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The Dark Queen

Everyone in the Great Hall was thunder struck. The leader of the light side has come together with the leader of the dark side as his queen. Ron Weasley, Harry's best friend, balled his fists in anger as his ears burned red like the color of his bright fiery hair. How could his best friend betray him like this; how could he betray everyone? He's sacrificed everything for Harry and now all the hard work, all the grueling last months don't matter anymore. They have been wasted. The greater good has been lost.

Hermione Granger boiled in anger as well. She thought Harry was the one. She thought he was the one who was going to defeat evil, but she was wrong. For once she was very wrong. Her hand slid into Ron's, her lover. She looked for reassurance, comfort, though she knew she would never be eased. Ron gripped Hermione's hand. What would happen to them? He looked into her warm brown eyes as he was looking for comfort, but all he found was fear. Hermione took Ron's other hand and placed it over her abdomen. Her eyes watered and so did Ron's. She was pregnant with his child. The child they were hoping to bring into a better world, but now it may never see the light of day.

"Show me Harry. Show me that you want to be my queen." demanded Lord Voldemort and right then and there Harry brushed his lips against the Dark Lord's. The Dark Lord wanted more as he placed his lips firmly against Harry's. It was as if everyone wasn't shocked enough. They pulled away from the passionate kiss when each lost their breath.

Bellatrix Lestrange was fuming furiously. How dare the Dark Lord betray her like this? She loved him and he loved her back. She was sure of it or else she wouldn't have dealt with the Dark Lord for so long. He would smirk at her and eye her with his red slits of eyes. He loved her not this brat! It was the little brat that had led him to his downfall so why, why was he I love with him? Before she knew what she was doing she marched right up to the Dark Lord and Harry.

"You can't be serious my Lord, this boy was your downfall when he was one! Don't let him be your downfall again!" she yelled while Harry just smirked at her with pity. How blind she was Harry thought. Voldemort's eyes read rage. How could his most faithful Death Eater confront him like this? He would make an example out of her.

The Dark Lord turned to Harry and smiled. "She dare question us Harry, and you know what happens to those who dare question, don't you?"

"Yes, my Lord, I believe the punishment is death." Harry replied smiling at Bellatrix. "I think her pretty little mouth should be silenced as my Lord pleases."

"If you insist my love." The Dark Lord then pointed his wand at the now trembling Bellatrix, but his eyes held no mercy for her. "Avada Kedavra" Her body was flung into the appalled crowd.

"And may that be a warning to anyone who dare question the Dark Lord." yelled Harry over the sudden gasps. Minerva McGonagall held her breath as she saw the sudden green flash. Yes Bellatrix was her enemy, but still she never did like the dreaded curse. She looked at Harry. His green eyes looked vexed. He was corrupted with evil and greed. Why the sudden change? She thought he was the one to bring good back into the world. She thought she taught him the difference between wrong and right but apparently she has failed another student who walked these halls. Albus always told her it was not her fault if one of her students had chosen to be a Death Eater. It was their decision. She thought he was wrong. It was her fault. She was supposed to teach them how to make the right decisions and yet they hadn't. They hadn't failed her, but she had failed them and now she had failed Harry.

The Order members were still in shock. How could he betray everyone like this? He was the chosen one to stop evil, not become their leader. Everything was happening too fast. Molly and Arthur Weasley thought of the fate of their family. Surely they wouldn't be spared. They would still try to fight for the greater good even if all hope was lost.

Dumbledore's Army was stunned to see Harry in the arms of the Dark Lord. Harry had created Dumbledore's Army so they could learn how to defend themselves against the Dark Lord, but now Harry was his queen. Wasn't Harry on a secret mission that would help defeat the Dark Lord? That's what they heard and hoped, but now it seemed as if it were a lie. Everything seemed like it was a lie. They were living in a great big lie as everything was a waste of time.

Ginny Weasley shed tears of anger and disgust. She thought Harry loved her, but it seemed she was played by yet another boy. She was helpless when it came to love. She was defenseless when it came to Harry. Whatever Harry asked her to do she would do it. If he asked her to die right now she would. Love was cruel as it had struck her deep within the heart. She had thought she knew what love was but apparently she didn't. No she didn't. She had had guys who confessed they loved her, but yet they still broke her heart. She didn't care what happened anymore. She had nothing else to live for. If Harry did love her then life wasn't worth living.

"I have showed you my loyalty to you Harry. Now show me you're loyalty to me." The Dark Lord commanded of Harry.

"Anything to please you my Lord," Harry said as he looked around the room, "is there anyone in particular that my Lord would wishes to see die?"

"Why don't you choose that mud-blood?"

"You mean Hermione Granger?" When Harry said her name Hermione gulped and shivered. Ron gripped her hand tighter. If Harry dared touch her he would kill him even if his effort was futile, he would kill him.

"Yes her, she will do unless you can think of someone better." The Dark Lord replied and Harry shook his head.

"No, if my Lord wishes me to kill someone, then I shall not hesitate to do so." Harry responded as he looked for Hermione in the crowd. Hermione stood courageously amongst the others trapped in the room even though all she wanted to do was hide. She then felt someone grip her arm. She looked up to see her beloved Professor. Professor McGonagall ushered her towards her where Hermione felt something cool and wet slip over her head and down her body.

"Keep quiet and still." Minerva McGonagall instructed Hermione. Hermione wasn't in an invisibility cloak but she had some old kind of magic on her. She was like a chameleon as she blended into her surroundings. Ron looked gratefully at Minerva.

"Thank you."

"Keep your eyes upfront." ordered Minerva and Ron did as he was told.

"Where is she?" asked Harry aloud. "If anyone is hiding her then the consequences could be severe." The Dark Lord grew impatient as well as Harry.

"Never mind it my love, there will be time for her later, but I want to get the ceremony over with." the Dark Lord told Harry urgently while Harry nodded in approval.

"Severus, please do the honors of binding Harry and I." Lord Voldemort called for Severus and Severus came out from the crowd.

He straightened himself in front of the Dark Lord before he spoke. "Yes my Lord, it would be an honor sir." He said bowing his head politely.

"Then get up here, we don't have all day." barked Harry. Severus tried to keep from sneering as he wasn't used to being ordered around by Harry. He despised Harry and wished Harry would have done his job and killed Lord Voldemort, but he couldn't think so loudly or else the Dark Lord might hear him.

Severus got out his wand as he stood on the dais with Harry and Lord Voldemort. Harry and Lord Voldemort joined hands facing each other as they listened to the ancient words. A black rope with thorns came from Severus's wand as it intertwined between the two joined hands. The thorns ripped and tore into Harry's and the Dark Lord's flesh. Crimson red blood flowed freely from their newly made cuts. The blood from the other traveled along the black rope and seeped into the other's fresh cuts. They were magically bound now as each other's blood flowed through them. Magic streamed between the two. Lord Voldemort was pleased as he felt stronger than ever and so did Harry. They had new magic now and they would take full advantage of it. Harry and Lord Voldemort kissed again to seal the deal.

"Alas my queen, what would you like to do now?" asked Lord Voldemort lovingly.

"I call forth the members of the Order of the Phoenix." Harry commanded. Voldemort gave Harry a quizzical look, but Harry gave him a reassuring smile. All the Order members looked at Minerva for guidance. Surly they would be tortured. Minerva knew they were all waiting for her to make to the first move. There were too many frightened people who have lost hope and too many Death Eaters around to start a rebellion. Harry was the beacon of hope and now he was gone and so were the people for the light side. The numbers would have diminished greatly, and they have lost people in the Order from the battle and Minerva knew that. There was nothing to do but to face whatever was coming for her. Minerva felt a slight tug on her arm as she knew it was Hermione.

"I told you to keep still." Minerva reminded her before she stepped forth to the dais and the other Order members followed her. They understood that she was leading them to their deaths, but at the same time they understood that there was no hope on surviving if they tried to rebel.

"Ah long time no see Minnie." said the Dark Lord in a friendly manner. He looked at her as she walked defiantly towards them. She was frightened, but she wouldn't show it. Severus watched as she came forth. Damn her Gryffindor pride and bravery. She should have just hidden herself. At least that Ganger girl had enough sense to do so thought Severus. Minerva stopped before the dais as the other Order members lined behind her.

"It has been a long time Tom, or do you prefer my Lord now a days?" questioned Minerva as she still hadn't lost her words. Lord Voldemort flared with anger and Harry could feel it through his scar.

"You shall show more respect to your Lord!" spat Harry as he raised his wand towards his older Professor. "Crucio."

Minerva felt the curse attack her nervous system. She bit her lip to keep her from screaming out in pain as she was down on her knees writhing in agony. It coursed through her body as it felt like it was burning from within. Harry finally let her go. The other Order members went to make sure she was alright, but Harry put a stop to it.

"Don't touch her!" he yelled. Harry then stepped down from the dais as he bent low to hear Minerva's ragged breathing.

"You shall address my dear husband as my Lord, do I make myself clear?" She didn't answer as she was still trying to regain her breath. Harry getting impatient kicked her in the ribs which caused Minerva to roll on her back. Her hands clutched to her side where the rib was most likely fractured or even broken. Others gasped to see Harry abuse her like this.

"Do I make myself clear?" repeated Harry. Minerva still said nothing nor did she move. She wasn't going to give in easily. If she were going to die right then and there she would do it valiantly.

"Are you at loss of words? My dear Professor this must be a first for you. Well if you cannot speak then I see no use for you. You shall be the first to go." Harry had his wand extended towards Minerva who looked at Harry without fear. That stupid insufferable woman thought Severus as he stepped in.

"My queen, sorry for interruption, but I think we both know Minerva can be of great assistance." Snape spoke up.

"You are brave Severus for vouching for her, but are you willing to die for her?" Harry questioned now circling around Severus as if he were a vulture circling death. Minerva slowly pushed herself up into a sitting position as she looked at both of the men. They were deciding her fate. Both were traitors, but why did Severus speak up? He could have just stayed back behind Lord Voldemort.

"Severus, your answer?" asked Harry impatiently.

Severus looked at Minerva as he gave his answer. "Yes I would, she is more powerful than me and would be of good use to you my queen." He then looked away from Minerva as he could imagine her face distorted in disgust when really she was bewildered.

Harry scoffed in disbelief. "You would give your life for a Gryffindor, for a witch who is older than you?"

"Yes I would" repeated Severus.

Harry looked at Lord Voldemort for help. "What do you think we should do with them?"

"I think Severus is right. She is a powerful witch and if she could be turned then more would follow her and she would be an asset. Severus, she's you're problem now as I leave her to you. You shall report back in a month's time as to how progress is going. As for the rest of the Order members I don't see any use for them." decided the Dark Lord and Harry nodded in approval.

"Very well, as you wish my love." Harry replied and then turned his wand to the other Order members. Arthur held his wife Molly close before the emerald green beam of light struck them both dead. Minerva leapt from where she was only to be held back by Severus.

"No, let me go!" she protested, but Severus held her close.

"No you can't help them now Minerva." growled Severus as he fought to maintain her. Minerva watched as each and every Order member was brought down by Harry. Bill held Fleur close to him as they went down as well. George was next. He collapsed to the ground. His eyes were glassy and lifeless. They all were; they were all dead. Minerva cried as Severus held her close, but she still fought against him.

"Minerva God damn it! They're dead and you're lucky your life was spared now stop fighting me." Severus ordered her, but she did not cease. "I'm sorry Minerva, stupefy." Minerva fell limp into his arms as she was finally still and silenced. Harry smirked as he saw his Professor still fight despite how futile the attempt was.

"I see you'll have your hands full Severus. I wish you luck with her for both your sakes." Harry then rejoined Voldemort's side on the dais.

"Those who dare challenge us shall end up dead like the respected Order of the Phoenix. So you can either join our Death Eater ranks, or become a prisoner. Death Eaters round each and every one of them up. I don't want any of them to escape." Lord Voldemort ordered and then turned to Harry. "Let's go my Love. We have a world to conquer." Harry smiled and they appariated out of Hogwarts leaving the rest to panic and fall to the Death Eaters. Hermione grabbed Ron and went behind the dais and snuck into the secret room behind it unseen.

"We need to get out of here." Hermione said as she swiftly moved down the stairs. The charm was starting to wear off as Ron could see her more clearly.

"Obviously, quickly in here." Ron ushered her through a door that led them into an old class room that was still intact. There in the corner was the one-eyed witch. He pointed his wand at her.

"Dissendum." He said and her hump opened to a secret passage way.

"Where does it go?"

"It goes to Honey Dukes. Once we get there we can appriate to safety."

"Where's safety though? Nowhere is safe." Hermione questioned as she stifled her tears.

"Hermione do you know where your parents are in Australia?" asked Ron as he looked at Hermione. Hermione nodded though she didn't see how that could help.

"But I obliviated their memory Ron. They won't remember me."

"Yes, but you're not an expert obliviator so they haven't forgotten you completely. Hurry up." Ron ordered as he helped Hermione in the dark cave.

"So we're going to Australia?"

"Got a better idea, grimauld's not safe, Harry knows all the places we've been hiding over the years, and the burrows isn't safe either. Nowhere in Brittan is safe Hermione, and the only place I can think of is Australia." Ron had found the entrance that lead to the cellars of Honey Dukes. He helped Hermione up and took hold of her hand. "Hermione I love you, and I want to protect our child. We have to get out of here."

"Yes and I love you, but are you sure Australia is the answer?" Hermione asked as she looked in Ron's warm brown eyes.

"If it means protecting you Hermione then yes." Ron answered. He looked at Hermione as she was apprehensive, and she nodded. Ron smiled and he drew her into an embrace.

"I love you Hermione." He told her softly and they appriated away.

Back in the Great Hall Neville Longbottom was speechless. His mentor, his friend turned out to be a liar. He never hated Lord Voldemort. He was in love with the monster and was now his queen. He looked over at Ginny who was now weeping on the floor. His love Hannah Abbot took hold of Neville's hand. Neville looked into her crystal blue eyes that were filled to the brim with tears. He grabbed her by the arms and pulled her close to him.

"Hannah, I love you, but you've got to get out of here. I will hold them off while you escape."

"No you can't Neville, please don't leave me!" she begged, but Neville shook his head.

"Hannah, I can't live with myself if you died, now go!" he ordered her. He pushed her into the bustling crowd. Neville spotted the first Death Eater which was Alecto Carrow. He was going to enjoy this. Alecto had casted several curses at Neville for no reason other than she could He brought out his wand and out shot a blazing green beam of light. He was angered and of the killing curse would bring attention to him and away from Hannah.

"Alecto, which filthy mud-blood killed her!" screamed her brother, Amycus Carrow.

"I did!" yelled Neville courageously. Amycus screamed in furry and pointed his wand at Neville as an emerald green light shot from it as well. Luna Lovegood came to Neville's rescue as she blocked the killing curse that Amycus had sent.

"Thanks." said Neville as his muscles were still tense from awaiting death.

"Later Neville." Luna replied as she was blocking many curses that were headed their direction from the Death Eaters. Hannah came back to Neville's side as she helped him.

"I thought I told you to go." Neville yelled over the curses that were being said.

"I cannot live with myself if you die Neville therefore we can protect each other or die together." Hannah responded as she reflected the killing curse which hit Luscious Malfoy.

"Now is not the time to be romantic Hannah. You still have the rest of your life ahead of you."

"I'm not being romantic, but I'm being practical. My child will not grow up without its father!" she yelled as she sent a curse flying towards another Death Eater. Neville stopped as he was stunned. Hannah and him had only done it once and he thought she put on the contraceptive charm.

"Neville, watch out!" yelled Hannah as she pulled him out of the way of the killing curse that was coming his way. Other DA members had joined them, though none of them lasted very long. Ginny was struck by the killing curse leaving Ron the only surviving Weasley. Cho went down as well along with Dean Thomas. Suddenly Hannah was struck with a stunner and she went down. Neville dropped down to check if she was alright. He then saw Luna fall beside him as she was hit with a body binding spell. Neville was then pushed to the ground by a heavy black boot belonging to Walden Macnair. Walden smiled as he put his head near Neville's.

"I should kill you right now along with you're pretty little girl here, but I think I'll let you live only to suffer." He then smiled evilly as he pointed his wand at Hannah.

"No, please, don't, I'll do anything."

"Avada Kedavra." He said and Hannah was dead before Neville's eyes along with his unborn child. Neville screamed and thrashed under Macnair's shoe, but Macnair only laughed at Neville's pity attempt.

"Take him away and lock him up in a special cell along with this girl." Macnair ordered as he was pointing to Luna. Two Death Eaters bowed and came to grabbed Neville and Luna from the floor. Neville fought against them but was put to a stop when he was hit by a stunner.

Others in the Great Hall were made prisoners as none were made into Death Eaters. The other's wands were broken as they were stripped of their clothes and belongings as they were replaced with rags to wear instead. A house elf looked better than they did at that point. The Death Eaters led them into the dungeons as they separated males from females and locked them into dungeon cells that hadn't been used for years. The Death Eaters put new protective spells around the bars so no one could escape. The two Death Eaters will Neville and Luna threw their limp bodies into the same cell with new protective bars reinforced with charms all over it.

"Stop your crying you filthy lot! You shall get what you deserve." warned one of the Death Eaters. They shivered in fear as they wondered what would happen to them. There was no food, water or warmth. All they had were each other for comfort. Dementors looked after them as they made the place even colder. There was little cell space for anyone to sit or lie down. They were all doomed and they knew it. Death would be better than this.

Severus hauled Minerva back into the dungeons as it was the only place in the castle that remained intact after the battle. The rest was destroyed when the towers went down. He opened his office door and carried Minerva in. He then went into his private living quarters where he set her down on his couch. Severus watched as she remained immobile. He'd use this time to prepare for when she awoke.

He lifted her up from the couch and to his room where he set her carefully on his bed where she'd be more comfortable. Severus looked at her calm face and brushed away a loose strand of her hair. He had secretly loved her for many years, though he could never bring himself to tell her. She could never love him back and he accepted this fact, but it didn't stop him from loving her.

Severus went to get a healing draught for her since he saw a gash across her face and her robes were tattered with bits of dried blood and sweat that had seeped into the fabric. He lifted her chin and slightly parted her rosy lips so he could pour it down her throat. Once it went down he saw the effects immediately as the gash on her face had healed only leaving a faint red line in its place. She then stirred. Severus quickly moved away from her worried that he had awoken her, but she didn't wake up. He sighed in relief and transformed her clothes into comfortable clean black silk pajamas and he undid her hair so it fell around her head giving her a dark halo. She was beautiful, but at the same time she was dangerous. He had to ensure his safety. He put the finishing touches to the room before he left and locked her in. Now he was going to rest and wait until she awoke.

Minerva dreamed of the Order members. She saw their faces as they were struck by the dreadful curse. It was her fault. She led them to their deaths. Why couldn't she be with them? Was this her punishment, to be left with the memory of her friends dying? She had been spared to seeing her best friend Albus die and it was her fault he died then too. She was the one who ordered Hermione to go wake Severus up. She did as she was told and then he went to go kill Albus. He was a traitor, but yet he had vouched for her. Why would he do such a thing? So many things rushed in her mind that she bolted up from her sleep.

Where was she was her first thought as she looked around the room. It was decorated in green and silver. They were Slytherin colors. She must be in Severus's room she thought as she looked around. Where was that coward so she could finish him off? He ran away last time, but this time he wasn't getting away. She looked beside her as there laid a porcelain basin. It was a pensive as it already had a memory in it. He left this for her, she was sure of it. Should she waste her time with this? No she thought. He was only going to show her things that didn't matter she thought.

Minerva took off the covers to notice that she was in pajamas that she didn't recognize. What did he do to her while she was unconscious? That bastard she thought. She went to reach for the door, but it didn't open. She went to reach for her wand when she remembered she was wearing something that wasn't hers. Where was her wand? She looked around the room, but she knew he wouldn't give her her wand, but then she surprisingly found it. It was by the pensive. Why would Severus leave her wand by the pensive? She walked toward the pensive now curious.

She saw the memories were swirling within the stone basin. Minerva sighed and sat by the pensive and put her head in. She saw memories flash before her eyes as they reformed before her. She saw Severus fight with Albus. Albus made him promise to kill him, but Severus wasn't happy. He was willing to die, but Albus was already dying from some cursed ring. Then it flashed to the astronomy tower where she saw Albus show Severus his black tongue. He had drunk something and was dying from whatever he drank. Severus killed him, but he didn't murder him like everyone else thought he did.

Minerva was brought back to present times. If all the memories in there were true then Severus wasn't a traitor at all? All the pieces fit together except the one where Severus vouched for her. It couldn't have been because they were considered friends before Albus's death. It had to be more, and Minerva wanted answers.

She abruptly stood up and walked towards the locked door. She pointed her wand at it and heard it click. It was that simple, but it was too easy. She slowly opened the door and found Severus sleeping on the couch in front of the fire. He looked tired as there were dark circles under his eyes that she hadn't noticed before and he looked paler than he normally did. His robes hung more loosely around his frame as if he hadn't been eating though he looked like he had just washed. His face wasn't covered in dirt and grime from the fight, and his dark raven hair was damp.

She caught her reflection in the mirror. She saw how there was a red line across her face where she knew there was once a deep cut. All her other cuts and bruises were completely healed including her ribs where Harry had kicked her. He had given her a healing draught. She wondered why he had saved her from Harry. Why he had given her his bed and new clean clothes. Why he had healed her and showed her the memories of his innocence.

Severus woke with a sharp pain at the bottom on his chin. His eyes fluttered open to see Minerva's green emerald eyes on him and her wand firmly placed under his chin in a threatening manner.

"Did you see the memories?" he asked her quickly fearing his life. He barely got away from her yesterday by the Raven Claw common room.

"Yes I saw them, and I want to know why." she replied.

"Why what?"

"Why you spared me, why you killed Albus, why you've not told me sooner about Albus's death? Why Severus, I deserve to know?" she asked as her wand hand grew unsteady and she released him. She now paced the room uneasy with her arms wrapped around her.

"Are you cold?"

"Just answer the question Severus." Her words were sharp as they cut through him like a sword.

"You saw in the memories why I killed Dumbledore. I wasn't planning on killing him, but then on the astronomy tower I saw he was going to die anyway. Dumbledore saved my life and Draco Malfoy's that night. I was willing to die since I took the unbreakable vow, but Dumbledore wanted to die a quick and painless death while doing some good." Severus explained. Minerva knew he wasn't lying, but she still found it hard to believe. Albus wouldn't want to kill himself, but it did seem like the only way. With him dying he saved Draco and Severus.

"Alright, but why spare me Severus, why tell me this now?" Minerva questioned him further as he hadn't answered all her questions yet.

"I didn't tell you Minerva because you needed to still hate me in order for the rest of the staff to turn their back on me. It was all in the divine plan of Albus Dumbledore, and look at where it had led us. It had led us to Voldemort's complete reign with Potter by his side as queen. How did all this happen?" Severus squeezed the bridge of his nose as he was stressed and Minerva could see it. Normally before Albus had died she would have gone and comforted him, but she still looked at him as a traitor even though she knew he wasn't. The new information was unsettling to her.

"Why spare me?"

"That's a rather dumb witted question Minerva." snorted Severus. "You are powerful and the most powerful witch still on the light side. You are now our only hope for peace and balance back in the world."

"No Severus there has to be more than that."

"No there isn't." Severus lied, but Minerva saw right through him.

"You're lying Severus. Please I have been kept in the dark for so long. Tell me the truth. Why did you spare me while putting your own life in danger?" she asked more deliberately as she now faced him. She felt the heat from the fire on her back side, but she wasn't going to move. Severus sighed knowing that she would be repulsed, but she wasn't going to let him go.

"Other than everything I just said Minerva there is something that I'm not sure how you'll take it if I tell you."

"Oh Merlin, just tell me already, Severus!" she demanded and Severus got up to face her fuming glare. She had been shadowed from the truth for so long, but yet he couldn't bring himself to tell her.

"Please just tell me!"

"Alright you insufferable woman I'll tell you! I…I li….lo…" he couldn't bring himself to tell her so instead her grabbed her by the arms and pulled her towards him where he kissed her. He felt her body stiffen as his lips came to contact with hers, but just then it slowly softened. He pulled away from her as he had his back turned. He left her shocked and surprised. He just kissed her.

"I'm sorry." he said hoarsely.

"For how long?" he sighed as he wondered when her questions would stop.

"Ever since I was a student I've liked you. I thought once I graduated I've left you behind, but when I returned to Hogwarts I only found that my longing for you was only strengthened and turned into love. I knew you could never love me back so I never pursued you." Minerva saw how defeated he was so she approached him slowly. She cautiously lightly placed her hand on his shoulder.

"Severus I-" She began to say, but he swiftly moved away from her.

"I don't need your pity."

"I wasn't going to pity you Severus, but I was going to say was that I've felt the same." Minerva said defiantly. Now it was Severus's turn to be shocked. He turned to face her now flushed face.


"Severus I've liked you ever since you returned to Hogwarts, but I would never admit it. You were younger than me and a former student. You could never love me in return so I never pursued you."

"Minerva you're not old."

"Yes I am Severus, and it would be wrong if we were together. I'm older than your mother."

"Well you don't look it at all Minerva. You are still youthful and beautiful."

"Don't say things that aren't true Severus. I am tired of being lied to." Minerva said a bit weakly as she turned away from him now facing the fire. She could hear him advance on her. He took hold of her wrist and spun her around to face him as their faces where inches apart.

"But I'm not lying, Minerva. You are the most beautiful woman I've ever laid eyes on. It is I who is unworthy of your love."

"Oh Severus don't say that, you are more than worthy. It is I who is truly unworthy of you." Minerva told him as she redirected his chin up so his dark eyes were now looking into hers. He could see love in them, and all he wanted was to protect her from this world. He kissed her again and she responded as she was ready this time. Her arms wrapped around his neck. He ran his hand through her dark onyx colored hair. He wanted to do that for such a long time. She felt her knees go weak and he felt her slipping. He reached down her leg and lifted her up from the ground to carry her back into the bedroom.

As they lay together in the bed with the covers draped over their naked bodies Severus had thoughts about Minerva go through his mind again.

"What are we going to do Severus?" asked Minerva as she was concerned about them as well.

"Minerva I wasn't lying when I said you're the most powerful witch left in the United Kingdom. We have to get you out of here, and we have to get out tonight."

"I understand." Minerva replied as she gave Severus one last kiss before they got ready to depart Hogwarts. Just as they were all packed visions of the Order dying ran through her mind. Where were Hermione and Ron? What happened to the other children?

Minerva grabbed Severus's arm as she looked at him, "Severus where are the others?"

"They're prisoners Minerva, you can't help them now." Severus answered. It was the same thing he told her when he held her back from the Order. She wasn't going to let him hold her back again. She let go of his arm and ran out of his room.

"Minerva come back here!" Severus yelled and he ran after her through the halls. She was going to save the others no matter what Severus did to stop her. She had let the Order die now she wasn't going to let the other people die as well.

Harry stood in the balcony as he watched the sky change color. Streaks of pink and orange splashed the morning sky. He was queen and ruler of the entire magical world of Brittan. He had it all and it was so easy. He felt Lord Voldemort's arms snake around him as he drew Harry closer to his body.

"Come back to bed my love. I have grown quite lonely without you." Lord Voldemort hissed in Harry's ear in parsel tongue. Harry hissed back.

"It is all ours my love, and soon the whole world will fear us." Voldemort smiled at the ambitious young man in his arms. Harry's skin was soft as his muscles were like stone. Anyone would envy Voldemort for having such a handsome lover, such a powerful husband.

"Yes they will my love, but only with your help can I accomplish what we wish."

"And we shall accomplish what we seek, what we desire. Who would dare defy us? We are the most powerful beings on Earth now that we have combined our powers." Harry turned skillfully around to face Lord Voldemort and kissed his lips softly before he trailed kisses down Lord Voldemort's jaw and down his throat. Harry heard what he wanted which was Voldemort's moan of lust.

"Shall we go back to bed my Lord?" asked Harry and the Lord Voldemort moaned again when Harry pressed his muscular body against his. Lord Voldemort smiled as he captured Harry's lips with his.

He then hissed in his ear, "I think we shall my queen."


Author's note: so what do you think of the new Dark Queen? Shall I continue or not? Thanks for reading and I hoped you enjoyed it!