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A Certain Scientific Kamen Rider 555

Chapter 4: Kamen Rider Faiz (Part 2)

Academy City: District 7 – Hospital – July 7

"So this patient has been sleeping for two years?" asked the new nurse as she straightened the sheets lying atop a hospital bed in which an unconscious young man with short brown hair lied. The boy was connected to several life support machines, including a ventilator, feeding tube, and heart monitor. The chart at the foot of the bed identified him as Kiba Yuji, age 17.

"Yes, he and his parents who were visiting were involved in a major traffic accident" explained the senior nurse as she replaced his I.V. Bag. She continued. "He was the only one who survived. There haven't been any visitors recently either, although his girlfriend used to come everyday before."

"Such a shame" the younger woman commented, shaking her head sadly, when suddenly a dull whine started sounding from across the room. Both woman's shot up in alarm to check the heart monitor, the screen indicating that their patient's heart had stopped beating.

'Impossible' thought the head nurse, thinking that the machine must have had a glitch or something. She quickly checked the young man's pulse just to be sure, before realizing that, much to her horror, the machine wasn't broken. "Get the doctor quick!"

It was less than an hour later the doctor made his call.

"Death confirmed" he announced regretfully, shaking his head sadly. "It's a pity, but it ends here. Reasons for death..."

Unbeknownst to the doctor as he continued his diagnoses, or the attending nurses, a shadowy figure was observing their now deceased patient from the hallway window with great interest, somehow going unnoticed by any of the buildings employees or patients even as they walked straight past him, a twisted, evil smile forming on his face.


Can you feel? Let us talk about a little planet

In the growing expanse of space

Tell me the truth, the future I believed in

Is falling apart

Sorrows come again and again

Where are we heading?

Deep inside each one of us

Open your eyes, it's the time to go

To Stay Strong

To fight and defend once more

There will be no end to this dilemma... even if we keep on running

(The) End justifaiz the means!

Academy City: District 7 – Student Dorm – Inui Residence – July 7

Unlocking the entrance to his apartment, Inui quickly staggered in followed by Oshino who shut the door behind him before moving to set his bag containing the clothes they had collected from the hotel along with the Faiz Gear case down atop the coffee table, the scientist hissing in pain as the motion caused his ribs to throb in pain. Inui, after tossing his bag aside, slowly limped his way over to the kitchen sink, twisting the knob for the cold water as he bent over the counter wearily, his body sore and exhausted from the events that had occurred over the last few days. Splashing the refreshingly cool liquid across his face, the gray haired teen sighed before wearily pushing himself to stand up straight, grunting in discomfort as his muscles screamed in protest.

'My body might really fall apart at this rate' the teen thought dryly, trying to push the pain to the back of his mind as he took deep breaths through his nose.

"You okay Kid? You look like hell" Oshino asked, noticing the high school students discomfort. Inui nodded.

"Feel like it, but I'm fine" the teen lied, waving one of his hand's in dismissal. "Just need to lie down for a bit" The scientist stared at him a second longer before nodding and moving to pick up his bag carrying his clothes.

"You gonna grab a shower first or can I?"

"Help yourself" the student answered before pushing himself up and moving around the kitchen counter towards his bed while Oshino made his way to the apartments laundry room and bathroom. Just as they passed each other, however, the sudden ringing of the doorbell froze them in their place. The two quickly glanced towards the apartments entrance, then at each other, surprise obvious on their faces.

"Who's that!?" demanded Oshino in a hushed tone, fearing that perhaps Smart Brain or Anti-Skill had somehow followed them back to the teen's apartment.

"I don't know!" replied Inui quietly, equally panicked. "I sure as hell wasn't expecting anyone!" The two stood around for a few moments, unsure of what to do, when the doorbell rang once again, snapping them into action as the scientist quickly made himself scarce in the laundry room, locking the door behind him, while the gray haired teen quickly made his way over to his home's entrance, wondering just who was on the other side of it. He didn't get visitors. He never got visitors.

Turning the handle (his other hand clenched tightly into a fist at his side, just in case), the student pulled the door open to reveal, much to his surprise, his classmate Kamijou Touma, standing with his school bag slung over his shoulder with his right hand while his left held a thin bundle of papers. "Eh, Kamijou-san?"

"Yo, just here to give you these" the spiky haired teen greeted casually as he waved the papers in his hand. Inui stared at his classmate for a brief yet lengthy moment, wondering what the hell the guy was talking about, before Kamijou uncertainly spoke again. "Umm..."

Suddenly remembering that he had skipped school today, as well as his cover story, the gray haired Level 3 esper nodded. "Oh, today's classwork, right. Thanks" he said as he quickly took the papers from his classmates hand.

"Erm, are you OK, Inui?" Kamijou asked, slightly concerned at the way the teen was acting.

"I'm fine" Inui answered as he quickly scanned over the assignments, seeing nothing he didn't expect. "Pain medicines just making me a little slow."

The Level 0 stared at him a moment longer before asking"Oi, what happened to your face?"

That got the students attention, his topaz colored eyes rising to meet Kamijou's gray ones. "Huh?"

"Your face. It's all bruised up" the black haired teen explained in a puzzled tone, causing Inui to realize what his classmate was confused over. While he had seen him beat up before from the other day, his new injuries were unexplained.

"Oh! Um... I... got in a fight-" Inui began before he could stop himself, accidentally falling back on the same vague, though not untrue, answer he had given him on the elevator.

"Eh? Another one!? Weren't you at the hospital!?" Kamijou asked incredulously.

"Uh, yeah... that'll teach that bastard doctor to try and stick me with a needle" the teen lied as he quickly stepped back into his apartment, mentally cursing himself for his stupidity. "Thanks again, Kamijou-san" he said, ending the conversation as he kicked his door closed with his sneaker.

"Oi, Inui! Something was very wrong with that last part! Oi!" Kamijou exclaimed before the door cut him off, almost hitting him in the face. The spiky haired student scratched his hair in confusion before muttering to himself "Geez, that guy, what's he doing to end up like that?" Sighing, the youth turned and started walking towards the stairs and his apartment, remembering he needed to make sure he got the sewer stench out of his spare school uniform. 'Oh well, its none of my business anyway...'

Meanwhile, Inui, after letting Oshino know it was okay to go ahead with his shower and tossing his school work on his coffee table, collapsed wearily onto his bed with an exhausted sigh. The standard issued student apartment mattress was nothing special, but at that moment, to his sore and tired muscles, it felt simply amazing. Rolling onto his back, the gray haired teen felt his eyelids growing heavy as sleep began reaching for him, his mind replaying the events of the last three days. Learning about Smart Brain's evil experiments, his fights with the henchmen, Oshino's story and the origins of the belt, his talk with Hiramatsu and his battles with the monsters...

"... what the hell is happening in this city?"

Unsurprisingly, the student's question remained unanswered. Feeling his exhaustion win out at last, Inui's topaz gold eyes slowly drifted over to settle on the metallic case of the Faiz Gear before finally closing shut as sleep embraced him.

Academy City: District 7 – Hospital – July 7 (Later that night)

Draping a white sheet carefully over the lifeless corpse of the recently deceased coma patient, the new nurse shook her head sadly before turning to inspect the now disconnected respirator, making sure nothing was amiss or out of place with the machine. She had barely begun inspecting the tubes when she heard the sound of cloth rustling behind her. Thinking it might have been the head nurse, who she had thought was checking the I.V. Bags outside the room, the young woman turned around to see that she wasn't wrong, that she was indeed alone in the room. Thinking she must have imagined the noise, she was about to turn around when her wandering eyes spotted that an arm had somehow fallen from under the sheet.

'How did that happen?' the frowning nurse wondered as she quietly moved over to the bed and carefully tucked the lifeless dangling limb back under the sheet before turning to return to her work...

… when suddenly said arm shot out from underneath the sheet, grabbing the young woman's wrist causing her to, understandably, let out a startled shriek before stumbling to the floor, landing hard on her rear. Trying to comprehend what had just happened, the nurse looked up to see the young man, who was supposed to be dead, throw the hospital sheets off himself as he shot up in the bed, his chest heaving as he looked around wildly in disorientation before turning his gaze to her, his eyes suddenly turned milky white, unnaturally void of any iris's causing the nurse to let out another terrified scream.

"Someone!" she cried.

As the hospital employee continued to call for help, the young man known as Kiba Yuji continued to stare, his eyes quickly reverting back to normal as he continued to stare at the nurse with confused, lost eyes.

Academy City: District 7 – Student Dorm – Inui Residence – July 8

Inui had slept hard, and it wasn't till well past sunrise of the next day that he finally, and not without a small amount of reluctance, pried his heavy eyes open to lazily gaze up at his apartments ceiling. Inhaling and exhaling slowly, the teen pushed himself up to sit upright in his bed, ignoring the signals of protest his muscles sent him as he looked around for Oshino till the tale tell sound of almost obnoxiously loud snoring reached his ears, directing his attention downwards. Glancing down, he spotted the scientist laying sprawled out on his borrowed futon on the floor, wearing dark blue lounging pants and a white long-sleeved t-shirt that seemed two sizes too big for him. Snorting with a shake of his head, Inui twisted and planted his feet on the floor before carefully pushing himself up out off the bed, keeping his breathing in check as he slowly stretched and tested his limbs, checking his body's limits.

Deciding the damage was manageable, the gray haired student grabbed a hot shower before making himself a small breakfast, though perhaps lunch would have been more appropriate given the time. Eventually Oshino awoke from his slumber as well, yawning loudly as he sat up while scratching his head, looking around the apartment with a dumb look on his face. Spotting Inui, who gave him a nod in acknowledgment, the stood up and slumped his way over to the kitchen, grumbling a barely coherent 'morning' as he pulled open the teen's refrigerator and began rummaging through it, complaining under his breath about his young host's absence of coffee, to which the youth simply snickered and shook his head.

"How you feeling?" asked Oshino as he poured himself a bowl of cereal, forgoing the milk as he stabbed his spoon into the flakes and jammed it into his mouth, chewing loudly as the teen responded.

"I'm fine. Sore in some places, but the armor took the blunt of the damage" he answered after taking a gulp from his drink. The scientist nodded.

"That's relieving. I was worried since that monster looked like it was giving you more trouble than the others" he said, though it was difficult to understand him since he said all this with his moth full. Once Inui was able to make out what the older man had said, he shook his head.

"All the real injuries I've gotten so far have been while fighting those things before transforming, but with the Faiz Gear on, the worst I've gotten so far is a few bruises. Still hurts, but the damage doesn't seem to carry over to my body nearly as badly" the high school student explained as he finished off his breakfast before suddenly remembering something. Reaching into his pocket while Oshino muttered something about 'never got around to testing' that the teen chose to ignore as drew the Faiz phone from his pocket. Turning the hefty silver cellphone over in his hands, the high school first year had to admit the device had been proven to be surprisingly useful the other day on more than one occasion. He said as much to Oshino, causing the scientist to chuckle and shake his head.

"You think that's impressive? You haven't even seen half that baby's functions yet." That made Inui's eyebrows raise.

"It can do more?" he asked, genuinely curious. The older man grinned.

"Sure. Here, let me see it" he said as he stood up straight and walked over, the teen promptly handing the gadget to him. Opening up the cellphone, which made its usual techno noise as he did, Oshino then converted it to its gun mode as he explained the functions of the device to the first year student. "Alright, the Faiz Phone is essentially the control unit of the Faiz Gear, as well as the transgenerator that powers it. It also carries, if you remember, this, the Faiz Mission Memory" he said as he briefly removed the key card with the Faiz symbol on it from its slot on the front of the phone. "This is, aside from the Phone and Driver, the most important part. Remember back at the park?"

"Yeah, you had me put the Memory in that flashlight thing you tossed me" Inui replied as he remembered the fight and the finishing blow he used to kill his attacker. The teen was unable to stop a small grin from appearing on his face, despite himself. "I gotta admit, that was pretty awesome." The former research director of Smart Brain flat out grinned at that.

"Right! Wasn't it?" he asked excitedly. "That device is called the Faiz Pointer. By inserting the Memory into certain Faiz Gear, it turns them into powerful weapons like that" he explained with a grin, enjoying a chance to show off his work. "But anyway, back to this" he said as he waved the Faiz Phone. "So you already know it's transformation code and how to use it's gun mode, but if you enter other code's..."

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