Wellll... I really have no excuse whatsoever. (ToT) Instead of working on my other stuff-including original work-I've been... Procrastinating. Originally for the AnE kinkmeme, so I can't promise anything amazing XD

Mephisto's office was strewn with odd objects, strange items from all across Japan. Clothing, figurines, candy... It interfered with his nonexistent personal space. Amaimon nipped at his thumbnail thoughtfully as he listened to his older brother speak. "Playing with his tail, you say?"

"Another lesson, of sorts." Mephisto's mouth curled into a smile and he leaned his chair back. "Isn't he kind of cute? And so new to the pleasures of being one of us..."

The younger brother shrugged. "I suppose he's cute, if a little rough around the edges. I'll do it. Do you wanna watch?"

"I'll wait until after his lesson. I'd much rather catch him enjoying it of his own free will."

Amaimon rolled his eyes at the pervy man, exiting the room. Surely it was strange for Mephy to send the one with the glasses on a mission, just to satisfy his own wants? He pursed his lips, droopy eyes surveying the rundown dormitory in boredom. He may as well try to have some fun, difficult as it was.

He inconspicuously strode down the corridors, sensing his brother's presence as a sweet fragrance. He smelled a hell of a lot better than Mephisto's aura, that's for sure. Peering around the irresponsibly open bedroom door, he observed the younger demon laying around on his stomach with volumes of shoujo manga strewn about. And he couldn't even feel the Earth King standing right outside the door! So naive...

Rin's tail innocently swayed to and fro in response to the story in his hands, his brows furrowed in concentration. His katana lay across the room on a desk, so Amaimon sprinted in at top speed and pounced on the unsuspecting back.

Rin yelled in surprise and curled up slightly. "OUCH! OH GOD, MY BACK!"

"I'm not that heavy." Amaimon pouted, the free reactions so much better than teasing Mephy. He straddled the demon's legs, knees locking the thin arms in place. "Class time!"

Rin recognized the voice. Hell, there was no way he couldn't after that humiliating encounter in the theme park, where he'd been helpless to fight off the other. "G-get off! That shit hurts!"

The foul language almost shocked him, coming from such a pretty face. He supposed it wasn't too fun to lay trapped under your elder brother, who may or may not feel like taking advantage of you. "Oh stop it. I'm not even here to hurt you."

Rin's useless struggles refused to halt, and he continued cursing and twisting. He wouldn't turn his head to look behind him, but his tail-conveniently between Amaimon's legs-thrashed and wrapped around the demon's arms to tug at them. Huh, maybe he wouldn't have a boring day after all.

He reached forward to grab Rin's tail, yanking at it. The struggles abruptly ceased with a screech. Rin usually tried to keep his tail away from being touched, since the only feeling he'd ever gotten from it was pain at having it jerked too hard. He didn't want ANYONE to touch his tail. EVER.

Amaimon gave another painful pull. "Does this hurt?"

"Yes," Rin shrieked, "Stop! Y-you MENACE!"

He couldn't help smiling at the unexpected fervency with which the younger brother reacted. He'd taken every punch at the amusement park like such a man, but now he squeaked like a girl... Well, every demon had a weak spot, and that was his tail.

"Hmmmm... As fun as this is, I was asked to do something else..." Amaimon sighed, resigned that Rin's reactions wouldn't be nearly as entertaining when it came to pleasure.

Rin couldn't believe himself. That idiotic yanking hurt, damn it! Sure his tail was useful for looking cool, but he thought the cons outweighed the pros. He wished he never had it! Amaimon's knees dug uncomfortably into his arms, and his pelvis was pressed into the mattress in a mortifying manner. Then he realized his what his tail kept thumping into...

His face grew warm and he froze, trying to still his tail as well. The appendage shook with the effort, wrapping around his trapped arm.

Amaimon blinked, not aroused in the slightest by the halted-and unintentional-ministrations, even though the uncontrollable tail intrigued him. It felt like giving a virgin sex-ed with a hands-on education. He scratched his chin. "Well, I guess now I should start."

"Go away." Came the muffled threat. "Don't start anything."

"Does it hurt when people pull your tail?"

"What the hell do you think? I HATE my tail!" Rin's hands clenched into fists.

Amaimon reached forward to grab the furry end moved it close enough to examine. "You should be thankful you have it. Have you ever taken the time to touch it?"

"No! Why would I do tha-" He broke off with a startled squeak when the Earth King lightly ran a nail down the length of his tail. He glanced up at the unconventional noise, unaware that anyone was capable of sounding like that.

Poor Rin was a mess, trapped against the bed in unwilling arousal. He turned his head to give Amaimon a bewildered look, a flush crossing his face. "Stop it, that's wei-"

Delighted, Amaimon cut him off again with a gentle stroke as if he were petting a cat. This was fun! Mephisto, damn him to hell, sure had told the truth about how cute Rin was. He just hadn't known that the foul tempered little demon would be so... So docile.

A confused moan rose in Rin's throat, making him want to run away as fast as possible. Of course he'd masturbated, like any teenage guy, but most teenagers didn't have to deal with the added pressure of an extra appendage. One that either hurt terribly or-like now-felt ten times as good as touching his cock.

The older demon grinned slightly, holding it with both hands in a snug grip, and moved his hand all the way to the furry tip where he nipped with his canines. Rin's entire body jerked at that before literally melting beneath him, a loud sigh parting his lips.

"Aren't you glad you have me as your ~teacher~?" Amaimon sang, running his tongue along Rin's tail as his fingers pulled his pants far enough to stroke the place where skin met fur. His reply was an incomprehensible string of moans. "If you just touch this, you'll feel so much better than being with some girl!"

When he tugged at the tuft of fur with his teeth, simultaneously pumping Rin's tail near its base, the helpless male gave a loud cry and shuddered wildly. He went limp, not even noticing the purr leaving his mouth.

With a satisfied twist of his mouth, Amaimon hopped off, enjoying the way his little brother sat up and looked at him in disbelief with unfinished pleasure.

"Well~" He smiled sweetly. "Now that you know what to do, you're all set! You can finish yourself off."

Once he reached Mephisto's office-giggling at the amusing memory-Amaimon flounced past his brother to the window. The principal smiled at how quickly the encounter seemed to have lasted.

"I left him to deal with the rest." The green-haired demon unwrapped a lollipop. "If you want your show, you'd better hurry. He looked a little frustrated."

Mephisto clapped as he flounced by. "Oh I bet he was sweet! Trying to figure out what was wrong with him!"

Rin sat up, gaping at the vacated doorway. Shit! Who gets someone that horny against their will, then leaves them alone without even finishing! His big blue eyes glanced at his erection in almost trepidation. He surveyed his tail, thumping against the bed, and slowly took hold of it.

Nonono, eww, this was so gross...

He stroked it the same way Amaimon did earlier, startled at the instant moan stuck in his throat. It felt... good. Really good!

He bit his lip and laid across his back, pumping it. "Mmmmm...Oh damn..."

Rin's tail thrashed in his grip, the tip wrapping tightly around his wrist as if to keep it closer. He couldn't help moving, writhing against the mattress in tandem with his strokes. What if he-

When his teeth gently closed over the appendage, Rin's hips jerked upwards and he gave a pleased keen. His body-though wriggling about-felt loose and relaxed but for the urgent need between his legs. He didn't notice the small dog enter and sit on the floor, watching him.

"Unnnn..." He gasped around his tail and arched. Rin couldn't say how long that went on before he came, without even touching himself, a low whine accompanying it.

His eyes closed for a moment, but a startled shriek left his mouth when he saw the man at the foot of his bed. Mephisto, with his chin resting in one hand, grinned appreciatively, tapping a finger on his leg.

"GET OUT!" Rin yelled, sounding far less masculine than he meant to.

The older demon crawled towards him for a moment before pouncing-reminiscent of Amaimon in seriously disturbing ways.

"But you're soooo cute!" He squealed, glomping Rin within an inch of his life. He hooked his legs around him, his own tail coming out to tickle the boy's nose. "I just can't HELP myself!"

Rin sneezed, wriggling beneath him. Still dazed from his orgasm, the principal's tail didn't quite register in his muffled brain.

"Mm'not cute!" He grumbled, shamelessly pinching his hip to try and get him off. "How did that demon get in?"

"Oh, it was just a summon." Mephisto dismissed(lied) airily. "I told him to explain one of your tail's many uses! So you have me to thank!"

"Get away from me, you PERVERT!" Rin squealed, embarrassed beyond believe. "That didn't mean you had to come WATCH me!"

"Oh Rin, I'm just doing you a favor!"

And with that, Mephisto went to work on Rin's tail yet again.

Rin decided he didn't hate his tail anymore, even if Mephisto gave it a pervy tug every chance he got. He thankfully saw no more of Amaimon, but that didn't mean the demon wasn't around. He looked back at his tail, swaying playfully behind him, and reached for it.

Thank god Yukio had another mission.