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Chapter 1: The end… or the beginning?

"I love you," was all Spyro heard as he pulled the world back together. In a flash of purple light the world was back to normal.

Spyro and Cynder where flying and playing just enjoying each others company. They landed on a hill but Spyro landed too hard and they went rolling down

the hill, laughing. When they stopped rolling Spyro was on top of Cynder and they laughed for a moment until Spyro looked at Cynder. "Wow, you are so

beautiful Cyn." He said. Cynder blushed and licked his cheek. "You're so sweet and handsome Spyro. I want to be with you forever" she said. Spyro looked

at her and said, "I love you," and kissed her on the lips. When they broke for air Cynder said, "I love you to Spyro and I have been waiting for that kiss for a

long time," she said as she ran her tail blade under his chin seductively and kissed him back. They kissed for about 10 minutes breaking for air every now

and then. "Come on my purple lover. Let's go find a cave to rest for the night now that we have all the time to ourselves since Malefor is gone." So the

couple flew until they found a cave and the lit a fire and fell asleep almost instantly.

In the chronicler's library

"So that is what has become of you young dragons. Well I wish you lead happy lives but I'm afraid that won't happen until you're older. Darkness is coming

back and it may be worse than Malefor. I will see both of you soon young dragons…"

Back with Spyro and Cynder

Spyro awoke feeling something soft and warm beside him. He looked a Cynder's sleeping form. He marveled at how beautiful she was when the sun shined

on her. He couldn't help himself so he leaned down and gave Cynder a kiss. She woke up and looked at him. He blushes and looked away. Cynder chuckled,

"Spyro if you wanted a kiss all you had to do was ask," and turned his head towards her and kisses him. He smiled and nuzzled her neck. "So, are we

mates now?" Cynder asked. Spyro blushed, "W-well I g-guess so C-Cynder," He stammered. She squealed and jumped on him and gave him kisses non

stop. Suddenly they heard laughing and looked up. A silhouette of a figure was at the cave entrance but they didn't know who he was because the sun was

behind him but his voice sounded familiar. The stranger walked closer and pulled down his hood. "I was wondering when you two would finally get

together," he laughed. "Hunter!" both dragons exclaimed as they jumped up and landed on him. "It's good to… see you too… guys," he managed to say as

they were crushing him. The pair backed off and helped Hunter up. "Hunter, what are you doing here?" Spyro asked. Hunter sits down by the ashes of the

fire from last night. "Well I was hunting at first until I heard noises from this cave and I wondered if something was going on when I heard your squeal

Cynder," Cynder blushed and looked at Spyro like it was his fault, "So I came to check it out and I found you guys or The Saviors as I should say." He

smirked. "But I am really glad that ya'll are alive. I had a feeling that ya'll would come out alive. But don't you think you should head back to Warfang now?"

Hunter said. Spyro looked at Cynder then looked back at Hunter. "Actually we just want to live in peace for a few weeks or a month. Maybe more but after

what happened we just want some peace and quiet for a little while, you won't tell anyone will you Hunter?" Spyro asked with pleading eyes. "Of course

not Spyro. You secret is safe with me but I hope you don't mind if I visit you often," He said as he pulled his hood back up. "Your welcome here anytime

Hunter," Cynder said. "Thank you and if you're hungry there are 2 dear outside. No need to repay me I can just get another one." Hunter walked out the

cave and into the forest. Spyro got the 2 deer and brought them inside the cave and they ate. Cynder curled up next to Spyro as he put his wing over her.

They sat in silence just enjoying each other's company and the sounds of the forest. Cynder leaned up to Spyros ear and whispered, "Follow me purple boy.

You have to repay me for throwing me in the water that one time," Cynder said seductively as she walked towards the back of the cave were there was no

light. Spyro gulped and followed her.


Two dragons were lounging peacefully by a tree and pond. One was a middle aged dragon. He was blue with a tint of yellow; his horns were yellow and

had blue streaks running in them. He was curled up with his wing draped over a pretty silver dragoness. She was silver with smoke colored horns and

wings. She had her head against the other dragons head dozing off. He smiled at her and licked her cheek. She blushed and kissed him. He chuckled, "You

always do something different don't you Nira?" Nira smirked. "Of course but you love me so does it really matter?" She asked with that innocent smile. He

just put his head next to hers and closed his eyes not bothering to reply. They stayed like this for about an hour until a crimson color dragoness walked

over to them. She laughed at the sight of her best friend. She was a little down at the sight since she was River's first love but she is over it now because

she knows that there is someone out there for her. She looked at Nira. Nira didn't like her that much but she was ok with April. She walked up to River and

after giving it some thought she planted a small kiss on his snout. He jumped up and got in a battle stance and looked around in panic. He saw April rolling

around on the ground laughing her head off. He breathed a sigh of relief then zapped April with a very low power shock. She gave a yelp of surprise and

glared at River, rubbing her bottom. "Gerrr, I'm going to get you," April said as she jumped at River. They hit the grass and rolled back and forth as Nira

stretched and watched the two toss and play. Suddenly something crashed into the lake making a huge splash dousing the 3 dragons. April hissed since

she hated being wet. River ran to the water and looked then jumped in. A few seconds later he pulled out a white dragon. He was on the verge of

consciousness and gasping for air. Nira looked up at the sky and saw a large black dragon flying away. River was asking the white dragon for his name and

finally he got out one word before passing out. He said, "White," and passed out. "Nira, April go warn the guardians and tell them of the black dragon that

you saw Nira. I will carry White back to the temple. Now go," The females took off and River put White on his back. He sighed and looked towards the sky.

"Spyro, Cynder where are you? I know you are alive but where are you?" He said out loud. Then he took off towards the temple, thinking about the two saviors.

Spyro awoke with a yawn. He found out that he was on top of something soft and comfortable. He just shrugged and snuggled closer to the softness. That

was when he felt a tail wrap around his did he open his eyes to find he was on top of Cynder, and she was wide awake looking at him with her bright green

eyes. He blushed and was about to get off when she said, "No Spyro, I want to have a little more fun before we get up." She giggled. So, 2 hours later the

couple finally walks outside the cave. He looked at his lover and smiled. "So my love what do you want to do today?" Spyro asked. "Let's explore and maybe

clean up the cave a little." Spyro and Cynder walked into the forest to explore and hunt. By midday they had alright had lunch and were about to go back to

the cave when Spyro hurt something rustle in the bushes. He spun around and let loose a torrent of fire. The whole bush caught fire and burned up in a

matter of seconds leaving a startled light blue dragoness cowering. Spyro immediately apologized and bent down and beckoned for the dragoness to come

to him. She stood up and ran towards Spyro and wrapped her arms around him and hugged him while crying. He soothed her and carried the terrified

dragoness back to the cave. After a few hours of calming her down they finally got her to speak. "What is you name?" Cynder asked doing her best to

sound nice and caring but on the inside she was pissed. How dare she do that to my Spyro! He is mine and nobody will take him but if she tries to kiss him she

will be dead meat in a bloody heartbeat!, Cynder roared in her mind. "M-my name I-is C-crystal," she said in between sobs. "I'm y-your sis-sister S-Spyro," She

said and fell on Spyro again balling her eyes out. He calmed her again and asked, "Why were you following us?" He asked. "B-because my mate, White, has

been taken by Malefor's elite soldiers and I need your help to get him back please!" She begged Spyro. "If you really are my sister then the guardians have

some explaining to do and they will when we get there. I guess we can't have our little time of peace Cynder," Spyro said disappointed. Cynder nuzzled him

and said, "I already got my time for a little peace." And kissed him. Crystal shot up when she kissed Spyro and said, "Cynder? The Cynder? The Terror Of

The Skies Cynder?" She yelled and back up. "You don't understand Crystal. Cynder was controlled by Malefor against her will she did none of those things

Malefor made her. Also she is my mate and please do not do that again, sister or not." Spyro said a little forcefully. He looked at the sky and said, "well we

had best get our sleep if we are going to get to Warfang by noon tomorrow," He said as he curled up with Cynder. He beckoned Crystal to come and cuddle

up with him also. It was a sight to see. Cynder was on his left and Crystal on his right. Just before he fell asleep Cynder whispered to Spyro low enough to

where Crystal didn't here, "I think I'm going to get pregnant Spyro from all our playing around. You might become a dad my purple savior," she said and kiss

Spyro. She slides her tongue into his mouth and explores it for a minute before taking it out. A dazed Spyro said, "Wow," before falling asleep. Cynder

giggled and fell asleep also. Crystal smiled because she saw the whole thing. So Spyro fell in love with Cynder huh? She was a good choice for him I hope.

Watching them makes me miss White, she thought before falling asleep.

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