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The enraged yelling could be heard from miles way. The Oak Laboratories looked as though they could crumble from the Professor's booming voice.

"YOU DID WHAT!?" he screamed at the top of his lungs, a cowering AIDE before him.

"I-I-I-I-I dropped th-th-th-th-the s-s-s-s-special PokeBalls in the V-V-V-V-V-V-iridian For-"


"I was there! Eeeeek!" The AIDE flinched and jumped to the side when Oak threw a Poke Ball at him. "I-I-I'll go track them out immediately!"


The Professor continued to lob items at the AIDE, who ran around the labroom like a beheaded chicken before finally fleeing the building altogether. Once Oak calmed down, he sat at his desk and sighed.

"I only hope those Pokemon can at least escape the Poke Balls and live, somehow. The Viridian Forest is nothing like the habitat they're used to…"

*Meanwhile, in the Viridian Forest…*

Two Poke Balls lay in a well-traveled path, just in front of a large patch of grass. Pidgey were starting to gather around the balls as they continually made little "Blip" noises and rolled about. Finally, a Rattata that had come along nudged one of the balls with its nose, causing it to burst open and unleash a Pokemon in a beam of red light. The quadruped Pokemon mewled , shaking its head and making its brown hair stand on end. Its white mane hung freely around its neck, quivering with every rapid breath it took.

"The hell is that…?" one Pidgey asked another. "I don't know," it replied, looking up and down the Fox-Kitten.

After apprehensively looking around, the Pokemon held a look of worry on its muzzle. It knew nothing of the new world that lay before it – not the other Pokemon, not the forest, not the odd Ball that lay beside it, twitching and beeping. It curiously inspected the round item, sniffing it, nudging it, trying to roll it around. By random luck it managed to press the button that opened the Poke Ball, releasing another Pokemon. This one was different – it was covered in brown fur, but had six curly tails and a curly plumage on its forehead. It unleashed a jet-stream of flame from its mouth in a rage, burning a random Pidgey.

"What the hell! What kind of monster is this!?" some of the Pokemon that had gathered now cried as they fled the rampaging creature. It began randomly thrashing at the Pokemon that attempted to get close and knock it out to stop it from possibly destroying the forest. Finally a Caterpie managed to bind him down with a String Shot move, encasing the Pokemon's body in a cocoon of silk.

"Let- me- go!" the Pokemon roared, head sticking out of the cocoon. The Caterpie used String Shot to muffle the Pokemon's mouth so the residents of the forest could talk.

"What kind of Pokemon is this?" a Pidgey asked, stepping forth and looking at the Pokemon with its head cocked.

A Weedle looked around the other Pokemon, cowering behind a rock. "And for that matter, what kind of Pokemon is that?"

Every Pokemon turned its' attention to the small fox-kitten as it cautiously crawled towards them. "…Eevee…" it finally whimpered in a nearly-broken, terrified voice. A Pikachu waddled up to it and sniffed it.

"Your name is Eevee?" it asked. The Eevee nodded. "You smell like you're only a few months old, aren't you?"

The Pokemon didn't respond, only looking down at the ground and whimpering. "…I want my momma…"

The Pikachu walked back towards the group. "I've seen Pokemon like that before. Eevee. It's not threatening until it evolves. Besides, it's so young it might not live very long on its own." It turned to look at the Pokemon that still struggled with its silk binding.

"What about that creature?" a Weedle asked.

"That, I believe, is a Vulpix. As you can see, it can shoot flames from its mouth." He got closer and sniffed the Vulpix carefully. "It's a year old, I think. Vulpix generally leave their mothers after a few months, so this one has been on its own for some time and most likely knows how to fight. I don't know what we should do with it. If we allow it to live here, then it runs the risk of possibly destroying all of us in some angry firestorm."

The Vulpix finally blasted a jet of fire from its mouth, burning the silk gag in two. One of the smoldering bits landed on the cocoon and set it partially, ablaze, allowing the Vulpix to break free. On all fours again, it growled and lowered its head to the ground while staring threateningly at the group of Pokemon in front of it. "I'll destroy you and your humans," he growled threateningly, "so just let me go without a fight." The snarling Fox-Kitten had already started building up a Fire Blast in the back of his throat.

The Pokemon, all ram-rod stiff for fear of any movement triggering the Vulpix's destructive power, stared between themselves with uncertain looks. Finally, the Pikachu stepped forth.

"We're not controlled by humans," it spoke calmly. "We're wild, like you. This forest is our home. It's called "Viridian Forest" by the humans, and that's the name we've taken to calling it, too."

Vulpix allowed the flame in its mouth to dissipate and relaxed a little. "Big deal. So you're not some human's pets. You think that gives me any reason to trust you?"

The Pikachu shook its head. "I'm not asking you trust us, except for this one thing. On behalf of the whole Forest, I welcome you and the Eevee. However, I have two conditions for you, Vulpix."

"Two conditions…?" the Vulpix repeated, quirking an eyebrow.

Pikachu nodded. "Yes. We'll allow you to live here without trouble so long as you never use your Fire-type power to damage the forest."

The Vulpix snarled in anger. Pikachu wagged a finger at the Fox-Kitten. "That's not to say that you can't use it in battle for defensive purposes, now."

"FINE. What's the other condition?"

Pikachu turned around and looked at Eevee. Seconds later all the gathered Pokemon were looking at her, too, which caused her to try and shrink as small as possible to avoid attention. "You have to take and raise her."

"WHAT?!" Vulpix repeated in near-outrage. A tiny, harmless stream of fire spurted from his mouth.

"You have to take and raise Eevee as your own pup-"


"your own KIT, then," the yellow Mouse-Pokemon repeated. "Do that, and we'll let you live here without any problems."

Vulpix started pacing back and forth, quietly snarling and growling to himself. It seemed as though he was talking to himself about the conditions set forth. Finally he walked straight up to Pikachu.

"Fine. I accept your conditions," he murmured grumpily, extending a paw. Pikachu grasped the other Pokemon's paw and shook it.

"Good! Done deal. Welcome to the Viridian Forest," he said with a smile. "If you'd like, I can show you to some abandoned dens for you and-"

"I – WE will be fine," Vulpix interrupted indignantly. He walked through the group of Pokemon and past the Eevee. "Come on, let's get going," he whispered to her as he walked past. She hesitated, then slowly trotted along behind him. She looked back once at the Pokemon, who had since begun to dissipate, except for the Pikachu. He only smiled and waved at her, then crawled off into the grass.

"What are you doing? Come on," Vulpix said grumpily. She jumped at hearing his voice again, then realized he was talking to her and quickly ran to catch up to him.

Vulpix and Eevee searched for a suitable den for almost two hours. Some were too small, some showed signs of recent inhabitation, others were just shabby. Finally, they found a space under some rocks far off from the traveled path in Viridian. It was just big enough for the two of them, and hadn't been used before by any Pokemon. It overlooked a massive Berry Tree grove, so finding food wouldn't be a problem.

The sun had begun to set, so Eevee crawled into the hole, laid down, and tucked its paws under its body. Vulpix, however, did not immediately crawl in with her. Instead, he began dragging dead branches up from the tree grove onto the rock platform. After building a suitable pile, he set it aflame with one breath.

Eevee watched him, not speaking, not moving, until he'd started the fire. She crawled out of the den and sat across from him at the fire's side with her gaze cast downward. "I-I'm sorry," she whispered quietly.

Vulpix laid down, tucked his paws under his body, and looked at her with one eye closed. "Sorry? For what?"

"I know you didn't want to be stuck with me, and I know you don't want me here right now," she replied. "I'm sorry."

"Save your breath," Vulpix replied. "I've had bigger troubles than raising a kit. This is nothing… Besides, you're not the one who should be apologizing for anything anyway. I can't be anything like your family was…"

She didn't say anything. Vulpix heard her start to whimper as she crawled back into the den. As the moon rose higher, the forest grew colder, pre-empting Vulpix to continue to build up a bigger pile of dead branches to feed into the fire. Periodically he'd hear a soft whimper or cry finding its way out of the den and figured it was just Eevee having dreams. He walked around the fire to sit with his back to the opening so he could more efficiently watch out for threats.

At around midnight Vulpix threw a branch into the fire and climbed on top of the rocks, looking into the tree grove. The sound of his claws clicking on the rock stirred Eevee, and she crawled out of the den with a yawn. She looked around for Vulpix and finally saw him standing on the rocks, his silhouette against the full moon. She took a step to the side, removing the moon's direct illumination and letting her actually see him as more than a black shadow. There, his brown fur glistened in the pale moonlight, and his rust-colored eyes looked as though they were a thousand miles deeper. Poor little Eevee wasn't entirely sure, but, her heart was beating hard and she felt nervous. Her stomach felt as though it were so heavy it was dragging on the ground.

"A-am I… in love?" she whispered with fear and excitement. Vulpix jerked his head in her direction, quite alert to her presence now.

"You! Bed! Now!" he barked in surprise. She yipped and shrank back.

"It's too cold…" Eevee whined, her ears drooping.

Vulpix looked behind her, at his dwindled fire. "I didn't notice… I'm always warm…" he muttered. Then he fixed his gaze onto her. "Fine. I'm coming."

She perked her head and ears as if confused. Vulpix hopped down from the rock ledge. "Get in the den, now," he commanded softly, but firmly. Eevee did as she was told, crawled in and curled into a furry ball. No sooner had she done so did Vulpix crawl in and curl around her, and almost instantly filled the whole den with heat. Without meaning to, Eevee started purring, but Vulpix said nothing. The night passed quickly as they slept in peace.