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Chapter One

Nicole/Nixxy's POV

Loud panting and footsteps can be heard from me and the person who was dragging me. Cold sweat runs down from my forehead. The dress I was wearing was starting to drag me down with its weight.

"We have to run faster. Come on!" said the man as we both ran through a dark hallway we turned to. It revealed a secret passage behind a large painting of a man who looked very familiar. My heart was starting to beat faster and faster. We ran down a spiral staircase which made me feel like we were going on forever.

"Just a little bit further, Lady Elizabeth."

Finally we reached the final platform of the stairs, revealing a large oak wood door with some kind of armor protecting it. The man quickly opened the door and hurried me inside of what was a bedroom of some sort

"Don't worry. I'll protect you…even if it will cost my life." A man in a Victorian outfit said to me while hiding me in the closet.

"But… How about you and Catherine? I can't just hide here and just leave you to die!" I said while protesting to get inside.

"We'll be fine Elizabeth! Now please, I beg of you… Please hide now!" he said with a pleading look.


"No more buts. Just please promise me that whatever happens: You don't ever open this door!"

I refuse to look at him.

"Lady Elizabeth, listen to me! Do not, in under any circumstances, open this door! Promise me, please." he said while grabbing me by my shoulder to face him. That moment our eyes met, and a part said to trust him while the other was to ignore what he just said and stand by his side whatever happens.

"I promise." I hugged him, and whispered into his ear. "But promise me that you would be careful, and stay alive."

"I pro—,"

Suddenly, we started to hear banging on the doors even though we we're so far away from the main entrance. We heard another bang. It was like fifty men trying to break the oak door down.

The man locked me in a hidden closet that can fit about two to three people as soon as he heard the door being taken down. I shut my ears to block the sound of glass shattering, and the demonic laughter I heard from the hall ways.

Something inside me feared who or what was the one who entered the house. I suddenly heard the door flew open, and the malicious laugh grew louder. He started to talk, giving me shivers down my spine.

"Cyril… Where is this girl you fancy so much? Why are you hiding her for yourself? That's not fair my old friend."
Jan 01st, 7:39pm

"She's not here William. Now please LEAVE!"

They sounded like they were arguing about something. The man with the deep, mean voice called William stared to laugh. I heard him talk again.

"Tsk, tsk. Is that a way to greet an old friend, Cyril? Don't lie to me. I know that she's here! You could not hide a smell like hers that easy!" William then started to laugh.

"Friend?" asked Cyril in a mocking tone. "We were never friends William."

The other continued to laugh and said, "Hmm… I wonder about that," I swear I could hear him walking in my direction. I could hear Cyril growl.

"Come out, come out, where ever you are little Miss Elizabeth. I know that you're in here!"

I have a feeling that he knew that I was just inside the closet behind Cyril.

He suddenly said, "What do you want with her anyway William? She's just another human!"

I could only imagine William turning around, but not actually moving from where he is. He laughed again. "Because, she is important to you, and it's been a long time since I smelled anything like her smell. I need revenge."

Revenge? Revenge for what? Then he suddenly opened the hidden door to the closet where I was.

He was covered in blood, and dark clothing. He had pure black eyes that felt like it would suck you in. He was eerily handsome. He moved so fast that in a blink of my eye, he was already holding me by the neck. I wanted to struggle away from him so started to claw him, kick him. I screamed. I practically tried everything. He was just too strong for me. I was just like a feather to him.

He held me closer to him. I could feel him smirk against my skin. William turned us around to face Cyril, and said, "Now I know why you're so crazy about her!" He trailed his lips close to my ear. He whispered, "Shh… I promised that I will give Cyril a good show with your death." His voice gave me shivers. They seemed so familiar, and so comforting which gave it the effect of being more disturbing.

"Let go of her this instant William!"

The face of Cyril stared to change. His eyes started to blacken, and then his face started to show veins. Believe it or not, but I think he looked like he was getting bigger.

"Now, now Cyril. You don't want your precious Lady Elizabeth to break her little neck would you?"

Cyril stared to go back to the way he was before. His black eyes went back to soft green, and his face stared to relax. His body looked like it was before.

"Very good, Cyril. Too bad I can hold myself any longer!" He suddenly held my neck tighter, and put his arm on my waist and plugged his hand into my chest. My vision started to black out and everything started to get blurry. My breathing also started to become faster. It was like I was hyperventilating.

The next thing I saw was William hanging on the wall with a stake in the middle of his chest. Cyril was covered in blood, looking at me in the eyes. He was crying.

"Elizabeth… Please, please… Don't die on me please! I'm sorry I couldn't save you. I didn't keep my promise! I'm sorry. I'm sorry."

I felt my eyes start to water and get blurry. I tried my hardest to lift my hand up and cup his cheek. "N-n-n-o…y-y-y-ou…d-di-i-id… ke-e-p…it… Re-m-m-e-em-be-r…yo-u…pr-o-mi-se-d…m-e…th-a-t y-ou… w-ou-ld… s-tay…a-li-ve" I smiled at him. "Th-an-k y-ou."

"Elizabeth, Iwant to tell you this. I—… I—,"

Before he could even finish what he was about to say the scene faded and suddenly I woke up. I couldn't breathe and was beaded by sweat.

I'm Nicole "Nixxy" Hayes. I have been having the same dreams ever since my seventeenth birthday it was always started at that same scene, and always ended the same way: Me…dying.

I got up and changed to my usual clothes: jeans, a plain t-shirt and a cardigan. I'm the usual loser with glasses, has only one friend named Jen, and the one always being picked on by the popular kids.

I started my day like I always do. Breakfast, get my things for school, get a ride from my mom, and then meet with Jen at school.

"Hey, Nixxy!" Jen called out to me from across the hall. Her blue eyes giving excitement and liveliness you could never imagine coming out of a person. It was really something. She wiped her dark hair away from her pale face and smile at me.

"Yeah. Hey." I said while taking out books from my locker. She was talking about how she hated Math and wanted to skip it later, when suddenly we heard laughter from across the hall. We took a peek, and saw Randolph and Ann, the Math Club President.

Well Randolph is Jen's brother. We all used to be very close but he suddenly changed when we entered high school. He was also the most popular guy in school. He looked like Jen but taller and has blond hair.

"Come on. I wouldn't like a geek like you!" Randolph said, loud enough for everyone to hear. Everybody seemed to have their eyes glued to the scene enfolding.

"I—I just thought you liked me too." Ann said almost crying.

"Aww…" Randolph made a puppy dog face, and looked at Ann. He looked away and scanned the hall. "Hey guys, did you know that if you're kind to a geek just once, they immediately think you like them!"

Ann was crying now.

Jen then suddenly stepped forward, and said, "WHAT AN ***!"

Everybody stopped laughing and looked at Jen.

"What did you say?" asked Randolph.

"You heard me you're an ***!"

She suddenly grabbed Ann and me.

"Hey! Get back here you B***!"
Jan 01st, 7:39pm

"Hey, Jen. Are you sure you should be fighting Randolph? I swear I saw him glaring at us when we left."

"Its okay!" she said, handing Ann a handkerchief.

"Hey. Are you alright now?" I asked handing her water.

"Y-y-yeah. Thanks guys, but I still have practice after this. So, I should go." Ann said wiping her tears and left in a hurry.

"He's such a JERK! I mean how can he do that to a girl? I'm going to give him a piece of my mind when I get home!"

"Jen! Calm down. You know he's not really like this."

"I know but that Randolph is gone now Nicole!" she used my real name this time and I know when she uses my real name that she is really serious.

"I know that too, but I also know that deep down he is still Randolph the kind, goofy, and smart Randolph."

"I don't understand you Nixxy. You always find the good in people." She smiling finally she used my nickname that means she's fine now.

"Hey, Nixxy. Do you still like him until now?"

"Yes, I still do." I said while smiling at her

"What do you love about that jerk anyway?"

"I love that he is kind, caring, smart, always funny and goofy. He didn't care what people thought of him. He was confident. He… He was the exact opposite of me."

"Wow. You see that in my pathetic excuse of a brother?"

"Jen! Come on. I know you admired him to when we were kids."

"Yes, I did! But that was only before. Now I realized how much of a jerk he really is!"

The bell that signaled classes were about to start, rang. We rushed to our classes but something stopped me. I felt like I was being watched. I looked around but no one was there. I decided to forget about it, and went on with my day.

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