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Chapter 8: Repeating Mistakes

Of the future in the past.

Giotto had arrived where Cozart was. He sighed in relief when he saw a mop of red hair in the distance. 'Thank heavens, he's still alive.'

The blond-haired mafia boss landed on the ground, running towards his friend. "Cozart!"

The Shimon leader was down on one knee, panting, and glaring at the enemy before him. Vongola Primo then turned his attention to the enemy, who appeared to be some sort of wizard or magician. His golden-orange eyes narrowed at the figure. "Who are you and why are you attacking us?"

The wizard, Ginger Bread, had a blank look in his eyes. He twirled his hair in-between his fingers and his grip on the broom tightened. "Name's Ginger Bread, or Granger Bide of the Morte Famiglia. I am also a corpse doll lent to the Morte Cloud Guardian, Lady Lavoun," The hand twirling his hair went to the rim of his hat. He took it off and bowed as a greeting. "and I am here to kill you all on her orders."

He raised the broom on his other hand and waved it across, sending numerous needles and spikes out. This time, his eyes narrowed, and the number of projectiles had increased; and they were now imbued with Sun flames as well. The spikes protruding from the ground grew larger because there were wisps of Cloud flames on them. With the combination of propagation and activation, the process sped up.

Giotto helped Cozart stand up. When he took a closer inspection of the other, he saw many cuts and bruises swelling on the redhead's pale skin. There was also a large gash across his stomach and on his back. "Can you still fight, Cozart? The guy's got you beat."

"Heh, who do you think you're talking to?" He smiled. "I'm a mafia boss, too!"

The Hyper duo shared a grin before turning to the auburn-haired puppet. "Let's do that, just like old times."

"Old times?" Cozart raised an eyebrow. "We used that a few months ago. Don't go senile on me, Giotto."

The blond mock-pouted at him. "You ruined the mood. I was all nostalgic and stuff and you just had to open your snarky mouth."

He shrugged his shoulders. "With the way you talked, you were practically asking me for it."

They quickly ended their banter and lit up their flames. Ginger Bread was momentarily taken aback by the intensity of the two flames that were mixing together, as the pair were stood side by side. The puppet magician's eyes darkened and he stabbed the other end of the broom to the ground, infusing Sun flames to the cracks that formed. The flames were immediately absorbed by the needles around them.

The strength of the flames were too much for the needles and they all shattered. In its place were giant flame-covered spiders. "Go on, my lovelies. Feast on their flesh."

The blond and redhead had their fists out, their gloves slowly illuminating. They continued to punch the spiders away. Some even disintegrated at contact with their own flames. However, despite the fact that his pets were being destroyed, Ginger Bread still had that infuriating smirk on his face.

"That won't do." He wagged his finger. "I'm afraid you've sealed your doomed Fate."

"Don't kid with me," Cozart growled. He was exhausted and his body ached everywhere. "We're going to win. Your pets are almost gone and our Ace is ready to go."

The magician simply raised an eyebrow at him and his smirk widened.

"Let's do this, Giotto!"

"Got it!"

The pair appeared in front of the puppet, taking him by surprise. They held their ground as a large wave of flames erupted from both of their fists. Giotto had his right arm pulled back for a punch. Cozart's was his left. In a split second, they shot out their pulled fists. "Attaco di Combinazione: Cielo del Terra (1)!" Out of their fists, the flames were fired at point-blank range. A flurry of Sky and Earth flames exploded on his face and engulfed him.

Once the smoke cleared, the only thing left of the doll were his tattered clothes and charred remains. Ginger Bread gave them a triumphant grin. "I've… got you…"

Cozart swerved his head to Giotto. "What did he mean by tha—" Threads made of Sun flames appeared all over his body, however, the flames were tainted; impure. The red-haired male collapsed to the ground, twitching and groaning in pain.

"No!" He laid his friend on his lap, glaring at the burned corpse. "W-What did you do to Cozart?"

This wasn't supposed to happen. Why did threads appear on his friend, but none on him.

"Didn't you know, Primo? Impure flames can backfire if it enters one's body." He coughed. "For impure Sun flames, they can act as a poison." Giotto's eyes widened in horror. How come he was unaffected? As if reading his mind, Ginger Bread decided to answer him.

"Sun flames are one of the seven flames of the Sky. You possess Sky flames, which countered the impure, lower-tiered ones."

"Why… are you answering me? Aren't you… my enemy?"

The doll snorted. "It's the least I could do for someone… who's comrade died… by my own hands…" The revived corpse collapsed, his remains turning into ashes. 'Master Alejandro…'

"He's not dead, yet!" Giotto yelled at the pile of ashes in frustration. He carried his beaten friend. "Cozart, please, hang on!"

Tsuna stroked Emma's hair as the red-haired girl laid on the bed. The brunette had managed to bring her friend to a local clinic. She had some nasty bruises, but nothing too serious. The ring on her finger suddenly clicked. She felt a Guardian's presence nearby. Mist flames covered them.

"Ah, Mikuro." She smiled. "What's wrong? Is everyone okay?"

The indigo-haired illusionist crossed her arms, her usual smirk plastered on her face. There was something different about her aura, though. "Kufufufu, what do you think of me… a babysitter?" She turned her head away. "Bermuda has called for you, for us."

She stood up straight. "What?!" What did they want this time?

Mikuro shook her head and told her what the Keepers of the Mafia Law had told her. Though she despised being treated like a petty messenger, this really wasn't the time to be prissy and being high-and-mighty.

Moments after, the Mist Guardian left Tsuna to think about what had transpired. She ran a hand through her hair, clearly agitated by the turn of the events. They were in so much trouble.

"Ah, what am I going to do?!" She tussled her locks in dissatisfaction. Now what?


The red-haired advisor woke up because of her previous outburst. Tsuna scratched the back of her head sheepishly. "Sorry for waking you up, Emma."

She smiled softly at her friend. "It's okay." Emma clasped the brunette's hands in her own. "So tell me what's wrong? I heard you saying that you didn't know what to do."

"You see…" How was she going to explain this to her friend? Worrying about Giotto and Cozart was enough to stress her, and this one's proving to be a bigger nuisance. She sighed. There was no way out of this. The ex-Shimon Decimo would learn about it, one way or another.

"Emma, the crystals… they're gone…"

Mikuro gritted her teeth as she stared at the Vindice member in incredulity. "Would you repeat that again, you damn mafioso?" Honestly, she had never felt this angry before— not when Chrome had been endangered several times; not when Ken and Chikusa had been harmed; not even when her plans for mafia destruction had been fully thwarted.

"The owner of the crystals will be determined by the Curse Battles."

These fools had received the memories of their future selves, not to mention that they already knew how that would turn out. Why are they bringing it back? Have they not learned from experience? Or was it because the curse had yet to be broken that Bermuda could not bring himself to care?

"A Representative War? You're fucking insane!"

She had never outright lashed in front of someone.

"This is the best solution, Mikuro Rokudo," The baby informed as he floated above his trusted subordinate, Jager.

She clenched her fists. "Still, this was uncalled for. Even if I had previously tried to dominate the underworld, I'd never attempt something like this."

"You and I both know that the seven crystals—the very sins of the original Arcobaleno in stone form—are the tainted equivalents of Trinisette." The Vindice's boss gazed straight at the Mist guardian's heterochromatic eyes. "Therefore, we have no authority over it. If we claim it under the pretense of a Representative War, we could by-pass the laws of Trinisette that Sepira and the others had placed on the fragments."

"This is the only option, then?"

The baby nodded. "Unless you are willing to sacrifice not only your lives, but also including the other bearer's souls, then I suggest to claim it in battle. Besides, that Morte already found a loophole in Trinisette's laws— something that we can't achieve in so little time."

Jager decided to speak up. "It also seems that the Morte Family has gotten their hands on all Seven Capital Sins."

Mikuro crossed her arms. "You are going to summon the spirits of the Arcobaleno?"

"No, we will not," The mafioso interjected. "As bearers of Trinisette, that is your duty."

Alaude watched Hibari rampaged, chasing after a blond-haired male wearing a crown. He was sitting on a flame-powered throne that floated in midair. He had a condescending smirk on his face as the ravenette lunged to attack him. Intense purple flames covered her tonfas as it gleamed dangerously. Her hair shadowed her eyes. Waves of bloodlust was rolling off of her.

Meanwhile, the blond's butler, an elderly man, lit Rain flames. The French man raised an eyebrow as the other brought out a blue box of sorts and slammed the flame-covered ring onto the hole on top of it. With a bright flash of light, the box opened. A giant elephant with Rain flames on its feet appeared out of nowhere. It wasn't hard to put two-and-two together. It was obvious that the animal came from the small thing, but how? It intrigued the Cloud guardian.

"My Rain Elephants aren't to be taken lightly!" The man exclaimed. Rain Elephants? Well, that certainly explained the flames on the animal, but the French male was still confused of how a living being (besides humans) can have Dying Will Flames. It was supposed to be… impossible.

He brought out his handcuffs and twirled them around his fingers. He used his flames to extend the chains and leaped upwards to join the battle. In one fell swoop, the elephant was brought down and it burst into flames. The butler 'tch'-ed before opening an entire belt of blue boxes, making a dozen or so elephants appear.

Primo's Cloud guardian smirked at the sight and he started to twirl his handcuffs again. At each entire spin his weapons made, the numbers were doubled until he had four pairs on his hands.


Alaude's head swerved to the side, only to see a… ball of spikes. He raised an eyebrow at it. After staring at the purple sphere, he heard Hibari's voice from above. He looked up and saw the ravenette standing on another purple sphere.



The purple sphere in front of Alaude rotated to reveal the body of a hedgehog which was previously hiding itself underneath its massive form. It was then that the French noticed a small purple flame flickering on the topmost spike on the animal's body. So his future wife (not that she knew that) had one of the flame-wielding animals, too. A slight, microscopic blush appeared on his face as he focused on the sight of Roll. It was really, really cute.

Meanwhile, Hibari struck forward and Israel smirked at her, sending red-flamed bats towards his assailant. The disciplinarian backflipped to evade the range of the supersonic vibrations. Because of that, only a few cuts marred her porcelain skin.

The blond-haired man laughed. "Usheshesheshe, I knew that red always suited you."

"Hmph." The raven-haired girl used that moment to extend the chains of her tonfas to attack him. Israel's smile froze before the ends connected with his body, sending him flying a few meters back. He concentrated Storm flames on his feet to maintain balance (and dignity) subsequent to being knocked off his post.

He raised his hands and sent knives and wires to the prefect, in which she blocked by spinning her chains. She lunged and metal met metal. There were a series of sparks coming from the clash between Hibari's tonfas and Israel's sturdy knives. In that moment, the wind blew the blond's bangs to reveal blood-red eyes. Her steel-gray eyes narrowed at the sight.

Those were the same eyes that caught her attention in the first place.

Those were the same eyes that had drawn her towards him.

It was those same damn eyes that enabled her to see his potential and train him to become strong.

With her Cloud flames became more intense than ever, even her eyes flickered purple in a second— which did not go unnoticed under Israel's scrutiny. The former Millefiore's fake Storm Funeral Wreath always knew that Oracion's Cloud guardian had been special, especially since she was a descendant of the original Cloud Arcobaleno: a Japanese female martial artist named Yumeji Hibari.

If Tsunayume and Giotto's Sky flames were the purest amongst all Skies, Hibari's was the one for the Clouds.

"Rasiel," She growled out his name between gritted teeth. "For betraying the Oracion Family, assaulting the herbivores, and disobeying my orders, I will bite you to death."

At that exact second, black flames appeared between them. A large man wrapped in bandages and donned a tattered cloak came. Chains rattled as he took a step forward. It was a member of Vindice's elite circle.

Hibari paused in her assault. What did these people want now?

The blond took the opportunity to wave at her before snapping his fingers, making the butler rejoin his side. His throne suddenly returned and he sat on it. "Did I prove my worth, Sen-sei~?"

Memories of the past flashed in her mind.

Kyona Hibari stared at the blond-haired boy in front of her. He had a large smile on his face as he played with a knife. She then directed her gaze towards her most loyal subordinate, a Japanese boy named Tetsuya Kusakabe. The black-haired kid stared back at her.

"So this is the new recruit?" She raised an eyebrow. There was certainly something unnerving and familiar about the blond, but she could not remember it (not much of a surprise, since Hibari never met Rasiel in their TYL adventure).

"Yes, Kyo-san," Since Kusakabe was straight out from Japan (and to add the fact that his caretakers were mostly Japanese), he had adapted the use of honorifics even in addressing Italians. It was a habit he couldn't get rid off.

"Hm…" She circled the blond, her gaze cold and predatory. The boy was about her age, or maybe older, and he definitely had the form of a formidable fighter; yet a herbivore, nonetheless. She can't deny his potential to become a strong opponent one day, but his aura screamed 'authority' and if there was something the Cloud guardian hated more than rule-breakers, it would be dogs who don't know their place.

She would not hand her throne to anyone.

Her words were absolute.

Everyone must follow accordingly.

"You are ready to serve Oracion, then?" The blond's smirk widened.

"Ushesheshe, I am better than any brat out there for I am a king; and a king's words are absolute."

That just didn't do, therefore, she would make him learn that he belongs in the bottom of the food chain— the hard way.

She brought out her trusty tonfas; which had been newly-polished, too. There was nothing better than to stain her beautiful silver weapons in deep red. A carnivorous grin was etched on her lips.

"Prepare for hell, herbivore."

"How did I do, Kyona~?"

"I guess you are the best herbivore I taught."

"What?! I'm your only student!"

Eventually, Rasiel had proved to be a great student. It would not be long until he caught up with her. He not only had the potential, he also had the determination to become stronger— stronger than anyone. Hibari would not admit it, but he made her proud as his mentor.

And one day, when she was about to give him his last trial, she left their base for a few days to prepare for her student's 'graduation'. He was done, after all. The ravenette had taught him everything she knew in combat. It was all up to the blond-haired male now.

They would face each other one-on-one.

But during the time she left, she had no idea on what would transpire.

Maybe it had been her age, maybe it had been because she was reborn, or maybe it had been because she had not experienced anything drastic and dangerous that she became completely and utterly naive; that she didn't doubt him at all.

The others didn't say anything, especially since the omnivore's Hyper Intuition had yet to be awaken; courtesy of the fact that she's no longer related to Giotto and that she hasn't reached the age where she had first awakened the ability.

The thought never came up.

It never crossed her mind that Rasiel came to her to infiltrate them and bring their downfall.

It was a mistake she would never have committed in her past life.

It was a regret that she would take to her grave.

"Herbivore, it is time for your last test."

Hibari opened the gate to their training area, which was an entire building next to their base of operations. It was previously abandoned and she had taken it upon herself to take over and renovate the place.

She had been expecting to see Rasiel playing with knives, not this.

In front of her were the children of the orphanage, tied up and gagged; every single one was knocked out and had numerous bruises on their skin. Fresh knife cuts adorned them, making their bodies a bloodied mess. Thankfully, they were still alive— judging by their shallow breathing and the faint rising of their chests.

"Hello, lovely teacher of mine~," A voice echoed from the darkness. "It was fun to see them writhe in pain and agony as I ripped their skins, ushesheshe."

"Come out of your hiding place, brat," Her eyes were filled with malice. She brought out her tonfas, hearing the slight whizz of the wind. In a flash, she deflected a knife that was aimed for her cheek. She lit up her Cloud bracelet and summoned her hedgehog.

"Roll." With a small squeak, the animal hopped from her palm and propagated, taking up every inch of space in the room, sans the kids' spots and her own. Still, the self-proclaimed king's laugh rang out. Somewhere in the shadows, the blond's grin stretched across his entire face.

"Jackpot, ushesheshe." In that moment, pink petals appeared in the area.

Even if they had been reborn in a new body, any of their strengths would be transferred. That involves their weaknesses. However, their bodies would subconsciously be holding them down because they lack the experiences they had in their past lives.

Hibari's eyes widened at the sight of the falling cherryblossoms.

Damn that herbivorous brat—!

Her vision blurred.

Her breathing became uneven.

And all of a sudden, she collapsed to the ground; completely under Rasiel's mercy.

"I'm sure that Master Morte would be happy after I send you and those other pathetic peasants on his wedding day~. Your boss, Tsunayume, was it? She had an interesting power. I wouldn't mind if I had it for myself." His Cheshire grin unwavering, he revealed his hiding place and crouched in front of the Cloud guardian. "I wonder what she would look like if she drowned in her own blood, ushesheshe." He licked his knife in anticipation.

Hibari's world became black. 'Omnivore… Tsunayume…'

At his words, Hibari's face was not void of emotion as it usually was. Instead, pure rage and hatred was her current expression. In a sudden bout of anger after being reminded of the past, her eyes turned wholly purple. This time, Alaude and Rasiel's servant noticed the change.

Before she could do anything, however, the pair were covered in Mist flames.

"We'll face each other in battle, my love."

Alaude approached her silently and handed her a hankerchief. It was then that Hibari saw her reflection in a store's window and noticed how filthy she looked. Huffing, she grabbed the hanky in record speed and looked away. Her cheeks were slightly tinged in pink as she wiped the dirt from her face.

"You are an eyesore."

The French male sighed in understanding and hid a knowing smile. He knew she appreciated his help.

Blanc and Vert held each other's hands as they glanced at the man who broke into their mindscape. It should've been normally impossible for anyone, who is not a bearer of Trinisette, to enter their barrier. However, their musings were answered when they saw the tainted gleam of a green crystal underneath the man's robes.

"No, it has finally started." The girl murmured. Her eyes swept on the man's figure, but could not make out his features in the darkness. For some reason, mist gathered in her eyes whenever she tried to take a peek at the man's face.

Out of the blue, the man pulled Vert's arm; successfully yanking her away from her friend's grasp. When he did so, rings fell from the girl's dress. They were all shining the seven colors of the rainbow. The mysterious man smirked before picking up the one with the biggest wing design— the ring with the orange stone. He snorted before throwing it harshly back to the ground.

"You think those Mare rings are useful? Heh, those toys are nothin' compared to Arcobaleno's sins!"

How did he know about that?! And then he realized what was going to happen.

The Morte Family made its move after three generations of silence.

They were going to throw away every bit of humanity and forsake their very existence in the name of vengeance.

Blanc, the boy, felt threatened. He could not use his powers to determine who their attacker was. "Who the hell are you?" He never lost his cool, but just this once, he'd throw away any form of self-restraint to protect his best friend.

"The name's Neulfim Roudchilmden." The man guffawed before laughing. "They call me the Top Lancer!"

He tossed Vert to the other end of the barrier. The boy yelled, "YUNI!"

"B-Bya… kuran," She whispered. "Sepira's prediction… it's taking place…"

Blanc, now revealed to be Byakuran, ran to her side and checked on her. He sighed in relief when she was not injured in any way and was only breathless because she had been treated like a rag doll.

They turned to stare at Neulfim, who disappeared from his spot, a hint of mist left in their wake.

"Yuni-chan, Sepira-chan predicted that she, along with the other Arcobaleno, would pay for the sins they've committed, won't they?" The green-haired girl closed her eyes and laid her head on the albino's lap.

"Yes. Checkerface knows this, too."

Malfe crossed his arms as he watched Abbine pace along the room, a maniacal grin plastered on his face. It unnerved him to see the other so giddy. They may be allies but the other never ceased to make him feel bothered when he was scheming. The man mentally evaluated their plans and next moves. 'We are doing this for her. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't be saved.' He glanced at his boss. 'And neither would be Abbine.'

A woman with soft hazel brown hair flashed in his mind, holding hands with his master. She had a soft smile on her face as she called out his name, waving gently at him. "Signore Macifello, come, come! Don Abbine and I are having a picnic, would you like to join us?"

"Of course, Lady de la Stella. I'd love to have tea and brioche with you and my dearest boss."

Since the woman had entered their lives, everything had been bright and cheerful. Abbine's smile never left his face and Macifello had been happy to have a sister-figure. You could see the love between his master and the lady, as well as their strong bonds as family.

Sweet, innocent laughter rang across the backyard that day.

In an instant, the happy scenario turned for the worse.



Lady de la Stella.


The body of a hazel brown-haired woman was lying on ground, soaked in her own blood. Lifeless eyes stared back at a horrified Macifello and a shell-shocked Abbine. On the sight of his dead lover, his master's despaired look morphed into one of pure hatred.

Rainbow-colored flames surrounded the room, but he paid no heed to it.

There was a broken pacifier on the floor.

Malfe sighed at the memories. He certainly missed the carefree young woman, but there was nothing they could do to change the past; not when the woman they treasured the most had been killed for the sake of preserving the laws of Trinisette. 'Still…'

"Abbine, I think you've gone too far." He ran a hand on his wavy, light-green-bordering-white hair. "If you go along with this, then Lady de la Stella would end up dead; again."

His boss paused at that.

"You've got it all wrong. She is different from the one who is alive right now. I am not the one she holds precious, and neither do I see her that way. To me, the woman I loved is dead and all I can do is avenge her pride and name."

His cousin pursed his lips at that statement. Abbine was losing sight of rationality.

"There's no need to involve my sister-figure. We shouldn't involve her in the plan. What we did to Oracion, Vongola, and Shimon should be enough—" He tried to place a hand on the older man's shoulder.

Abbine slapped his hand away.

"No, this is just the start of my revenge."

G and Gokudera impassively stared at the member of Vindice in front of them. They were having a shooting range contest when black flames appeared out of nowhere and the people stopped, literally. It was as if their time had been halted in that moment.

They would never forget the Vindice's parting words.

"The Seven Capital Sins have been unleashed—"

'Tenth, this time…'

"—and the Morte Family has taken them. To give a fair chance to the other bearers of Trinisette—"

Asari and Yamamoto looked up from their spot. The pair had stayed in a nearby coffee shop after an exhausting day of no work and all play. The amber-eyed female's brows were furrowed; her grasp on the teacup became rigid at the announcement. Sorrow and pain from the past flickered in her eyes.




The hyperactive duo were currently lying down on the soft grass, watching the sunset. It had been before noon when they arrived here. Time passed by quickly as they rested after enjoying themselves in the festival.

"—we have decided to conduct a Representative War—"

Black flames clouded the orange-tinted sky and the Oracion Sun guardian could not help but sense that something bad would happen in the future.

'Sawada, as your big sister…'

"Yare, yare. This is going to be troublesome."

"—to choose who are the rightful owners of the Arcobaleno's sins."

Lambi sucked on her lollipop as she continued to ignore the shaking Lampo beside her. The green-haired teen followed her to the candy shop when all of a sudden, they found themselves in the middle of nothingness; a Vindice member looming over them.

'Tsuna-nee, even if I'm a crybaby…'

Seven lights glimmered in the sky.

Seven flames burned ever so brightly.

Seven resolutions hardened by life's trials.

A prayer of hope binds them together.

The sea, the clam, the rainbow.

The sky, the ocean, the earth.

One sky, one destiny, one ending.

A path set in stone, a path yet to be made, a path never before seen.

Black, white, and gray.

Which would they choose, I wonder?

'I will definitely protect you, without fail!'

The hidden skies have become silent.

Their poems are no longer heard.

"Please, save us."

(1) Attaco di Combinazione: Cielo del Terra = Combination Attack: Sky and Earth

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Meh. Instead of the next chappie's preview, I'll post a preview of my future two-shot (or three) for KHR~! This is a glimpse of A Bachelor's Tale

"Reborn, how many times do I have to tell you? I don't want a wife."

"Dame-Tsuna, you may not want a wife, but you definitely need one."

"I don't want to engage in a loveless marriage."

"Stop being a whiny brat. Besides, I think you'll get along just fine with the next candidate."

"I sure hope so."

"Stupid student of mine, you and your idiots for guardians will get married even if it's the last thing I do."


"No one messes with the Number 1 Hitman in the World. No one."

"Err, Reborn? Did you say something?"

"Just sign your papers before you start shitting bullets after I'm done with you."



"Are you sure about this, Reborn? Won't he freak out once he sees me?"

"Tch, you're just like that idiot student of mine. No wonder he's that way."

"Don't be so mean. Honestly, I feel like a craddle-robber, dressing up and trying to woo him."

"Che. And you're the one who begged me for help to make sure you bed that moron. Don't let my efforts go to waste, woman."


"Hmph. Birds of a feather do flock together."


"Reborn-san, do we really need to find our 'special someones'? I think it's unnecessary for us to put any effort because it would be easy, especially for the Tenth and his charms."

"Hahaha, I completely agree with you 'Dera. It's easy for us to find love, but I wonder why we're still single. And Tsuna's charms? Your inner fanboy is showing again."

"Why, you, baseball-freak—!"

"Yamamoto is extremely right, and I don't understand why Hana broke up with me, either. Oh, Lambo's extremely picking his nose again!

"Ugh! As to be expected from an ill-mannered brat. That's why he's still single since birth."

"Who're you calling ill-mannered brat, Bakadera? I'll have you know that I dated I-pin in our middle school days. Here, take this!"

"You ask me why I called you a brat? You got your snot stuck on my hair!"

"Don't be such a girl, Octopus-head. Here, let me extremely help!"


"Dera's face is all funny, scrunched up like that!"

"Kufufufu~, how immature. As to be expected from inexperienced bachelors."

"Knock it off! And you, Pineapple-head. Go all pedo-bear somewhere else!"

"Oh, is the puppy actually backtalking to me? I didn't think you had the guts."

"For disturbing the peace and insulting my mating capabilities, I'll bite you all to death."

"And here you all wonder why you don't have girlfriends yet."


There! I've finished it. Hope you guys like it~! There are no OCs, I assure you. There would be NO romance between the 10th generation and the KHR girls (Kyoko, Haru, Hana, and Chrome).