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The Ninety-Fifth Hunger Games

"Hello people of Panem! I'm Claudius Templesmith and welcome, welcome, welcome to the Ninety Fifth Annual Hunger!

"You join us here at HGTV at a very special time this year because, not only is this a Hunger Games, but this is also a Quell year! That's right a Quell year! How can it be a Quell year, I here you ask? Simple, we're the Capitol! We get to decide when we have Quell years and, in celebration of the twenty fifth anniversary of the death of our greatest enemy, the so called Mockinjay, we decided to call a Quell!" He bends forwards towards the screen and gives one of his famous winks, putting one hand to his mouth so that it looks like he's whispering. "So, here's the lowdown. I'm out here on the beautiful, Capitol owned island that houses 'Nightmare City'! What's Nightmare City? Simple! Nightmare City is the worlds first and so far only open air Hunger Games Arena! That's right I said open air! With it's over hanging skyscrapers, crumbling houses and more than a little frightening wails and moans coming from all over, it's the perfect place to play out the Games. And it's such an easy Games to play as well, tributes simply have to make it out of the city, alive mind, to be crowned victor, regardless of how many tributes have already done the same! Prize money and size of mansion will be split in a tie, so guys, try not to have too many victors! Three or four max, if it's all the same to you guys." Claudius throws his head back and gives a booming laugh. He spins on his toes as the cameras zoom in on a little box, held by a wide eyed ten year old Capitol boy in a white costume, who is clearly in awe of the mighty tv personality and example to all Capitol men. Claudius ruffles the boy's hair and wraps his arm around him, pausing until he hears the flash of cameras and the cheer of the audience, before straightening up and pulling the lid up on the box. His perpetual smile widens, as he revels in the honour of being allowed to read the 'Quell card', as he called them, himself this year. An unheard of achievement normally and one that had past him by the previous three times, primarily because he had only been three years old when the second quell had come around and hadn't even existed for the first, so it hadn't just been because Snow was a traditionalist prude (although Claudius had wondered). Fortunately the President had insisted. The 'New Games' deserved a new touch, she had said, and Claudius was glad to oblige, no matter how old he was in reality. 'One up on Caesar', Claudius had thought, 'We'll see who ranks highest in the popularity polls this year!' Second place, please, who had they thought they were kidding?

'It is just fortunate,' Claudius thinks to himself as his hand swoops into the box, 'That botox and various other Capitol preservatives have rendered me all but immortal, otherwise I would never have got this chance!' He twirls the delicate paper with the 95 label on it between his fingers, and winks at the audience who take a sharp intake of breath. Several even swoon. The older one's mostly, Claudius notices with some disappointment. The paper feels crisp and new, having only been cooked up by the senate a few years before, as a celebration of the death of Katniss Everdeen at the hands of a sniper. He flicks his wrist, deftly pulling the paper open, and turns to the audience as he begins to read the card in his loudest and most heroic voice.

"This year's Quell, ladies and Gentlemen! 'To remind the Districts of their utter subservience to this great nation and of the injustice leveled upon us all during both the Dark Days and the rule of President Coin, both Capitol and District children will be chosen on Reaping day so that the District's may meet the children who they have harmed with their actions!" The audience look around in bemusement and Claudius flashes them a worried smile, before turning his attention back to the card "'The tributes chosen from the Districts will be expected to chose a name from a golden reaping ball, which will contain the names of Capitol citizens, either male or female, between the ages of twelve and eighteen, who will be joining them on an all expenses payed trip to Central Panem, to experience all the glory, honor and excitement of the Ninty Fifth Hunger Games first hand!' Wow! That's some prize! Sure is a good day to be a teen, huh? A chance of a lifetime. A ticket for you to meet the tributes face to face, and interact with them during the Games! Have fun out there kids and, as always, may the odds be forever in your favor!"