Black Ballet

Chapter 1

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"Ciel, wake up! You are going to be late, AGAIN!" Madame Red yelled.

Ciel groaned as he threw the blankets off him. He yawned as he stretched and cracked his toes. He was the youngest dancer at "The Royall Ballet" company. Ciel was one of the few male dancers that had the ability to dance in Pointe shoes; he was always casted to dance female parts. Ciel hated this; he hated the fact that he never danced a boy's part and the fact that the other dancers laughed at him for that.

Ciel sighed and headed downstairs.

Madame Red tossed him his things. "I heard Spears will have an audition today for "The Nutcracker"."

"Yeah… cool, right?" Replied Ciel sarcastically. He wasn't excited at all, and audition was the last thing he wanted to give.

"If I were in your shoes, I'd be happy; maybe you will get to dance a boy's part."

"Yeah, I hope so too… I'll be back around seven, bye now." Ciel stuffed some candies into his pockets.

"Ah, ah, ah, Ciel hand them back." Madam Red stuck out her hand into Ciel's face.

"Pardon…?" Asked Ciel innocently.

"Ciel, you are a ballet dancer, you are not allowed to eat sweets, hand them, NOW!" Madame Red spat into his face while tapping her foot angrily.

Ciel rolled his eyes and handed the sweets to his aunt. He grabbed some fruits and hurried out from his apartment.


Ciel arrived at the theatre and went to the backstage entrance.


Ciel was suddenly grabbed and span around in circles.

"Ciel! You are finally here I missed you sooo much!" The blond haired girl squeezed him tight.

"Lizzy… I can't breathe!" Ciel choked between breaths.

Elizabeth released him and pinched his cheeks. "I am sorry but I just can't help myself, you are too cute!"

Ciel mentally slapped his forehead. Elizabeth really annoyed the hell out of him; she couldn't have a single conversation without mentioning the word "cute".

"All right all dancers warm up; audition takes places in 10 minutes!" William T. Spears screamed almost enthusiastically, he was the artistic director of the company.

Ciel giggled at the thought of Will dancing, the man was stiff as a pole, but he had admitted it, he was a great director and choreographer, he also had the ability to understand characters very easy.

"Come here Ciel!" Elizabeth grabbed her friend by the arm and headed to the rehearsal hall.


Rumors say that the theater was under some evil force, due to the great amount of accidents and deaths. Usually the weak main dancers would be very psychologically affected form the amount of pressure on them that they would go crazy. Some of them even committed suicide. Ciel never believed in the rumors that demons and evil spirits are looming all over. The theater was very old indeed, but nothing scary about it.

All the dancers entered the rehearsal room. The room was very big and plain. Mirrors were covering the walls all over. Each dancer waited patiently for its turn.


"Alright, plié, now and fouetté… great…" Will congratulated Elizabeth.

"Thank you." The blond haired girl giggled and went to sit next to Ciel on the floor.

Ciel had to admit, Elizabeth was a promising ballerina, and he always danced with her.

"Alright, Ciel it's your turn."

Ciel got up and went in the middle of the room.

"Now, Phantomhive, let's see, will you be able to get a male part, or… do you want to keep the female part?" Will adjusted his glasses and nodded to the pianist.

The pianist played "The Chinese Tea Dance". And Ciel concentrated a lot on his moves.

The steps and movements were very quick and complicated. Ciel tried to be as masculine as possible.

Just as Ciel was about to perform a grand jeté, the door of the rehearsal hall opened and four guys stepped.

Ciel tripped and lost balance, causing the other dancers to burst into laughter.

Ciel mentally swore each one of those four; he then began to rub his ankle.

"Ah, the four musketeers, how nice of you too join us; I trust you are already warmed up." Said Will.

The members of the "Black" group were Sebastian Michaelis, Grell Sutcliff, Claude Faustus and Alois Trancy.

"Oh Will! Did you miss me?" Grell approached Will and began to cling onto the cold man.

"Grell Sutcliff, behave yourself, alright, where have you all been?" Will adjusted his glasses and looked at the rest of the group.

"Oh, yes, we were at your wife's house, she was kind of bored so we went to entertain her, and boy she had some fun, at least with me…" Sebastian replied while smirking at Will's embarrassed face.

"Michaelis, if you still want to be a part of this company, I suggest for you to behave; I was now in the middle of an audition and well, since you are late and in such high spirits, you will dance with Phantomhive for his audition."

Ciel blushed in embarrassment as all eyes turned to look at him.

Sebastian looked at Ciel and began to chuckle. "With Phantomhive? Come on Willy..."

"No, Michaelis you will dance with him the grand "Pas de Deux" from "The Nutcracker" and that's the end of it."

Sebastian rolled his eyes and took his leather jacket off. Alois and Grell began to whistle as Sebastian remained in a sleeveless black shirt and black pants.

The raven haired man bent to fix his ballet shoes. As he leaned, he made eye contact which Ciel. Dark blue eyes stared back at crimson red orbs.

Sebastian smiled devilishly and took his starting position.

Ciel adjusted his pants and nodded towards the pianist.

The song was soft and mysterious; it was just like a spell. Sebastian and Ciel approached each other on the rhythm of the song.

Ciel felt goose bumps rise up his arms as his hand made contact with Sebastian's.

Sebastian was the best dancer in the company, it was just fascinating watching him dance; there was elegance, mystery and sensuality in his moves.

As the music changed its rhythm to a greater one, Sebastian lifted Ciel up and span around in slow circles. Ciel thought for a moment that he was flying.

The small boy's eyes widened when Sebastian touched his butt as he settled him on the ground. He glared at the tall man which only caused the other to smile widely.

Ciel was so lost in his thoughts he lost track of the song, they were almost at the end of it. It was Ciel's hardest and biggest moment in the dance. Ciel balanced on his left leg while Sebastian spun him in a pirouette. Sebastian then held Ciel's right arm, Ciel put all his body strength into his right leg. He slowly lifted his left leg sideways so high almost reaching his chin.

Sebastian then quickly let Ciel's arm loose. Ciel gritted his teeth as his toe nail snapped in his ballet shoes. It was really hard to sit in that position on one leg and to have a nice pose also.

Ciel quickly switched legs and did a few moves synchronized with Sebastian's ,then the raven haired man than grabbed him from the waist and threw him in the air and then caught him and made the finale pose while the song ended.

The small boy was breathing very heavily. Will came closer to the two men.

"Michaelis, beautiful as usual, I am glad to see that you ballet skills are always at their best."

Sebastian just stared at the black haired man.

"As for you Phantomhive…"

Will eyed the boy from head to toe once again. Ciel's eyes sparkled with hope.

" It was alright… now everyone, we are done here, I suggest for you to go home and get some rest, tomorrow we will do the casting, so you better be here at first hour to find out which part you are going to play, that's all. Dismissed."

Will grabbed his papers and went to exit the rehearsal room. The other dancers were also leaving. Everyone talked and moved, except for Ciel.

He didn't move from the spot. He stared plainly at the ground.

"Awww! Ciel! You danced so beautiful! You looked so cute!" Elizabeth hugged her friend tightly.

"Yeah, thanks…" Ciel replied sadly.

"Oh come on, it will be alright, you will get better! Hey do you want to come to have a drink with me?"

"No, thanks, I still want to stay to rehearse a little." Ciel replied.

"Okay, but don't work yourself too hard, bye Ciel!" Elizabeth waved him and left.

Ciel was all alone.


"Alright come on, I can do this."

Ciel laced his shoes and got up. He took in his position and started to do multiple fouettés. Ciel watched the way his reflection was spinning in the mirror. Each time he would lock eyes with himself at every turn.

Ciel got to make ten turns; he still didn't want to stop. As Ciel got to the thirteenth turn, he didn't lock eyes with himself, but with Alois.

That caused Ciel to step again on his broken nail toe. He winced at the pain and sat on the floor.

"Jesus, are you okay?" Alois kneeled near Ciel.

"Yeah, I'm fine, it's just a nail." He removed his socks and gasped as blood dribbled down his toe.

"Here let me help you." Alois took out a soft tissue and tended Ciel's nail.

"Thanks…" Replied Ciel while looking away.

"You are Ciel Phantomhive, right?"

"Yeah, that's me…" Replied Ciel.

"I'm Alois Trancy." Alois held out his hand for Ciel to take it.

Ciel took Alois' hand, but as soon as their skin made contact. Ciel's vision began to blur. His hearing wasn't normal. He began to hear haunting themes from the ballet. He began to have a lot of visions, in one there were rats in his dressing room, mirrors were shattered everywhere, there was also a pile of blood and in that pile of blood there was a boy lying in it.

Ciel began to hear Alois' laugh, he slowly felt as if he was going to pass out. Ciel felt the whole world was spinning with him.

'Please… stop…" Ciel whispered as he let Alois' hand go. Then everything went back to normal.

Ciel looked at Alois and then at his small hand.

"Ciel, are you alright?" Alois asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine, don't worry." Replied Ciel unsure.

Alois gave a loud and sarcastic laugh.

"Jesus, for a moment there I really thought you were going to pass out, you really need to take a break Ciel, you are far too stressed, oh! Yeah, look Claude has some booze in the car and we want to go to Undertaker's club, would you like to join us? I am sure Sebastian would love to keep you company." Alois winked to Ciel.

"Eh, thanks for the invitation but I really should get home, my aunt will start to worry and all that, and anyways we have to be here early tomorrow, I should take some rest."

Alois pouted and sighed. "Alright if that is what you wish, I can't force you, but if you want to join us, you are welcomed any time."

"Thanks, I will keep that in mind, see you tomorrow." With that Ciel hurried and left.


Ciel opened the door tiredly and threw his bag and clothes on the floor. Madame Red came and ruffled her nephew's hair.

"So, how were the auditions?" She asked in a kind voice. Ciel shrugged his shoulders and looked at her sadly.

"It was alright…" Ciel replied hanging his head low. Madame Red hugged her nephew and kissed the top of his head.

"Don't worry, you'll be wonderful, it doesn't matter which part you play as long as you dance it with your soul, oh come here you sweet child." She smiled softly to him.

"Yeah, thanks, I'm tired, I'll go sleep." Ciel yawned and went to his room.

The boy closed the door and locked it. His bedroom was pretty small, Ciel didn't like much furniture; he had a big comfortable bed, a nightstand a wardrobe and a little corner with a big mirror where he usually practiced his dancing. He sighed and changed into his nightclothes. He plopped on the bed and hugged the pillow tight to his chest while turning the light off.

As the small boy closed his eyes he heard a mocking laugh. The boy's eyes shot open and he looked at the big mirror in the corner of his room. Alois's reflection was present in it, he was laughing like a psychotic child; Ciel wasn't sure of what he saw but he could swear that he saw blood coming from his mouth.

"Ciel…come here, you sweet child." Alois laughed even harder.

Ciel panicked and fumbled for the light switcher, he turned on the light and looked again at the mirror; Alois was gone.

Ciel was breathing heavily. "Oh no, this isn't good." Ciel thought as his asthma began to take over him. He was coughing really hard while he fumbled into his drawer for his inhalator. He closed his eyes and breathed into the device. As soon as he felt his breathing was normal he snuggled under the bed sheets.

"What the hell was that…? That Trancy kid is really weird, Jesus…" Ciel closed his eyes and tried to sleep, but his mind was full of thoughts, regarding the events. The boy thought about Sebastian, the mysterious and annoyingly-perfect dancer, there was something fishy about him, he was too perfect. Ciel always admired him as a dancer and always wanted to get the chance to talk to him about techniques and advices, but every time he would come closer to the raven haired man, he couldn't seem to get the words out from his mouth. Sebastian always hanged out with those weird guys, Grell was a crazy gay who had a crush on Sebastian and flirted with William, Claude was an emotionless pole that always stood near Alois, and Alois was a crazy kid, he had really weird habits that sent shivers down Ciel's spine.

Ciel looked at his hand, he remembered when he danced with Sebastian; it was one of the most mind-blowing experiences, he literally felt he was under a spell, the way Sebastian moved, the way he touched him. Ciel inhaled the scent on his hand; it smelt unique, just like Sebastian.

"Why am I thinking of Sebastian? I really sound like a stupid fan girl…I should stop, I just admire him as a dancer and nothing more, it's absurd…tck" The boy rolled onto one side and felt himself drift into deep slumber.


Ciel studied his hand as he went down the stairs. As he got to the bottom he bumped into someone.

Ciel looked up to see it was Sebastian.

"Oh, Sebastian… I'm sorry, excuse me…" Ciel went pass him and hurried home.

Sebastian watched from the darkness of the hallway every single move Ciel made.

"Well, this ballet season will be interesting… for sure" Sebastian smiled, it was a devilish smile.


The very next day, all dancers of the company were present on the stage, all of them waiting for Will to come with the papers.

Ciel was sitting near Elizabeth. The blonde girl kept chatting about how her dream ballet dress would look like. Ciel's mind was focused on something else. Last night he kept having strange dreams, all of them about Sebastian.

AAAAhhh… nggghh… S-S-Sebastian….

Sebastian smiled devilishly and began to kiss down Ciel's neck.

Ciel closed his eyes and kept moaning, his hands curling the sheets.

"Having a good time eh, Ciel?" Sebastian grinned to him and began to suck on his member…


Ciel threw his head back in ecstasy.



Ciel's eyes shot open to look at a very angry Elizabeth.

"Were you even listening to me?"The blonde girl crossed her arms.

"Sorry, I am a little tired; I haven't slept very well at night." Ciel looked at Sebastian.

They both locked eyes immediately. Ciel again remembered his dreams and couldn't help but want to feel his touch in real life. After all he had had a slight crush on this man ever since he met him; maybe it wasn't a crush, just some sort of admiration but-

Sebastian smirked and winked to him.

Will suddenly stepped in. "Good morning everyone!"

"It was good, until you stepped in…" Sebastian said while scratching the back of his head, causing the others to burst into laughter.

"Very funny Michaelis… well, now to business, I made the casting for our new production of "The Nutcracker." Here are the roles: Clara's Godfather, Herr Drosselmeyer will be played by Faustus."

Claude was currently sitting on a chair, with Alois in his lap. Claude was kissing Alois' neck.

"Faustus, will you stop making out with Trancy, you can do that at home, not in my theatre and not while I AM TALKING!" Will yelled.

Claude and Alois simply stared at him with dull eyes.

"Next we have main role; the Nutcracker, who will be played by Michaelis" Will looked at Sebastian.

Sebastian simply shrugged his shoulders. He cared little for what role he got to play.

Ciel smiled. "This is great, if Sebastian plays the main role, William could give me Clara's role and I could dance together with Sebastian! I can have the chance to get near him…. wait... what the hell am I thinking? I just sounded like a stupid love struck schoolgirl, oh well, I don't care about Sebastian, I just want to get his advice on how I could dance better, after all, he is the best dancer in the company…"

Ciel sighed and listened to William's voice.

"Alright now for the main female role …."

"Me, please pick me…me…I never once asked for anything…" Ciel chewed his bottom lip nervously.

"Clara's role will be played by Alois Trancy." Will announced.

Ciel felt like someone punched him in the gut." T-T-T-TRANCY? What? He can't be serious! Trancy is a whore! He definitely doesn't match with his role! I can dance it! I am fit for it!" Anger and jealosy boiled inside of Ciel's veins. He clenched his fists so hard that his knuckels were white.

Tears began to appear in Ciel's eyes but he refused to shed them… he refused to cry, he didn't want to appear weak to anyone.

"Phantomhive, you will play one of the Chinese tea cups, together with Elizabeth."

The blonde girl squeaked."Oh, Ciel! Aren't we going to be cute! This is like a dream come true! Aren't you happy Ciel?"

Ciel clenched his fist in anger.

"Ciel, why are you so broody? You are going to dance with me and we are going to be cute, and you are going to wear the cutest outfit ever and-"

"WILL YOU SHUT UP?" Ciel yelled causing everyone to turn their attention to the young couple.

"Ciel? I am just trying to make you happy, and the fact that we are playing such cute roles… and still you get angry and and…" The blonde girl began to wail and cry while saying incoherent words.

Ciel just grabbed his bag and headed towards the exit.


Ciel sat on the stairs; he looked at a photo of his mother, Rachel.

His mother used to be a ballerina too; she had died along with Ciel's father in a fire. It happened a day before she had to dance the main role in "The Nutcracker" but she never got the chance to get on stage.

That's why Ciel was motivated into ballet; he wanted to carry out what his mother didn't manage to do.

Ciel caressed the picture. "She was such a beautiful dancer… I wish I could be like her…"

Ciel heard a dark chuckle from the shadows.

"W-Who is there?" Ciel cursed under his breath that his voice shook.

Sebastian stepped out of the shadows; he leaned near the rail and crossed his arms.

"You really want that role, don't you?" Sebastian smirked at the boy.

"So what if I want it, it's already decided isn't it? I can't change anything…"

"Ah aha ah see, there is where you are wrong, I might help you with your little problem…" Sebastian began to walk towards Ciel.

Ciel backed up until his back reached the wall.

Sebastian smirked and caged Ciel between his long arms.

"I could train you and make you the best dancer in this company; I can make all your wishes come true, you will also have ultimate protection from me…you will have anyone at your feet, you can fulfill the wish of carrying out what your mother didn't manage to do, I will form a contract with you in which I will do all these things and in return…" Sebastian held Ciel's chin up. Ciel felt a cold shiver run up his spine as he looked into Sebastian's glowing eyes.

The raven haired man smiled, revealing his demonic fangs. "In return you will give me your soul for me to devour it… and mark my words, you shall reject faith and once you accept this you will no longer have the right to pass through the gates of Heaven, now Ciel, it's time for you to make your choice…."

"Why the hell should I trust you! I know nothing about you...who the hell do you think you are anyway?" Ciel narrowed his eyes at the taller man. Sebastian simply shruged his shoulders."The don't accept the deal and struggle in vain on your own." The raven haired man turned to leave. ciel chewed hsi bottom lip nervously."W-wait!"

Ciel stood and thought for a few minutes. He sighed and composed himslef."Fine, my soul is yours, form the contract!" The boy replied proudly.

As soon as Ciel spoke these words he felt as if someone stabbed him in the right eye. Ciel gritted his teeth in pain, but he refused to cry out, he wouldn't want to look weak in Sebastian's eyes.

Sebastian rose up his left hand to the level of Ciel's eye. Ciel's eyes widened as a bright purple pentagram appeared on the back of Sebastian's hand. The same symbol appeared into Ciel's right eye. A few minutes after Sebastian's symbol faded away and it looked just like a black tattoo.

"There now, this will be our contract symbol, through this we are connected mind and soul, I can track you and I can hear your thoughts in case you will be in it will be impossible for you to escape from me."

Sebastian noticed Ciel's knees were getting weak so he picked the boy bridal style and carried him up the stairs.

The raven haired man placed the small boy down. "Now then Ciel, shall we get to your training?"Sebastian asked while walking in front of Ciel.

"Yeah, just one question…" The boy replied unsure.

"What would that be?"

"Who or what exactly are you?" Ciel asked.

Sebastian stopped and turned to face Ciel, smiling a wicked smile.

"I am just one hell of a dancer…"

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