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When I woke up in the morning I could feel her breath on the back of my neck. She had her chin propped up on my shoulder and she was humming softly as she traced her hand up and down my arm. As her hand moved up my skin I felt my nerves tingle and my skin get a little cold from the loss of the warmth I felt when she touched me. I had never thought I could be this happy. Have everything I had wanted and wished for but had given up on ever getting.

I felt her whisper my name into my ear checking to see if I was awake. I reached up and grabbed her hand wrapping it down around my waist and sighing in comfort.

"Morning" she smiled placing a kiss on my neck. My neck was like my weak spot and when her lips touched my skin I moaned instinctually my back arching into her stomach a little in pleasure. My body had such a strong reaction to anything she did and barely seconds later had I turned around pulling her head toward me to connect our lips together. I reached down and pulled her leg up and over my waist letting my hand run up the back of her thigh. She was surprised but only pushed against my mouth harder moving her body fully on top of mine while bringing her hand up and running her fingers through my hair.

I reached around her back griping onto her waist and used my hand to cradle the back of her neck. In one swift movement I pulled her sideways and let her fall onto the bed giving me the chance to crawl up to straddle her waist.

"Ah!" She yelped in surprise laughing a bit and bringing her eyes up to mine and I sat above her. She smiled sweetly and put her hand to my cheek rubbing her thumbs in circles on my skin. She used her hand to slowly pull my head down and before touching her lips to mine said a quick, almost desperate, "I love you" before leaning up and closing the distance between us.

I felt her hands hovering at the bottom of my shirt pushing it slightly up asking my permission. I reached down and brought my shirt up pulling it off my head before discarding it on the floor. I let her stare and sat patiently as her hands explored my chest, back, and shoulders before turning her attentions to my breasts. I shivered when I felt her hand slip down the front of my bra rubbing my skin. I almost crumbled down on top of her when her thumb grazed over the top of my nipple.

I wanted the bra away from me, I didn't want anything in the way of her or her hand and I quickly went to reach around my back to unfasten it.

She stopped me, "Wait" was all she said before she propped her elbows up on the bed and skillfully pulled her shirt up around her head tossing it on the floor the way I had mine. She then unfastened her bra throwing it away as well. I took my time in getting to know her body again; it had been so long since we had been intimate in this way and even though we had been together before, it didn't mean half as much as it did to us now. All our feelings were out in the open and I was ready just as I knew she was. This was a whole new level for us.

I felt the small bit of fabric fall away from my body, I hadn't even noticed her reached for it, and I had been too wrapped up in everything that was this moment and her to pay attention.

She sat up and brought her arms around my neck pressing our bare chests against each other and burying her lips into mine. Just like the night before I felt all the nerves in my body awaken at her touch leaving my skin burning.

I started to fall backward on the bed and she came with me once again laying up the length of my body with one of her legs wrapped under around my calf. She started pushing down my pants, grabbing both my shorts and underwear and the same time, and I lifted my waist off the bed as she slipped them off easily. She moved her mouth to my neck, sucking at the skin, as she worked her hand down between the two of us. My head snapped up and I gasped in a sharp breath when I felt her fingers push up inside me. I shut my mouth hard trying to keep the loud moan I knew had been coming trapped inside my chest. My hands flew up to her head tangling roughly in her hair as she ran her fingers slowly in and out.

My knees locked together tightly around her waist when her thumb began to rub around the outside of my entrance. I had been waiting for this moment for years and I was reaching my limit fast. I started to pant slowly as she worked her hand faster moving her head up to kiss me again. I felt her tongue run along the outside of my lips and I quickly opened my mouth and let my tongue tangle with hers and she moaned hard into my mouth. With one more rock of her hips she sent her fingers deeper into me than before. I yelled in ecstasy, muffling my voice into her shoulder, and laying nearly limp beneath her. I was breathing hard, my chest rising and falling rapidly; as she pulled her hand up from between us and leaned down to kiss me again. I returned the kiss fiercely on a sort of buzz from our recent activity.

"Wow" was all I could manage to say and she laughed kissing me again. She shifted down off me lying on her side holding her head up in her palm to look at me better.

"You could say that again…" Brittany said a little out of breath herself. She let her body fall back against the mattress letting one hand link through mine and the other hang off the side of the bed.

"Your turn" I pushed myself up with my hands and used my knees to move down and kneel between her legs.

She froze suddenly looking at me almost bracing herself for what was about to come. I leaned forward giving her a light kiss and then carefully placing light kisses down the center of her body until I reached her stomach. I pulled her pants down and finally got rid of the last piece of clothing that had been between us. I felt her shiver under me and I laid back down looping my arm up around her thigh bringing her leg up over my shoulder. I felt her hand on the top of my head pushing me downward and I went willingly. I started licking around the outside, she was already soaked, and she moaned lifting her body briefly upward before slamming it back down on the bed. She went even crazier when I began to suck some of the skin into my mouth pushing my tongue beneath the surface and teasing the little bump underneath. "Please" she begged and I was quick to answer slipping a finger inside moving it slowly and then picking up speed. The combination of tongue and fingers had her hands clenching in fist around the fabric trying to remain grounded. She began to take short quick breaths, almost there, and so I pushed deep into her curving my finger up inside her and felt her shake underneath me as she reached climax.

I crawled up looking her in the eyes watching all the emotions as they crossed her face, ecstasy, passion, excitement, relief and love.

"What are you feeling right now?" I asked as she curled up into me lying across my chest.

"Everything!" She exclaimed "I am so happy right now I can hardly stand it. I could stay in this room forever and not care one bit." I felt her smile as she pressed a kiss to my chest.

After a while of laying there and just embracing quietly we knew it was time to wake up. I could hear people starting to go down to have breakfast and I didn't want to accidently get walked in on by anyone trying to wake me up.

After a washing off, and a small make out secession in the shower, we were getting dressed. Since her clothes were down in her bedroom I gave her some jeans and a t-shirt of mine to wear until she could change.

"So how do you want to do this?" I asked. I didn't want to push her to label anything but I needed to know how to act. In high school I had been afraid of being gay and people finding out. I was not that person anymore. I knew who I was and accepted it. Kurt and Quinn had helped me with my struggles and even Rachel and Blaine had offered support and their ear if I ever needed to talk.

She was quiet and then walked up in front of me grabbing my hand, "Listen, I love you. I have waited years to be with you. I know that when I went away I hurt you a lot. Part of me left because I was in pain, I was in pain because I didn't think I would ever get to keep you. I wish we could have both been braver back then but I think waiting this long was good, and it only made my feelings for you clearer and unwavering. Now that I have you I will not spend another moment of my life hiding."

I was speechless so I just moved into her, kissing her deeply, letting her know I felt the same way she did.

"Come on love, I'm hungry" she reached out and held my hand turning me toward the door leading us out of the room.

Breakfast was something else. I noticed as everyone's eyes wondered down to our hands that linked together at our sides, and took in our smiling faces when we sat down next to each other laughing and filling our plates with waffles and eggs.

I saw Kurt look over at Quinn, both of them smiling, putting together the evidence and making the right assumptions.

There were a couple people looking a little confused but more curious than anything and then there was Sam who hadn't seemed to notice anything out of the ordinary at all.

I wondered to myself who would be the first on to bring it up. Who would ask the question that was clearly running through the majority of their minds?

The silence lasted longer than I had expected and Brittany and I had almost finished our entire plate when Puck set down his fork in a fuss.

"Ok so what's up with you too?" He asked looking straight at us and the rest of the room followed his lead.


"Oh come on spill! I know there's something going on here. You two look like a pair of love sick puppies about to hump the others leg."

"Puck!" Quinn yelled and he just shrugged his shoulders.

"It's not like all or you aren't thinking the same thing…" He said making it clear he wasn't going to just let it go.

"Well….we well…"

Brittany cut me off. "We're together now ok? So just get used to it." She stated taking another bite of her waffle.

"Finally!" Kurt yelled from his seat fighting the urge to clap.

"Yeah seriously it's about time you guys! I was starting to think I'd have to lock you two in a closet or something" Mercedes said surprising me with her outburst.

"I for one am very happy for the both of you." Rachel said picking through her eggs.

I frowned looking over and Brittany who was wearing the same face. "Wait you guys knew?"

"Pretty much…except Sam." Tina said making a face over at Sam who was looking at us in awe.

"Wait so you two are together together? Like a couple?" He asked.

I took a second to look at Brittany before grabbing her hand and answering, "Yeah…yeah we are."

"Well…cool" he said simply still staring a bit.

Besides a few congratulations from some of the group no fuss was made about our relationship. It seemed as if more people than we realized knew about the feelings we had for each other and had long ago grown accustomed to the thought of us together; and us finally presenting our relationship in front of them was like a confirmation of their assumptions. They took it in processed and it was like nothing had changed.

I hadn't thought any of them would react negatively to the idea but realized that I had been preparing myself for the worst. Their lack of response gave me hope that the rest of the world would accept us for who we were and that was comforting.

"See I knew everything would be alright" Brittany whispered into my ear a little while later.

I turned and gave her a kiss, "I'm so happy"

"I just want you to know that I know we both have different lives, with me in California and you here, but we'll make this work. No matter what."

I saw the possible future we could have, me moving to LA and working while she danced. I really didn't care where I lived as long as it was with her.

"No matter what."

The End.

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