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Chapter 3:

Danny sat at one of the many tables in a large dull gray room in the institute. Other patients sat on other tables either sulking or doing something else. Danny himself was staring down at a chess board with a spacey expression on his face.

He was still groggy from the drug that had been injected into him the night before. It had been a month since he had arrived, and frankly, the place still hadn't made much of an impression on him, and Vlad hadn't been very true to his word, he hadn't seen him since that day in his cell, but he wasn't complaining, the more time the fruitloop took the better for him.

He sighed and pushed his hair away from his eyes. Suddenly one of the woman at a table on the far side of the room gave an enraged scream and through the table to the side forcefully succeeding in dropping the chess game on it. The young teenage girl that had been playing with her stood up in anger and with enraged screams both of them preceded to grab each other by the hair and pulling hard. Two male nurses ran to get them both away from each other pulling them apart rather forcefully.

They struggled in their grips trying to get away to no avail.

"Let go of me you bastard! I can take the old bitch!" The girl said. The woman turned red and struggled even more against the man.

"Old! Why you little! Let go of me you oversized ape! I'll show you who's old you little motherfucker!" The woman yelled her eyes glowing white.

"Oh yeah? Come on you old hag, show me what ya got!" The girl yelled her eyes glowing red. Danny stared at the scene with a neutral expression as did the other patients. He had learned that this was no ordinary asylum, this was an asylum for super powered people, from ex-Justice League members to homeless bums from the street to off the rocket villains, this place could contain anything, just last week one of the new super villain inters had tried to get out causing a really big explosion at his cell, but nothing he did made any difference.

The two girls threw the men off of them and began shooting rays at each other flying around the room wildly. Suddenly Danny found himself being grabbed by his arms and being pushed hurriedly towards the exit along with the other patients. Danny looked up to see a young blonde nurse that was grabbing him, he distantly registered that this was the same nurse of a month ago.

But at the moment, he was too drugged to care, finally they arrived at the end of the corridor, the lady let go of one of his arms and pulled him to a wheel chair rather roughly, she sat him down and quickly strapped his thin arms to the arm rests.

Danny kept his gaze lowered, there was something about this asylum that made everyone nub and submissive, on the first days he had been rebellious and lashed out at the doctors, he didn't want they're help, he wanted to be locked up, he deserved none of their help and had fought them all the way through the first few days of treatment, but now… he just felt like his soul had been plucked out of his body, or what was left of it anyway.

The woman pushed him hurriedly down the corridors. He recognized the route and gave a resigned sigh as they pulled up to the room where visitors were. The nurse pushed the door open with her foot and pushed him in.

It was a square white room with a small wall and a large window separating the two sides of the room, just like those they had in jail for dangerous criminals. He found it very fitting since he was a murderer.

He lowered his head so that his bangs covered his eyes. He had little interest in whatever Vlad had to say and would have rather stayed in a strait jacket than be there with him. Only, it wasn't Vlad who had come to see him.

"Phantom, it is so nice to have you with us today!" Danny froze, that wasn't Vlad. He slowly lifted his head and stared. Two men in white suits and a boy about two years older than himself in a colorful custom stood at the other side of the glass.

Danny stared at them with ice blue eyes. The nurse had left and he was still strapped in. He couldn't face through the restraints because of the collar around his neck that would neutralize his powers and gave whoever had the control the ability to shock him.

And that man on the man that had spoken had it hanging from his neck, Danny noted dully.

"We are sorry to interrupt your daily activities but"

"Cut the crap." Danny snapped. This seemed to startle both agents. The boy merely narrowed his eyes crossing his arms and glaring at Danny in a most vicious manner.

"Excuse me?" The agent's stare hardened replacing the sickly sweet expression that had just been there.

"I said 'cut the crap'; I don't need you kissing my ass right now, just get to the point and tell me what you want." Danny tilted his head to the side, his sapphire eyes glaring at the GIW agents. They shared a glance before their stances straightened and their faces lost the friendly looks, now all business.

"Fine, here's the deal: In the last couple of weeks ghosts have been attacking cities at random, we have managed to contain quite a number of them but they just keep coming." The agent pressed a button on table and the restraints on Danny's arms disappeared, he opened a small glass door and slid a file through it.

Danny raised an eyebrow at this but grabbed it and opened it anyway. Again he raised an eyebrow at the contents. It seemed that in just a few months the town of Amity Park had been reduced to little more than ruble, there were photos to prove it.

Then there were photos of various super heroes attempting to subdue various ghosts and then photos of them failing miserably or finding a way to subdue them enough for the GIW to come and get them. The former was apparently more common than the latter.

Danny raised his eyes and stared at the boy sitting in front of him. There was a picture of him and his team the "Teen Titans" fighting an ectopus and failing miserably. It was rather pathetic. But also he noticed that there were only photos of GIW members getting creatures into large containment cells, never actually fighting them.

Danny gave a light sigh and threw the file unto the table, leaning back on his chair.

"So, what have you got to say?" The agent spoke in an accusing tone. Danny raised an eyebrow.

"I think you people really are pathetic." Danny sighed.

"Excuse me?" The agent said for the second time that evening.

"You heard me, how long have I been in this place? Days? Weeks? Months? And you already have a ghost invasion rolling in on you? And you, beaten by and ectopus, that's not very professional seeing as ectopuses are barely level two ghosts." Danny smirked at the agents who seemed on the verge to pull their ecto-guns on him.

"So what do you suppose we should do?" the boy, Robin, finally spoke up. His voice was calm, but it had a sort of commanding seething tone to it that told of a person with a short temper who by the why did not like the situation he was in but was trying to cope with it as professionally as he could.

Danny sighed, his eyes boring into them with a disinterested expression.

"Well obviously if this many ghosts are suddenly popping out of nowhere either a) there is a huge natural portal to the Ghost Zone somewhere around those areas that are being attacked or b) some evil fruitloop has somehow managed to create a ghost portal to the ghost zone and is somehow commanding an army of supernatural goons or lost control of them and now is somewhere probably dead." Danny spoke in a monotone.

"So if that's the case what do we do to stop them?" The agent saw he was on a roll and took full advantage of it. Despite them being a huge organization focused solely on the paranormal the GIW was never really that good and their knowledge on the subject was minimal, focusing on how to destroy the entities rather than understanding them or at least understanding how they can be destroyed.

Maddie and Jack Fenton had been their leads whenever they had needed anything of that nature, and with Jack Fenton's eager nature it had been easy enough to gain information without any payment. However with the Fentons dead the only actual leading expert on the supernatural was their only living child, who also happened to be their murderer.

The GIW had been reluctant to ask the schizophrenic fourteen year old for help, after all the boy was Phantom which decreased his level of credibility on their standards, not to mention that it had cost them a fortune to get past Masters lawyers to see the boy, but desperate times called for desperate measures and taking the Boy Wonder with them had been one of those very desperate measures.

The only way they were able to get through was if a local hero was willing to accompany them, and since the asylum Daniel Fenton was stationed at was at Jump City, a city patrolled by five teenagers, the boy wonder had been the next best thing to an adult.

It had taken quite a bit of persuasion on the GIW's part to get the teenage hero to help them arrange a meeting with a murderer, but in the end it had probably been worth it seeing as Phantom was continuing.

"If it is a natural portal you should find it and close it as soon as you can, an electric discharge should do the trick on it but if it's an insane maniac controlling ghosts, you're gonna have to stop him and then squash all the ghost back into the ghost zone." Danny finished with a light yawn.

"You're being awfully cooperative Phantom." Agent O stated with a raised eyebrow. Danny smirked lightly.

"Just because I want to die that doesn't mean the whole world has to die with me, good luck with that invasion by the way." Danny gave a sad smile, before the nurse returned to get him. The restraints were pulled back into place and he was injected with the special drug that all the patients at Jump Asylum were injected with to keep them subdued.

The last thing he saw before black took over was Robin staring at him with a quizzical expression on his face.

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