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A flock of birds fluttered past the window of the office. Mephisto wanted to shoot them.

He glared down at the open window of the student dormitory in aggravation – through it he could easily see that Okumura Rin, his lovely brother and student, sat at a desk working diligently at homework. One would think that any school administrator would jump for joy at seeing their problem student doing a good job, but... Technically he wasn't!

Rin sat with his chin resting on a hand, lazily tapping a pen against his paper. Half-lidded eyes widened and intently followed his tail as it drew imaginary swirls into the air before him. No one could miss the faint flush on his cheeks.

That damn boy had teased him for weeks! Mephisto frowned. Rin didn't exactly realize that he was doing so, but there was no way a demon of Mephisto's caliber could miss the way he paid extra attention to the tail! His blue eyes were constantly drawn to its increasingly energetic movement, he sometimes ran its tip across his skin...

It was an incredibly distracting sight! His brother had somehow gained the allure of a demon many times his age, without even losing that precious naivety. Mephisto could almost throw something at him.

"Why?" He groaned, pulling his hair over his head in distress. "Why can't he just stop?"

"Talking to yourself is a sign of madness, big brother."

A slinky male draped himself across the back of his chair, nose pressed against his shoulder. When Mephisto removed the hat from his face he was greeted with the sight of Amaimon's huge eyes staring at him from a close distance. His little brother's claws tapped lightly across his bicep.

Mephisto smiled dangerously. "You're one to speak of madness, aren't you? But you're right. It is our little brother."

"Why should he trouble you?" Amaimon smirked back. "I thought you showed him what you wanted."

"He doesn't even realize his allure!" The older demon laughed, albeit harshly.

Amaimon glanced out the window at the sight of a giggling Rin nipping at his tail whilst moving it just out of reach of his sharp teeth.

He looked back with a wicked smile. "I don't understand why you are hesitating. Tease back. Show him what happens to cute kids like him."

Mephisto responded with an appreciative tilt of his head. "And if I decide to share the moment?"

"I can think of a few demons who'd like to play." Amaimon nuzzled his neck.

Rin sighed in boredom. Where was Yukio when he needed a distraction? On a stupid mission, of course! He glared at the ceiling from his stationary spot laying on the floor, then rolled around.

"Stupid Yukio with his stupid mission from stupid clown..." He grumbled, then army crawled to the box under his bed.

He peered to and fro around the room. Then he drew the box out and feasted his eyes upon a worthy stash of manga! Haha! Rin picked one from the top and started reading.

But paused at a sound from outside the door. He frowned – with Yukio gone, he was the only one in this dormitory. Strange...

A number of things happened simultaneously. The door was thrust open to reveal a posing Mephisto, then just as Amaimon began to dash inside it bounced against the wall and returned to smash into his face – Rin himself shrieked and shoved the girly manga beneath his bed as Mephisto pranced into the room.

"My, my! Someone has been a bad boy!" The Principal sang. "Reading dirty books, are we?"

"Get out!" The youngest male squeaked, pointing at the door.

He backed away from the approaching man, then gave a great 'OOF!' as he was thrown over a surprisingly broad shoulder.

"Let go!" He pounded his back with fists, glaring at the demon entering the room. Amaimon reached under the bed and grinned as he drew out the manga. It's cover had a sappy image of a girl swooning in a handsome man's arms.

"Look at this!" The green-haired demon chanted. "Isn't this for girls?"

"No!" Rin yelled defensively.

Mephisto settled on the bed with Rin in his lap, an iron-strong arm across the boy's waist to hold him in place. "Let's have a look then~"

"G-give it back!" Rin reached out as though to take the book back. "You BULLIES!"

"Ooh, Kyo-kun, you're so dreamy!" Amaimon quoted in a high pitched voice, then looked up at Rin with a mischievous smile. "Is Kyo-kun the kind of man Rin dreams of?"

The younger male flushed violently and shook his head. "No! Give it back! Go away!"

"Now don't be crass." Mephisto admonished, inhaling the sweet scent of Rin's aura as he rubbed his cheek against the boy's neck.

Rin's tail unconsciously swatted him in the face. The eldest demon closed his hand around it as the held the boy against him and smirked at him over a small shoulder.

"N-no way!" Rin growled. "You're way to OLD!"

Amaimon gasped a laugh at the gaping face of his elder brother. "Oh-Oh, that's rare!"

He slid in front of Rin, chin resting on one of the boy's knees while his claws played across the other. "Brother, I think you should do something about his attitude."

Mephisto sighed languidly and rubbed his hand briefly across the captive tail – Rin tensed with a sound caught in his throat. Big blue eyes stared holes into the Principal's.

T-This was so weird! Rin nearly quaked. First guys, then tails... And now two guys and tails all at once! "Stop!"

Mephisto casually stroked Rin's tail up to the very tip, where he fluffed up the tuft of hair at the end. The young demon's head fell roughly back against a white-clad shoulder and he gripped the restricting arm across his stomach until his knuckles turned pale; his inhale sounded more akin to a breathy sigh.

Amaimon smiled sharply up at his brothers and ran a single claw down the length of Rin's thigh, gently tearing a hole in the leg of his pants. "See, brother? He's not so tough once you pin him down."

The Principal's gloved hand tightened on the tail and he continued inhaling the dazzling smell of Rin's slender neck. He gave a toothy grin against the creamy skin.

"Q-quit it..." Rin gasped, writhing as Mephisto fondled his tail.

"But you seem to be enjoying it so much!" Mephisto laughed, then growled. "Besides, you've been driving me crazy for weeks!"

"What?" Head still laid back against Mephisto's shoulder, Rin glanced over at him with a bright red face, still mortified about the entire situation. "I haven't done anything!"

"Exactly. You have no idea, and that just makes it worse."

When Mephisto released the tail it wrapped itself around the length of his arm, to his amusement.

"Just relax!" He said, a hand running down Rin's thigh. "Our kind has infinite capacities for pleasure. Don't let it bother you so."

Rin's flush burned like fire as he looked down at Amaimon, still touching his knees. The demon's tongue peeked out to brush against a tear his claw had made, snaking against his bare skin. Amaimon teeth dragged against the skin of his thigh and a bizarre mixture of mocking and desire was on his face.

Then Amaimon slid upwards, rubbing against him, and pressed his mouth against Rin's. He continued running his hands along the younger male's thighs, occasionally dragging his nails.

Rin glared and tried to turn his head away, but his entire body became jelly when Mephisto's hand dipped between his legs.

"Mpf!" He tried to say against Amaimon's lips. The demon could almost have cocked his head to the side. What?

That lasted for a few minutes, Amaimon coaxing Rin's lips into moving while Mephisto drew out breathy moans with his clever hands. Then the eldest of the brothers flipped Rin around and away from a pouting Amaimon.

And oh, what a sight Rin was! He was trying to look angry, but his glazed eyes and open, panting mouth somewhat detracted from that. And how far did that pretty pink flush extend? Mephisto pulled those slender legs around his waist – taking away any ounce of control the boy might have attempted to have.

Amaimon's mouth latched onto the boy's neck as Mephisto grasped Rin's hips and pulled them against him, thrusting upwards. Rin's mind blanked as he fell further against the Principal, breathing heavily. At a long grind his fingers knotted themselves into a head of dark purple hair, and he fell back against Amaimon, unseeing eyes wide.

Amaimon pulled away, frowning. His brother was leaving him out! How cruel~ He moved until he was on the bed behind Mephisto, curled forwards against the warm back. A quirky, naughty smirk sprang to his lips as his hands untucked and slipped beneath the white shirt. When he gripped his elder brother's tail and fervently stroked it, Mephisto stilled and came with a tensing of that hard back and an almost imperceptible shudder.

Ha! That's what he got for leaving out poor Amaimon! With Mephisto out of the way for a bit, he seized Rin and threw the whining demon across his back on the bed.

But uh-oh. Mephisto was shooting a positively evil glare his way, so Amaimon figured he'd better get on his good side straightaway by acting ridiculously cute – if Rin could do it, so could he! His tail unwound from his chest and slipped out of his shirt, waving at his brother as he gave enormous puppy-eyes.

When it looked like Mephisto was about to pounce, Amaimon nuzzled against Rin's heaving chest and his tail entwined itself against Rin's.

That sure got his attention! Mephisto's pupils visibly dilated at the sight – who knew how erotic that could be until they saw it?

Like a coiled spring Amaimon's tail moved against Rin's and both males collapsed into a boneless heap. The Earth King's mouth opened, lips glistening.

"You little minx." Mephisto growled, trailing a finger across Amaimon's lower lip. Poor Rin was barely sentient by that point, a picture of pure debauchery – his hair was mussed, neck arched, eyes watering with the intense jolts of pleasure shooting from his captive tail. His misty blue eyes locked with Mephisto's as he gave a purr.

Amaimon, were he not so far gone, could nearly have cooed with delight at the enjoyment on his older brother's face – surely he wasn't angry anymore! Besides... who could resist tugging on that tail!

Feeling bold enough to tease, Amaimon swayed their looped tails to brush softly against Mephisto's face, moaning his name.

The ensuing smirk was nearly enough to send him running, but he had no time to react as Mephisto bit both tails. Rin came loudly – extremely so – while Amaimon only lasted long enough to writhe against Rin's body.

"That's what happens when you little devils tease." Mephisto warned with a smile, and it was aimed at both of his lovely brothers.

Oh, the joys of having a tail~