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The Swan

It had begun as a tingle, like pins of needles; which starting from the tips of his fingers and toes, gradually spread up his entire body. Walking through the damp grass, he was ready to tear his hair out; to scratch his skin until it bled – he did not of course. He had learned already that it made no difference. Tears collected in his eyes as he stared at the Great Lake before him. He had never changed at Hogwarts until now. The curse had been inflicted upon him in the summer. Alone in the long Manor Grounds, his parents had left him to his own devices. A portion of the lake, hidden from view by a large Willow tree, had allowed him and his shame to hide in darkness. But this night would be different. Now, he was in Hogwarts.

As Head Boy, he had private quarters; and thus had only one person to sneak past. Unfortunately, Head Girl had been none other than the greatest bookworm known to man! She had sat, curled on the sofa with a book; so long, he had feared the point would pass when he would have no choice, but to flee regardless.

He watched as the moonlight steadily came towards the lake. The moment the light hit the water, he would have to go in and when the light touched him... A cry rose up in his throat but he choked it back, and rubbed his eyes with the back of his hand. The water of the Great Lake did not look clear like the water he had at home. It looked darker, murkier. He had no idea what dwelled in those waters. What manner of fish and animals lay at the bottom – but what choice did he have? Missing the lake when the moonlight hit it would slowly drain him dry; missing the night entirely would kill him by morning. Every night and every morning, he had to be at the Lake. Missing either the light of the moon or the sun was fatal.

The large cloud that had obscured the moon was slowly moving away. The moonlight now lit up the patch of grass that came before the lake – soon he would have to go in. A cold wind whistled through his hair, and slowly he fell to his knees at the lake's edge. His reflection stared gloomily back at him. He stared at himself, at his hair tousled by the wind. Too soon, his human face would change. The wind was stronger now, and looking up, he saw the cloud merely obscured the edge – it was going to be a full moon. He turned to the lake and saw its waters were beginning to glisten under the moonlight. His time was up. His pale hands shook profusely as he carefully took off his shoes. His clothes, miraculously, if worn at the time of transformation, would be still be worn when he changed back. It made no sense to him but it was a small mercy. His shoes, socks, and wand however, he never had on him when he transformed. He would not risk his precious wand falling to the lake's depths. He had no choice but hope that no one would be around on Hogwarts Grounds to take it. His shoes and socks were a small measure of comfort. His clothing of course got drenched and the squelching of soaking toes, socks, and shoes was something he detested and stubbornly refused to abide. His socks, shoes, and wand lay abandoned on the grass and taking off his heavy cloak, he gently covered them with it.

A warning twinge passed through his left side. He could not delay any further. Stretching out a pale foot, he gingerly lowered it into the lake's icy waters. He gritted his teeth immediately. The water was ice cold. Something slimy, almost like seaweed slithered past his foot, and he wanted, for the entire world, to yank it back out again. Instead, he lowered the other in. The Lake was deeper than he had first imagined it to be, it ran up past his knees. The moonlight was just before him now. Any second, the cloud would finally leave the moon and the change would come. Tears finally ran down his face.

"P-P-Please..." Draco begged, and he looked up at the sky and the moonlight finally fell upon him. For a second- nothing happened. Draco stood in the lake frozen rigid. Slowly, a golden shimmer formed over his body, it illuminated him entirely. Sobbing, Draco hid his face in his hands, and as the lake waters swirled around his legs, a giant wave from beneath him, engulfed him completely; until finally as the waters fell away, there was a white swan. A tear ran from its silvery eye and down its beak. Staring mournfully at the cloak left on the edge of the Lake, it raised high its large white wing, and as though it wished to hide from the world; hid behind it.

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