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Title: Changing our Future

Summary: Daemon destroyed the entire Vongola Family as a revenge. With Primo's Will, Tsuna, his guardians, and Enma were reborn 400 years into the past to prevent Daemon's betrayal. As girls.

Pairings: PrimoFamilyxfem!DecimoFamily

Setting: 10 years after the Inheritance Ceremony Arc. Primo's Era.

Note: No yaoi. Genderbender.

Chapter 1: When our world falls

We can only hope to live our lives anew.

Tsuna sighed. It's such a peaceful day, unlike a week ago. He looked outside his window as he reminisced about the good old days.

It's been ten years since they fought Daemon. After the melon-head died, not one single threat or problem came. It's as if all the rivals and enemies of the Vongola Family disappeared without a trace. 8 years later, a new Family appeared. It was named the Maledizione Family, or the 'Cursed Family' in Italian.

Anyways, their leader's appearance is still unknown but it is said that he was the famous 'Card Master'. He is a hitman who uses, cards obviously. He's very skilled and is also a multi-flame user.

Apparently, the Maledizione proclaimed them as their enemy because of their power and influence. The brunet massaged his temple as he remembered the damages they caused. For the past few weeks, they've been attacking non-stop. They're driving the Vongola into a corner. Thank goodness they were all skilled.

Forget about them for a while, let's focus on the 10th generation. After ten years, they certainly changed a lot, both physically, mentally, and in skills.

Tsuna grew a lot taller when he reached the age of 16. Though, his face is still a bit feminine and his body is what most women would die for. His voice also became suave and he matured a lot. For skills, he also mastered the Oath flame he gained from the battle with Daemon. His special moves are a lot deadlier, and he developed other moves of his own. Unfortunately, he picked up Reborn's sadism and is the scariest of them all when he's angry. He also lost his crush on Kyoko and gained a lot of suitors, men and women alike. Why men? It's because male pregnancy is now possible, due to an experimental accident in Giannini's part. He now sells his pregnancy pills internationally, mafia or not.

Gokudera's still overprotective of him, but at least now he can tolerate their closest friends near him. He also toned down his temper, but when he snaps, he's still as destructive as everyone else. Anyways, the guy stopped smoking and focused more on the piano. He also became a lot taller than before, and his face became a bit edgy. Let's just say he became the perfect right-hand man. His fighting prowess has improved and he just pawns the enemy. Gokudera is also the best strategist, mid-range and long-range attacker.

Yamamoto's as cheery as ever. But now, he's a lot more serious and less stupid. He doesn't treat the mafia as a game anymore. He has mastered the way of the sword, and improved the Shigure Soen Ryu. He's still the tallest out of the others and he has quite the build 'cause Tsuna managed to persuade him to continue playing baseball. He often trains with Squalo when he devotes his time for the sword. He claimed Squalo's title as 'Sword Emperor' 5 years ago.

Ryohei still shouts a lot, but not as much as he used to ten years ago. He still adds 'extreme' to his dialogue. He still loves boxing and still protective of his sister. At least now, he can be mature and a lot less musclebrained compared to before. For his body, he's the most muscular and also known as the strongest martial artist in the Family.

Out of the 10th gen, Lambo stood out the most. He got rid of his afro (but he can still hide things in his hair) and turned into quite the lady-killer. He doesn't shout anymore and matured a lot. Although, he still gets into fights with Gokudera. He became tall and he could almost match with Tsuna's height. He also has a habit of closing his left eye. He mastered his Electtrico Cuolo (with a little help from Tsuna, Reborn, and Verde) and wielding his horns. He might've matured and toned down a little; in the end, he still likes candy and is still a coward/crybaby.

Mukuro and Chrome also changed a lot. Mukuro still kept the pineapple hairstyle and even grew longer hair that he tied into a small ponytail. Chrome transformed her hairstyle (finally!) and just let it be. For their figures, Mukuro just got taller like everyone else and he gained a few muscles. Chrome developed curves and she's a bit smaller compared to Tsuna. Mukuro still threatens Tsuna with possession, but both sides only consider it as a joke. Chrome became less shy and opened up to Tsuna and the girls. Both illusionists improved in skill and power that they could fool even the Vindice and everyone, except Tsuna. Sometimes, Mukuro pranks Tsuna with illusions that's why he can see through them.

Hibari got as tall as Gokudera and minimized his bloodlust. As least he's human enough to leave rulebreakers with a few bruises. He's a lot less irritable than he used to, but he's a lot stronger than his TYL-self ten years ago (Future Arc). He's even sharper than ever and can now tolerate crowding and noise (closest family only). He still loves Namimori and he taught Hibird how to talk better and sing a variety of songs. In terms of combat, he proudly holds onto two titles: The Strongest guardian and the Demon of Discipline. Speaking of discipline, he transformed the Disciplinary committee into 'The Foundation' where he gathers work and does his own thing.

As he reminisced, Tsuna's eyes trailed to the family photo that was taken a few months ago. It was a picture of him, his guardians, Shimon, Arcobaleno, Byakuran and his guardians, Varia, Bianchi, Dino, Romario, Kusakabe, Uni, Gamma, Aria, the girls, the kids, the three inventors, and his parents. He misses the peaceful days they used to have.

His thoughts were suddenly cut off by a loud boom. The brunet boss ubruptly stood up as he reached for the door. When he opened it, he was greeted with the sight of an anxious Gokudera.

"T-Tenth… our men, the girls, they… they—" He panted as Tsuna lifted his hand into a 'stop' gesture. The brunet laid him on the floor and knelt in front of him. "Stay down and rest, Hayato. How are the others?" His right-hand man looked away before answering, "T-The girls and s-sis got… k-killed." He whisphered the last word as his boss's eyes widened and watered a little. Kyoko, Haru, I-Pin, and Bianchi… died?

"What about Basil? Fuuta? Reborn? My parents? Grandpa?" Gokudera scowled as he punched the floor. "F-Fuuta got caught in the crossfire. Basil died protecting Nono. Your parents got shot in the head. Nono is with Xanxus right now, and Reborn's with the other guardians." He said quickly to avoid stammering. Decimo closed his eyes as he muttered a short prayer for the death of his friends. He let a few tears fall before wiping them off.

The brunet ran off, trying to find any of his friends in the mansion. He saw men in masks coming towards them. One of them shouted, "That's Decimo! Get him!" They fired multiple dying-will shots towards him. He dodged in a flash as he incapacitated the men with one or two jabs. Tsuna sighed. 'I wonder where the others are. Are they gonna be okay?'

While lost in his thoughts, he didn't notice a man behind him, ready to strike. When he was about to hit him, a swallow covered in Rain flames flew over them and slowed the enemy's movements while a reversed katana hit him on the head, knocking him out. The young boss's eyes widened again as he realized that he let his guard down.

A black-haired man came out of the shadows. "Phew, made it just in time! You better be more careful, Tsuna. You never know when an enemy attacks." The brunet scratched his head. "Sorry, I was just thinking a bit." Yamamoto laughed heartily at his boss's long face. "Maa, maa. You shouldn't mope around like that. All that matters is that we're both not hurt, right?"

"Yeah… hey, Takeshi?" He scratched the back of his head.


"Will you go to my office? I left Hayato there to rest and he can't fight right now. Can you watch him for me?"

"Sure!" He gave him a thumbs up as he left for the brunet's room. That was when Tsuna noticed that his smile was a bit forced. 'Takeshi, you—' He shook his head. There's no time for lamenting about it, he must find the others.

Tsuna covered his nose and mouth as the smell of iron and blood entered his nostrils upon arriving in one of the living rooms. When he opened the door, he was shocked to see the bodies of his friends.

True to Gokudera's words, he saw the bodies of the girls, Basil, Fuuta, and his parents. They were all charred and had other injuries of their own. He was also surprised to see the 4 inventors of Vongola, with Talbot on the bottom of the pile. Shoichi's body seemed to move.

"W-Who's… t-there?" He asked. Tsuna rushed to his side and held his hand. "Sho, it's me. Don't worry, I'll call the medics for you and treat your wou—"



"No. It's already my time… I won't last long…" Shoichi said, voice a bit raspy. Tsuna looked at him with pitying eyes.

"But we can still treat you and—"

"Tsuna-kun, listen. It's… fault of… Da…" He said as his hand fell limp. Tsuna cried. His friend died right before his eyes. "Shoichi? No… SHOICHI!" He couldn't stop. After wasting a few minutes, he rubbed his eyes and wiped his tears on the sleeve of his dress shirt.

He ran out of the room and straight to the rooftop where he heard more explosions. Along the way, he saw Xanxus, who was shot multiplie times on his chest and head. There was also Squalo, who got his stomach and throat slashed. Bel in a corner was stabbed to death, with Fran by his side who had his eyes gagged out and a big sword on his body. Lussuria's chest caved in, seems like his rib cage was crushed. Levi was fried to death, he was black as charcoal and his eyes all white.

He saw Dino tied up with his whip and his body stretched and bended forcefully, successfully breaking his bones. Kusakabe had his hair cut and throat slit. Romario was beheaded and his body hanging upside down. The Shimon guardians were all beheaded like Romario, strangled, bodies twisted, and chests wide open with a knife on their hearts.

Nono's form was terrible; he had his organs pulled out and he was beheaded. Colonello, Fon, and Lal were shot in the heart and had a knife stuck on their foreheads. Mammon was shot in the chest, eyes, heart, and head. Skull was pinned to a wall, with a spear embedded on his abdomen. Verde was strangled to death, he had marks on his neck. But the most gruesome was Reborn, he was crucified, and torn limb from limb. His body was shot with his arms and legs scattered on the floor. The brunet boss's eyes were wide as saucers. Wasn't Reborn with his other guardians? He got even more worried than before.

A hand got ahold of Tsuna. He swiftly turned around in shock to see Enma covered in blood. "E-Enma, w-what happened?" The red-haired man shook his head before muttering. "I was already too late… me and Gokudera-san went in on the scene. We… saw them getting tortured. The girls protected us that's why they were the ones who got caught and killed." He shuddered when he remembered how cruel the enemies were when they killed his friends.

Tsuna looked down. It was his fault for being careless. "Enma, have you seen the others?" He shook his head. "Maybe they're in the roof." They nodded to each other as they ran.

There was no time to waste. Every second that passed may have been their only way to save the remaining members.

The two of them heard clashing of metal beyond the door to the rooftop. The two bosses kicked the door open. They saw Hibari and Mukuro fighting against some of the masked men. Ryohei was on the side, healing Lambo. Chrome's body was on a corner, her head stabbed. The brunet glanced sadly at Chrome's dead body.

"Is everyone okay?" Tsuna asked.

Ryohei waved at him a little. "We're extremely fine, Sawada." His voice a bit softer. Lambo coughed before he gave a peace sign to Tsuna and Enma. Looks like he's gonna be fine, too.

The door was slammed open again and they saw Yamamoto and Gokudera walk towards them. The three other guardians managed to get rid of the men.

"Yo, everyone! We made it, neh Haya-chan?" Gokudera growled. "Stop calling me that, baseball-freak!" Enma asked them, "What are you guys doing here?"

The swordsman entered his 'serious' mode. "Well, we got chased. I managed to get them off our tracks but…" He glanced at Gokudera. "He said he saw mist gather downstairs. That's why he—" The swordsman paused. "Nufufufu…" A strange laugh resounded in their ears. They looked at Mukuro. "Was that you?" Enma asked. He had a bad feeling it wasn't him, but it doesn't hurt to make sure.

"It wasn't."

Gokudera cleared his throat. "Look!" He pointed at an area where the mist accumulated, just like downstairs.

A man with a melon-shaped hairstyle appeared, holding a deck of cards. "Greetings. It's been a long time isn't it, Sawada Tsunayoshi?"

"Daemon, what the— aren't you supposed to have passed on?" He asked. The said illusionist clutched his forehead lightly as he laughed. "What does your intuition tell you?"

Tsuna frowned. Maybe he shouldn't have shrugged off that nagging feeling he got 10 years ago after he defeated the melon-head. "You're real. Alive and kicking, I may add." He crossed his arms as the others look flabbergasted. They really thought that Daemon moved on to the afterlife.

"What do you want now, Daemon Spade?" Mukuro asked, growling.

"Since Vongola can no longer be reformed into my liking, I decided to make my own Family."

"You don't mean—" Gokudera said hoarsely. The melon-head illusionist laughed. "Your Family has no use for me anymore. The Vongola is simply a group of rejects." He summoned his scythe as his cards floated above him. The 10th generation and Enma readied their weapons.

"Nufufufu, such amusing little pawns you are. Forgive me, for I shall turn this world into a mafia paradise!" He said as the eighth flame lit on his weapon. He charged at them.

"Huh—" Lambo said before he was kicked out of the way (courtesy of Daemon). The illusionist used his flame to weaken them. "Herbivore…" Hibari growled as he tried to stand up, only to fail.

"It's extremely hard to stand up." Ryohei said. The illusionist scoffed.

"Pathetic. If you think I'm gonna finish you off, I won't." Enma raised an eyebrow at this. "You are not worth killing. Instead, I'll make you suffer and drown in your sorrows. After all, you are nothing without the Vongola, Sawada Tsunayoshi." He paused. "Well, I have other allies of yours to take care of so, ciao." As he left, the building shook hard.

Tsuna looked broken as a haunting realization hit him. Daemon's intent on erasing everything and everyone involved with the Vongola and its allied Families. The illusionist blasted them with 12 different kinds of flames before he completely disappeared from view.

"No, not again—" Enma muttered as he fell on his knees. His vision was getting blurry. 'Everyone, sorry… I failed you…' He thought as he closed his eyes. The others fainted because of the fatigue and injuries. That was one heck of an attack.

Tsuna smiled ruefully. As he propped himself to lay on his back, he stuck his hand out in front of him. The brunet stared at his ring. "I wish… that I could change all… of this." He laughed softly, but it was void of emotion. "But, that's impossible, though." The boss grumbled. He's the only one awake, and he couldn't move his body 'cause he took most of Daemon's move.

The VG glowed. His half-lidded eyes widened slightly. 'What the—' A dying will flame came out of it. It was none other than Vongola Primo, Giotto. He bowed. "Forgive me, Decimo. It's my fault why Daemon's like this. I wasn't strong enough to stop him…" The blond helped Tsuna sit up and leaned him on the wall.

"It's okay, Primo. You didn't want any… of this." He glanced at the collapsing door, his friends' unconscious bodies, and the shaking floor. His ancestor closed his eyes solemnly. "As a compensation, I'll… I'll grant your wish." The brunet perked up. Huh?

Giotto sensed his descendant's confusion. "You wished to prevent this from happening, yes?" He nodded. "Well, I'll send you and your friends back in time… my era, to prevent anything that will trigger Daemon's betrayal. That way, all of this," He pointed to the mess. "would never happen."

Decimo smiled hopefully. "So, you're saying that…?" His ancestor smiled. "Yes, please meet my younger self. Change the past to save your future." He paused for a moment. "But do remember this; once you arrive there, you can't go back here in this time."

Tsuna pondered. 'If we stay here, Daemon will probably kill us in the end. On the other hand, if we time-travel, we won't see any of our friends and family but we'll be able to stop this.' He looked determined as he finally thought up of his answer. "I— I'll do it."

"Are you sure?"

He nodded once more. "I am. And if any of them were in my position, they'll agree too." He referred to his dead friends. Giotto smiled at Tsuna's determination. This man before him has an undying resolution, even greater than his own.

The blond disappeared after whispering, "I will send you now, okay? Hang on." The ring glowed even brighter, and his friends' VG (ring for Enma) also did the same. As the building fell down completely, Tsuna and his friends were engulfed by multi-colored flames.

From the ruins of the once mighty establishment, Vongola Primo had a dazed look in his eyes. The image of a brown-haired woman flashed before him.

"You are our last hope, mi amore. Let us pray that this time, things would be different." And he disappeared.

One night, in front of a building stood a woman with silky purple hair as she carried her newborn baby. Her light brown-haired husband was beside her, he was holding their 1 year-old son.

"They're after us, Nagi! If we leave our children here, then we would be able to save them." The man said. "But Fuuta, I don't want to be separated with them. They need us!" Nagi said, crying.

"Nagi, I know how it feels… but for their own good, we'll leave them here. It's better that way." Fuuta said as he laid his son down on the floor. He took his baby girl from Nagi and set her inside a basket. He took out a note and gave it to his son.

"Daemon, I know you'll be hating us for abandoning you and your sister but remember that we will always love you." The man said as he hugged the cerulean-haired kid known as Daemon. He knew that the kid would despise them for getting into this mess without thinking about the consequences.

"Papa, Mama…" Daemon baby-talked. Nagi wiped her tears before shaking her head. "I'm sorry, Dae-kun… it's for the best." They both stood up, knocked on the door and ran away. Young Daemon cried as his parents left. He might not be able to talk fluently, but he understood that his mom and dad left them and will never return; whether they want to or not. It hurts to know that you can't be with your family even if both sides don't want to be separated.

When the door opened, the old woman was surprised to see the 1 year-old kid and the newborn baby. She saw that they were wet from the rain and that the boy was holding a paper. The green-haired matron smiled as she ushered the kid inside and picked up the basket gently.

The woman took the note from the boy. As she read the contents, tears started to pour down on her gentle face. She shook her head before speaking to the child.

"So… you must be Daemon Spade, hm? And this baby girl must be Tsunayume Spade." She smiled. "Hello there, my name is Luce. Nice to meet you!" The elderly woman gave him a bright smile. She was beautiful, despite her old age. The boy blushed in embarrassment before he stuttered. "H-He… llo?" She laughed heartily.

After getting to know each other more, she ushered him to sleep in one of the rooms upstairs. He was roomed with a couple of 2 year-old black-haired and white-haired beauties. There was also an indigo-haired 1 year-old girl with heterochromatic eyes.

Luce brought Tsuna's basket to the nursery room, where there are 3 more baby girls inside. One of them had silver hair and green eyes, the other had black and amber-yellow eyes, and the last one had matching red hair and eyes.

"Have fun with your new friends and family, Tsunayume. Sweet dreams…" She said as she left. Little did she know that each of the babies in the room were wearing strange accessories. A buckle belt for the silverette, a pendant for the black-haired one, and a ring for the brunette and the red-head. The babies giggled in glee.

Oh how hectic their lives would be. Tenth generation, welcome to the mafia orphanage, 'The Lost Hearts'.

Despair and pain overwhelm our beings.

How can we fly with our damaged wings?

Alas, there is still hope in our hands.

The future shall change on our commands.

If you guys noticed, I put up three dead KHR characters. Don't worry/Too bad, this will be the last time that they'll show up. Consider them as their past lives.

Tsuna's new name is obviously Tsunayume, meaning 'bound to dreams' because Tsuna means 'rope' and Yume means 'dreams'. You'll understand why that's the name I chose for him… err, her.

For FuutaxNagi, I couldn't think up of a brown-haired man/guy besides Fuuta and a purple-haired woman/girl besides Nagi or Chrome.

Luce the matron is very kind and is not alive in Tsuna's timeline so I included her, as a senior citizen. She's old so she's gonna die sooner or later.

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