E/O Drabble, challenge word "Dog"

Sam really doesn't like going on blind dates.

Double Dating


Damp from showering, Dean frowned. Sam lay fully clothed, asleep. Using his towel Dean took aim, creating a loud CRACK as he butt whipped Sam. Cue shock, (manly) yelping, heartfelt cursing,

"Fuck Dean!"

"Suck it up bitch. My date insisted her friend comes. I need you Sammy."

"Dean I'm dog tired. Blind dates suck, I always get the…"



Persuaded by Dean's threat to cut Sam's hair whilst he slept, they both strolled towards their dates,

"Smiley face Sam, at least her red hair's awesome."

Sam couldn't disagree. Even by Red Setter standards the dog's colouring was beautiful.


Word count (including title) : 100