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- In which Darcy speaks her mind.

"You look at me strange."

"Well, you are."

He laughs.

"I suppose, but I could say the same to you, with more detail."

She ignores his playful insult.

"Strange doesn't need an explanation, it either is or it isn't."

Her sudden explanation baffles him, she continues.

"I mean, strange could be different for everybody, I find you strange because you're, like, so human."

He only exhales and finds his lips dry. He licks them.

"I presumed you Midgardians find inhuman things strange," he says as a matter-of-factly.

"I guess, that's one of those given strange, like, it was agreed upon."

"Where are you going with this?"

"I was just looking at you and then you turned it all philosophy, weirdo."

"I see you've granted me another wonderful title."

"You're both weird and strange."

"Is there a difference?"

"One is physical and the other is mental."



"Where did you pull that definition from?"

"Look, I just want to say that I think it's weird that you alien gods are just like humans. The only difference being is you guys have magic powers."

"And the line is drawn."

She only frowns at him, figuring that a linear conversation with the God of Mischief is near impossible.

- In which Loki didn't know strawberries made milk.

"What are you consuming?"

She almost chokes and wipes her mouth. He appears sitting on the counter, leering at her.

"Milk. And why do you have to ask like that?"

"But it is…pink-", then his train of thought shifts tracks. "Ask like how?"

"Ok, I know your vocabulary is huge but you don't have to sound all thesaurus-y on me. And it's strawberry milk. The best kind of milk, mmm."

"I assure you, mortal, your capacity for the language arts just needs fine tuning. And I did not know Midgardian strawberries produced milk. That is interesting."

She just stares at him, he returns the favor.

"Excuse you, I passed my English final with flying colors," and before she takes another sip, she mutters under her breath, "I write pretty damn good essays, too."

"No one is threatening your…skills, Miss Lewis."

She downs the rest of the strawberry milk and he finds himself unable to tear his attention from her lips. She catches his look.

"What? You want some?"

His eyes flicker back to hers, she doesn't seem to realize the conditions of her seemingly innocent question.