Everyone, thanks so much for the feedback! I replied to all of the non-anonymous reviews. :D Sorry about the chapter being so short, but it was a fight between faster updates or shorter chapters, since this is the length range of my original uploads to the kinkmeme. I figured everyone would rather be up to date. :) Once I finish the story, though, I'll fix the shorter chapters to make it easier to read(less page downloads).

"You said you had an idea or something." Shizuo told the webcam. (And Izaya, of course) His signature grin appeared, the one that made Shizuo nervous.

"Well," Izaya huffed. "You were the one that said some interesting~ things last time."

"Interesting? What kind of interesting?" He pouted cutely.

"The kind that will positively drive you nuts."

Shizuo wasn't exactly sure that was a good thing. He crossed his arms, leaning back in his chair to hear Izaya's next sentence.

"R-roleplay?" He spluttered. "I thought I got to pick the favor?"

"Oh, Shizu-chan," Izaya admonished with a flirty tilt of his head. "Just because I was the one to suggest it doesn't make it any less of a favor. Besiiiiiides, you seem like a roleplay kind of guy!"

"It depends of what we're roleplaying as." He averted his eyes. "If it's anything weird, no way."

"Neeeee~, Shizu-chaaaaan! Why don't you call me master, and you can be my sweet little puppy.?"

A flush crossed Shizuo's cheeks and he looked at Izaya with wide eyes. "S-shit! No, that's w-weird!"

Izaya pouted. "No it's not. I think it's cute. You can do one of those big smiles with puppy eyes, and I'll scratch your tummy."

"How is that supposed to be sexy?"

When Izaya smirked, Shizuo regretted asking. "What isn't sexy about it? If I was your master you'd have to do EVERYTHING I say, including the good stuff~ What if I got you a pretty collar? Then I could use it to tug you closer! And you'd be alllllll mine!"

Shizuo narrowed his eyes. "It's still weird."

"But it's a good idea, right? At least, I hope you think so, because I sent you a PRESENT!" He laughed, low and sexy.

"You did what?" He asked, stunned. Damn it! How could he refuse if Izaya already had it all planned out! Between that voice, those looks, and that pushy, lusty personality... He couldn't refuse anything.

"Fine. But this still doesn't feel like a favor."

"Oh it is."