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Title: Dear Mr. Swan

By: Denigoddess2001

Rating K+

Dear Mr. Swan,

It is difficult to find the precise words to express my thoughts as I write this letter for you. I know that you're a man of few words, preferring avoidance rather than engagement of direct, awkward conversations of a personal nature. I hope that this letter will give you that comfort and convenience. I write this letter to you, Sir, to declare my intentions regarding Bella.

Sir, your daughter brings joy to my heart and she is the love of my existence. She is not only my reason to live; she is my inspiration to be a better man. I never knew the power love possessed until Bella entered my life. I will never know anything more powerful, humbling or miraculous. She is my redemption and my purpose for living.

I know of your reservations regarding our relationship, Mr. Swan, and I want to give you some peace of mind. I respect those concerns and wish to address them. While she is young, Sir, Bella is also wise. While you don't see me as her best destiny, I am too selfish to relinquish a future with her. She chose me as the man with whom she chooses to spend her life and I ask you to have faith in her wisdom. I can no more deny Bella what she wants that I can count all the stars in the sky.

With all that I have, I will protect and cherish Bella with every fiber of my being. All that I have will be hers. It is worth the fires of Hell and all the joy of Heaven to make Bella smile. I can deny Bella nothing and she will want for nothing. She will have my entire heart and with it, all the love, devotion and protection that it holds for her.

Mr. Swan, I know it has not been easy for Bella to love me and she has suffered from her choice. I am awed and humbled to be the love of her heart and am a better man for it. I promise you that I will love her for every moment of forever. With that declared, I ask for your daughter's hand in marriage.

I humbly request your blessing of our marriage for Bella's sake. I know you have reservations regarding our love, but I will do everything in my power to do right by Bella. I also vow to let nothing stand in the way of her happiness, including your disapproval. I ask for your blessing so that she will enter our marriage without heartache or conflict.

Please consider this matter with the utmost consideration. I look forward to your response.


Edward Cullen