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Warning: This story contains the disciplinary spanking of a minor. If you don't like don't read. If you don't like and read anyway, flame if you want to. It only ups my review count.

He was fully aware that most kids didn't get spanked by their sort of father's butler. But usually, their sort of father's butler wouldn't be their sort of father's sort of father, if that made any sense whatsoever.

Any way, the point was Dick Grayson was getting a spanking that he TOTALLY DID NOT deserve. Okay, so MAYBE he HAD sort of gotten angry when Alfred told him Bruce would be home late tonight, MAYBE he had told Alfred he wouldn't eat his dinner until Bruce got home and when Alfred told him he would eat his dinner right then he MIGHT have thrown a bit of a tantrum, and MAYBE JUST MAYBE he may have sort of thrown his plate across the room. Dick realized he sort of did deserve this spanking. Of course, that realization wasn't going to stop him from begging Alfred not to give him what he deserved as he was dragged by his collar up to his bedroom.

"C'mon Alfred! I said I was sorry!"

"I'm glad you are sorry Master Dick."

"So I don't need a punishment right?" Alfred gave a very un-Alfred like snort. "Right?"

Another snort.

"What if I promise never to do it again?"

"You surely won't be doing it again Master Richard!" The pair finally reached Dick's bedroom. As Alfred began to situate himself on the bed Dick tried a new angle.

"I'm nine! Almost ten! That's way to old to be spanked!"

"Well, Master Nine-almost-ten maybe you shouldn't do childish things that would warrant a spanking."

"Alfred!" But the old man was finished talking, without saying another word he pulled the child over his knees. Alfred then proceeded to pull Dick's pants and underwear down at the same time. He wasted no time getting started. The moment Dick's pants were at his ankles the man landed a painful smack. The boy wonder whimpered. And then he landed another. And another. And a another. And probably and bunch more. Dick couldn't tell, he was now truly crying. After what seemed to be about a million spanks (it was really only five.), Alfred began lecturing.

"Master Richard, you are receiving this spanking because you disobeyed me. SMACK!" Dick wondered how Alfred could still call him master with a straight face while spanking him. "You threw a huge tantrum like a toddler when you didn't get your way. SMACK! I know you were taught better than that. SMACK! Your behavior saddened me Master Richard. SMACK!" With that Alfred moved Dick carefully to his feet and helped him pull up his pants. Dick tried to glare at the man that had just spanked him but he found he couldn't. The boy threw his arms around the old Butler's neck and started blubbering.

"I'm sorry Alfred! I just wanted to eat dinner with Bruce! I think it makes him sad when we eat without him. But I didn't mean to make you sad! Don't be sad any more okay?" Alfred rubbed comforting circles on the nine year old's back.

"I'm not longer upset Master Dick, it's alright." At that moment Bruce walked in. Dick was still lost in his own tears so he didn't hear his bedroom door open. But Alfred did. Bruce gave the old butler a questioning look. The man didn't answer his question, but he did mouth the word later. Bruce nodded and left. The billionaire could kind of guess what had happened. It wasn't like he hadn't been in a similar position before. Once or twice. Well, sort of.

A/N: This is actually the first time I've ever written a spanking scene. I had writer's block for my story Christian Cullen, Eternal Equinox (check it out if you like twilight) and then this oneshot took over my mind and wouldn't leave me alone until it was written. Any way R&R, C&C and party hardy! Constructive criticism is welcome and wanted.