'Twas the night before HoN, we waited in anticipation

For the release of the latest magical sensation

fan girls far and wide waited impatiently

For the book to be released so we could all see

what happens next as Aubrey fires that gun

And if there was to be more danger, romance and fun

More ornithopters and magic we would hope to see

And if George, Caroline and Sophie would be reunited with Aubrey

Facebook and Tumblr were rampant with many a post

About those who demanded they wanted the book most

The sky was bright and sunny that morn'

All the fan girls were ecstatic, yet forlorn

Away to the stores we flew in a flash,

Driving fast and impatiently hitting the dash.

Arriving at the place we jump out to find

The book that we know will blow our mind

Our eyes find the section where we know it will be

And the book is right there, such a sight to see!

The store worker looks over in fright

As we emit loud squeals of delight



We sob quite loudly in unmitigated happiness

The day has been long expected, so excuse the sappiness

We pick up a copy and to the counter we fly

Our hearts in our mouths and our hopes sky-high

We pay the price, then away we rush

Gearing up to fan girl, giggle and gush

After finding a quiet spot to read

We sit down and absorb with greed

Any noise that disturbs the peace

Finds itself to quickly cease

As we go to page one, we begin to smile

The wait has been worth it, as has that extra mile

We get through the chapters, ignoring real life

Waiting to see if Aubrey can escape all the strife

If George and Sophie end up together

And if Caroline will ever let Aubrey get her

Pryor genius herein cannot be denied

Our brains have been completely fried

From Chapter one to the next forty-two

We vehemently held the staunch view

All would be sublime in the end

As we stood by our fictional friend

Our fears were thankfully denied

The bad guys faltered and died

Tremaine's oversight saved the day

And we all shouted a loud 'Hooray!'

The very last chapter hinted for the future

The dawn for fanfiction and steampunk couture

Pryor has delivered proof of his genius once again

From overzealous, fervent praise we attempt to refrain

We begin to mourn the end of it all

But happy in the knowledge that the world didn't fall

And now it's time, my friends, to say