Note: This still corresponds with the same location in Plant Racers and Keeping the Undead Away's city.

Peashooter 298 is just your typical Peashooter, but his secret is that he is a secret agent for the good side of the plants called The Organization of Plant Heroes.

At the greenhouse, radar reports that the evil plant organization called The Evil Organization of Plant Villains has held plants hostage some plants, so it's the job of Agent 89 and his allies to save the hostages.

At the scene of the crime, the plants go on an all-out shootout. The Repeater ninjas keep on firing their peas, so the peashooting plants can't do a direct attack on them, so the Peashooter tells his team to charge to them, but Gatling Pea 300 tells that it's much like a suicide mission than a strategy. Peashooter tells that Gatling Pea is right (sometimes he never been right), it's like a suicide mission. Since they have a lobbed cabbage catapult, the cabbage in the name of Cabbage-pult 256 AKA Agent 93 lobs a nearly endless swarm of cabbages, but fails for the fact the ninjas are completely fast. The Peashooter goes to firing a Cherry Missile (invention by Cherry Bombs), which to knock out the ninjas and scare them so they can escape. The Plants rescue the other guys and get out by their flying (not living and invented by the flower pots) flower pots and head back to base.

At the HQ of the Evil Organization of Plant Villains, Doom-shroom is mumbling about how to enter their good counterpart's super secret intelligence database. His right hand man, Magnet-shroom 195 has an idea, but he sleeps. The Doom Mushroom sends in a Coffee Bean to wake up the magnet, now he plans a flying flower pot with Repeater 367 (the destructive mushroom's top agent) to steal the super secret information.

Back at the good HQ, the Gatling Pea smells something suspicious. The Peashooter hero tells it's a trap! The top of the HQ'S roof of hallway 10 explodes like a mushroom cloud on a cold day. The repeater blasts cherry missiles at the targets like a thousand of grenades blowing up five minefields any damaging anything on the underground which I will now stop telling that style now. The two Pea-shooting plants try to take care of the problem, but he shields up with a force field. Now that he's indestructible, there is no hope. But a Magnet-shroom disables the shield and the Repeater says "I'll be back" and teleports.

Then a transmission appears on the briefing room, spoken by the leader of the evil telling that a helicopter is coming.