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You sat there and judged me…mocking me.

You mocked how I dressed and my very basic of functions.

"Can you eat normal?" How inappropriate.

"Go to your room!" How I screamed, "Stop treating me like a child!"

Does it matter to you how I felt?

In your mind, you think I'll be the perfect substitute for one who no longer lives.

I'm not that replacement. I act sweet and angelic but when belittled, I feel such rage towards you.

That filthy godless brute of a brother…you shoot and wound a bird and yet can't bring yourself to finish the work…I can.

I'm not that sweet angel you see. I can be but however long that lasts is up to you.

All I wanted for you to be out of the way. It's not at all hard to understand.

I want him to myself and should he revile me and reject me, I'll tend to him myself.

I'll do as I wish. How I feel in your eyes, Kate is irrelevant.

You call me a liar when I asked you to teach me piano.

As I said, it wasn't a lie. I may be different around John but then, he warrants my love…you don't.

You want to see my true feelings? Turn off the light and see my truest artwork. My carnal desires can rival yours ten-fold.

Now, as I grip the handle of the knifs e in my hand I feel that you're finally humbled to act as an equal and as the blade slices your flesh from your body, you'll finally feel my rage.

Leena Klammer. That is my name. No longer am I the sweet angel. Now, I am what I truly am. A creature that wanted love and will most likely be rejected. No matter. As before, I will remedy the problem. It may be messy but then…is love ever clean cut?

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