Hi guys! It has been a really, really long time since I've updated. I know, and I'm incredibly sorry for that. However, this is just to let you know that I will no longer be writing my stories on this account except for one of them.

Here is the link to my new account:

www . fanfiction . net / ~ euphorique

I also have several clarifications to make. My pen name here is Blaire, but my real name is Caren. I'm letting all of you know this because I don't want to deal with immature calling in the future, that I 'copied' someone else's work.

I hope to start anew regarding my writing skills, which is why I'm creating a new account, and I really hope all of you will understand that.

Also, The Devil's Rein will be the only story I'll be moving over, as it's the only one I don't find… too many open plot holes… and the rest of my stories will remain on this account and be discontinued.

I will not be deleting this story but I will not be continuing it either. If you're interested in finishing this up for me, feel free to PM on my NEW account and we can talk there.

Thank you very much!