pretty sure everyone had gone to breakfast or was that an alcohol induced dream?

Santana lay very still for a moment as she looked at Rachel then to the ceiling, racking her brain to try and remember the night before. It was blurry but she most definitely remembered everything clearly. She had fucked Rachel Berry in a hotel bathroom and she had enjoyed it.

"Shit" Santana whispered softly, closing her eyes again as a sigh slipped from her lips. Maybe Rachel didn't remember. That would make the trip back a lot less awkward if the other girl thought it was all a dream.

Glancing at Rachel again, she bit her lip and slowly tried to slide away from the girl and out of bed. She didn't get far though. As soon as she started to move, Rachel rolled toward her and slid her arm around her waist. Rachel's little hand had found its way under the hem of the shirt Santana wore and was now resting against her stomach.

Santana's skin was on fire. Her gut clenched and a tingle slowly traveled from Rachel's fingertips against her skin, down over her hips, and spreading deep between her legs. Damn her for being horny in the mornings. Maybe if she just lay still Rachel's hand would slowly move away and she could slide off the bed and away from Rachel and the sensations that were flowing through her now.

"San" Rachel whispered. Shit, now she was awake and she couldn't escape.

Faking a yawn and pretending she had just woken up herself, she kept her eyes on the ceiling.

Rachel's eyes came open and she looked at the girl next to her. A smile came to her lips when she noticed that Santana was not rushing away. She pulled herself closer to the Latina, bringing her head to rest on the same pillow now next to Santana's ear.

Santana felt Rachel's body now pressed to her own and her hot breath against her neck. A shiver danced through her spine and her skin prickled with goosebumps. She closed her eyes and drew in a deep breath to try and calm her heart that was now pounding so hard she was sure Rachel could hear it.

Rachel licked her lips before leaning in now to kiss just once against Santana's neck. She was pleased when Santana not only didn't pull away but she heard a soft sound of liking slip from her lips as well.

"Do you remember last night?" Rachel whispered against Santana's ear. The heat of her breath caused another shiver to move through Santana's body. It was like her every nerve was on edge and she couldn't fight her reactions no matter how hard she tried.

"Uh yeah" Santana mumbled softly, still staring a hole in the ceiling so she wouldn't have to look at Rachel. For some reason she thought if she caught the gaze of those dark brown eyes any restraint she might possess would go right out the window.

Rachel giggled a little as she scooted even closer to the girl. She lifted a leg and let it slide along one of Santana's gently. Her hand on the dark toned stomach of the Latina now moved downward slowly, her fingers dipping just under the waistband of the shorts Santana wore.

Rachel licked her lips again, her eyes now staring with a hunger as she lifted herself over Santana enough to look down into her eyes. Try as she might, Santana couldn't fight it and her eyes found Rachel's. A heat rose in her body and she felt a tingle move from her toes to her thighs.

"I want to say thank you" Rachel whispered softly. Her hand crept lower over Santana's smooth mound until her fingers dipped between her folds where she was immediately greeted with a needing heat. Rachel bit her lip at the discovery, giving off a soft giggle "Feels like someone likes the idea."

Why couldn't she say no? Why wasn't Santana shoving Rachel off her and telling her the night before had been a mistake and they couldn't do this? She knew she wanted to. She wanted to get as far away from Rachel as she could right now. At least that's what she was trying to convince herself to believe. But the more Rachel touched her and the closer she pressed her body all Santana really wanted to do was feel more of it.

The fact that Santana was not fighting her made Rachel smile once more. She kept her eyes locked on her pretty features as her hand moved completely into Santana's shorts now and her fingers had full range on all of her now. Rachel leaned in to press a little kiss to the Latina's mouth as her fingers pushed between her folds and started to explore her needing heat.

Santana's legs parted further and her back arched a bit. She moaned out softly and her eyes rolled closed. She had no idea why but the fact that Rachel was initiating and in control was sexier than she could ever explain.

"Well hello." Rachel said with a little giggle as her fingers worked against the ever slickening heat between Santana's thighs. Slowly up and down they roamed until her fingers discovered the little nub at her peak. She smirked as her fingers trapped the bundle of nerves and started to work it in tiny circles.

The moan that came from Santana was one she was sure she had never made in her entire life. Her hip arched up and her hands gripped the sheets.

"Oh" Rachel said with a smile, her eyes now shifting away from Santana's face to look down at where her hand was buried inside her shorts. She watched the shape her hand made against the material with each movement of her fingers. She paid attention to every flinch Santana's body gave and every little noise she made. Though she had touched herself plenty of times in the past this was an all new experience to her. The feel of someone else on her fingertips; it was indescribable.

"Oh my god Berry just do it alright. You got me all hot last night but I did nothing about it. If you leave me hanging again today I might actually explode." The words came from Santana's lips before she could stop them. She wasn't really one to beg but she needed it so badly right now she was obviously willing to do things she normally wouldn't do.

"You should really learn to be more patient" Rachel looked up at Santana with a little smirk on her lips. Even as she was lecturing the girl she was enjoying the power she held at her fingertips, literally.

"Rachel! You have your fingers pressed against my pussy, I'm soaking wet, and the group will probably be back any minute. I know you're new at this but all systems go. It's like Lesbian 101."

The mention of the group returning sparked Rachel into action. She had completely forgotten that they could be busted at any moment. Her fingers curled against Santana and pushed inside her with determination.

"Fuck" Santana shouted out as her hips arched up into the touch from Rachel. Discreet was not in the vocabulary at the moment.

It was as if Rachel had done this a thousand times once her fingers were inside Santana. She knew all the places to move her fingers, how deep to push them, and how hard to thrust her wrist up against Santana's body. There really was no time to explore. It didn't matter though. Every moan from Santana and every jerk of her hips brought joy to Rachel and she found what she was doing immediately addicting.

Even with though Santana was not complaining, she still felt a little wave of self-consciousness and she whispered softly to the girl "Am I doing it right?"

Santana laughed out in half frustration and half amusement at the question. She felt so good that she almost forgot Rachel had never done this before.

"Fuck, Berry. I'm moaning and thrashing about. I'm drenching your hand and you feel how I keep squeezing around your fingers?" She licked her lips and her eyes rolled back into her head as she let out a throaty groan and her head nodded "Just keep going" She whispered finally.

That was all Rachel needed to hear. Her eyes refocused on where her hand was within Santana's shorts. She wished she had a full front view, so to speak, she was definitely a visual learner but there was no time for that right now. So she closed her eyes and focused on her fingers. She used her fingertips to guide her, touching and prodding the spots that got the best reaction from the Latina. Every time her hips jerked, Rachel would plunge her fingers right back into that spot. It was as if she were making a map in her mind, memorizing the good and that bad, the right from the wrong.

"Up and in" Santana said softly. She was almost there but she needed a little more. She had so much built up from the night before that she needed that release and needed it badly but Rachel needed to give just a little more for her to get there.

"Like that?" Rachel asked as her fingers curled upward and pushed forcefully against the nerves that were tucked up inside her. The near scream that erupted from Santana told Rachel that she had definitely hit the right spot.

Santana froze for a moment, her hand reaching down quickly to grip against Rachel's wrist to stop her movement. The suddenness of her fingers finding that sensitive spot had nearly overwhelmed her and for just a brief moment she needed to stop.

"I'm sorry! Did that hurt? Oh my god I am so sorry!" Rachel went into a panic and was trying to remove her hand but Santana's grip was firm and kept her hand right where it was.

"No" Santana panted quickly, licking her lips as her mouth suddenly turned dry. She shook her head quickly and swallowed as she tried to catch her breath. "It was good. So fucking good. I just needed a moment." She fell back against the bed now and let go of Rachel's wrist, nodding quickly "Go. Go now."

Rachel's eyes were wide. She was almost not sure if she should continue, not completely sure what had happened. But Santana's back arched and she urged her on she gave a nod and pushed her fingers into that exact same spot again. This time her touch was brief and she pulled away only to thrust back up and in again. She repeated the short but firm thrusts now as her eyes lifted and she watched Santana now.

It was a perfect rhythm. The short brief stimulation to her g spot over and over again was more than she could handle and after just a moment she felt her stomach tightened so hard she couldn't breathe. She pulled in a strangled breath and her back arched completely off the bed now as her body froze once more. This time the walls around Rachel's fingers clenched and clenched tightly as her release took hold. She thrashed her hips up into Rachel's hand over and over again as she rode the wave of pleasure that was coursing through her every nerve ending.

Rachel watched with wide eyes at the way Santana's body twitched and jerked. She didn't remove her hand, her fingers were held so tightly she wasn't sure if it would hurt her or not to pull them out just yet. Her hand was soaked down to the wrist but she didn't care. What she was witnessing right now was completely beautiful.

Finally Santana's back fell to the bed once more and she let out a heavy sigh. A shiver went from head to toe and her body that had been so tense now loosened completely as the pleasure subsided. Her heart was thundering wildly in her chest and her body still tingled from head to toe. She lay there on the bed completely spent just trying to catch her breath completely.

Slowly Rachel pulled her hand out and moved quickly over the other girl on the bed. She looked down at her as she came to rest against her side, her hand lying against Santana's stomach that had a thin layer of sweat upon it. She didn't say anything; her eyes were transfixed on the features of Santana's face, trying to read her reaction to everything.

"Shit" Santana finally mumbled her head turning and her eyes coming open as she looked at Rachel. A soft smile came to her lips and a laugh escaped softly "That was worth the wait."

Rachel let out a laugh of relief at the words. "That was really hot!"

A smirk came to Santana's lips and she rolled her head against the pillow so she could look to the ceiling "Yeah well it was with me what did you expect?"

Rachel nodded her head and rolled to her back as well, her hands folding to lie against her own stomach. She was quiet for a moment as she reflected on the past twenty four hours. A smile slowly slipped over her lips and she whispered softly without looking over to Santana "I'm glad it was with you."

Santana didn't answer. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. She had been with more virgins than she could probably count. She had absolutely no feelings attached to any of those conquests, not even Finn. But for some reason the fact that it was Rachel Berry laying beside her now, thanking her, it did something to her she couldn't quiet explain.

Suddenly noise grew outside the door, the group was returning from breakfast. Santana turned to look in the direction of the door before quickly looking at Rachel. She put a finger to her lips to silently remind her not to make a sound. She reached down and pulled the blanket over the both of them before quickly rolling to her side, her back to Rachel, and pulling a pillow over her head. Her eyes slammed shut and she listened as the door opened and voices filled the room. Her head was thundering now, not out of adrenaline but out of fear.

"I can't believe they are still asleep. They must have drunk an entire bottle." Mercedes said with a laugh before moving to her bag now to start gathering her things.

"I'll wake them up" Brittany said cheerfully before crawling up the bed between Rachel and Santana, plopping down and wrapping her arm around Santana from behind. Santana's gut twisted and she suddenly felt guilty.

"Did I miss breakfast?" Rachel's voice, groggy and soft, broke through suddenly as she sat up and pretended she had just been roused from sleep. Damn she really was good.

"Yeah but your dads got you two something for the ride. Hurry up and get dressed we leave in a half hour." Lauren mumbled as she zipped up her bag and made sure she had all her belongings.

"San" Brittany whispered into her ear, a smile on the blonde girl's lips as she laid the softest little innocent kiss against her cheek "Wake up it's time to go home."

"I'm coming" Santana mumbled softly, sounding sleepy as she opened her eyes and looked at her friend that was snuggled up closely.

"Good morning" Brittany whispered happily, giving her another hug before she slipped from the bed and started to gather her things as well.

"Yeah. Good morning" Santana mumbled, sitting up in bed now. She glanced over her shoulder to where Rachel was digging through her bag to get some clothes. She caught her brown eyes when the diva looked up at her and immediately Rachel smiled. Santana only half smiled. She had no idea how it had happened but she was now smack dab in the middle of a situation she had no idea how to get out of. Maybe if she just slept the entire ride home it would all seem like a dream.


The ride home had been uneventful. It seemed the entire group was exhausted from the trip and now just wanted to get back home. They all pulled into the Berry residence in the late evening and one by one the kids unpacked their things and called parents for rides home. Puck took Lauren and they left almost right away, same with Kurt taking Sam and Mercedes home. Artie's dad followed not too far behind to pick up his son.

Santana sat on the front step on the Berry household wondering why she had not just driven herself over before they left. Then she remembered she had been hanging out with Brittany, helping her pack, and her parents had given her a ride over once the two girls had finished up. Her dad was out of town for a medical conference and her mom had wine night with the ladies that evening, so she was stuck there waiting for Brittany's parents to come and pick them up.

Brittany was sitting next to Santana, her head on her shoulder, trying not to drift in and out of sleep as Santana slowly rubbed her friend's arm up and own. The Berry men had dropped the kids off then volunteered to tow the equipment they had borrowed from the high school back and drop it off that evening. They had left shortly after everyone had called their parents for rides, leaving Rachel in charge of making sure everyone got home safely.

Rachel sat on the swing on her porch, pretending to read, but really she was watching the two girls who sat huddled together on her step. There was a sadness that had crept over her since getting back. She knew they had returned to reality, so to speak, that the weekend they had shared together could never leave that hotel. Though she had never expected it to happen, she was glad it had and was now sad that she couldn't at least have a happy reminder of the events every now and then.

Santana glanced over her shoulder, catching Rachel staring at her. She frowned and looked down to Brittany who rested peacefully against her. "Hey B. I'm going to go pee real quick." Brittany nodded, giving a little groan as she sat up to let Santana up off the steps. She shifted to lay her head on the railing of the porch as Santana got to her feet.

Santana's eyes met Rachel and she gave a little flick of her head, silently telling her to follow her before she stepped into the house.

Santana stood just inside the door, waiting for the girl to follow and after a moment Rachel stepped into the house, her eyes wide with questioning when she spotted Santana and pushed the door closed behind her.

"Hey look" Santana started, keeping her voice low so Brittany couldn't over hear. "I know this weekend was crazy. A lot of things happened that I wasn't expecting."

"You don't owe me anything" Rachel said quickly, her arms folding across her chest and she suddenly looked a lot smaller than she ever had before. "No one will ever have to know. We can just pretend it never happened and once school starts you can go back to insulting me and making fun of my clothes."

Santana frowned at that. She really was a horrible person wasn't she? She hid behind her own self loathing so much sometimes that she never realized how it affected those around her.

"Listen" Santana finally whispered and her eyes met Rachel's in a soft and almost vulnerable gaze. "You have helped me in more ways than I could probably ever say. I mean you got me to come out. Sure it was only to you but I did it. One step at a time you know? You got me to be comfortable with myself and face one of my biggest fears. I can't even say how totally huge that is to me." She gave a genuine smile but it didn't last long and it faded as she continued "I'm not sure what's going to happen. I don't know if I will ever be brave enough to come out completely in high school. I'm still scared what people will think."

Rachel wasn't sure where Santana was going. Her words were sweet but it seemed like a lot of back peddling and she just shook her head a bit "It's okay Santana. Like I said, you don't owe me anything."

"I wanted you to know that it means something to me, though." Santana said softly, her eyes now locked intently with Rachel and she was searching for that silent understanding so she wouldn't have to say the words.

Rachel didn't get it. She understood she was thanking her for her help in bringing her closer to accepting herself and coming out completely but that was where her understanding stopped.

Santana sighed when she saw Rachel struggling to understand. "Something happened alright? Between you and I-"

"Well obviously Santana." Rachel said with a roll of her eyes

"No, I meant something more than just what happened. Something deeper."

Rachel nodded slowly, her eyes locked now with Santana's as she listened intently trying to focus on what the girl was truly saying.

"But I have to figure out what's going on with Brittany first before anything else can happen."
Realization set in at those words. Well, sort of. She understood that Santana was saying it couldn't happen again but she was also leaving it open that maybe it would someday. At least that's what Rachel took from it.

"I just want you happy" Rachel said with a smile.

Santana smiled at that, giving a nod as she looked out the window to where Brittany was now standing. Her parents had pulled up now and she was gathering their bags to put in the car.

"So I'll see you later then?" Rachel asked with a slightly forced smile, reaching to open the door for Santana so she could join her friend.

"Of course." Santana said with a truthful smile as she stepped to the door. She pushed opened the screen and stepped out, pausing to look back at Rachel "We are family now. You're stuck with me."

Rachel laughed at that and finally she understood what Santana was saying. They were intertwined. Whatever happened between her and Brittany, if anything ever happened between herself and Santana again, it would all be alright no matter what. They were family. Maybe a little dysfunctional but what family wasn't.

Santana smiled once more, giving a silent nod to Rachel before hurrying down the porch to grab her bag. She hurried to the trunk and tossed it in before moving to the back seat and opening the door. Brittany slid in and Santana turned, looking back to Rachel and giving her a little wave before sliding in and shutting the door.

Rachel watched the car pull away, two fingers giving a slight wave from where her arms were still folded over her chest. She sighed as the car disappeared from sight before turning and heading back inside. She didn't know what the rest of the summer held but she knew it was definitely going to be one to remember.