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SGC Gate Room - 2001

"How about you put your stick weapon on the ground and your hands in the air?" Jack said as he pointed his weapon at Harry who Jack had seen first. Harry had his wand out and pointed at Jack.

"How about you point your weapon away from my godson and we leave?" Sirius said from behind Jack and pointing his wand at him, too.

"Not until we find out how you got in here." Jack said spinning around, and pointing his zat gun at Sirius, Remus and James, who he took as a bigger threat than some kid, seeing as they were adults. Remus and James also had their wands out and pointed at Jack.

Harry, who knew his dad and uncles didn't want to get involved in a big fight with this guy if they could help it, slowly inched his way towards them, the robes he was wearing hiding the movement as Sirius kept the guy, with whatever the hell that thing was that he was holding in his hand, busy. He also noticed what appeared to be a giant ring in the middle of the room and thought that Muggles were weird for keeping things like that and made a mental note to ask his dad, grandpa, when he saw him next, or uncles about it, once they got out of there.

"Magic," Sirius replied seriously.

"There is no such thing as magic."

"They said the same thing about fairies, but what about Tinkerbell?"

"Padfoot," groaned Remus. "Now is not the time."

"Moony come on…."

"I am going to have to agree with Moony this time Padfoot, now is not the time," James said quickly, glancing in Harry direction so fast that Jack missed it, and Padfoot followed his line of sight just as quickly. Harry was about an arms length away from Remus now, but still directly in the crossfire.

He nodded slightly and said, "Okay Prongs."

"Padfoot, Moony and Prongs, what kind of names are those?" Jack asked lightly.

"Names we call each other obviously," Sirius said. He exchanged a quick look with Remus, Harry and James, who quickly understood what he was saying. They gave a nod and got themselves ready for what was about to happen just as the man, O'Neill they thought they heard that name over the speaker, opened his mouth to reply but before he could say anything Sirius shouted out, "Now Moony!"

Remus grabbed Harry and quickly yanked Harry towards himself and spun so that his and Harry's backs were to James and Sirius's backs, who quickly conjured shields just in case. Luckily they did that as Jack quickly shot off four shots from his zat gun the moment they had all started to move. All four shots hit the shield. Remus and Harry made sure that they had a good hold on Sirius's and James's robes, respectively, and they quickly used the Portkey they each had to take them somewhere safe by activating it with the phrase, softly spoken, "Family first, always."

"Where the hell did they go?" Jack yelled as soon as they disappeared.