"We have to promise that we will never forget each other." Finn stated looking out among the group that surrounded him. These people had been his life for the past couple of years and they meant more to him then he knew how to express. He squeezed Rachel's hand looking down as she smiled up at him. "I know that over the years we have all had our difficulties with each other, but we became a family. Today we graduated and now it's time to move on to whatever it is we are going to be."

"I have decided to go to New York with Rachel. Of course you all know that Kurt and Blaine are going as well. That's why I think that in 4 years when college is over we all should come back here…"

"You mean like a reunion?" Brittany asked.

"I think that's a great idea Finn." Santana laughed looping her arm through Brittany's.

Four years later and I am no longer sure of how good of an idea this really is. I sat in my rental car with my hands wrapped around the steering wheel. I breathed in the strong scent of lavender coming from the new air freshener I had bought dangling below the mirror. Lavender always helped to calm my nerves. Except for right now it seemed.

I raised my head and looked out at the house in front of me. I hadn't stayed in close contact with Finn over the last few years but had learned from Kurt that he had moved back to Lima and bought a house. It was bigger than I had expected, and looked like it could easily house twelve people, I guess that's why Finn had offered it up for this little reunion.

The house was white, sort of Victorian country looking, and had a porch that ran along the whole outside. The driveway was a large dirt semi circle that lead from the road to the house and then back to the road. Behind the house was a lake with a small wooden dock and the entire property was surrounded with big trees.

My phone suddenly buzzed loudly from below and I reached into my purse to fish it out. It was a text from Kurt.

'Hey are you almost here? We are all waiting for you :)'

'Oh yeah hey I just pulled up!' I replied quickly taking one last deep breath and opening the door.

Before I even had time to fully get out of the car I saw Kurt running out the front door.

Out of everyone in Glee Club, Kurt was the last person I suspected to become such good friends with. But he had been there when I was down and needed someone to help pick me back up. We have been close ever since.

"Hey Santana!" He called running up to me. He wrapped his long arms around me, much taller than I remembered. "I missed you!" he half yelled into my ear.

"I missed you too! Hey Finn," I smiled as I noticed him right behind Kurt.

Finn awkwardly reached out and hugged me. "How are you Santana? I can't believe it has been this long! I'm glad you came."

"I'm good, I'm good. Uh..who else is here?" I asked and before he could answer Puck came bolting out the door and crashed into me enveloping me in his arms.

"Santana! Long time no see pretty girl."

"Ah!" I squealed as he lifted me off my feet spinning me in a circle. "Puck put me down!"

He laughed putting me on the ground. I saw Quinn standing in the doorway right next to Tina, Artie and Mercedes.

"Hey!" I ran up the stairs and threw myself at Quinn. I know we had some problems with each other in high school but we had kept in touch and became pretty close.

"Hey San, " She smiled after we pulled back.

"Santana toss me your keys I'll get your bags from the car?" Finn yelled from behind me.

"Uh yeah…" I said as I threw him my keys.

I had just finished greeting the other three when Finn and Puck returned with my bags.

"So Santana, if you want to just come with me I'll show you where you will be sleeping." Finn began as he made his way through the door.

The inside of the house was quite simple but yet had certain elegance about it. Cleary Kurt had assisted in the decorating.

He turned right at the top of the stairs and entered the first room setting my bag down sideways on the bed.

"Well here it is…" He gestured a little awkwardly at the room. The bedroom was nice and simple like the rest of the home.

"Thanks Finn," I laughed a little.

Suddenly Sam appeared in the bedroom doorway reaching out and pulling me to him in a hug. "Haha hey Sam! good to see you again"

"Hey Santana! Welcome" he said theatrically gesturing to the room.

"So where is everyone else?" I asked looking to Finn.

"Rachel and Blaine's plane gets in tomorrow morning," I could hear just the smallest bit of pain as he said her name. "and Mike just called me right before you got here. He said he was going to see his parents and then he was going to pick up Brittany and head over here."

No matter how ready I thought I was to hear her name it still shocked me as it came out of his mouth.

"Well we will be downstairs. How about you take a little time to get settled and meet us in the kitchen." I nodded as they all started to leave. Except Quinn.

She shut the door behind Puck and sat down on the bed. I think she was waiting for me to say something but when I didn't she asked,

"So…how are you doing Santana?"

I signed walking over to sit next to her.

"You know I'm…I'm alright a little nervous but still pretty good."

She angled her eyebrow upward questioning my words. "It's ok to be nervous I mean you haven't seen each other in two years and we both know how you feel about her."

"Yeah…I'll be fine. I'll be fine." I brought my hand up to my face rubbing my eyes in frustration.

"Well… I guess I'll see you downstairs." She got up and let herself out of the room.

I flopped backward on the bed breathing deep, like in the car, sorting through all the things I was feeling. I was excited, that's for sure, I missed Brittany and part of me couldn't wait to see her. The other part of me was scared to death. I closed my eyes for a minute remembering,

"Uh.. Santana I have to talk to you about something."Brittany looked over at me cautiously from the other couch.

"Yeah sure B what's up?"

"So you know that dance company in LA that I have been talking about?"She continued without waiting for my answer. "Well they offered me a spot in their company."

"Oh my god! That is fantastic!" I yelled jumping up and going to sit next to her. As I was about to hug her I realized something, "Wait does that mean you have to move to LA? When?"

She tilted her head down as if in shame. "They want me to finish out my education at the University of California Los Angeles and then come to work for them. So I would have to leave this fall." She whispered.

I was quiet for a few moments. As happy as I was for her I knew what that would mean. She would move to LA and I would lose her.

"Well I'm happy for you!" I said with all the enthusiasm I could muster, finally reaching in to hug her. I held her longer than normal but she showed no signs of wanting to be let go. I felt a stray tear fall down my face. I loved this girl more than anything else in the world. She was my best friend. We both knew it was more than that though. I was in love with her, really in love with her, and I didn't want to try to live without her. For some reason we had never gotten past the occasional hook up. I don't know if it was my fear or what but there always seemed to be something or someone standing in the way.

Now it was going to be half a country.

We tried to stay in touch but with being so far away and both of us so busy with college we grew apart. I was too hard not to see her.

Uh! I grunted throwing myself up from the bed and out of the memory. I walked over to the dresser and looked at myself in the mirror. I could hear my old friends downstairs laughing I hadn't realized how much I had missed them all. So I ran my fingers quickly through my hair, took another deep breath, and headed downstairs.

"Santana! You want a drink?" Finn asked as I finally made my way into the kitchen.

"Yeah sure." He nodded and took a short step opening the freezer door. "Ok well we have some tequila, rum, vodka, some beer," he offered pointing to the ice chest sitting next to the fridge. "Oh and wine."

"Some rum would be good do you have any coke?"

"Coming right up" he smiled.

I walked over the island that sat in the middle of the kitchen and took a seat on a stool next to Kurt. He was talking to Sam, who sat on the other side of him, about New York and Blaine.

I took this opportunity to take a look around the room. There was a kitchen nook to the left of the island and Quinn was sitting next to Mercedes talking with Tina and Artie.

After about a year into college the two had gotten back together. I think everyone knew that they were meant for each other, even Mike. But no one held ill feelings toward one another and their friendships were as strong as ever.

"Here you go" Finn placed the drink down in front of me and I took a big sip. I was glad to have alcohol to take away some of the tension.

We eventually made our way into the living room. The room had two large couches on either side bordering the wall and there were a couple lounge chairs sitting in between them on the opposite of the room. A large window framed the back wall looking out onto the driveway and eventually the road.

I took at seat on one of the couches and Quinn and Kurt sat down on either side of me. Kurt put his hand on my knee giving it a squeeze, his way of giving me courage. Of course he knew. He always knew. I remember the conversation we had when I had come back home for Christmas that winter after she had moved. I was sitting at a table in The Lima Bean nursing a coffee when he came up to me.

"Hey Santana! Hi Merry Christmas I didn't think I would see you here!"He sat down in the open chair in front of me.

"Oh hi Kurt. Merry Christmas to you too. Uh.. yeah I just wanted to get out of the house. My mom was driving me crazy!"

He laughed. "How are things? Where is Brittany? I was sure you two would be joined at the hip. I heard she moved to LA."

"Yeah…" I said unenthusiastically.

"Whats wrong San?"


"Well it has to be something you're sitting here looking like your dog just died."

"No its just… never mind." As I was about to shove away from the table to leave he asked,

"You love her don't you?… Brittany?"

I looked up at him. "How'd you guess?"

"Well it may have had something to do with the fact that at just a mention of her name and you look as if you are about to sob into your coffee cup."

"She didn't come home." I spat out. "I guess something came up at school."

"Well she's coming home for the summer isn't she? I'm sure you will see her then if not sooner."

"It's just we barely talk as it is…and I just…I just miss her that's all."

But she didn't come home that summer, something about an internship, and the time between when we talked became more and more until we just stopped talking altogether.

I refocused on the room and leaned back into the couch tuning into the conversation.

"So Quinn how are things in Seattle?" Mercedes asked.

"It's going really well!" After graduation Quinn had been accepted to the University of Washington to study advertising. An interest she hadn't even realized she'd had. "I love my classes and despite the constant rain I love it over there."

Before Quinn had a chance to continue headlights flashed across the window. "Oh I bet that's Mike and Brittany!" Tina shouted as she leapt from her chair and headed for the door.

Quinn and Kurt smiled at me hopefully getting up to follow the others out.

My chest tightened as a bit of panic set in. I brought my cup up to my lips finishing off the last of my drink. I missed her more than anything in the world. But I had learned to live without her. My heart told me that I didn't think I would be able to do that again.

I got up off the couch, the last one to move, and walked to the door. I leaned against the door fame and looked out, there she was.

Instead of feeling pain I felt incredible joy at seeing her again. Her long blonde hair fell down over her shoulders and she smiled as she said hi to everyone. How I missed that smile.

All of a sudden she looked up and straight at me, I felt my heart stutter as she her eyes locked on mine. She smiled again, "Santana!" she said leaving everyone where they were and walking up the walk to meet me. "Hi," She stopped when she stood right in front of me, "…I've missed you."

Without saying anything I pushed myself off the doorway and fell into her. She reached her arms up and wrapped them around my neck pulling me closer. I buried my face in her hair breathing in her scent and feeling more than thrilled to have her in my arms again, "I missed you too B."

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