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Chapter 7: Some things are better left unsaid

"Our job is never done is it?" Spyro sighed. "Nope," Cynder grinned. "Let's get this over with already, she's making my head hurt," Spyro groaned.

Cynder glanced back as Kate got up. "I. WILL. KILL. YOU." She roared. Spyro laughed. "We took our Malefor remember? If we can kill him, we can kill

you," He said. Kate grinned, "We'll see about that." She took out a black crystal, sparkling with energy. "Malefor may have been a purple dragon, but

he perfected a crystal that can take away one's powers. I took White's and now I will use them," She laughed an evil laugh that those villains do in

movies. She stabbed the crystal into her arm and watch as the energy flew into her. She grinned and licked her lips, satisfied as the last energy

dripped out. "Now who's got the advantage," She roared as she tried to spit a shadow ball at them. Nothing happened. Confused, she tried again. As

last time, nothing happened. Spyro grinned, "Guess we still got the advantage." He charged at her first, just as he reached her, she, well basically

exploded in front of him a ball of shadow. He was knocked away and into Cynder. Once they recovered and looked up, Kate was gone. Only a small fire

was left in her presence. "Huh, guess all those elements overpowered her and she exploded," He said sheepishly. Cynder grunted and pushed him off

of her. "Next time, get your fat rump off me, and then speak." She said as she got up. Spyro spun and tried looking at his rump, and looked at her with

puppy dog eyes. "I-is it really fat?" He pouted. "Of course not my love, just very large," She giggled as he grunted. "Guess we should check on

everyone else then?" She asked. "Might as well," Spyro shrugged and started walking back to the temple. Unknown to them, the crystal Kate dropped

started to sink into the ground. Going far beneath the surface, a black circle appeared where it sunk. No one noticed as it blended in with the rest of

the scorched and burnt land around it.

"Man, your always injured Riv." Spyro said as he walked in the infirmary. River snorted. "Please, I had way more injuries at the Academy than these,

although this is the first time I broke a limp since I tried to jump off the roof there." He chuckled, moving he broken arm around. "Why would you do

that?" Cynder asked. "Tried to run away, but the old Hermit was sittin' there waitin' for me. Said next time I should try to run and then jump," He

laughed now. "Well I take it everything is safe and sound?" A voice boomed from the door. River cringed, "Damn old man, I swear one day your going

to make my ear fall off," He said to Terrador as he walked in. "I'll do more than that young one," He chuckled. "I'll do more to him first if he doesn't start

taking more care of himself," Nira snapped, obviously pissed. "Won't be the first time you tried to kill me," He said to her. "Won't be the last either," She

glared. He chuckled nervously, "So where are the others?" He asked Terrador, changing the subject. "Ride here," Cyril said, as he and the others

walked in. "So what happened to you? Fall down the steps?" White laughed hard. "Nope, bone giant, a big old doozy. But Ice Giants are worse." He

said. "Oh really?" Spyro said. "Never would have guessed," He chuckled remembering the time He and Cynder were in Dante's freezer. "Well when your

10 they are," River snorted. "You fought one when you were 10?!" White said. "Yeah, back at the Academy, the Hermit had me fight them. Said I

needed to get used to sneaking up on people bigger than me," River said. "Why would you need that?" Crystal questioned. River smiled, "Nira, get my

blades please," He said as she went to get his hidden blade. "Might as well sit down, don't think all of you have heard this story," He said, nodding to

the Guardians. Nira came back with two arm braces. She handed them to River as he strapped them on. He flexed his hand and a hidden blade slide

out with a shreeck. He flicked off a piece of dried blood. "Remind me to clean these please," He said to Nira. "Fancy," White said. "Ain't anything special,

just an Assassins main weapon," He grinned. White laughed, "You? An assassin? That's hard to believe," White said. "Believe it. I ranked up in just a

month, became an élite at age 14. One of the best if I do say so," He grinned. "But those were the fun times, not the hardships I had to go through to

get there." He grimaced. "Wait you said fun times? You mean you enjoyed killing innocent dragons?" Crystal said, shocked. "At first yes, it was a thrill.

And innocent? You mean to tell me that killing a dragon that sold female cheetahs as sex slaves is innocent? Or a panther that killed children because

he wanted to set an example? I don't think they are. So they had to be killed." He said grimly. "It was painful, mentally and physically. I was orphaned

at a young age with my brother and his wife. I had family in the Corps that took us in and trained us. I was supposed to be killed for my father's crimes,

but that's a different story. The main thing is, is that I am grateful for it all because it has helped me survive." River said, looking away. "Are you still an

active member?" Cyril said. River shook his head. "No, I haven't for years now. The last mission I did was what stopped me." He said with a sad sigh.

"What happened? Missed a kill?" White snickered. River looked at him. "Much worse than that, I'm afraid. We went in with one goal. Take out the

Shadow Guard Captain," He said as Volteer interrupted him. "Wait wait wait, you mean to tell me that you were responsible for the downfall of the

Shadow Guard?" He said at amazing speed. River nodded. "Yes. We took out the most Elite of the Elite. It was no easy feat though, and it came with a

very big price." He said. "What happened?" Cynder said. River sighed and was silent for a moment. "Well," He said finally, "We had a recruit. Name was

Ice Pick, but we called him X. He was good, a little too good. Ranked up fast like me, The Hermit was proud. Until we found him snooping around out

files. Next day, he vanished. Months later, the Shadow Guard rose up in full power. We started loosing members. We knew it was X. So The Hermit sent

us in. Me, Talon, and Valor. Just us three. Valor took down multiple Guards, until he was caught with an arrow to the throat. Went back later and found

out how it got him, seeing as our armor should have stopped it. His was cracked from wear and tear, never replaced it. Anyways, I and Talon fought on.

He was my buddy, in rank and style. Friends from day one, even though he was older. I trusted him with my life. When we found the room to the

Captain, Talon stopped and told me this. "No matter what happens, you'll always be my brother in arms." I didn't understand at first, until we went in. I

saw X, and I was pissed. I wanted to just throttle him right there. Until I saw he was dead. You see, X was just a pawn on the board. Talon was the

mastermind. I felt his blade up against my neck. I asked why, why did he do this to us. He gave a sob story about how the Hermit cheated him. I didn't

care. I was to far gone to care. I managed to rip free and we fought. I pinned him and, with tears rolling down my eyes, I killed him. I killed my brother

in arms and I felt sick. From then on I never wanted to kill another person again. Until the Hermit appeared. Said it was the final test. Said I was ready

to become a true assassin and take over the Corps. You know what I said? I stood up and looked at him and said, "Old man, you trained me well. But

this, this is the last straw. I'm done forever. Fuck you, and fuck this." So I left. Never went back. Full of regrets, yes. But I'll live." River sighed, finishing

his story. "Years later, I finally went back on my mission. But I didn't go back in. Hermit said that he retired, so I was happy." River said, lying on his

back. Silence filled the room for a moment. "Why didn't you kill him?" Cyril said. River looked at him. "Despite all the hate I felt at that moment, I couldn't

bring myself to. He trained me, showed me what my father did. Hell, he even gave me back his old blade that he used in the first dragon war." River

said, showing them the inscription inside the brace. "What did your father do?" Crystal asked. River sighed. "He had a brother who was in the Corps

also. But my father was a natural and his brother didn't share the talent. He became jealous and killed the wrong person. He was going to be put on

trial, but the twin trait runs far in my family. His brother changed to look like my dad and ran free, while my dad had to take the blame. That's why my

parents were… killed." He said shakily. "I'm still haunted from those memories. But things have changed. Life is better now." River said, closing his eyes.

Volteer spoke up, "There's one thing I don't understand," He said slowly. River looked up. "What did your uncle do to make many want to kill him?" He

said. River chuckled. "Every wonder why Ignitus was made fire guardian before ya'll?" He said. "Ignitus always told us that the fire guardian before died

of old age," Terrador said. River shook his head. "Nope, my uncle killed him. Ignitus knew this, he was the one who sent out the soldiers to kill my

uncle, but got my father instead." River said. "Is your uncle still alive?" Nira said, speaking for the first time. River shrugged, "I don't know. Never went

looking for him. Never crossed my mind to," He said. "I feel your not telling us everything River," White said suddenly. River snapped his head and

looked him square in the eye. A faint moment a silence lapsed, then River said, "Some things are better left unsaid White. I tell you the truth. I don't

feel that you want me to go into the gory detail of it all." River said. "What do you know anyways? You said you were a human that got dropped in this

world, how do you know anything about dragons?" River said. "Actually I have a story of my own." White said.

"I was born a dragon here. My element was wind to be exact, that's why I'm white. But then I got taken to earth somehow. There I learned how to be

a human, and bunked up with a friend I made. As I progressed through years, Earth changed. Monsters appeared that were supposed to be fake and

myths. Vampires and zombies and werewolves became real, and the world was sent into turmoil. It was hard, but my friend Tank helped out. He's

kinda like you River," White said. "Cocky, ignorant, full of himself," White laughed as River snorted. "But really, he's strong, quiet and reserved. Always

knew what to do in situations, which helped us out greatly." White said. "What kind of a name is Tank?" Cyril said. "Well it's not his real name. He

never told anyone, not even me. Just said to call him Tank. I think something happened to him in the past that made him like that. But anyways, with

his help, I mastered my elements that I was given and the key blade." White said, showing them his key blade. They all looked in awe except River. "So

what are these "things" you said that Earth became infested with?" He said. "Well, a vampire is immortal, but can be killed by driving wooden stake

through its heart. It's a human, but with amazing speed and power and lives off of blood. A zombie is the exact opposite. It's a dead body that came

back to life, but is rotting. It feeds off of human flesh and moves very slow. Its bites are contagious and can make you into one of them. Easy to kill with

a simple cut of its neck. A werewolf though, is a big, hairy, overgrown wolf. It has amazing speed also, but can't infect others. A simple silver bullet can

kill it. Many humans were killed, and are still being killed. It's so much more peaceful here, even with Kate bugging me," White chuckled. "But how did

you get sent back here?" Crystal asked. "You never told me that," She said. "Well, even I'm not sure. One day these big guys appeared and started

attacking us. We held them off, until Kate appeared. She grabbed me and started enveloping us in this black tornado. All I heard before I passed out

was Tank yelling. He said I'll find you. I promise I'll find you and bring you back," White finish with a tear rolling down his eye. Crystal hugged him. "Why

didn't you fight Kate?" Terrador asked. "I couldn't she used that crystal on me and I was drained." White said his voice straining. River narrowed his

eyes, but didn't say anything. "I would explain more, but I am tired and going to bed." White said getting up. River got up as well, "I'm going to go

stretch my legs for a second." He said stepping out before anyone could say anything. He saw White and caught up with him. "Looks like we have

similar pasts," He said. White sighed, "Yeah well, life isn't always sweet. Something always happens that screws everything up." Looking at the still

clouded sky. River looked up as well, and waved his hand, making a cloud move and sunlight stream through. "Life is hard. You do things you aren't

proud of. But that's what makes up better people. Although some things stay with you for life," River said looking on into the horizon. "That's not the

real reason you left the Corps is it?" White said. River sighed and looked back down. "Partly, there was another reason to, but if I told them they

wouldn't forgive me. I know your going to ask why. But like I said, some things are better left unsaid in this life," River said stopping. "It can't be that

bad," White said looking at him. River looked at him with sadness in his eyes. "The only way one can become a true assassin, is to destroy his old life.

Kill everyone that knew him, family and friends. I couldn't do that. That's why I left." River said turning around to walk back. "You know, I thought you

said you enjoyed killing," White smirked. River looked on for a moment then said, "I did at one point. But I am different now. We can be friends White,

we can learn from each other. But you cross a line that's not supposed to be crossed, and then I will take pleasure in killing you. As slowly as I can," He

said walking back. "One last thing River," White said, making River stop. "I don't believe your story; I think there's something else that you're not telling

me. I intend to find out," He said. "I don't blame you. It's quite startling. If we ever fight, you'll find out that I'm not easy to beat. You may think I'm

weak, but I don't use my true power in fear of hurting others around me. And I have one last thing for you White," he said turning around. They locked

eyes for a moment, and then River spoke again. "You're not telling the truth either White. I can see it in your eyes. You're haunted like me, and if you

intend on finding out my secret, then I will do the same to you. Words can deceive, but eyes cannot." He said. White growled. "I was right, you are full

of yourself. You think your all high and mighty and above everyone else. What shit that is, the bone giant pummeled you to a pulp, and yet you claim

you have such great power. I bet that if I do fight you, you wouldn't last a minute." White snorted. "Wanna test that?" River said with a sly grin on his

face. "Bring it you fat lard," White laughed. "Whatever happens, you take the fall for it," River grinned. White smiled as he took out his key blade and in

a flash of light changed into his human-dragon form. "Oh we're going to use weapons are we?" River said as his hidden blades appeared on his arms.

"How'd you do that?" White said astonished. River smiled, "I'm not the only one with tricks. Now shall we take this to the air?" River said as he

launched into the air. White followed him. Once they were in the air, the other waited for the first move. White lunged and swung his key blade, while

River brings his up in a parry. White sneered in his face. "I bet all you said was a lie, and that you bought those as a novelty gift. That all you say was

fake and stupid. That your life was nothing. I bet your parents didn't even care about you!" He roared as one of River's blade slashed across his face.

River backed up as White recuperated his self. "Wrong thing to say," River muttered darkly as the sky got dark. "Now you will see what true power is,"

River said.

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