Starfleet Halloween

Written by Kate O'Riley

October 22, 2001

Archiving: If you want. LMK.

Disclaimer: Characters are Paramount's, poem's mine, yadda yadda yadda.

Other: My first attempt at poetry. Probably stinks.

For many years, I've wanted to be

A Starfleet officer on Halloween.

In a crisp uniform, all black and blue

But no! Nowadays, that just wouldn't do!

Because I saw Janeway, and lately, of old

I've wanted a uniform with four pips of gold!

With shoulders of red, a bright comm badge too

For I must be sure to give the captain her due.

So this Halloween, I'll go fetch my loot,

In a jacket bright red, and black as soot.

And now, I confess! Yes indeed! Tis true!

I really love Voyager. Then again, don't you?