Disclaimer: I do not own either To Aru Majutsu No Index, Kamen Rider 555, or Justifaiz. Also, the character Tsukimori Youko's name, appearance, personality, etc., is inspired (copied) from a Japanese light novel called Gekkou by Natsuki Mamiya, so I can't claim credit for her character.

Well since progress for chapter 3 of A Certain Scientific Kamen Rider 555 looks like slow going, I thought I might as well throw this out as somewhat of an apology, and because I figured, why not? So this is basically what the first version of the Justifaiz op looks like for my fic. As the story progresses, I'll make new versions with Kaxia and Delta and any other new characters that appear in the story.

When you watch the last scenes of 555's opening, does anyone else ever get the feeling that if the 'good guys' of the series had been the Orphnoch then Faiz would have made an abosoultely terrifing antgonist/villian?


As the music kicks in, an assortment of boxes of different sizes fly to the middle of the screen over the final scene of the intro to the chapter, coming together to form a pixilated image of Kamen Rider Faiz walking towards the reader during the day, afternoon, and night (depending on what boxes the reader/viewer is looking at), wielding the Faiz Edge in his right hand while his left is clenched tightly into a fist.

The next scene shows the Auto-Vajin in Battle Mode, its visor flashing with green lights as two red vertical lines slide across the screen, eight boxes appearing behind them in two rows of four with one above the other, showing Faiz dashing across the screen with a weapon in hand before turning to face the direction he just came from. In the top row it showed Faiz holding the Faiz Phone in its Blaster Mode; in the lower set he wielded the Faiz Edge.

Next shot shows a brief view of Academy City before another red line quickly slides across the screen to focus on a grey haired youth dressed in A Certain High School's uniform with a grayish-green t-shirt on underneath leaning against a guard railing atop one of the city's monorail stations, that, unknowns to him but known's to us, is the main character of this story, Inui Ayumu. Said teen slowly turns to gaze lazily at the readers with weary golden topaz colored eyes as his hair blows faintly in the wind.

Can you feel? Let us talk about a little planet

Next we see Delta Force, comprised, of course, of Kamijou Touma, Tsuchimikado Motoharu, and the aptly named Aogami Pierce as they walked down a street while bickering about something trivial(or monumentally important, from their point of view). In the background, one could see Misaka Mikoto, Shirai Kuroko, Uiharu Kazari, and Saten Ruiko going the opposite direction down the adjacent street.

As the three walked by a coffee shop, the scene switches to inside the shop to show Fukiyose Seiri, Hiramatsu Taeko, and Himegami Aisa as they talked about something over pastries, Fukiyose getting flustered over a dry remark Himegami made while Hiramatsu laughed heartedly.

Another scene change later to Okahara Ryouta standing under an archway to escape a heavy downpour of rain, a distant look on his face as he held an outstretched hand to catch rain droplets before a burst of pyrokinetic fire suddenly ignited in his hand.

The scene then changed to Tsukimori Youko, a stunningly beautiful girl with long dark hair that reached down to her waist and a mature smile on her face, who wore the girl version of A Certain High School's uniform, as she strolled down a street with an umbrella sheltering her from the rain, the wet streets beneath her feet freezing into solid ice.

In the growing expanse of space

Next scene shows three teens standing amongst a crowd of people in the streets before the mass of people suddenly faded from view, leaving only the aforementioned teens behind as they simultaneously turned to face the readers. The first was a young man with short brown hair, wearing the same highschool uniform that Ayumu and Kamijou wore. The next was a girl with shoulder length black hair in the girl uniform of the same school as well. The last was a tough, delinquent looking young man with black hair that came down to his neck, wearing a jean jacket and a beret on his head. Looking closely, one could see strange markings appearing along their skin before another red line slid across the scene, turning day to night and now where the three teens had stood there were now the Horse, Crane, and Snake Orphnoche in their place.

Tell me the truth, the future I believed in

The next scene shifted to the top of one of Academy City's skyscrapers, where Kanzaki Kaori, Stiyl Magnus, and a gathering of other magicians (mages, sorcerers, wizards, warlocks, whatever!) stood vigilant as they gazed down at the city of science.

After that, we switch to the inside of a deserted classroom where Kumokawa Seria sat atop a desk looking very aloof as she talked into her cell phone, wearing a knowing and confident smile as she did.

Is falling apart

We then see Ayumu as he exit's his dorm room and start's making his way to school, time seeming to slow down as he slings his school bag over his shoulder before suddenly the back ground behind him begins to slide off to the right off screen while he continues to walk toward the reader, being replaced by a black and white scene (divided by another vertical red line) that showed a grown man happily teaching a young boy with short dark hair and a girl with shoulder length dark hair martial arts.

Sorrow comes again and again

This was then replaced by a collection of scenes previewing the latest chapter. The background then changed to another colorless scene showing the young girl from the first black and white panel as she slowly rose too her feet, the left side of her head badly injured and bleeding profusely as she saw before her the body of the man that was teaching her martial arts lying unmoving in front of her (the face obscured from view). After this, the background behind Ayumu once again changed to an assortment of preview scenes of the upcoming chapter, the last of which always contained a scene involving the Riders or Orphnoche, usually in a fight scene.

Where are we heading?

Next an assortment of boxes once again flew together over an orange, flower pattered background (I always thought it looked like a lava lamp) to form an image of Faiz from the waist up, and, like before, the time varied between day, evening, and night time depending on which boxes the reader looked at, and one could see Faiz wielding the Faiz Edge in his right hand, the Faiz Phone Blaster in his left, and in some boxes his hand were simply empty. One could even see the Auto-Vajin in Battle Mode standing ready behind him in some of the boxes. During this, three images flashed across the screen; one up close shot of Faiz's Ultimate Visor, one of the Auto-Vajin in Battle Mode, and the last one of Faiz's upper body with a glowing green neon Faiz symbol hanging in front of him.

Deep inside each one of us

The pixilated image of Faiz over the orange background was then replaced by similar image of the Kamen Rider riding his bike through Academy City over a green background, first from a side angle before the boxes reformed to show him from the front.

A crimson line slid across the screen to then show two grew boxes; one in the top right corner showing Faiz wielding the Faiz Edge, and one in the bottom left corner with the Rider bringing the Faiz Phone Blaster up to bear respectively, their edges overlapping just slightly while the rest of the screen was composed of blank, empty space. As the two Faiz's simultaneously struck a pose with their respective weapons, two Photon Streams formed along the outside edges of the boxes.

Open your eyes; it's the time to go

The scene then switched to a shot of Faiz dropping down from the sky whilst executing a Rider Kick towards the reader in slow motion, the sole of his foot glowing bright crimson in the shape of the Faiz symbol.

To Stay Strong

The next scene switched to nighttime in the middle of a park where both Hiramatsu Taeko and Tsukimori Youko stood surrounded by a swarm of beautiful luminous blue butterflies, Hiramatsu holding her arms out as she looked on in wonder while Tsukimori held out her right hand for one of the butterflies to perch itself on her index finger as she smiled gently to herself.

The scene then changed to show an ominous view of a full moon hanging in the sky over Academy City.

An instant later the scene changed to the inside of a tunnel where the Horse Orphnoche, in its centaur-like Dash Mode, reeled back in murderous rage before, with a roar, it began galloping straight towards Faiz, the Rider standing at the end of the tunnel remaining perfectly still even as the monster charged straight tworads him.

To fight and defend once more

Just as the enraged Orphnoche was upon him, the scene then switched to show Kamen Rider Faiz with the Faiz Edge in hand and the Auto-Vajin standing in the middle of a street with the Windowless Building looming eerily in the background directly behind them, Academy City's Crimson Guardian looking positively menacing as the screen zoomed up close for one last shot of the Kamen Rider's bright yellow glowing eyes before it flashed to the title screen, the red lines sliding across the screen to form the Faiz symbol before it slammed and embedded itself into a steel background, bright white light bursting from the symbol to reveal the title logo.

There will be no end to this dilemma… even if we keep on running

Kamen Rider 555.

(The) End justifaiz the means!