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No Romance Allowed part 5

Hancock was in terribly danger when someone revealed her past.




"What you did Luffy, is baby making process. If you're lucky, you may have baby." Robin said, as if impregnating Pirate Empress was the most common thing in the world. Having childlike personality, Luffy might have never considered about romance, marriage, sex, or whatsoever before he had achieved his dreams. Actually, Robin believed her captain also would have never considered those things even after he had reached his dreams. That was why his response toward baby issues would be fascinating. Yes, it must be very, very fascinating.

Luffy looked uneasy.

"Chance of getting pregnant in first sex is around 11 percents, while becoming pregnant from a single sexual encounter to about 3-5 percents." Robin continued, telling his captain some facts about pregnancy. "If the mother is older or around 45 or so, the chance of getting twins could be multiplied. Tossing those facts aside, you're a very lucky person so far."

Luffy was totally lost.

"You might be a father," Robin pressed the last word to him. "Luffy, you might be father of twins."

Of course, that was part of Robin analysis. Boa Hancock isn't presumably having Luffy's child or else and Luffy isn't father of any kids. Everything could be just utterly pointless lies.

Personally, our archeologist enjoyed their situation.

Meanwhile, in the same time Franky had been listening to all of their conversation through Den Den Mushi, which still left active inside Shark Submerge. His eyes widened frantically as he heard the word father. He couldn't help screaming, gaining all of the crews attentions.



"CRAP!" Sanji cried out, unintentionally slammed the kitchen's door with unsurpassed rage. That was so fucking impossible. "NOT LUFFY AGAIN!"

"What are you saying, Franky?" Nami closed her mouth in great disbelief. "Oh, don't tell me you guys believe this!"

"I heard it with my own ears that Luffy's being a father…" Brook came like flying from the deck. "I don't have ears, yohoho… skull joke!"

"THAT'S LIE!" Usopp dramatically dropped his jaw, half-running toward Franky. "You're joking right?"

"THAT'S TRUE! CHECK THIS OUT!" Franky defended his argument, placing Den Den Mushi in the middle of table and sharing it with everyone. Without further commando, all of the crews came closer, listening to the happy sounds down there, deep inside the Habanera sea cave with different kind of expressions on their faces.



"FATHER!" Luffy exclaimed loudly, rocking on his chair. His eyes suddenly shimmered with glint of happiness. "I'M A FATHER OF TWINS!"

"Precisely, but of course, you'll be father if Boa Hancock really had your children—"

"WOAAAHHHHH! I AM A FATHER!" the young captain yelled like crazy person with wide grin across his face, sounding excited. "WOOOAAAHHHH!"

"Luffy, listen, that's only my—"


Usopp shook his head many times. "So that's why Robin always supports Luffy in whatever conditions. Once she ever said that Luffy was the one responsible for her whole life. I can't blame Luffy, though. Robin is a very sexy and smart woman. If I had chance I would do just the same—"

"Stop talking nonsense!" Zoro cut in, looking annoyed. "There's no way that woman could be pregnant by Luffy or anyone, do you get that?"

"Watch that temper, Zoro!" Usopp quickly retorted to his crewmate. He whispered to Nami, "what's with that man, like Robin was his lover or what. if I didn't know him, I thought he must be jealous."

"I still can hear you." Zoro arched his eyebrows, making Usopp gulp rather hard, whispered sorry to him.

"GYAAAHHHH! THIS IS SO UNFAIRRR!" Sanji yelled irritatingly. He quickly grabbed Den Den Mushi from the table. "Give me that damned Den Den Mushi! I must ask them myself! What the hell…"

"Fufufu… that's only my assumption," Robin finally said that, laughing. She was right. Luffy's response was quite enjoyable. "You may stop shouting happily like that, Luffy. Hancock probably isn't pregnant and you aren't father of any child."

"WOOOOAAHHHH!" Luffy was still yelling while his brain slowly grasped Robin's explanation. Hancock probably isn't pregnant and you aren't father of any child. "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHH?" Luffy finally noticed what Robin was trying to say. Robin is playing with his feeling!

Uncertain, Luffy pouted his mouth. "You are annoying, Robin!"


"You said you want to speak to them, curly eyebrows!" Zoro took the Den Den Mushi from Sanji's hand. "Hoi! Luffy! Luffy! Do you hear me? Fuck! I barely hear anything!"

"What's wrong?" Nami asked curiously. "Can't you call them?"

"They're getting too deep down there. I'll send them back in no time!" Franky announced, pushing several buttons with quick movements.



"I didn't mean to make you disappointed, but the father thing was only my assumption. Hancock is hardly pregnant just with one time baby making, at least couple of times to make it possible. Even though, in some cases it could happen too." Robin chuckled as she stared directly at Luffy's face. "What are you going to do if she was having your baby, Luffy?"

"I refused to answer!" Luffy still pouted his mouth. "You are—"

Robin didn't smile at all, Her face was all serious. "Luffy, what if Hancock was having your children?"

"I'm going to marry Hancock!" Luffy quickly retorted. "What else I'm going to do?"

That was so Luffy, simple minded and direct. That was exactly Luffy she had known so far. Robin released another smile. "Fufufu, you are really interesting, Luffy."

"So, where does that tasty animal hide? I couldn't wait any longer!"

Robin carefully checked their positions. They were going through one big cave under the sea, with so many stalagmites and stalactites with different colors. The water was rather wild down there. However, there was something strange with the eels and fishes. Robin quickly examined the temperature. Her prediction was right.

"Did you find something?" Luffy was waiting impatiently beside her. "What?"

"You might eat some great water dragons, Luffy."



As Hancock opened her eyes, her feeling wasn't getting any better. She barely slept lately, thinking hard about her current dreams. That was completely weird, she thought bitterly. Her repressed memory during those slavery days kept coming into her head, the dark laughter, inhuman threatening, and filthy hands she had longed to forget suddenly appeared over and over, making her vomit many times.

Tears slowly verged from her lovely blue eyes.

The most beautiful woman in the seas curved her mouth irritably, wondering why she could remember those cursed events, and trying so hard to keep it away. Her past as one of Tenryuubito's slaves was unenviable fact, and she couldn't change that forever. The tattoo on her back was the solid proof, so did her extreme hatred toward all men.

All men were all filthy but Luffy. It was only Luffy that made her could survive these days, Hancock sighed deeply. Taking Luffy's poster from her side, she slowly traced the picture with her fingers. She missed him so, her most beloved person in this universe. Luffy is smiling in the poster, she noticed, he is always smiling cheerfully.

His smile had saved her many times, making Hancock feel so happy just by looking at his wanted poster. Hancock closed her eyes, recalling their moments together.

"Stop calling me your future husband!"

"Listen, I'm not marrying you!"

"I'm not marrying you! Thanks for the food!"

Shit, why those rejections kept coming to me? Hancock threw her pillows frustratingly to the wall. Her expression was grim and full of anger.

"He was just shy, do you hear that? He just felt don't like to say it in front of everyone!"

Shouting alone in the middle of the night seemed so pathetic. Hancock huffed deeply and closed her eyes, thinking of her precious memory in Luscaina. Perhaps Luffy barely remembers their night together, she smiled naughtily with red face. Hancock touched her lips, recalling the sweet kisses Luffy gave to her, his touch all over her body. That was the best moment of her life. Luffy… Hancock whispered, all smiling. Oh, everything was so beautiful. Everything was so wonderful. Luffy, if only you know how much I miss you…



The long silhouette of big tall man passed the extravagant grand hall of one of his most favorite tropical islands. Smiling, he sipped the white wine in his glass, and then slowly put the glass on the table. He kept looking at the picture of the attractive woman in Marineford War.

That must be her.

He had seen her once, long ago in one of his actions houses. She was much younger, rougher, and saucier. He sold her once, or twice. She was so wild his menservants always complained about her behavior. Who would believe that little slave was Boa Hancock, the Pirate Queen, one of the Royal Shichibukai? Donquixote Doflamingo smirked, showing his evil laughter. What could be more interesting than torturing that beautiful little thing?

"Come in!" he ordered, staring at the badly beaten woman in leopard dress. Her face was very dirty and her appearance was unkempt. Her hair was covering her pretty face. Doflamingo asked her politely. "How's your trip?"

"Th-that's fine." She answered, biting her lips. "I have done everything you've asked me for, including…"

"Including sending them the invitation card?" Doflamingo couldn't help smirking, waving his hands delightfully. "That must be fun seeing those lovingly face of Kuja's women, especially after they—"

"Stop this nonsense talk! Please give me back my daughter! I have brought everything you want!" the woman split out, annoyed. "You've promised me!"

"You're not in position of giving me order, bitch!" Doflamingo replied sardonically. His expression changed, a cruel smile appeared across his face. "Where's your beloved queen when you need her?"

"Stop calling Hebihime that way!" the woman angered, staring back at Doflamingo without fear in her eyes. "I told you everything! I gave you Kuja's ship! Now release my daughter!"

"You'll meet your daughter, soon…" Doflamingo said coldly, making such mysterious movement with his fingers. Playing over rugged human-dolls was his most favorite hobby. He couldn't help it. It was so intoxicating.

"… in hell."





"How could you…"

Robin chuckled, hardly believed what she had just heard from her crewmates. They were so funny, she thought. How could they think that Luffy had impregnated her? "Listen, I'm not pregnant—and Luffy isn't the father of any children of mine."


"Huh…" Zoro smirked at the corner, sounding so relieved. "You all and your weird accusations…"

"Moss head, you're part of this too~!" Sanji seemed so happy. "Thank God you're saved from that testosterone monster…"

"You are the real testosterone monster, Sanji-kun." Nami sighed, shrugged her head. It was Sanji that had tried all ways to have all women as his possessions, she grunted silently. "Hmmph, so we're fooled by Franky's stupid rumors…"

"Franky?" Robin wondered, wanting to know what were they talking about. "Franky? What do you have to do with all of this?"

"But, Robin you said—" Franky stuttered. He quickly stepped back, smiling coyly at everyone. "Ah, guess I must fix that Shark Submerge's Den Den Mushi…"

"FRANKKYYYYYYYYY!" almost everyone shouted, running after him. "HOW COULD YOUUUUU!"

Sanji kicked Franky hard on his ass, sending the pervert cyborg fly in the air. Everyone was amazed with Sanji's act, but they actually said anything about it. Franky deserved that merciful kick anyway. Thanks to him, they had spent few hours worrying about Luffy and Robin. All thanks to Franky and his excellent pregnant issues.

"Yohohoho… being young is nice, don't you think so?" Brook said to Usopp, who was fixing his tools.

"I'm still young, Brook!" Usopp answered, curving his mouth irritatingly. "Mind if you give me that screwdriver?"

"My bone works better as screwdriver," Brook said, handed one of his bones to Usopp. "Yohohoho… skull joke!"

"It isn't funny!" the long-nosed boy yelled at Brook who started running, jumping all around. "Hey, give me back—"

"Luffy, will you stop eating those monster!" Nami yelled at her captain, who ignored everything they had accused to him and kept eating his dragon's meats. Since Robin and Luffy appeared from Shark Submerge, Luffy didn't pay any attention to their accusations and focused himself to the dragon's meats he had found—currently he had killed it before."You're the core of this problem too!"

"Huh? What problem?"

"Forget it!" Nami shook her head, walking toward the deck and taking the newspaper with her. She always checked the news, looking for updates they might need during their journey. The beautiful redhead started opening the newspapers, reading every article carefully. "There are many criminals since Whitebeard died… ehhh… impossible…"

"Nami-san, what do you want to eat… EHHHHHHHHHHHH~?" Sanji stopped breathing the moment he saw the headline. "IT CAN'T BE!"



The Truth of the Most Beautiful Woman in the Seas, the Royal Shichibukai Boa Hancock.

Escaping from Red Line years ago, climbed up wonderfully as Kuja's Queen in The Isle of Women.

She was once slave, forever slave.



"Luffy, you do know Boa Hancock, right?" Nami's face was pale. She hardly believed what had written on the papers. Wondering, she read that article repeatedly. She was once slave, forever slave. Is the famous Kuja Queen actually slave? "What's the meaning of this news?"





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