Author's Note: This may end up being one of my stories that many may not like, but it is a story that has been on my mind for a while and won't leave me no matter what I try to do. Please let me know what you think, whether you like it or not. I think the longer you write, the tougher your skin gets for constructive criticism and I welcome it now knowing it will help me become a better writer in the long run.

Warning for bad language, my potty mouth seems to be in full force for this tale and for some very descriptive situations in certain passages. Also a very important note is that I haven't seen Days for almost two months so my version of what is taking place now will vary greatly from what is happening on screen. I figure if that hack Dena can fuck up EJami as badly as she has done this past year then I certainly couldn't do any worse. This is what I wished would happen to wake Sami up and bring her back to the woman she used to be before she met that insipid fool Rafe Hernandez.

Enough rambling and mini-ranting on my part, let the story begin…

Moonlit Wishes

Part I

Well it was done, EJ thought as he looked over the legal document one more time making sure he had all the details listed correctly, this was too important for any margin of error. He carefully put the document back in the envelope and placed it in the trunk, one that was filled with several items, things that would probably not mean much to an outside observer but he was sure the intended recipient of the trunk might think differently.

Or at least he hoped she would, things had really deteriorated so badly between them to the extent he wasn't even sure she would read the letters he had written to her. He could only hope in time she would give their children some sense of reasoning as to why of he was choosing this new path for his life. Maybe after she read these letters she would understand the things he had done better herself. At this point in time that was all he could do was hope for the best and expect the worse.

He stood in the doorway of the house he had hoped one day he would have shared with Samantha and their family, but this like many other hopes and dreams he had concerning her were just fanciful ideas he was finally putting to rest. This past weekend he had come here for one last time, a refuge for him when he had escaped the asylum also known as the DiMera Mansion knowing he would need absolute solitude for this particular project.

He leaned against the doorjamb doing his best to stop the inevitable yawn from escaping although it was of no use. He had only slept sporadically over the past three days, it had taken the majority of the hours writing and rewriting these letters to Samantha. Plus he guessed it hadn't helped his cause much considering the amount of alcohol he had consumed during this soul searching mission he had decided upon.

He looked out to the night sky once more, thinking it was a picturesque view, the stars shining brightly, ones he used to wish upon foolishly in his romantic fashion. He sighed thinking he was over such silly notions. What he had just completed would be the last romantic gesture he would ever attempt in his life.

He was turning over a new leaf so to speak.

He scoffed thinking if he hadn't of been such a romantic fool in the first place maybe things would have turned out differently. Hell, if he had just stayed on course and done his familial duty his father had decreed none of this ever would have happened in the first place. He could have come to Salem, done his father's bidding and then been on his merry way, his heart intact and whole, but sadly that wasn't the case.

Yes, he was finally on his way out of Salem, but his heart was now battle worn and scarred and he feared it would remain in this sordid condition for as long as he lived. He knew he wouldn't be afforded the luxury of dying young, apparently only the good died young so he imagined he would live to be a ripe old age. He imagined he would be a very old man with an extraordinary long list of regrets.

And regrets were the absolute last thing he had ever wanted to have in his life…

Moonlit Wishes

Part II

Sami was perplexed to say the least when a courier had approached her door, asking her to sign for a letter. She warily scribbled out a hasty signature and the uniformed man left her with a sense of unease as she took the nondescript envelope and went to sit upon the couch of the tiny apartment she shared with her children and husband Rafe.

Well her husband was something Rafe Hernandez might not be much longer, she thought darkly mulling over the past several months. Once again her life was a chaotic mess one that just kept getting worse as time passed. She was still reeling from discovery that Rafe had been held against his will and she had been living with an imposter.

To think that she hadn't been able to tell the difference between Rafe and a man who was a phony in every sense of the word was a difficult pill to swallow. While she had thought it was just the car accident that had left Rafe with a different side of his personality she may not have been privy to before, now she just felt like an absolute fool for not being able to tell the difference in the anatomy when she had sex with the man.

Really no two men were the same, yet she hadn't been able to distinguish between her supposed soul mate Rafe and what she had come to dub as Robo-Rafe. This was a very sore spot indeed between her and Rafe now, one that had led to arguments of massive proportions. He blamed her for being so gullible and naïve, several times even going so far as to call her an imbecile which had only made her resent him instead of bringing them back closer together.

She inwardly seethed thinking her life wouldn't be in this freaking mess if EJ DiMera had left her the hell alone, he had wrecked her entire life ever since he had come into it. Railing against the course of fate concerning him always made her angry and she almost forgot the envelope in her hand for a few minutes until she looked down and felt it in her hands.

She opened the plain nondescript envelope and key fell out of it along with a small notepad sheet with only an address written upon it. She held the key rubbing it in between her fingers feeling the grooves on the metal wondering what in the hell it was for and deducing the only way she was going to find out was to go to the address listed.

This was probably a bad idea, but her curiosity was piqued, she always did let that particular emotion get the best of her sometimes. She looked at the key, thinking if she was smart she would just throw it away and forget she had ever saw it. What good could come of taking a key to an address that she had no clue of who could have sent it to her in the first place?

Really it could be a trick or some kind of set up, yet she knew if she didn't go to the address to see if the key could open up whatever it was it would drive her crazy. She guessed it was a good thing her grandmother had the kids with her today, with things being so tense with Rafe she had thought it best to let them stay in a happy environment since this past weekend had been nothing short of hell with her and Rafe arguing over anything and everything under the sun.

Of course she could have taken them to EJ, but she wasn't going to let him have any of her allotted time with their children especially after the accusations Rafe had made stating Stefano and EJ were responsible for his disappearance and the reincarnation of his double. They didn't have any proof so it did no good to go to the police, Robo-Rafe wasn't to be found and who would believe this story if they told them?

A lot of bizarre things happened in this town, but this was pretty far-fetched even by Salem's standards so until she had irrefutable proof to put Stefano and EJ away behind bars for good she was staying quiet. She had learned the hard way you didn't push the DiMera's into a corner because if you did they fucked up your life where you barely recognized it.

Rafe was gone so she guessed this was a sign if she wanted to go without him tagging along and nagging her to death about it she should go now. She was going to leave him a message but then decided against it. Rafe was going to visit his mother so he would be gone for most of the day.

She would be back with Rafe none the wiser before he returned home she was sure of it…

Moonlit Wishes

Part III

Sami looked at the note one more time making sure she had the correct address. She shook her head trying to dismiss the distinct feeling of déjà vu coming over her and after exiting her vehicle she took the lone key and went to the front door. Before she inserted the key she gave the door a turn, wondering if this time it would open without it, she had found shelter here once before a very long time ago amidst a stormy day.

No such luck she thought as the door was locked, but she surmised this was the reason behind her receiving the key. So with more than a bit of mild trepidation she inserted the key into the lock twisting it in and instantly gaining access to a place that had only lived on in her hazy memories of the past.

Memories of a time when could count on EJ and even considered him her best friend, she shook her head, those days were long gone and dead to her. Feeling an anger rise up in her she almost turned on her heel to leave, she didn't want anything to remind her of him. EJ was so intrinsically tied to her in an extensive myriad of ways, both good and bad, mainly bad her mind screamed out to her.

She should leave, turn her back on this place and never return. Yet she realized she couldn't especially when she saw the trunk partially open, the lid cracked up enough to make her want to see what was inside of it now since it looked like it had been dusted off a bit from the last time she and EJ had sought refuge from the storm on the fateful day her marriage to Austin had not taken place.

She rationalized it wouldn't kill her to walk over to the trunk that was calling for her to open it and see what was inside. Stepping carefully in between the sheet draped furniture she walked over to it and sat beside the ominous trunk on the floor, hesitating momentarily before she lifted it all the way because she had a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach if she saw the contents of the trunk it had the possibility of changing her life.

Then again what other choice did she have?

Moonlit Wishes

Part IV

She gingerly lifted the lid idly wondering if this could be rigged with a bomb that would be triggered instantaneously by the movement of opening it further and then chuckled mirthlessly thinking if that was the case it really wouldn't matter in a few seconds anyway. She took a deep breath as the lid slowly creaked its way open, the dim light of the room hitting the contents as soon as she had lifted it up completely.

Well the good thing was there was no bomb her overactive imagination chided herself as she got on her knees to peer into its contents. The first thing she found was set upon everything else an official looking envelope so she extracted it out first.

She could feel her nerves starting to jangle, as has been the case for most of her life official documents pertaining to her usually meant something bad, really bad news for her. Given the life she had led up to this point she was under no illusion that this could bode any good news for her.

After opening and reading and then rereading the legal papers inside she was more confused than she had been before. What was the catch? Why in the world would EJ willingly sign over full custody of Johnny and Sydney to her?

Then it hit her, EJ must have realized she was getting closer to finding the evidence to nail him and his monster of a father concerning Rafe. A slow satisfied smile crept upon her features as the reality hit her. This was EJ giving up, she was going to have sole custody of their children and have that bastard finally out of her life once and for all.

She, Samantha Brady, (really there was no need to go into the litany of the long list of her last names given all the weddings and non weddings that spanned her life) was going to be the victor in this little cat and mouse game she and EJ had been playing against one another for years.

As she held the document in her hands it was the irrefutable proof she had won. Why she almost felt like getting up and dancing a jig and shouting to the heavens. She was going to be free of EJ DiMera forever.

Moonlit Wishes

Part V

Before she began celebrating she had to see what else EJ had left for her. She couldn't just take the document and leave now, not before looking at everything else that was in the trunk. Really what fun would it be to leave and not savor her victory over the man who had single handedly destroyed her life on more than one occasion?

Feeling rather full of herself she folded up the document carefully and placed it back into the envelope, that little piece of paper was definitely going into her safety deposit box. She would head straight to the bank after she left this place. Of that much she was sure, procuring sole custody of her children from EJ was a feat she had thought unattainable after her taped confession fiasco with Arianna.

She shook her head, she wasn't going to think of that back stabbing bitch today and instinctively did the sign of the cross over her chest asking the good Lord above to forgive her for thinking ill of the dead. Instead she would take the next thing out of the trunk which was a letter and a small wrench tied under it secured only with a green ribbon.

She quickly untied the ribbon feeling the heaviness of the wrench all the while thinking EJ knew her favorite color was green, something she quickly dismissed as she held the wrench in one hand and the letter in the other. She laid the wrench beside her on the floor as she settled back on the floor sitting with her legs criss-crossed one over the other.

Even before she opened the letter that was clearly addressed to her with a simple Samantha on the front of it, she knew it was from him. EJ never called her Sami, only Samantha, plus EJ had a distinctive cursive handwriting one that could almost be considered feminine with its flowing beauty, but he punctuated his sentences and signed his signature with such bold flourish that you knew he wasn't feminine at all, especially if you ever saw him in person.

She paused thinking EJ was all man, his tall bulky frame and build made everyone take notice of him as soon as he entered a room. He was handsome, from the first time she had saw him she had been drawn to his rugged good looks and that voice which dripped so sexily sensuous with his pronunciations of words. EJ didn't sound like anyone else in Salem that was for sure.

Why in the world was she thinking good things about this man? He was not good, he was not kind and she certainly shouldn't be thinking of how fetching he looked especially when he wore those grey trouser pants he owned. Was she going to have to stop herself from being so shallow? Yes, EJ was good looking, downright sexy when you got down to it, but she didn't think of him in that capacity anymore.

She just wouldn't, not ever again…

Moonlit Wishes

Part VI

After she reminded herself of the hundreds of bad things EJ had done to her over the years it helped her clear her mind of images of him looking and sounding like some kind of swashbuckling hero from those trashy romantic novels she was always reading even though she denied she ever read such books. EJ was just a man, like any other, plain and simple. He wasn't a hero, he was the exact opposite.

So with resolve not to think of him in any type of sexual context, she opened the handwritten letter and began to read.

My Dearest Samantha,

I bet you are muttering under your breath right now at this very moment, My Dearest Samantha, my ass, you are a cynical woman of that much is sure, but I'll touch upon that more later, right now I want to start at the beginning. No, this isn't the beginning of our lives from birth, rather the start of our own unique story from the first day I met you.

Guess you were wondering what the wrench was for, think carefully for a few minutes what was the first thing that brought you to my door?

Sami looked at the wrench with the dawn of remembrance, yes she had ran across the hallway to retrieve the wrench from her new neighbor when the shower head in the apartment had broken. Austin telling her their new neighbor had borrowed it to fix his own shower. She had left Austin to battle the overflow of water while she ran over to his door knocking insistently only to be slightly shocked to find him dressed scantily only in a towel and even embarrassed when said towel fell to the floor in his efforts to return her the borrowed wrench.

It had been a memorable first meeting that much was sure Sami thought as she picked up the wrench once more thinking how much simpler her life would have been if EJ had never moved in next door to she and Austin. They probably would still be married and maybe even of had children of their own by now.

Then a nagging thought hit her, yes I could have been married to Austin, but I wouldn't have Johnny, Allie or Sydney and would have I ever been truly happy with Austin? For all her machinations to snag him over the years it had never fulfilled her like she had fantasized about constantly during her teenage years when she finally got him for her own. She would still have to be acting like she was someone she could never truly be, someone good and wholesome.

Things she definitely was not, and then her mind argued you are good now Sami, you are. Then she shook her head, she could tell herself until judgment day she was a good person now, but deep down she knew better. She was the same selfish girl she had been years ago, only now she knew how to hide it better.

No one knew she was still that lying manipulating troublesome girl anymore. No one except EJ…

Moonlit Wishes

Part VII

Sami stopped herself from further self recriminations, she would be here all day and never be finished with reading the first letter if she kept this up so she returned to the first of what seemed to be many missives addressed to her by EJ.

I bet you stopped reading and started thinking of how we met. You did, didn't you? I know you so well even if you would argue I didn't until hell froze over just to prove the point you were right and I was wrong.

If I could be granted three wishes one of the wishes I would wish for would be to return to the time before all the ugliness came into the picture when you believed I was your best friend. You know I never had a best friend before you came into my life. Father had strictly forbid me from becoming too close to others, he always warned me if you let people in they made you weak.

While I know you despise my Father with a level of hatred that is off the charts he was right about that one thing. I never should have let you in, you made me weak, the more I was around you the more I wanted to be with you, to know you and I wanted you to know me, the real me. But we both know now how impossible that hope of mine was because as soon as you found out who I really was you turned on me so quickly it made my head spin.

I'm not blaming you, I'm sure you are blaming me enough for the both of us anyway; I know how your mind works. I just wanted you to remember some of the happy times we shared before it all turned bad.

Look into the trunk, and take out the next few items, and who knows it might even make you smile when you see them? It made me smile when I found them stashed amongst my things I had kept hidden away, things I had pushed aside hoping if I didn't see them I wouldn't be reminded of you and the friendship we once shared.

Sami reached back into the trunk, pulling out some photo proofs along with a faded pink bulletin and a first place trophy for the best dancers in the annual Dance at the Dock. She took a sharp intake of breath, oh god they looked so young in those pictures, ones that had been taken of EJ and her shortly after he had arrived in Salem, ones in which they were both smiling at one another, their instant chemistry seeming to jump off the photographs when she viewed them.

She traced the outline of their faces before she dropped them to the wayside, she had thought them long gone and for him to have kept the photos along with the bulletin of the event they had attended later after the photo shoot. Her mind traveled back to the place where EJ had taught her to tango and before she realized what she was doing the memories instantly brought a smile to her face. She had felt so desirable that night, so alive when she had danced in EJ's arms.

Oh why had EJ kept these things? They were reminders of a friendship which had long since died a slow and painful death. Sami recalled the days of them joking, laughing and she had to admit shamelessly flirting on both sides even if she had been engaged to be married to Austin.

The next items are from here as I am sure you can recall. I can distinctly remember everything the evening before you were to marry Dallas, oh forgive me it was Austin, wasn't it? He was much too bland for you, I really didn't understand how you could have been so enamored of him when you were so full of life and he was kind of like dull dishwater. Now before you start singing his praises to argue with my assessment of the great (yeah right) Austin Reed just check the trunk for the next items.

Sami held her tongue thinking Austin was not as dull as dishwater, but sometimes he had been very predictable. But she could have changed that right? Shrugging her shoulders she reached into the trunk to find a closed oyster shell which made Sami almost recoil thinking surely EJ hadn't put something alive in the trunk, she dropped it which caused it to come open revealing a pearl necklace with a note attached.

I always wanted to give you the necklace to match your pearl earrings especially after you were disappointed you didn't get your mother's pearls and Belle ended up with them instead of you. If you don't want the necklace, please save it for Sydney, she may appreciate it one day. A girl should always have a set of pearls to wear for a special occasion.

How could EJ remember all these little things she had even said to him in passing so many years ago? It made her want to cry, yet she couldn't cry. If she had of been smart she would have never taken an interest in him, but of course when had she ever been smart when it came to men, especially EJ? She would keep them for Sydney, this was too personal of a gift to take from him, plus what would Rafe say? Then again he might not even notice the necklace; jewelry wasn't really a thing he bought for her.

She put the necklace aside and reached in again her hands feeling a rough material as she pulled out the dark navy jacket EJ had found the day they had ran into this very house to get out of the rainstorm and below it the antique wedding dress. She held the garments in her lap, her hands absently tracing the buttons on the jacket while she closed her eyes; it was like she could almost hear the music playing The Way You Look Tonight while EJ twirled her around the room dancing. That was the day she realized what a hopeless romantic EJ was, he really made her feel like she was the most important woman in the world.

She opened her eyes again, the room empty, no music playing and certainly no EJ around. She didn't want to remember the good times with him, how sweet and charming he could be especially where she was concerned. She looked back to the letter reading its closing.

I still miss my best friend.


She quickly rubbed at her eyes, she was not going to cry, and EJ was just playing another cruel joke on her. He had to be…

Moonlit Wishes


She found the next note addressed to her and she knew she was going to open it. Hopefully this one wouldn't make her feel all weepy.

My dear, dear Samantha,

Once again you are probably scoffing at the salutation, but despite what you think you were dear to me, to my heart (which I'm guessing right about now you are saying what heart?) and to my life even if you are the biggest liar I have ever met in my life.

Biggest liar-oh no he didn't Samantha shook her head ready to speak aloud to the empty room ready to shout it to the rafters that while yes there were times she was forced to be less than truthful she really wasn't a liar, she wasn't.

After the Dallas fiasco I thought then it would be my turn, you would see we belonged together, that I was the man for you, yet once again I was wrong. Yes, I am man enough to admit when I am wrong, unlike a certain blonde I know (and I mean a true blonde-not one of the infamous Walker sisters-just trust me on this one you really don't want to know) who just refuses to ever admit wrongness in anything.

Wait a minute, I can admit when I am wrong, I can, Sami shrugged her shoulders slightly thinking there wasn't much to admit when it was painfully obvious that she was rarely if ever wrong. And what was up with that comment about the Walker sisters? Was EJ trying to piss her off? She shuddered to think about EJ being intimate with either one of them. Whether or not she was with him, she surely didn't want him with someone else.

Then she stopped herself, it shouldn't bother her who or rather what EJ was with because she had Rafe now and he made her happy. Well most times he did, or that was what she said to repeatedly convince herself especially after all these awful fights they had lately. Rafe was just upset with her but he'd come back around and see it wasn't really her fault that she slept numerous times with his look-a-like.

Did you stop reading again? I knew the comment about the Walker sisters would either get you pissed or thinking of exactly what did I mean by that comment, hmmm probably a bit of both if truth be told, not that truth was ever your strong suit. I'll admit in the past I haven't been much of a truth teller either or rather sometimes I liked the truth especially when I tried to tell you that you wouldn't ever be happy with the poison dwarf.

You knew I just couldn't help myself when it came to Lucas Roberts Horton or whatever the hell he finally decided on for his last name. Honestly do you think it was Horton? Kate was always kind of on the prowl; Lucas could be the spawn of a lot of people. Let's just hope he wasn't a Brady, you know your family tree sure did have a lot of twist and turns on those gnarled branches. Guess we should just be thankful our children are ok, you Brady's sure seem to have a lot of kissing cousins or was that uncles and nieces? I'm pretty sure your uncle Max slept with both of your cousins Stephanie and Chelsea. Before you start arguing he was adopted, you have to admit that is pretty creepy no matter what kind of spin you try to put on it.

Sami rolled her eyes, so EJ was going to make fun of her family. Who in the hell did he think he was passing judgment on her family when the DiMera's were the biggest freak show in all of Salem? The answer quickly came to mind, he's a damn DiMera what do you expect him to do? The DiMera's always hit below the belt and did whatever they deemed necessary to make anyone who contradicted them sorry they had ever tried to defy them.

Even though the exact same thoughts had crossed her mind more than once she would never admit it to that pompous jackass. Now she was in such a tissy that she almost considered crumpling up this letter and throwing it in the trash, it would serve him right, but she just had to read on even if he was trash talking Lucas and apparently most of her family too.

He had balls, and then she inwardly shrieked totally inappropriate Sami! Do not go there! She did not need to think of EJ DiMera in any type of male genitalia terminology. She just didn't.

I'd really love to see your face right now. I bet you are all fired up and ready to tell me to go straight to the devil for daring to mock your family or your precious Lucas. Yet you know if you had just quit trying to fight me so damn hard about Lucas being the love of your life we just might have had a fighting chance years ago when you were pregnant with the twins. (Before I go any further – we both agreed to wipe the slate clean concerning Johnny's conception so I'm not going to bring it up again. I hope we can both honor that agreement even though we have broken each other's trust several times over since that night. No matter how it came to be I wouldn't take anything my son, would you?)

For all your declarations that Lucas was the man for you we both know how well that turned out for you, don't we? While I did manage to get you to divorce the imbecile and agree to marry me to stop the Brady/DiMera feud it didn't fare too well for me after the ceremony.

There are another couple of things in the trunk for you. I stole the pictures Stefano had of Santo and Colleen. I had thought about giving them to John eventually but after he lost his memory and really didn't seem to be the sentimental type I kept them for myself, for our children rather and maybe one day in the hopes those pictures and packet of letters would mean something to you too. I felt so connected to you when we were in the hospital together reading Santo and Colleen's love story. I knew you felt it too, they are a part of us, and their story was intertwined within our very beings.

Who knows maybe if they had of gotten together, we may never have met or maybe we would have all been close family friends. Wouldn't of that been something for the Brady's and the DiMera's to actually be friends? I don't know but doesn't their tragic love story still haunt you? They had a forbidden love, but despite the odds they did love one another. Who knows maybe if times had been different then Santo could have divorced his wife and then married Colleen like he truly wanted to do so. Don't you think if Santo would have had any inkling that Colleen was still alive he would have never given up on them and their love?

Sometimes I wonder if we had tried harder, or maybe if I had tried harder than you would have realized we had that kind of love, the kind poems and songs are written about, the kind of love that makes you truly believe in concepts like destiny and fate. Since I'm on the honesty kick so to speak, I would have done anything to have that kind of love with you if you would have only opened your heart up to me.

Why wouldn't you do it? Why wouldn't you give me a chance to show you how good a life shared together with me would have been? From the very first time our lips met in a kiss I knew I had never experienced anything even remotely close to what I felt with you.

Before you start to argue with me remember the first time we kissed you were half asleep, but when you pulled me to you that morning before your wedding to Austin, I knew I wanted to wake up with you beside me each and every day. The overwhelming feeling to touch you, to be near you took my breath away. I felt you smile against my lips and if I hadn't of already been in love with you by then that first kiss would have pushed me over the edge. I just knew you were the one for me. Couldn't you feel that too?

Sami had to stop reading, once again EJ was going to make her cry with these thoughts of things better left unsaid between them, things that were never going to be possible for either one of them. Great love stories like the one Santo and Colleen shared only brought heartache, not happiness. She had stressed that sentiment enough to EJ when they had read the love letters together especially when it had come to the part where Colleen had finally given herself to Santo in the most intimate way possible between a man and woman.

Sami reached into the truck and took out the daguerreotypes, photos so old the pages they were printed upon were crinkly and brown, but there was no mistaking the resemblance EJ bore to his grandfather Santo, or she to her great aunt Colleen. Sami had thought the letters were long gone, she had not seen them anymore after she and EJ had left the hospital, she thought Stefano had taken them back and he must have for EJ to now have them in his possession or rather her possession. These were the original un-translated love letters that had told the story of love and long between Santo and Colleen, ones written in fancy scripted Italian.

Seeing those things reminded her of the romantic girl she used to be such a very long time ago, but now she had no reason to believe in fairy tale romances. EJ and she had too volatile of a relationship to ever think they could be together or find that rare kind of happiness. She didn't need for him to remind her of times when she had tried so hard to fight the impulse to be with him, the desire that flared up between them when they got the rare chance to be alone.

She had tried very hard not to be alone with EJ, no good came of it, none at all, especially the memories of all the times they had shared with one another were trying to break into the hardened wall of her heart she had constructed against him. Being alone with EJ made her say and do things she shouldn't ever do if she wanted to keep her heart intact. She just couldn't let down her guard especially after her eyes clouded over with tears when Santo and Colleen's wedding rings slipped out from their packet of love letters.

As soon as she picked up the rings which had fallen to the floor her eyesight was completely blurred as the tears finally started to fall. What was EJ trying to do to her? He couldn't unbreak her heart any more than she could unbreak his heart. Wasn't this proof enough right in front of her? Santo and Colleen had roamed the earth never finding each other again or true love again.

Sami didn't believe in fairy tale endings, she just didn't…