Pichicha: Hello everybody its me again!

Danny: Yeah, with yet another Danny Phantom Teen Titans crossover.

Beast Boy: Dude, like, shouldn't you be working on your other stories?

Pichicha: First: for the record, I'm a girl not a dude, Second: I know, I know, its just that this ideas keep popping into my mind! I have other 20 ideas going around my head right now!

Robin: Which is one of the reasons why you almost flunked the whole year, you multitask and never pay attention, do you have ADD?

Pichicha: Yep! Anyway let's get started! Starfire could you be a dear and give the disclaimer?

Starfire: It would be my pleasure-clears throat- Pichicha123 does not own us.

Tucker: And dude, I'm thankful for that! You can't even have a fish without it dying in, like, two weeks.

Pichicha: Hey! That's not true! My 'fish time alive' record is three weeks.

Sam: Jee, that's a real big difference.

Pichicha: (sigh) Fine, lets go on to the prologue.

Danny: And people, please read the author's note down below the actual writing.

Sam: Its important.


Many of you must have come here to find out what Lobotomy means (and if you already know then...), well here is the general definition:

Lobotomy: is a neurosurgical procedure. It consists of cutting he connections to and from the prefrontal cortex, the anterior part of the frontal lobes in the brain. Yeah, I would not have been able to understand that either if I hadn't seen lobotomy in Sucker Punch, yeah. For those of you who didn't understand (and if you did then...) this is how I see what they do in lobotomy, they cut the memory neuron on the front side of the of the brain by stabbing the skin right next to the right eye of the subject with a chisel. The result is complete memory loss so the person can't remember anything at all and therefore the patient is left n a nub blank state, like being sedated all the time. Now you must be wondering, why the hell I am boring you with this school stuff in summer vacation and in fanfiction which is the place that we all use to get as far away from that?

Well, I'm telling you this because lobotomy is, besides the title of this story, a great part in the story. Read at your own risk.

So, I need you to vote so that I can get the plot in this story clear:

One of the characters in the story will get lobotomized, more specifically Danny, please vote, this might change the very ending of the story.

A) Danny is lobotomized and is sent to live with the titans so that he can learn to fight again.

B) Danny is sentenced to being lobotomized because of how dangerous he could be and is sent to live with the titans so that they make sure he doesn't escape.

C) Danny is lobotomized, he gets lost and is walking aimlessly around the roads when the titans find him.

D) Danny is sentenced to being lobotomized and runs away bumping into the titans at some point.

E) Give me an idea were Danny is lobotomized.