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No Romance Allowed

This tells us about Hancock and her simple bet about kissing Luffy and she got further than just a mere kiss from him.




It was the time when Monkey D. Luffy had been training peacefully with monstrous beasts in the Calm Belt, an island northwest an isle of women, Luscaina. Rayleigh had ordered him to train himself during the time, and Luffy had been obedient toward his command. For a man like Luffy, training in the forest was fun and challenging. So far, he had enjoyed his training very much.

In the other hand, Boa Hancock always had beloved Luffy in her mind, thinking about his condition and safety. Even though in she often sailed all way around with her Kuja Pirates, she was still thinking about Luffy. She always wished to visit him every single day, spending sometimes with him. Her crews were worried and her sisters were even more worried about her. However, they couldn't say anything since Hancock was so stubborn and almost never listened to anyone's advice.

That night Hancock was lying in her bed, looking at the Luffy's wanted poster admiringly, pouting her mouth. What was wrong with her? She seemed had everything and all was perfect, she acknowledged. In her last visit, Luffy, once again, had rejected and avoided talking about marriage with her. Hancock sighed, remembering that day sorrowfully.

At that time, she had brought him penne gorgonzola, Luffy's favorite food. She had been still so nervous when she was with him, sitting under the tree that was located at least 20 meters from Luffy.

"Luffy, we're like a good couple, right? I brought you food and you're eating that willingly. Perhaps you can consider me as your future wife?"

"Talk no more about that! I'm not marrying you!" Luffy replied, still chewing his gorgonzola heartily.

"Ooh, you always straightforward, and gentle." Hancock said. Rosy color appeared on her high cheeks, making her beautiful face more attractive. However, Luffy remained immune from her great beauty. "Talking about me… Luffy, do you have any suggestions?"

Luffy answered quickly, "try to cook this food. This is so delicious!"

So, what our beautiful Pirate Empress would do?

If you think she would learn cooking the penne recipe, you're correct. There she was, getting up from her bedroom and sauntered the hall directly aiming the kitchen. There was none there, besides the amount numbers of food stocks. Hancock searched for the food recipe for about three hours. She had almost made everything frozen before her blue eyes found the book in the drawer next to her.

"Penne Gorgonzola with Chicken… ah! Here it is!" she exclaimed happily. Her eyes were looking for the ingredients, listing the list. "Okay, 1 pound penne pasta, 1 pound boneless skinless chicken breasts, cut into 1/2" pieces (I used rotisserie chicken), 1 tablespoon olive oil, 1 large garlic cloves, minced (I used 2 cloves), 1/4 cup white wine, 1 cup heavy whipping cream, 1/4 cup chicken broth, 2 cups (8 ounces) crumbled gorgonzola cheese…"

Hancock had never ever cooked before. She had no experience with the food or cooking. It was like a miracle that she decided to enter the kitchen, pulling out the food stocks one by one, and sorting them with wide eyes opened. Well, she opened her eyes wide for she wasn't sure which one which. She had no idea which one gorgonzola cheese anyway.

"Hmm? The cheese makes it's called penne gorgonzola! Hey, which one that cheese?" Hancock stared at the food with disgusted look upon her face, and then she just took whatever cheese nearby. "All the cheese is all the same."

It was the beginning of a new day in Kuja Castle, Amazon Lily. Everyone was shocked and rather surprised to see their Hebihime-sama was struggling with the food. Her long and silky hair was covered with flour, which wasn't needed in the recipe actually. Her face was dirty from the over-heated oven, black and dusty. From the black ashes, everyone could guess that she had blown the oven several times. Her pajamas were no longer pajamas. They were more similar with beggar's clothes, ripped off and smelly.

"Oh, sister! What have you done?" Marigold asked curiously, tracing the whole scene in seconds. She raised her small eyes. "Are you… oh, no! Tell me you're not cooking!"

"She has been cooking indeed," Sandersonia said, smiling. She pointed at the food on the silver plate. "I'm wondering, who is the lucky person who will be died this morning with that monstrous result?"

The small crowd laughed instantly. They noticed that Hebihime-sama had never cooked before, not to mention the result of her cooking and herself. That made Hancock angry.

Hancock looked pissed hearing that comment, "I'll kill anyone who laugh at my cooking!"

That was so tormenting, concealing their feeling about Hebihime-sama's cooking experience. However, they preferred their life than a short laughter. Everyone tried their best to hide their laugh, biting their lower lips tightly.

"Huh, Enishida, call somebody to teach me how to cook this lousy penne gorgonzola."

"Yes, Hebihime-sama," replied the short hair girl and she quickly disappeared behind the door, laughing all the way. Hancock sneered, cleaning her face with the water. Apparently, she had cooked the penne for about four times and all of them was wrecked. All was completely destroyed and tasted like hell.

"Pennye gorgonyzola… Are you cooking for that young Straw Hat?" the old woman entered the castle, tasting the penne. "I'm sorry, Hebihime, but my dog's food tastes better thanye this."

"You don't have any dogs, Elder Nyon," Hancock retorted grimly. "And I never let your entering my castle! Why you always managed to sneak out?"

"You must be attached yourself too much with him…" Elder Nyon spoke. "He is taking his ego these days, Hebihime. You'll never be in his heart."

"Keep talking, I'm not listening to you. One day he'll marry me for sure." Hancock said with starry eyes on her face. "He is just too shy to show it, Elder Nyon."

"Keep on dreaming… I have told you the fact yet you don't trust me." Elder Nyon blatantly delivered the bitter fact to her princess. "Talking about the attack in the Blue…"

"If I can prove you that Luffy loves me, what can you give to me, huh?" Hancock asked impatiently, looking at her old senior who had taken care of her since she was small. "What say you, Elder Nyon?"

Marigold looked worried. "Sister, there's no point of debating Elder Nyon… look, Enishida is coming with the cook. You had better preparing yourself for cooking that penne…"

The fire flickered inside the old eyes of Elder Nyon. "Deal, I'll clean this castle alone for three weeks if you can prove me Straw Hat can kiss you as his love symbol. Take this camera and give me one single picture."

Elder Nyon handed her an old camera. Hancock sneered at her, added, "you clean this floor for three weeks with your tongue, that's the deal."

Both Sonia and Mari gasped, "SISTER!"

"How if you loose? I demand you to clean my house for a month," Elder Nyon offered. Her house was a mess and she was too lazy to clean it. It would be nice if her leader could clean it for her.

"I'll never loose," answered Hancock pompously. She would prove to that old woman that Luffy was falling in love with her. She would prove it all right with that bloody camera. She quickly turned her head toward Enishida and the cook, saying, "I'll change my clothes first, than teach me how to cook that penne."

Sonia and Mari shook their heads desperately, didn't know what to say. They knew Luffy wasn't in love with their sister. They felt sorry about that, but they couldn't say anything. Elder Nyon giggled and got out from the kitchen. "Have a nice cooking, Hebihime. Prepare yourself for cleaning my house, nyehehe…"



It was almost dark when finally Hancock arrived alone in Luscaina islands with a huge package of sake and gorgonzola inside it. She had a plan in her head. She would make Luffy drunk and took a picture of him kissing her. Luffy was too shy if he kissed her in normal state, so she would make him drunk. Hancock laughed at her own idea, looking for Luffy. That old granny would clean my kitchen for sure! Luffy loves me indeed! Wait and see!

Hancock could feel something big was following behind her. That thing ran toward her, ready to eat her alive. Hancock didn't feel threatened anyway. She was ready to launch a kick to that beast. A nice sport after hours in the boat, she thought.

"Spinning kick!" Hancock screamed, pulled out her nice legs out from her red cheongsam, a Chinese dress. The beast grunted and fell down. Hancock rolled her eyes, thinking how weak those animals. She had to found Luffy, she reminded herself. She had to find him and take a picture out of him. With that simple thought, she kept sauntering the forest.

Hancock didn't know how long she had been walking, but she felt tired and exhausted. She disliked sweats and bad odor, so she decided to take a bath in the river nearby. Hancock quickly put her food ransom and opened her dress. The river was so beautiful with sparkling moon above. The cool air and fresh scent of soapy plants made her feeling grew better. She would find Luffy somewhere, she said to herself. She just needed more time.

The fireflies often gathered in the river side, and that was happening at that time. They shone beautifully, flying through the bushes. Hancock saw it all, still cleaning herself with the soapy plants.

"Oh, Luffy, wish you're here…" Hancock said derisively. "I never thought finding you would be this tired…"

"IT'S YOU!" a loud voice came behind her. Hancock quickly turned her body, gasping when she looked at the man that she had been looking for. There was standing Luffy, sweaty and all smiling. Smile seemed never left his cheery face. "It's a surprise to see you here! Eh? Why are you naked?"

Hancock couldn't stop blushing at him. She spoke nervously, "I'm taking a bath here. Ah, I brought you so many foods, Luffy! Just take it from that oak tree. I put them on the third branch up there."

Luffy hopped and took the food. He was more than happy when he saw them, "They smell good. Do you want to join eating with me?"

Hancock hid her face, blushing again. "I'll join if you insist… just wait up there, Luffy."

Within minutes, Hancock had finished her bath. She smiled when she noticed red color was there, on Luffy's face. She had picked the strongest sake in Kuja, hoping Luffy would be drunk fast. "How's the sake?"

"That's wonderful, hik!" Luffy hiccuped, looking at Hancock with half-opened eyes. "Try some… hik!"

Hancock moved closer, still didn't dare to look at Luffy directly on his eyes. She only took half glass and looked at Luffy once more, still avoiding his eyes. "Luffy, do you like me?"

"I'm not marrying you." Luffy stated flatly. "Thanks for the food, but the gorgonzola tasted different… it wasn't as good as it used to be…"

"Uhmm… actually, I cooked it for you. Sorry for the bad taste…" Hancock's face was red. "I'm trying to cook these days…"

"I'm sleepy…" Luffy moaned. Hancock looked at him with passionate eyes. She knew it was the perfect time. She would kiss him, over and over until he kissed her back. At that time, she would take their picture. Come on, brace yourself Hancock! Don't be chicken!

Hancock's body was trembled. She hadn't kissed anyone before. It seemed million times had passed when finally she moved closer to Luffy. He was so sober, his eyes weren't focus. Hancock, what are you waiting for?

"Guess I must sleep there… eh?"

Hancock's mouth was on him when he closed his eyes. Luffy quickly opened his eyes again, trying to struggle. He wrenched his mouth, moving away from her. Nevertheless, the kiss was good. He never thought kiss would be tasty like that. Her body was on the top of him, adding some weight.

"Hey, get off…"

Her next kisses were irresistible for him. They were slobbery, yes. However he couldn't explain the urge of something weird in his body. Luffy didn't understand why he couldn't stop Hancock. He could easily pulled her down, stopping her, But he didn't want her to stop. He enjoyed it.

She kissed his neck, tracing every line on it. Luffy shuddered when she bit his ear softly. Her lips like fire, burning down his skin. The sensation left him burning inside. Luffy didn't know what was happening, but his primal instinct was beginning to take over his body. He hugged her back, touching her breasts eagerly. They were so soft and fluffy. He wanted to touch her, skin to skin. Their clothes were distraction. He hated those.

Luffy's fingers started slipping inside her dress. Hancock was so surprised when she noticed she was topless. She breathed hardly, and her heart beat erratically. That was too far, she acknowledged. She didn't ready for all of that. Still, Luffy's kiss and his touch made her demanding for more.

They tried their best to get rid of their clothes without tearing them. Luffy kissed her shoulder, hungrily. Hancock didn't able to response anything. Her face was red and she could felt electric wave inside her every time he kissed her. She wanted them to be one, feeling him inside her. That seemed forever.

Luffy rolled her back, taking over the control. He was on the top of her, kissing her passionately. Hancock lost her mind when he kissed her mouth again, savoring the sweetness from his mouth. Luffy… Luffy… Luffy…

Hancock yelled as he started entering her, thrusting himself inside. The heat and the tension left her breathless. He moved deeper and deeper, making her screaming at every move of him. She cried when finally he pulled himself in, joining her thoroughly. It was painful, she thought. Yet, he didn't stop there. He moved himself again, in and out. Hancock whimpered when he did that to her. It felt so strange, having someone inside her.

Then something hit her. The uncontrollable waves of pleasure came as Luffy kept on moving, creating a new sensation. That was hardly spoken by words, the feeling which was covering her body. She closed her eyes, enjoying every part of it. The ecstasy of their joining and movements were unbelievable. She felt Luffy's shaft was getting bigger inside her, pumping something into her.

Hancock screamed as she felt her climax came, hitting the ground under her body until her knuckles ran white. Luffy smiled, biting his lips and closing his eyes. That was wonderful. That was amazing. That was tiring… Luffy released her and lay besides her, closing his eyes.

It took several minutes for Hancock for realizing that they had just made love.

Hancock pursed her mouth, didn't believe what she and Luffy had done. That was out of her plan. She… She had no intention of… Of making love with him. She quickly got up, but she felt something unfamiliar drenched between her thighs. She was shocked to see her own blood flowing there, with some liquid. Oh, God!

She had to leave.

This was insane. This was unexpected.

Hancock hurriedly wore her clothes and took all of her equipments. She was about of leaving when she saw her beloved was naked. With ease she gathered his clothes and fixed those for him. Don't let the cold wind makes you sick, Luffy… see you later…

That was just a dream. That was just a dream, nothing more than that!



Back in Kuja's Castle, Hancock didn't say anything about the bet. She ordered Enishida to clean Elder Nyon's house and Elder Nyon was angry at her unfair treatment. She didn't care. She needed time to forget what had happened between her and Luffy. She became quiet for days, thinking about everything. She was sitting in her throne when Elder Nyon came. Here comes a witch…

"Hebihime, you're sneaky. Don't you know that?" Elder Nyon said irritatingly. "You're breaking your promise."

"So what if I'm breaking my promise?" Hancock said arrogantly. "I could break thousands of them and none shall be angry to me, for I'm beautiful…"

The rosy garden surrounded Elder Nyon, making her forget about the bet and the unfairness. Hebihime-sama is far too cute for becoming a bad person. She is... Then, it came to her realization. "Don't be a sly! You come and clean my house. You loose your bet, princess!"


The window broke and Elder Nyon was thrown out from it. The Kuja Princess signed many times. She didn't know what to do. Perhaps she had to forget everything. Yes, she would like to start everything from the beginning. She shouldn't remember that fateful night. They hadn't done anything.



"It's been two years already, huh?" the hero took his straw hat, smiling.

"Worry not Luffy… I have made sure that the ship is stocked with all your favorite food! It's qualities as this that prove I will surely make wonderful wife!"

"I'm not marrying you! Thanks for the food!" Luffy replied to her from distance.

"Ahhh…! So cruel, yet so divine…!"

There, Luffy finally left the isle of women. Hancock was so worried and prepared everything for him. Even she had prepared him a funny looking mask with moustache to keep him invisible as possible. She completely had decided to forget what had happened with them months ago.

Without Luffy, everything felt so dull for beautiful Kuja Princess. She sighed more often, moaned more often. She wasn't in the good mood for days. She wasn't healthy too. She spent her days vomiting her food. Wait a second, was she?

"Sister, what had happened between your journeys four months ago in Luscaina?" Mari asked her. She realized that her sister had changed since she arrived from Luscaina. Hancock lay motionlessly in her bed, waiting for the doctor to check her. Her pale face was tormenting Mari's heart.

"I didn't do anything. I just delivered the food for Luffy."

"Ah! There the doctor came!" Sonia exclaimed, getting up from her chair. "Quickly, check her health."

Then doctor was paler then the Hebihime as she had finished checking her princess. She bit her lips depressingly, afraid of saying something. She didn't want to tell this in front of many guards and many people. "May we speak privately, Hebihime-sama?"

"Belladonna, what do you have in your mind?" Hancock asked, ordering others to leave. She wanted to know her condition. Was it too bad so Belladonna couldn't say it in front of others?


Both the doctor and princess heard the running footsteps. People, they really liked interfering someone's business. Hancock continued, "Is my condition awful?"

Belladonna smiled vaguely, saying, "No, your health is perfect, My Princess. The problem isn't… may I ask you something?"

"Go ahead," Hancock covered her face. The irritating feeling came over again. She hated that condition very much. What's the matter really?

"What's the matter?"

"Have you… apologize my impolite mouth, Hebihime-sama. Have you ever spent night with man? I know I'm not logical, but your symptoms say so."

Hancock face flushed red. The night with Luffy flashed in her memories. She nodded lightly. "Yes… what's wrong with that?"

Belladonna felt that she was right. That was awful indeed. She needed to be sure. She didn't want to make mistakes. This case was very important, surely. "How many times you have skipped your period?"

"Four times, if I'm not mistaken. Why do you ask that?"

The long-faced doctor forced a smile, "Hebihime-sama, you're carrying a baby right now."

Hancock couldn't say anything. Oh, my God… I'm having Luffy's child?"



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