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Chapter 8

Surrounded by darkness, Ciel heard a familiar voice call out his name.


It was Sebastian's voice. Sebastian's lovely voice.

"Ciel, open your eyes, please."

The boy did as he was instructed, opening his contracted eye first then his cobalt eye, blinking several times afterward to adjust to the light. He was still lying on the floor, he could gather that much as he looked up and noticed Sebastian's figure as it blocked out the bright lights directly before his eyes.

Sebastian sighed and looked down at him, an expression upon his face, which Ciel could only guess was worrisome. "What did you do? How did all of this happen?"

Ciel swallowed, trying to ignore the pain in his leg.

"I can't explain now… I have to dance; I have a show! Sebastian, I need your help, I want you to make me able to dance."

The demon looked at him with his eyes turned down sadly as he gently helped Ciel to sit in a more comfortable position.

"I stitched up your wound while you were unconscious," he spoke quietly, pulling Ciel's injured leg into his lap, "But I'm afraid you can't dance… Even if you get up your wound could reopen and cause you to bleed to death."

Ciel looked down at his leg while Sebastian's voice comforted him, though the words the man spoke were lost far before they ever reached his ears. The giant gash was now stitched up with black thread; the skin around it was extremely bruised, purple and caked with dry blood. If that weren't enough, then the beginning signs of infection should have been seen. Ciel, though, still reached out and touched it, clenching his teeth with a hiss after he barely brushed over the surface of the wound.

"Sebastian, help me up…"

The demon looked at him, his eyes wide, "Ciel, you're wounded! You're too weak to dance; you need to go to a doctor!" Sebastian's words were in vain, and even he knew it as he continued on trying to convince the boy.

Ciel glared at the demon before him, repeating himself, "Help. Me. Up."

Despite the biting tone, Sebastian remained still and silent, staring the boy across from him down with his cold crimson eyes. The defiance burned deep within Ciel's core, causing a sharp sensation of hatred to boil to the surface. He would have reached for the man and slapped him if moving wouldn't cause him so much pain; instead he relied on his words.

"You have a contract with me; your goal is to help me reach my wish. I wish to get on that stage and to finish the dance! After that…I could care less if I die. After the show you will eat my soul, won't you?"

Sebastian looked hesitant, but opened his mouth, "But—"

"Silence! Sebastian, I order you: help me finish the dance!" As the younger dancer spoke the words the pentagram in his right eye began to shine a bright purple. Sebastian watched, fascination welling within him towards the young boy.

So brave for one so young… Indeed, he is the soul I have longed for…

The demon placed his hand to his heart, uttering just one word in response, "Yes."

Ciel sighed in satisfaction, the glowing hatred diminishing as he signaled for Sebastian to help him up. The demon gently scooped him up and placed him on the ground, trying his hardest to ignore the hiss of pain that Ciel emitted as he took a step with his injured leg. A sigh left Sebastian though before he got some tissues, handing them to Ciel.

The boy raised an eyebrow at Sebastian at the offering, curious about the purpose. "Put them in your mouth," Sebastian explained, "So that you won't bite your tongue when you dance. It will also prevent you from making any unwanted noises on the stage."

Ciel took them hesitantly, but then placed a good amount of them into his mouth while Sebastian busied himself by taking a few laces and tying Ciel's leg tightly. The screams that rang through the room as a result of the demon's actions were successfully muffled by the tissues, but the heavy pants which followed fell loudly upon the room.

When he finally looked down to help Sebastian put his stocking back on, he could see the four strings laced around his leg. Ciel took a deep breath once Sebastian stood before he rose onto his tip toes and rotated on his good leg, it didn't stop him from clenching his teeth tight after putting weight on his injured one though.

Sebastian took him by the arm gently, "Don't worry, I will always be near you on stage; it will be alright."

Though the words were meant to reassure, they did nothing to help Ciel. The boy simply nodded and placed his wig back on, allowing for the demon to guide him backstage by the hand, where they were would wait for their entrance.

Ciel looked to the stage for a moment, taking in a glimpse of the countless dancers as well as the bright and merry atmosphere before closing his eyes, trying to control his breathing.

Think, Ciel… He needed something, anything that would help him forget the pain, so his mind went to the last thing he'd seen: the stage. He recounted the entire act, the last act, in his mind. Clara is supposed to dance with the Nutcracker, but… Yes, yes, he was on the right track, but what? Yes, he knew. Clara begins to feel sleepy; she wakes in her bed, finding that everything had been but a dream. And the act would end with her nearing the Christmas tree, hugging the Nutcracker she had received as a gift.

Ciel clenched his teeth and opened his eyes, the train of thought not helping him at all. Sebastian, feeling the boy tense, gently rubbed his arm in an attempt to soothe Ciel's pain. Contracted and cobalt eyes were turned the demon's way quickly as the action took place, Ciel only then noticing how close and tightly Sebastian was holding him while they waited for their music.

That small moment was quickly broken as Sebastian took the boy by his arm and fled to the stage with him, being the only one of them that had seen Will look their way and signal for them to enter. The abruptness of the movement took Ciel by surprise and his eyes widened, his injured leg drawing a groan from him and all but dashing whatever control he'd had.

They moved directly into dance, the lights almost blinding Ciel as he performed, but the lights were not what he was concentrating on. No, his leg was killing him and filling his eyes with tears as each movement he had felt as if someone was ripping his leg apart slowly, very slowly. In response to his pain, the young dancer only clenched his teeth and tightened his grip on Sebastian's arms.

After glancing down at the boy and seeing the obvious pain written across his face, the demon changed the choreography just the slight, lifting Ciel in the air a few times in order for him to rest his leg as much as he could.

Thankful for the slight reprieve, Ciel continued to dance, trying his hardest to focus on his dancing and his dancing alone, but the moment he locked eyes with Sebastian…the world disappeared. His mismatched eyes stared into the crimson, making the young dancer feel as if they were the only ones on the stage.

Somehow, he managed to feel better—those beautiful, demonic eyes had managed to make him forget the pain. He was now with Sebastian, dancing with his Sebastian. It didn't matter to him any longer that this would probably be the last dance he would ever have. He felt complete. Here, within this fleeting moment, he'd accomplished his goal and now he danced, celebrating his eminent death with the devil. His devil.

The pair did a couple of movements together with the entire ensemble; Sebastian lifted Ciel again and spun with him. The world was gone. He was flying again; flying so high above the rest of existence, on the wings of a beautiful creature.

But then the illusion shattered.

Ciel's eyes widened at the realization, feeling the world crash down around him as warmth spread over his leg. The boy felt horror rise up in his throat as his wound reopened.


He wanted to alert Sebastian. He had to alert the man, but the tissues in his mouth were preventing him from speaking. The only thing he could do was close his eyes as blood dribbled down his leg, listening to the music change tempo and quiet down. It was the moment when Clara was supposed to wake from her dream.

As Sebastian carried the younger dancer in his arms, the smell of blood wafted into his nose; he gave Ciel a hesitant glance. He looked as though he were asleep, but Sebastian could see the pain stitched into his peaceful expression; he could see the blood now. But he had no choice but to continue on with the act, it was too late for Ciel to back out now.

So Sebastian laid the boy on the bed present on stage before exiting through the fog representing Clara's waking from her dream. As he joined the others backstage he caught sight of Will's expression, apparently he and everyone else had noticed Ciel's injury as well. There was no time to dwell on it though; he turned his attention back toward the stage to watch Ciel; this was his last and biggest moment.

Aware of every eye in the house upon him, Ciel shook uncontrollably as pain continued to assault his leg, preventing him from moving. He wanted to get up—he had to get up; he had to finish the show! But his body wouldn't obey him…

Will looked confused and almost betrayed as the soft tune continued to play, but Ciel just remained motionless on the bed.

"Phantomhive! Get up!" he whispered desperately to the prone boy.

Ciel, I helped you… Sebastian looked sadly at the young dancer. But this is your time no; everything stands with your power… Find the power to get up, Ciel; find the will… Sebastian could only hope that somehow his thoughts were reaching through to Ciel, pushing him to fight the pain and finish the act.

Ciel though, heard nothing, and could only clench his teeth as tears threatened to spill down his cheeks. He knew he had to get up, had to move some part of his body… Had to find the will to move.

The dancer slowly opened his eyes and glanced into the audience. If only… his thoughts vanished as he suddenly looked into a pair of blue eyes, hauntingly familiar blue eyes—blue eyes so much like his own.

Ciel's eyes widened in shock as he drew his eyes away from the cobalt pools long enough to see the rather young blond haired woman to which the orbs belonged. The air felt like it had left him entirely.


The woman smiled at him as tears streamed down her angelic face. "I am so proud of you, Ciel…"

Ciel's heart nearly shattered at his mother's words and his emotions left his control. Two small, crystalline tears ran down the dancer's pale cheek as he smiled back at his mother.

I have to get up…for my pride, for my love of ballet… For my mother…

Ciel grasped onto a newfound strength and pulled himself off the bed, placing his weight firmly onto both of his legs. He gave a wonderful performance, acting as though he had just woken from a deep slumber, stumbling around confusedly on the stage for a few moments. And once he had begun to move, stagehands brought a large staircase out onto the stage, on top of which there was a platform where a Christmas tree sat.

Ciel turned his back to the audience and faced the staircase; he approached it slowly and begun to climb the stairs proudly. The other dancers, along with Will and Sebastian watched him in fascination as he ignored his bleeding leg, continuing his ascent until he reached the top.

The music got greater as it reached its final measures, Ciel's pain increasing with each beat of music. He gulped, clenching his teeth as he climbed the last two stairs. Suddenly, the lights illuminated the young dancer and the nutcracker toy underneath the tree.

Ciel bent down and grabbed the nutcracker, holding it tight to his chest. He smiled as he faced the audience.

This is for you, Mother…

The orchestra let ring the final measures of the song and Ciel watched proudly as the curtains slowly closed, the boy's vision blurring as the whole auditorium was filled with clapping and cheering.

The perfect ending…

The young dancer dropped the toy in his grasp as he lost his balance; Will and the others, seeing Ciel's trouble, rushed onto the stage to prevent Ciel's fall from the platform, but they arrived too late. Ciel fell backwards from the platform as the audience continued to show their appreciation for the show.

Closing his eyes, Ciel felt as if he were actually flying; the world seemed to slow as he expected to hit the floor, to feel the pain… But instead, he felt a pair of strong arms wrapping around his fragile body.

The boy opened his eyes weakly and glanced at the person holding him, finding himself staring once again into those demonic crimson eyes. Sebastian smiled at him.

"You did very well…"

The words barely reached Ciel as his vision blackened and he fell unconscious to the sounds of the public cheering for him, to the echo of Sebastian's words…


Am I dead?


Ciel's eyebrow twitched as he heard the very feminine voice calling for him.

"Young master… It's time for you to wake up."

That voice caused Ciel's eyes to snap open.

The first thing to enter his vision was his butler's face, smirking down at him. He looked around and noticed he was lying on the floor, a very familiar floor in fact. The floor of his Victorian mansion; he was in his time, everything was normal.

"Sebastian? …What—"

Ciel's words were abruptly cut short as his face was buried in blond curls.

"Ciel! I am so sorry! It was entirely my fault that you fell unconscious!" Elizabeth started to whine and cry. Ciel pushed her off and glanced around him, catching the gaze of Madame Red as she approached him and smiled.

"Yes, Elizabeth thought that the Christmas décor was cute, but apparently it was too heavy… So it fell on your head," she gave a slight laugh as she rubbed her nephew's head.

"It's good to see you're finally awake."

Ciel could only stare, speechless, at everyone.

So…everything was a dream? Ciel was far beyond shock. Had he been dreaming all this time, just like the girl in the play? Ciel looked up at Sebastian; the demon butler wore his trademark smile.

"Well, young master, it's time for you to have your dance with Lady Elizabeth," Sebastian said, helping his master up. The boy stared at his fiancé in horror.

I can't dance damn it!

But it was too late; the blond girl had already grabbed his arm and led him into the center of the main hallway. She placed her hands on Ciel's shoulders; he swallowed nervously and set one hand on her waist and took the other into his.

Ciel couldn't help but think that, compared to Elizabeth's happy demeanor; he must have looked like he was waiting to enter the dentist's office. His thoughts were dashes quickly as Sebastian caught their attention as he began playing his violin.

Ciel immediately recognized the song.

That! …That was the song from my dream!

His mind drifted with the music and he remembered the dancing lessons he'd had with Sebastian in his dream. A light blush spread across his cheeks as he remembered some more inappropriate details but composed himself quickly, and without his own knowledge, Ciel led his fiancé into a simple, yet correct dance.

The boy's eyes widened, he had been expecting to stumble and step on the girl's feet, but this was so easy—as natural as breathing. Ciel looked to Sebastian; the demon had his eyes closed as he played the violin, but his lips were curled into a smug smile. Ciel studied him for a moment and snorted quietly.

Tsk… That guy…he was probably the one responsible for everything.

Ciel and Elizabeth continued to dance until the song ended, and after that Sebastian began to serve the Christmas feast. Madame Red gossiped the entire time, and Elizabeth gave the servants her "cute" Christmas presents. Ciel simply sat at the table, playing with his food as he continuously wondered about his strange dream.

Eventually, he rubbed his temples and excused himself from the table, making an excuse of being tired, which he honestly was. The small Earl walked to the balcony off his room and sat down, thinking deeply about his problem.

"Well, young master, it is said that some dreams come true…"

Ciel was startled as his butler's deep voice rang through the cold winter night. He was about to snap at Sebastian for reading his mind, but he only stood and thought over the words, coming to one conclusion easily.

He was right…

Although his dream had been far beyond weird, and had contained many absurd things, he had finally managed to dance.

The demon approached his master and stood near him, looking out at the snowing sky.

"Sebastian?" Ciel called his butler.

"Yes, young master?"

Ciel held out his hand to catch a snowflake, watching as the tiny, cold flake melted the moment it touched his warm hand. The boy chuckled and closed his eyes.

"Never give me ballet lessons, Sebastian…"

The butler raised a brow and chuckled, "Yes, my lord." He kneeled, placing a hand over his heart as he spoke. Ciel averted his attention to the snowflakes once again, but quickly spotted a few children his age, laughing together as they fought with one another in the snow.

"This is the best Christmas I've ever had!" a small boy laughed and hugged his sister before the children began their snowball fight again.

"…I don't find that I am the right person to say this, young master, but since it is tradition for you Humans… Merry Christmas, my lord," Sebastian turned and smiled at his master.

Ciel huffed and caught another snowflake.

For a demon to say that… It's absurd… Well as is life…and dreams as well sometimes.

The boy nodded and looked to the snow falling from sky.

"Merry Christmas, Sebastian."

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