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Chapter 3

A week after the funerals - 1987

Potter Manor - James bedroom

Harry 15-months-old

"Come on, James, you can't stay in here forever," Sirius said standing in front of James who was playing with Harry on his bed.

"Yes, I can," said James stubbornly sitting on his bed while making Harry squeal as he tried to reach his toy stag. Once Harry got the toy and stuck it in his mouth, James said, looking at Sirius, "Beside, I don't stay in here all the time. I come out to eat."

"That doesn't count seeing as how you never stay out longer than it takes you and Harry to eat and you never speak to anyone. We all miss spending time with you and Harry. So come on out," Sirius said crossing his arms, almost begging his brother.

"I can't Sirius, not yet," James said softly watching Harry play with his toy.

Sirius sighed, sat down beside James and put his arm around him and said, "I know you miss them. Hell, we miss them too Prongs, but you can't stay in here all the time. It's not good for you or Harry and…" he hesitated slightly before he continued. "They wouldn't want you to be miserable either James."

James sighed this time, rubbed his face so that the tears didn't fall and said, "I know. . . but I still need some time to deal with everything. Just. . . give me a couple more days."

Still not happy, Sirius sighed again, nodded his head and said, "Okay, but you have to let Harry come out tomorrow. Remus, Severus and I have plans to take him outside and show him around since he has only seen your bedroom, the bathroom, the dining room and the hallways leading from your bedroom to the dining room."

James looked hesitant and said, "I don't know. I really don't want him to leave my sight after everything that's happened."

"That's not really healthy either," Sirius pointed out.

"I know."

"You could always come out after a while."

"I know, but still. . ."

"You want us to wait a couple of days, don't you?"


Sirius sighed and said, "Alright. But the day after tomorrow, Harry is mine whether you like it or not, Prongs."

"You got it, Padfoot," said James.

Sirius picked up Harry and said, "See you at lunch, pup," and he gave him a hug.

"Dee you," Harry said returning the hug.

"See you at lunch Prongs."

"See you at lunch Padfoot," James said as Sirius opened the door, walked into the hallway and shut the door.

"Is he coming out?" whispered Remus, coming out of his room, crossing his arms and leaning against the doorway as soon as Sirius shut the door.

"He said to give him a couple of more days," Sirius said shaking his head.

Remus frowned as Severus came out of the guest room that he was slowly making into his room as he was still staying with him.

"What about Harry?" Severus asked walking to standing beside Sirius in front of Remus.

"I'm not giving him much choice in that matter. I told him the day after tomorrow, that me, you and Remus were taking Harry outside to see the grounds since he hasn't seen anything for the week and half that he has been here," Sirius said.

"That's a good idea," Remus said.

"Yeah," Sirius said frowning. "I hate how he is suffering like this though."

"Don't we all," Severus said also frowning.

They were all quiet for a moment before Severus said, "I don't mean to be rude, but I have got a potion that I have to attend to as it is in a critical stage and is time sensitive. I will see you all at lunch."

"See you at lunch," Sirius and Remus said and Severus turned around and walked to the potions lab that Charles was letting him use for the time being.

"Is he still blaming himself?" Sirius asked Remus in a whisper frowning.

Remus turned towards Sirius and said, also frowning, "I think he will for a long time no matter how much we tell him its not his fault." After a minute he said, "Let's go check on dad and see how he is doing today."

"Okay," replied Sirius and they started to walk towards their dad's office in silence.

When they got to the office, they knocked once, opened the door and saw their father hurriedly put something in his desk drawer.

"What's that, Dad?" Sirius asked at once.

"Oh, nothing of importance," Charles said looking down and locking his desk drawer while Sirius and Remus frowned. They exchanged a look that said quite plainly to each other that they needed to find out what it was about and they needed to get James and Severus involved in it. "Was there something you needed?" Charles asked looking up at Sirius and Remus to see them looking at him.

"Just wanted to see you and make sure that you aren't overworking yourself," Remus said casually sitting in one of the chairs in front of the desk with Sirius sitting in the one to his right.

Charles leaned back in his chair. "I'm not overworking myself. I haven't actually worked all that much. I just come in here to sit and think about things," he said softly.

"Like Mum and Lily," said Remus quietly.

Charles nodded his head and said, "Yeah. I miss them so much." Charles said with a tear leaking out of his eye.

"We know, Dad, we know. We miss them, too," Sirius said softly, his eyes watering along with Remus' eyes. They weren't over their mum's and Lily's death, either, even if they were trying to help everyone with their grief.

Charles wiped his eye quickly, cleared his throat and said, "How's James doing? I haven't seen him outside of mealtimes."

"That's the only time we've seen him either," Sirius admitted once his eyes were dry. "But I went into his room just a couple of minutes ago to talk to him. . . He's not doing too well, Dad."

Charles sighed and rubbed his face. "I know. . . I just don't know how to help him with this when I'm having a hard time dealing with this."

"We know, Dad. We don't expect you to help him or us while you are dealing with your grief," Remus said.

Charles just nodded his head. After a minute he said, "How's Harry doing? I haven't seen him, except for at mealtimes, or heard him for that matter."

"That's the only time Harry is outside of James's room with him," Sirius said.

"That's not healthy for either of them," Charles said frowning. "I understood the first night James not wanting to separate himself from Harry, but its not good for Harry or James if Harry becomes to dependent on James always being there."

"We know, Dad. We have been trying to get both of them out of the room, but James won't let us take Harry without him," Sirius said.

"It probably doesn't help that we have all been too busy with our grief and only talked to each other at mealtimes, and even then we never say much," Remus said.

Charles nodded his head at both of them. "When did you convince him to at least give Harry to you for the day?" Charles asked looking at Sirius.

"How do you know I convinced him to do anything?" Sirius asked.

Charles just looked at him and Sirius sighed and answered his own question, "Because your our dad. You know everything."

Charles chuckled slightly, his first one since that night, at Sirius and said, "Well?"

"I got him to agree to let me, Remus and Severus take Harry outside the day after tomorrow. It was the best I could do about Harry, but I don't know when James himself is going to come out," Sirius said.

"I see. Well, I guess that's the best we can do for now. We are just going to have to slowly work with him," said Charles. Remus and Sirius nodded their heads in reluctant agreement, as they couldn't stand to see their brother suffer, and they all continued to talk about other things until lunch time. Then they heading towards the dining room together.

While Sirius and Remus were talking with Severus and their father, James was still playing with Harry and thinking at the same time. He looked at Harry and moved his bangs to look at the reminder of what happened almost a week and a half ago. He traced the scar lightly with his finger and sighed.

"What am I going to do?" he asked softly out loud. Harry just looked at him and cooed as he tended to do while he was playing with his toys. James smiled softly and looked at his watch. It was time for Harry to take a nap.

"Okay Harry. Nap time," James said.

"No nap!" said Harry.

"Come on, Harry. Daddy's tired, too. How about we take a nap together," James said and Harry after thinking for minute, nodded his head in agreement. James laid down and put Harry on his chest. Harry sighed, which almost made James smile because it was too cute for a fifteen-month-old to sigh, and said, "'k, Dada." Harry put his head down over his dad's heart and fell asleep listening to his dad's heartbeat and his dad rubbing his back.

James just laid still with his eyes closed after Harry fell asleep thinking about things. Wondering if his mum and Lily were angry with him, his brothers, Severus and his father. Wondering how he was going to move on, if he would every truly laugh and smile again. Wondering how in the world was he going to raise Harry. . . Slowly he drifts off to sleep, one arm around Harry so he didn't roll off him.

James' dream

James looked around wondering where he was. The last thing he remembered was lying down and taking a nap with Harry on his bed. The room looked familiar and then he realized it was his living room in Godric's Hollow and on the couch was Lily and his mum, who was holding Harry.

Harry looked over at him, pointed and said, "Dada here."

Rose and Lily Potter looked over at James, smiled sadly and said at the same time, "James."

"Mum. . . Lily," James said, hesitantly walking closer to them and staring at them.

"James, I taught you better than to stare a people," Rose said with a small, sad smile.

James continued to look at them before he said, "I'm sorry." Lily and Rose could tell he didn't mean it about staring at them.

"James, sweetie, it's not your fault," Lily said getting up walking to stand in front of him.

"I should have been here. I should have never gone out. I should have. . ." James said but was interrupted by Lily.

"You were right where you suppose to be. Rose and I aren't not mad at you or Sirius or Remus or Charles or Severus. We trusted Peter, too, but this is how it is suppose to be. I know you don't like hearing things like this, but this is how it is suppose to be," Lily repeated.

"She right, James," said Rose coming over with Harry. "We aren't mad at you, your brother, father or Severus. This is how it is suppose to be. You, your brothers and Severus and Harry are meant to be alive for greater things."

"No it isn't and I don't care about those greater things," James said angrily. "You should both be alive. That was how it was suppose to be. Mum should be spoiling Harry rotten right now and be with Dad and then maybe fifty years from now die of old age. We were suppose to be together forever, Lily. Harry was suppose to have lots of siblings. We were suppose to raise Harry and those siblings together, watch them go to school, get married and have there own kids and then spoil our grandchildren rotten. We were suppose to grow old together," he finished sadly and sat down on the couch and started to cry.

"Oh James," said Lily and Rose together. Lily sat down beside him and Rose on the other side.

Then Lily said sadly, "James, you have no idea how much I wanted to grow old with you, have more kids with you and watch them grow up. But Rose and I gave Harry protection that he will need when he is older. That is why it has to be this way. I wish it didn't have to be, but it is.

"James I want you to be happy. Don't continue to dwell too much on this please. It's killing you and, I can't believe I'm saying this but, Sirius is right. I don't want you to miserable forever. I want you to be able to laugh and joke and prank again."

"Me too, honey," Rose said, still holding Harry, who was watching everything silently. Rose took James' hand to hold.

"Then," continued Lily, "I want you to picture what my reaction would have been and laugh even harder, okay?" James let out a chocked laughed at that.

"That's right honey, it's okay to laugh," Lily whispered in his ear as she was gave him a hug which caused James to give a tiny smile. "It's okay to be happy and have a good time. I just have a couple favors to ask of you."

"Anything," James said immediately leaning his forehead on Lily's.

"Don't worry so much about raising Harry the wrong way. I am positive you are going to do it the right way and Harry is going to have a loving family with you, his grandfather and his uncles. Sure there will be some rough patches, but there always is. No family is perfect."

"I'll try," James whispered softly. "What's the next thing?"

"I don't want you to wait a couple days before you leave your bedroom for good. I want you to do that as soon as you wake up. I only want you in that bedroom when you go to bed."

"Alright, honey," James promised. "The next thing?"

"Give Harry his own bedroom. He can't stay with you forever. Besides he is safe in the Manor. He has got five fully grown wizards to protect him from anything if they dare get into the Manor," Lily said.

James hesitated for a moment before he said, "Okay. Anything else?"

"I want you to tell Severus, that we don't blame him and he didn't kill us. Tell him he has to forgive himself," Lily said sadly.

"I will," James promised. "Was that it then?"

"Just one more thing. Give Dumbledore hell for me and Rose, okay?" Lily said smiling.

James laughed softly and said, "You got it."

Lily gave him a soft kiss and whispered against his lips, "We have to go now."

James gave her squeeze and said "I know."

They kissed one more time before they released each other. Then James went over to his mum to say goodbye, who gave him a message to pass to his father and brothers. There were tears and hugs exchanged while Lily said goodbye to Harry.

"You be brave, Harry, okay and remember even though me and Grandma aren't here with you, we will always be here," Lily said as she pointed to Harry's heart, which James saw. "I love you," she finished by kissing Harry on the forehead where the lightening bolt scar now was.

"Uv you, too, Mumma," Harry said as he gave her a big hug and kiss on the cheek.

Lily handed Harry over to James and said, with tears in her eyes, "I love you, James. Always."

"I love you, too, Lily. Forever," James replied, his tears falling. He and Harry stood there watching while Lily and Rose disappeared.

James' dream ends.

James woke with a start. He realized he really was crying and wiped his face and looked down at Harry, who was still on his chest and who was slowly waking up. When Harry was up completely, he looked up at his dad and said slowly so he got all the right words out, "Dada, Mumma and Gams went buh-bye for 'while but I dee dem 'gain, wight?"

James looked at his son sadly but somehow feeling much better after his dream and said, "Right little man. We'll see them again someday, but we'll be okay until we do. We'll be okay and it's okay to be happy." The last part was more for himself than Harry. He picked Harry up off his chest, sat up and said, "I love you, little man."

"Uv you, too," Harry replied putting his head on his dad's shoulder.

"Let's go to the dining room. It's time for lunch. Then, I will show you around the Manor, okay?" James said, keeping his promises to Lily already.

"'k Dada," Harry said and James carried Harry to the dining room for lunch.

When James got to the dining room his father, brothers and Severus were already there. He said good afternoon to them, which shocked them as he usually comes in and eats silently. He mentally grinned at them as they returned the greeting. They all sat down and ate with everyone talking, including James.

"Okay. What's gotten into you? When I left the room you were so depressed that the trees outside could feel your depression," Sirius said after everyone ate their lunch.

James sighed and said to all of them, after waving his wand at Harry to clean him up, "You have to promise you won't think I'm crazy and loosing it."

"We promise," Charles, Remus, Sirius and Severus said without hesitation.

"Well. . . I had a. . . a dream about Lily and mum," James said and he explained all about it and gave them the message from Rose, which was the same thing that Lily told him. He also told Severus the message from Lily which made Severus cry.

"How do you know that it was real?" Severus asked once he calmed down and James finished explaining.

"You mean besides Harry was in it?" James asked. When Severus nodded he continued, "I can just feel it."

"I wonder what were are suppose to do though," Remus said.

"No idea," said James, Sirius and Severus together, but none of them missed the look Charles shot them when he thought they weren't looking. Remus and Sirius exchanged a look with Severus and James which they nodded their understanding that they needed to talk and plot.

"Well, I'm going to show Harry around the inside of this Manor since, Sirius, you, Remus and Severus are going to be showing Harry the outside of the Manor tomorrow," James said standing up while Sirius, Remus and Severus nodded.

"Before you go James, I got a letter from Dumbledore reminding me about how I said we would talk to him this week," Charles said. Everyone frowned, except Harry who was too busy trying to get his father's glasses, while Charles continued, "I think you guys should give Dumbledore, a proper Marauder greeting when he comes."

Everyone smirked and laughed, their first true laughs since that night.

"Well then, you had better tell him to come next week since we are still grieving, so we can plot something magnificent," Sirius said once they calmed down.

"An excellent idea," Charles said. "I had best go and write a letter inviting him over next Wednesday, that should give you plenty of time."

"Oh yeah, plenty of time," said Remus.

Charles shook his head and left the dining room while James, Sirius, Remus and Severus gave Harry a tour of the Manor.

As he was walking towards his office, Charles thought that his family was slowly starting to heal from everything that has happened the last couple of weeks.

Day of Dumbledore's visit - A week later

Potter Manor Entrance Hall

A week went by after Dumbledore sent back an owl saying he would be there at three o'clock sharp. Everyone was waiting in the Entrance Hall and they had all their pranks. . . er. . . greeting ready. They were all pretty mild compared to what they used to be in school, but Harry had the best part of the prank. . . er. . . welcome. His would come into effect when his dad gave him the signal. The Marauder's greeting would be spread out from when he arrived until he left and they were very simple that could be passed off as an old prank left lying around the manor.

"Sirius told me to tell you that everything is all set, Dad," James said bringing Harry down the steps into the Entrance Hall.

"That's good. Dumbledore should be arriving any minute now," Charles replied standing in front of the Entrance Hall fireplace.

"How is he getting here?" Remus asked coming down the steps behind James and Harry.

"I sent him a Portkey which is only good for one time. He is going to floo to his office after we are done. He doesn't need this address to do it," Charles answered.

"Good idea," said Severus coming down the steps behind Remus. James and Harry, Remus and Severus all stood beside Charles in front of the Entrance Hall fireplace as that is where Charles had set the Portkey to dump. . . er. . . bring Dumbledore.

"Where is Sirius?" Charles asked.

"Probably fixing his hair," said James nonchalantly while he fixed Harry's clothes that Harry had messed up on the way from his bedroom to downstairs.

"Sirius!" Charles called up. "Get down here right now."

"I'm coming. I'm coming," Sirius said walking quickly down the stairs and standing beside his father just as Dumbledore arrived. When he landed his head hit the fireplace. . . which was a complete. . . er. . . accident on Charles part.

When Dumbledore got himself situated and rubbed his head from where he hit it, he was already forming a bump and bruise, Charles stepped forward, as he was head of the family, and said, coldly and formally, "Welcome to our house, Professor Dumbledore."

"Thank you for inviting me," Dumbledore replied. They shook hands.

"As if we had a choice," Sirius whispered in Remus' ear who elbowed him in the gut while suppressing a smile.

Charles gave a tight smile and said "Shall we move into the parlor?"

"Of course. Lead the way," Dumbledore said.

James, Harry, Remus, Sirius, Severus and Charles all lead Dumbledore into the parlor. They all crossed the threshold with no problem, but as soon as Dumbledore stepped into the room, he got covered in Muggle superglue and colored feathers. James and Remus exchanged small smirks as this was their idea. James set up the superglue and feathers while Remus charmed them so they would only come off with a hot shower. Also, if he tried to magic them off, he would have to take an extra long shower as he would be doing nothing more except making the glue dry faster and feathers stick better.

On the outside Charles was very apologetic and said, "Sorry, this must have still be one of the pranks that went undiscovered when the boys were still young. We use the drawing room further back in the Manor more as it has more space. It is actually more of his playroom but we all relax in there. We haven't been in here for years." But on the inside, he was laughing his head off.

"That's quite alright," Dumbledore said. "I am sure I can get rid of it." He waved his wand and nothing happened. He tried twice more before he felt the glue becoming more dry so he stopped. "Well I guess I'm just going to have to leave it like this for the duration of our meeting."

"Sorry," said Charles again while giving his sons a fake stern look, but they could see the amusement in his eyes. His sons gave sheepish looks and muttered an apology but Dumbledore just waved them off, eyes twinkling.

James, Harry, Sirius and Remus sat down on the couch, Harry on James' lap, while Severus sat down in one of the chairs, while Charles gestured towards another chair for Dumbledore to sit in while he sat in his own chair. When Dumbledore sat down, he sat down on a Muggle whoopee cushion, that Sirius and Severus charmed to not only let out the sound of. . . flatulence, but also the smell of it every minute. They also charmed the chair so that Dumbledore couldn't get out of the chair until he was ready to leave for good. Dumbledore looked very uncomfortable sitting there and everyone else was trying very hard not to laugh.

"Another prank that was forgotten about?" Dumbledore asked as another sound and smell of. . . flatulence was released.

"Sorry, I should have checked the room but I thought they removed all their pranks when they left and Remus doesn't prank without his brothers' influence," Charles explained giving his sons and Severus a stern look which caused them to look properly chastened. "Why don't you sit in another chair?"

"I would but for some reason I cannot get up," Dumbledore replied, trying to move.

"I would silence the sound but then I would silence you too. Sorry," Charles said, looking apologetic.

"That's quite all right. As I have said many times before: Boys will be boys," Dumbledore replied as another sound and smell was released. James, Sirius, Remus and Severus all exchanged sheepish looks but if Dumbledore would have looked closer he would have seen the triumphant look in their eyes.

After moment Dumbledore said, looking at Harry, "So tell me, how is the Boy-Who-Lived."

"Who?" asked everyone looking confused.

"Didn't you read the newspaper for the past two weeks?" Dumbledore asked looking confused himself.

"We haven't done much of anything for the past two weeks," Remus said quietly.

"Of course you haven't," said Dumbledore apologetically. "Harry is what everyone has dubbed the 'Boy-Who-Lived' for his part in Voldemort's downfall," Dumbledore explained.

"That ridiculous," said James. "Harry had no part in that."

"But he did," Dumbledore said.

"How?" asked Remus.

"I can't tell you that now," Dumbledore said.

"Does this have anything to do with the prophecy? You know how I feel about stuff like that," James said.

"It might," Dumbledore said mysteriously. "I thought I told you to keep the prophecy to yourself. Why don't Sirius, Remus and your father look surprise?"

"You mean besides Severus yelling at you about it? I don't keep important information like that from my family," James replied.

"Does that mean you intend to tell Harry?" asked Dumbledore worriedly.

"Why?" asked James shrewdly.

"Harry does not need to know until the proper moment," Dumbledore replied.

"And when would you think the proper moment would be?" Severus asked. "When he witnesses someone close to him dying?"

Dumbledore didn't say anything in response to the question but everyone could tell that the answer was a resounding yes. That just made everyone really mad.

Then Charles, before his sons and Severus, got angry enough to act on their anger and take it out on Dumbledore, who would have earned it, asked, "You said Harry was in the paper dubbed as the 'Boy-Who-Lived?' Does that mean he is now something as an icon to everyone? That's he famous?"

"Yes, Charles," Dumbledore answered him. "That's exactly what that means. In fact, people are wondering where their savior is at now."

"People are nosy and I want to keep Harry as far from the press as possible as he really is not their savior but a boy who lost his mother and grandma," James replied.

"You would be hard pressed to prove that to people, but I have a solution to that. Something that I wanted to bring up with you anyways," Dumbledore said.

"And what is that?" asked Sirius.

"For Harry to go to Lily's sister, Petunia, to get away from everyone and for blood wards to protect him," Dumbledore explained.

"Like hell he will," said Charles angrily as Sirius, Remus and Severus stood in front of James and Harry as if Dumbledore was going to take Harry from James right now. "Rose and Lily were both in front of him when he died. If it's blood wards you want protecting him, then James has Rose's blood, so base them off him. Even Sirius and Remus have Rose's blood as we blood adopted them, too. But there is no way you're placing my grandson, heir to the Potter family and fortune, with magic-hating Muggles. Harry has more protection here than he would ever have with those Muggles or any Muggles. And as for getting him away from everyone, I'm sure we can do a fine job by ourselves. After all, no one knows where Potter Manor is."

"We can't know for sure. . ." Dumbledore started but got interrupted by Sirius.

"That's right. You can't know for sure. Harry is better protected here with five fully grown wizards and a Manor protected by generations of Potters then with Muggles," Sirius said angrily.

"Well were are on the topic of you five fully grown wizards. There are some people who will not want Severus near their Savior. Spy or not, Severus, you still have the Dark Mark and there are some people, regardless of what you say, who will still believe you joined of your own free will. They can make it difficult for you to be around Harry," Dumbledore said.

"They can't make anything difficult if they don't know anything about Severus being here," Remus said.

"What about Voldemort? He is not gone. We all know he did something to stop his death. He will be back one day. And not all of his supports ended up in prison," Dumbledore said.

"We will take care of it when that day comes. And I repeat, no one but myself, James, Sirius and Remus knows where Potter Manor is," Charles said. "Even Severus doesn't know where he currently is at."

"I will not make a big deal about this if you promise Harry goes to Hogwarts when he turns eleven," Dumbledore said calmly after thinking for a moment.

"What!" was the incredulous answer from all of them.

"You all understood what I said. I will not pursue other means of getting Harry with Lily's sister, if you promise that Harry comes to Hogwarts when he turns eleven and stays there for his schooling," Dumbledore said.

Everyone was shocked about what they were hearing from Dumbledore and what he was trying to do to them and Harry. He was suppose to be the leader of the light side, but then considering what they heard from Severus about what he did, they knew they shouldn't be too surprised. Severus thinking quick came to a solution.

"No. You will leave Harry alone and let James make the decisions about Harry's schooling," Severus said.

"Why should I do that? What will I get? After all, who doesn't want the Boy-Who-Lived in their school? Especially since there is that prophecy about him. Any headmaster or headmistress would love to shape his learning and what he learns about," Dumbledore replied.

Everyone frowned, thinking. They were being blackmailed into making a decision, but James came to the decision that Harry wasn't going to Hogwarts if he could help it. Suddenly their pranks that they did, not including Harry's, didn't seem to be nearly enough, even though he was still suffering.

Suddenly Severus said, before Sirius, James or Remus could act on their anger, which anyone could tell that they were close to hexing the headmaster or just punching him in the face, "You will get my services as the Potions Professor and. . ." He hesitated for a moment before continuing, "Should the Dark Lord ever come back, I will continue spying for you, if and I stress a big if here Headmaster, you leave Harry alone and don't force James to send Harry to Hogwarts."

Dumbledore thought about it for a moment and he agreed by shaking Severus' hand and saying, "You have my agreement. I shall not force Harry to come to Hogwarts when he turns eleven." His magic sealed the deal with Severus' before anyone could say anything else and that caused everyone to frown at his wording.

"What do you mean when turns eleven? You're not going to force Harry to go at all," James said angrily.

"I meant what I said. Before he turns eleven and after his first year, I have just as much right to send him letters to come to Hogwarts. You can't change it now as we have already sealed the deal with magic," Dumbledore said standing up ready to take his leave. "I expect to see you, ready to teach, next September first, Severus." Severus clenched his jaw, but nodded his head in agreement.

While Dumbledore was looking at Severus, James whispered, in Harry's ear, "Now."

Harry concentrated really hard, like he did when he wanted one of his toys or chocolate frog that his daddy wouldn't give him and just last week when that man was being mean, and focused on the picture that his daddy and uncles showed him while looking at the man with the long beard. He didn't seem very nice, Harry decided, and he concentrated even harder. Suddenly he smiled, it was working. The man's hair was shortening until there was very little left on his head and his beard was almost gone. The little hair that was left turned the color of a rainbow, which surprised everyone there as that wasn't part of the picture that they showed Harry, but they were hard pressed not laugh because Harry wasn't done yet.

After Harry was done with the Mean Man's, as Harry had mentally dubbed him, hair, he looked at the man's outfit. He didn't want to get rid of his Dad's and uncle's work, so he concentrated on leaving the feathers and glue on, which in fact made it stick even harder to Dumbledore's skin, and changed his outfit into a pink tutu which looked even more hilarious since he was covered in colorful feathers. When he was done, Harry had a triumphant look on his face, which was hidden from everyone since his uncles were still standing in front of him.

Dumbledore heard stifled chuckles and felt a breeze on his legs. He looked down and gave, what the others thought, a girlish squeak, which caused them to finally give in and finally laugh outright.

Dumbledore said, kind of angrily, to Charles, since he was controlling his laughter better than everyone else, "Another prank they forgot they had in here?"

"No," Charles chuckled. "That would be Harry. He is quite protective of his dad and uncles, and that includes Severus."

"You don't mind if I borrow some of your floo powder?" Dumbledore asked, wanting to get out of the Manor all ready.

"No help yourself," Charles said, still chuckling and standing up to show Dumbledore to the Entrance Hall.

"Thank you. There is no need to show me the way," Dumbledore said storming out which made everyone laugh even harder because his tutu bounced with his every angry step.

The last thing Dumbledore heard before he floo'd away was from Harry who said, "I do 'ood, dada?" James' resounding, "Yes!" and then he heard everyone laugh even harder and then he was gone to his office, where all the portraits started to laugh about his outfit and hair. Dumbledore didn't know anything was wrong with his hair and looked in a mirror and shrieked his girlish squeak that caused all the portraits to laugh even harder and him to run into his bathroom.

August 31st, 1988

Harry - 2 years old

Potter Manor

After everything settled down, the Potters and Severus, who was named Uncle Vipes by Harry and James as that is his Marauder nickname, who moved into Potter Manor officially, but still kept his house, settled into a routine. James put Harry in the room on the other side of his the day after Dumbledore visited, which meant that Harry's room was the farthest from the steps and anyone meaning him harm.

When Christmas came they had a small family meal and got each other presents. Harry got the most presents as he was the kid, but by the way Sirius and James were acting, Charles, Remus and Severus were sure there were three kids there. The months passed with the hurt of losing their family getting a little less day by day.

On July 31st, they had a small birthday part for Harry with just the family and Harry having a good time. Harry also started a cake fight by throwing cake at his godfather who thought James did it. It was a big mess that caused the house-elves to clean the dining for almost two days. Everyone, except Harry, was forbidden cake for quite some time, which caused Remus, who had seen Harry start the cake fight, to comment about them turning Harry in a true Mini-Marauder which caused everyone to laugh.

Finally, it was the day before Severus had to go to Hogwarts to teach, as the headmaster was kind enough to send an owl to remind them. They explained to Harry that Uncle Vipes had to go away for a while, but he would see Harry every holiday and weekend that he could until the summer. Harry was upset but he also thought everyone else was a more sad them him and so he tried to cheer them up. He took his father's wand and filled everyone's room up with their favorite candy. For his Uncle Moony, he filled up his room with Chocolate Frogs, for his Uncle Vipes, he filled up his room with Licorice Wands, for his Pops, he filled up his room with Pumpkin Pasties and for his Uncle Padfoot and Daddy, he filled up their rooms with Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Bean, since that is what they liked to eat.

While his was filling up his dad's room, his dad came in and he got in trouble for taking and using his dad's wand. He got put in a chair for time out with a mild Sticking Charm so he couldn't get up and follow James after James left his room and went into Sirius's room where everyone was. They could heard Harry crying and it was breaking everyone's hearts.

Sirius, trying to lighten the mood, but not interfering with Harry's punishment, said, "Don't you dare try to get rid of this candy, James, or forbid Harry from eating it with us."

"I won't," James said raising his hands in surrender.

"I sorry daddy. I never touch your wand 'gain. Or my uncles' wands. Or Pop's wands. I sorry daddy. Don't leave me here," Harry suddenly cried out breaking everyone's heart further and causing James to reduce his punishment to five minutes instead of ten.

When the five minutes were up, James got up and went into his room. Harry had worked himself up a lot in that little time period. James canceled the spell and picked up Harry and started to rock and hold him to calmed him down by saying, "Shhh Harry. It's all right. It's over. I would never leave you here by yourself."

"I sorry daddy. I sorry. I w-w-wanted to cheer everyone up," Harry said as he continued to cry.

"Shhh Harry. I know you are. It's all right. Your punishment is over," James said soothingly rubbing his back.

Harry continued to cry with James whispering in his ear trying to calm him down.

When Harry calmed down enough, James said, "You know why you were in trouble right?"

Harry, still crying, said, "I took your wand."

"Right," said James. "You took my wand and did magic, which could have hurt you."

"I really s-s-sorry daddy," Harry said crying again, which caused James to calm him down again.

Finally when Harry was hiccupping, James said, trying to cheer him, "You know if you keep crying like this, your uncles and Pops won't be able to enjoy their candies with you."

"You didn't rid them?" Harry asked still hiccupping.

James wiped his face with a conjured handkerchief and said, tickling Harry's belly, "Get rid of those treats and have your uncles kill me for getting rid of their favorite candies? Are you mad?"

Harry giggled a little but was still upset a little, but James said, "Aha! You can't cry anymore or be upset because you laughed. It's a rule! And don't you deny it mister, I heard you."

Harry laughed again and James took him to Uncle Padfoot's room, where they had moved all the candy that Harry multiplied from their secret stashes, so they could all eat the candy for lunch before Severus had to leave for Hogwarts.

Minnesota, America

September 3, 1988

"Congratulations Jack and Sara! You have a beautiful baby boy," the doctor said placing the baby in Sara's arms. "Do you have a name picked out?"

"Charlie Jack O'Neill," replied Sara looking at her baby boy.

"That's a great name," said a nurse.

"Thanks!" said Jack, grinning stupidly.

"Here Jack, you hold him," Sara said and she passed Charlie over to her husband. Jack looked down at his son in his arms and smiled, silently vowing to protect him.