(one year earlier)

"Lenalee I have to start packing what is it?"

"Were almost there so don't worry, Allen" Lenalee guided Allen into the cafeteria. All the lights were turned off. After a moment.

"Surprise!" Everyone shouted .A banner saying "Goodbye Allen" was up and there was balloons everywhere. Everyone was there, even Kanda.

"W-what, why?" Allen asked, you could see the smile on his face was pure happiness.

"Because we're all going to miss you and we wanted a really special way of saying goodbye" Lenalee exclaimed.

"Even Yu, although he won't admit it, will miss you" Lavi added.

"Shut up, you stupid usagi!" Kanda, of course.

"Thanks, you guys, it really means a lot"

(A few hours later)

"I guess this is goodbye….." Lavi said with a grim expression on his face.

"Were you going Allen? I know you're leaving the black order but?"

"I'm enrolling in Ouran Academy" Allen exclaimed.

"But isn't that for really rich kids?"

"Yeah, I'm not entirely sure how I got in though…. "Allen exclaimed. Lenalee smiled at her brother, she didn't know how but she knew that he enrolled Allen in Ouran Academy.

"Bye….. Allen" Kanda said not even looking at him ,everyone could see Kanda was just calling him that because he was leaving and that was probably the last time they would see each other.

Allen grinned.

"Goodbye to you too Kanda"

"I guess this is really goodbye, Allen" Lavi said sadly.

"You'll visit though, right?" Lavi grinned.

"Of course, if I didn't who else would draw on your face"

"Lenalee….." Allen said seeing his friend about to break into tears .Lenalee embraced Allen one more time before smiling at him.

"Goodbye Allen and I hope to see you as soon as possible" Lenalee cried ,she felt as if she was saying goodbye to a family member ,she was.

"Goodbye Lenalee" Allen said and then whispered in her ear " I think I'll miss you the most" Lenalee smiled and hugged him tighter. Lenalee eventually let go and Allen left with his suitcase . Hearing Komui whine.


(At Ouran Academy on Allen's first day)

Allen was lost inside the school ,he was dressed in his uniform ,Komui gave him a hood on it so he could hide his hair and scar ,

"This is just like when I got lost in the Black order" Allen thought ,his thoughts were interrupted as he walked straight into a door and it flew open. With roses coming out.

"Just my luck" Allen thought sarcastically.


What the-?" Allen thought as a teen with blond hair and violet eyes starting rambling on.

"Only those with excellent social standing and those with filthy rich family are lucky enough to spend their time here at the alit private school Ouran Academy .The Ouran Host club is where the school's handsomest boys with too much time on their hands entertain young ladies who also have too much time on their hands .Just think of it as Ouran Academies elegant playground for the super rich and beautiful"

"That answers a few questions" Allen thought to himself.

"Oh wow, it's a boy" The orange haired twins said in unison.

"Hikaru, Karou, Harahi I believe this young man is in the same class as you" Harahi was about to answer, she was the only one who actually talked with Allen when they were paired up for a project during class. Harahi opened her mother when the twins cut her off in unison (Of course)

"Yes, but he's shy, he doesn't act very sociably so we don't know much about him"

"Hn" Kyoya said realizing that they didn't know who or what Allen was or used to be "Well that wasn't very polite"

"Welcome to the Ouran host club, Mr. Walker"

"How does he know my name?" Allen thought.

"So your new here, then we welcome you to our world of beauty" Tamaki shouted. Allen sighed.

"Excuse me, but I have to leave" Allen lied.

"Wait, Allen-chun!" Hunny shouted grabbing Allen's left arm, Allen imminently pulled back his arm afraid of his glove being pulled off. "Why are you wearing a gloves and a hood!"

"Uh… That's kinda personal"

"Really" The twins said suddenly interested. And grabbing for his hood and gloves.

"P-please just leave me alone" Allen said trying to find the door and leave but having the bad luck he always has he bumped into a vase (Ring any bells?) Allen turned around and the vase was broken on the floor.

"We were going to feature the vase in an upcoming school auction"

"Were have I seen this before?" Haruhi thought remembering her first day at the host club.

Now you've done it, the bidding on that vase was supposed to start at eight million dollars "Allen sighed.

"I'll have it by tomorrow" Allen was use to paying off his master's debts.

"No, there's a famous saying you may of heard Walker, when in Rome you should do as the Romans do"

"Owe no" Haruhi thought knowing was her senpi was about to say.

"Since you broke it with your body, you could also pay for it with your body, that means starting today you're the host clubs dog"

A few weeks past as Allen became the host clubs dog and none of them have seen his true face and even though no one knew (Except for Kyoya or course) Allen figured out Haruhi was a girl the first day he met her. . Until one day when he was absent from class.

"Hey ,boss" The twins greeted as they walked into the music room along with Haruhi.

"Haruhi!" Tamaki yelled in joy running to his "Daughter" but stopped as he reached.

"Where's Allen?"

"He wasn't in class today "Haruhi exclaimed.

The king stopped his pacing and put the back of his hand to his head. "I can't bare to think of what may have happened," he said dramatically.

"Uhhhhh, I don't know maybe he didn't want to come to school today!"

"Knowing you I wouldn't blame him," Hikaru replied leaning back onto the elegant couch. Kaoru and Hikaru giggled.

"No, Allen wouldn't skip school" Haruhi stated, she and Allen have developed a good friendship over the past couple of weeks.

"I don't mean to interrupt you Tamaki, but she is out sick today," Kyoya replied looking down at his clipboard.

"Sick?" Tamaki exclaimed jumping out of his seat. "Allen-chan is sick?" Honey asked as he finished up a piece of cake.

"Yes, sick. He called in and said that he couldn't make it today," Kyoya replied.

"Poor Allen-chan. We should send some flowers!" Honey suggested.

"No! We shall go visit him! We will wait on her until he is back to full health!" the king decreed.

"But senpi, you can't just barge into someone's house, especially when there sick!" Haruhi exclaimed remembering when the host club visited her without telling her.

"I don't think that would be a good idea," Kyoya warned agreeing with Haruhi ,he knew the real reason Allen was out sick. They were all so excited about the plan and once they'd made up their minds, nothing could change them. Kyoya rolled his eyes knowing he'd been completely ignored, once again.

(At Allen's house)

"Allen!" The twins called into the apartment Tamaki tracked him down too. They heard a clank and they turned around .There was Allen out of uniform and carrying a bag. Which he dropped at the sight of the host club.

"What the hell are you doing here?"

"Allen-chun, you're not sick!" Honey said running onto Allen and grabbing his arm.

"Then why were you out" Karou asked.

"Did you skip?" Asked Hikaru.

"I uh…" Allen sighed "I was buying a present for a old friend and the store that has what she wants is closed during school"

"So you did skip"

"She" Tamaki noticed.

"Yeah, her birthday's coming up so sense I can't be there I'm sending her something through mail"


"Is that your natural hair color?" Hikaru asked noticing Allen's hair.

"And where did you get that scar?" Karou asked just as rudely as his brother.

"That's personal" Allen answered. Hikaru and Karou smiled like the devils they were.

"Now that we know how you look" One of them said.

"You can be a host" The other one finished.

"W-what!" Allen yelled. And ever sense that day Allen has been a host , "The innocent type" .It's been a year sense that day and the host club still don't know how Allen got that scar or why his hair is white. But Allen was part of the family now and that's what mattered.

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