Dr. Temperance Brennan was relieved to finally be back in her apartment after her long day. She and Booth had told Sweets about that fateful first case that they had shared; the one that had changed her life forever. Going along with their plan, they'd lied to the Psychologist about her choice that night. They told him, that she'd rejected Booth and left him, but it was all a lie.

They'd caught that Taxi back to Booth's apartment, and they'd slept together. It had been the best, most mind blowing sex Brennan had ever had, and when she and Booth had lain together in the afterglow, soaked in one another's sweat, his arms around her, holding her close to his own chest, she'd felt like she was at home.

The next morning, they had shared breakfast from the diner, before going their own ways. She had seen nothing of him until a year later, when he'd surprised her upon her return to DC from Guatemala.

Brennan had been glad about the long gap between the cases. Two months following her and Booth's liaison, for lack of a better word, she'd discovered that she was pregnant with his child. Immediately, she had contacted an adoption agency, knowing that there was no way she could raise a child. Then, she'd arranged for six months of leave. Finally, she'd organized to go to a holiday house out in the woods, to hide out when it was obvious that she was pregnant, which she figure would be a couple of months away. Angela was incredibly observant, and would have spotted a baby bulge easily. So was Hodgins, for that matter.

As it was, Brennan's pregnancy had gone unnoticed, and she had left work four and a half months into the pregnancy, when the noticeable bulge was getting too large to continue being hidden. Brennan had packed her bags and gone, alone, to the holiday house she had rented. She'd spent her time writing her first novel, and watching in wonder as her baby grew within her. She took to reading aloud to the baby, hoping to encourage its brain's growth. Anything from the latest chapter of her book, to Forensic journals and textbooks that she had brought with her to read. She went for a daily walk through the forest, enjoying the pine scent in the air, and the wind in the trees.

Then, one stormy afternoon in late spring, she'd taken herself to the district hospital, having been kept awake by a throbbing back all of the previous night, and her and Booth's tiny infant son had been born a few long, hard hours later. Brennan had held her son as the doctor contacted the adoption agency, telling them to notify the adoptive parents that Brennan's baby had been assigned to. The couple arrived four hours later, having had to drive through the morning from their home in Michigan, and Brennan had had one last cuddle and kiss with her son, before handing him over to them.

It had been the hardest thing she'd ever done. The couple had promised to look after the little boy, and asking her if it was alright that if, when he'd turned eighteen, he be told that he was adopted, and what her name was, if he wanted to get into contact with her. Brennan had nodded, and then been told the name of her son. Zachary Uriah Addy.

Ever since that meeting, Brennan had not heard anything from the Addy family. After she'd recovered from the birth, and organised the publishing of her book, shed gone to Guatemala for two moths to identify victims of Genocide, before coming back, and beginning her work with Booth.

There'd been so many times she'd almost told Booth about Zach, especially once she found out that he had Parker, and how great he was with him, but she'd always been too scared to. Scared that he would be angry with her because she hid the pregnancy from him, and that she gave away their son to be raised by strangers, denying him the right to see and get to know his son.

Zach would have just turned five a few, short, months ago, Brennan realised as she retrieved a bottle of beer from her fridge and opened it, kicking off her shoes and dropping onto her couch. She thought about the little boy. In her mind, he would look like Booth, with the classic Booth puppy dog brown eyes, and the charming smile, very much like Parker. Sometimes, in her dreams, she imagined the two little boys playing together, while she and Booth looked on, his arms around her as he watched over his boys, his eyes shining with pride. He would look down at her, and smile, before kissing her. Parker would always look up and pull a face at the adults, stating how it was gross, and that girls had cooties, while Zach would laugh and giggle, and imitate his older half brother. Parker was three and a half years older than Zach, and Brennan imagined that, had they had the chance, the two boys would have been close, Parker playing the over protective big brother role for Zach, while Zach would be oblivious to how much his older brother looked out for him, very much like Booth and Jarred when they were younger

Sometimes, on the nights and days when she was alone, Brennan would be lonely, and regret giving up her little boy, but she knew that Zach was better off in a home where he was going to be looked after, and would have someone there all the time, and not going off to Archaeological digs, or to excavate and study the mass graves of victims of war crimes. It was also, undoubtedly, safer. Brennan shuddered at the thought of one of the killers she had caught over the years going after her son as revenge. A picture of Howard Epps formed in her mind, and she visible shuddered at the thought, before an even worse thought came to mind. What would have happened if Zach had been taken by the Gravedigger?

No, it was much better off for Zach to be with his adopted family, well away from the blood, murder, and chaos, that was the life of his biological parents.

Little did Brennan know that already things were in motion that would lead to blood, murder, and chaos finding their way into Zach's own life, and there was nothing she could do to prevent it.

A.N. Hi guys. This story was started after I re watched The Parts in the sum of the hole, a what-if piece regarding the theory of what if Brennan and Booth did end up together in that taxi. As you might have guessed, though, it is VERY AU, and takes place in a world where Zach was never Brennan's assistant (cos, instead, he gets to be the son she never told anyone she and Booth shared). Updates will be slow, but I promise to try and update as often as I can. Please review to tell me what you think.