It was a cold wet day in Cardiff. The March weather had turned so severely that snow was driving in from off the Bristol Channel and into the city. That was the reason that no one had objected with Jack when he had taken Ianto out, 'weevil hunting'.

"You know full well they spend most of their time in the back of the SUV," Owen had said after they had left.

Gwen hadn't commented, Toshiko had just looked embarrassed and had turned to work hard on what she was doing. After an hour or so Gwen had started to caress the mobile phone in her pocket. Nothing was clearly going to happen tonight so perhaps she could call Rhys, go home and spend time with her husband. The last few days had been tricky. Being newlywed was more work than she had thought.

But then Toshiko had yelped in shock as the rift monitor had suddenly gone off the scale. That would have been fine, a very usual occurrence and whoever was out in the field would go and look. But Jack and Ianto hadn't needed to. It had happened right on top of their signals and Ianto had been evasive about what had happened. To the point that Gwen stopped playing with her phone and started fiddling around in the armoury. Owen had played around in the autopsy room in case he was needed and Toshiko had analysed the activity, in depth.

Ianto and Jack were returning to the hub.

Sirens wailed and the lights flashed. Ianto came through first, with Jack tailing along behind. Owen first look took in the fact that they were both up and walking, with no sign of any physical damage on them. Ianto moved swiftly, running up the stairs towards them. Jack lingered behind idly watching the doors close behind him, and then he turned to the device on his left, something that he had set up a long while back. He had never really told anyone what it did, only not to touch it and where to turn it off when things got hairy.

Gwen watched him as Ianto dashed towards them.

"What happened?" Toshiko asked Ianto as he reached them. He looked a little wild around the eyes, and his suit was slightly rumpled but looked fairly clean.

"Well, it's…" he started and stopped as he followed Gwen's look of concern. Jack had picked something up and was fiddling with it, making the machinery glow.

"Shit!" Ianto said. He turned on his heel and ran back the way he came, jumping the steps and making the chains rattle violently. He reached Jack and kneeling down yanked the cables out of their connections. Jack watched him, idly leaning over to see the view of Ianto's backside as he scrabbled under the machinery to shut it down.

As he pulled back Jack moved upright. Ianto got up, trying to straighten up his clothes as he looked at Jack, tugging down his waistcoat where it had rumpled.

"Look, just don't touch anything, all right! Please!"

Jack's eyes widened as he nodded; he looked a little startled but slowly put the device he was holding down very carefully on the counter as if someone had just explained to him that it was an unexploded bomb. He looked back up at Ianto and nodded, giving a wide-eyed, innocent look.

"Okay," Jack said, sounding contrite. His eyes blinked a little, looking mildly upset at being told off.

"Ianto, what's going on?" Gwen demanded. Ianto turned, he moved back towards them, but this time he took hold of Jack's upper arm, gripping him just above his left elbow and he drew him along. Ianto moved back up the stairs, pushing Jack up in front of him; working on the theory that if Jack was with him there wasn't much mischief that he could really manage to get up to. Well, certainly not of the technical, blowing up, kind of mischief anyway.

Everyone watched with varying levels of shock as Ianto shoved Jack up the steps. The surprising part was that Jack didn't resist. He followed Ianto's guidence without hesitation, watching him carefully. But not quite in the way Jack usually watched Ianto. Then Jack's head turned to look around, looking up at the massive space where the pterodactyl was flying around, and then at everything in the huge room around him.

"Wow!" Jack said appreciatively. Everyone frowned as they looked at him.

"What happened?" Gwen asked again.

That drew Jack's attention and he looked at her, then Toshiko and then Owen before he finally settled back on Ianto. He pointed his finger at the clustered group.

"So I know these guys?" Jack asked.

"Yes," Ianto said, trying to sound patient but his calm was starting to slip. He looked at the three people who were staring at Jack with varying levels of shock.

"There was a bit of an accident," Ianto said. Jack listened to him intently; his eyebrows rose slightly waiting for him to continue.

"Accident?" Toshiko asked. The analysis of the rift activity hadn't really told her anything.

"This big white light hit Jack and…" Ianto paused and looked at him, then at the rest of them.

"He appears to have amnesia."