Honey was hanging on Mori's hand as if his life depended on it. Honey looked around with fear.

"A-are you sure Allen chan is here?" He stuttered, his teeth chattering.

"Yes," Komui nodded.

"Honey," Lenalee said "Calm down, there's nothing to be afraid of-uhhhh!" Lenalee had fallen into a pit, barely holding on for her life.

Mori grabbed her arm and swiftly pulled her up.

"Thanks Mori." Lenalee smiled.

"Not scary? Huh?" Honey scrutinized. Lenalee awkwardly rubbed the back of her head.

"Come on," Kanda demanded "We're wasting time."

Honey nodded now with an overly serious expression his face "Let's go save Allen chan!" He shouted pumping his fist in the air and running ahead.

Kyoya face palmed. The rest of the group continued walking choosing the save their strength instead of using it recklessly.

Until they heard Honey scream. The boy was clutching his mouth fearfully.

In front of him lay a pile of bodies.

Komui walked over to the bodies and bent down. Lifting an arm of one of the bodies up, his eyes widened.

"These are members of the noah family."


Lavi ran forward "I don't see Road or Tykki though, or the Earl."

"Allen's not there either." Mori stated. Lavi's lip curved.

"Allen is not a noah!"


"Road's a liar! A filthy liar!" Roared Lavi.

"That's mean," The group looked up to see a pouting Road riding on Lero.

"And I was gonna help you too!"

Lenalee frowned "Help us? You? I don't think so."

Road stuck out her tongue "Come on, we need to help Allen!"

Lenalee was the most hesitant sharing looks with the others before they all begun chasing after the blue haired girl.

Lenalee was shaking violently. Racked with sobs, Komui held her close as she cried into his shoulder. Kanda was silent as always except maybe with more anger. As if he were about to snap at any moment.

Lavi was trying to be strong. Bookmen didn't show emotion but even so...he couldn't help the tears that leaked from his eyes.

Haruhi was trembling. Her heart beating at a immense rate. Tamaki held her. His hair covering his eyes, overshadowing them. He was abnormally silent.

Kyoya seemed even colder than usual. He didn't even have his glasses on. Only stood there, with a reassuring hand on Tamaki's shoulder.

Honey's lips were quivering trying to suppress tears. Mori put a hand on his shoulder and tightened it. Mori himself felt unusually cold.

The twins were holding each other's hands. As if they let go the other would disappear.
In a flash of a second Kanda pulled out Mugen. Pointing straight at Road Camelot's throat. Even she seemed sorrowed with pale skin and sullen eyes.

"I've just come to pay my respects." She said in a uncharacteristically sympathetic voice.

Kanda let her through, albeit hesitantly, and she gently placed a white rose on the grave that read

:Allen Walker.

Haruhi let out a shriek. Her door burst open "Haruhi!" Tamaki yelled the twins right behind him.

Haruhi's breathing was rapid. "I think I just had a premonition." She explained much to their confusion.

"Are you sure it wasn't just a dream?" Kyoya asked over the phone. Haruhi nodded

"It was too surreal," she choked a sob down "Allen's gonna die..."

"No he's not," Kyoya replied "I promise."

Haruhi nodded as she closed her phone.

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